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  1. 6L6C

    Burstbuckers 1, 2, 3, or Pro

    Just looking for peoples experiences with Burstbucker’s. Are you using either type 1, 2, 3, or pro? Or are you using a mix of the different type’s? So far I lean toward either a set of Burstbucker 1’s. Second configuration would be a mix Burstbucker 1 in the neck and a Burstbucker 2 in the...
  2. 6L6C

    Single Coils - Staggered vs Flat Pole Piece

    When I say staggered, referring to a vintage staggered. Mainly interested in the opinions of people who took their single pickups and flattened the pole pieces. Did you like it? Change it back to staggered? Or did you stagger it to the radius of your neck
  3. 6L6C

    5-way Super switch (Strat)

    Does anyone have a favorite brand of super switch ? Basically concerned about the feel.
  4. 6L6C

    Strat tone controls (how are you wiring yours?)

    Title pretty much says it: What I have done: one control for the bridge middle pickup wide open and the other control for the neck. Didn’t bond with this too well found the middle pickup too bright when in middle position (so pretty much thinking, I like all pickups to a tone control) Next thing...
  5. 6L6C

    Multiplexer block / Anyone ditching a Expression pedal or two

    Curious ! Since the Axe Fx III has that nifty little multiplexer block have any of you got rid of an expression pedal or two? Reason I ask, have always had two expression pedals one for whatever, and the other pretty much a dedicated wah. The kicker I don’t use wah to much, but like having it...
  6. 6L6C

    "Strat's" Master tone or not

    Strat players, looking for some views. I got a Strat about 6 years ago, as far as the controls your standard 1 volume 2 tones. The tone control for the bridge had (still has) a no-load pot. Personally not crazy about this, especially on the bridge position the brightest part of the guitar for...
  7. 6L6C

    Did you sell Axe Fx/MFC after the purchase of the AX8

    Got my AX8 months ago and it seems that the Axe Fx gets very little use and the MFC has been pretty much just sitting. There is a desire to sell the Axe Fx and MFC lately but I am not impulsive like allot of my friends, who change gear more than socks. And then a few months later turn around...
  8. 6L6C

    One license how many machines?

    How many machines is one license good for? I just built a new tower and installed MFC Edit but thinking it would also be nice to have on my laptop. John
  9. 6L6C

    March 19 1982 (what a sad day)

    Sad day today: March 19 1982 the day Randy Rhoads died, 35 years ago. Dam! Anytime I think of Randy I can still remember the first time I heard him, a friend had just bought a cassette of the “Blizzard of Oz” from Loony Tunes over in West Babylon (a record store that is still there today BTW)...
  10. 6L6C

    Mojo Tone pickup's (Quiet Coil's)

    Hey guys, just curious???? I have been watching some videos lately for Mojo Tone pickups (single coils to be precise) my interest is in the “Quiet Coil” models. And I am hearing some things that have got my attention, which I like. So the question is, any of you using them on your Strat’s or...
  11. 6L6C

    EV-1 Mounting with Dual-Lock (Removing feet)

    Curious what you guys have done that have mounted your EV-1 with either Dual-Lock or Velcro. I went to take the rubber feet off my EV-1’s to mount them with Dual-Lock but the screws won’t go in all the way, without the rubber feet there. Which is kind of funny since I have another board with 2...
  12. 6L6C

    Coming Together

    Coming together! Been a Fractal user since my Standard, then the Axe Fx 2. Been keeping a curious eye on the AX8 since it came out. My line of thinking was why consider the AX8 when I already own the more powerful Axe Fx 2? But for some reason I still found myself poking around the AX8...
  13. 6L6C

    Cab Block, can this be done ? Please prove me wrong

    Here is the story, I already know the answer but on the off chance I overlooked something figure I would ask anyway. (And please! Someone prove me wrong) (1) I have had an Axe Fx II since they came out, and currently have an interest in getting an AX8. (2) It has recently come to my...
  14. 6L6C

    Treble Bleed Circuits

    Just curious how many of you people out there are using treble bleed circuits. What I am really curios about is what type you are using, cap only, cap and resistor in parallel or cap and resistor in serious and why you choose this method. Me personally I seem to like the cap and resistor in...
  15. 6L6C

    Strat Prewired Pickgaurds

    Just curious? Thinking of getting a prewired pickguard for my Strat, and was wondering what companies people have used and if they were satisfied overall with their purchase. It doesn’t stop with the pickups, was the work good? Were the switches and pots of a good quality? I guess I could...
  16. 6L6C

    CLR vs JBL SRX712M

    Just curious if anybody has had the opportunity to compare these two. A large part of the reason I have the JBL's is from going to shows were Fractal was present and had these (JBL) and other companies offerings present. And the JBL's just destroyed anything else present made the choice real...
  17. 6L6C

    Counterfeit Guitars

    A quick news story Counterfeit Guitars Seized I know it goes on everyday but shit like this just pisses me off, for a variety of reasons. I think of some kid (or adult) buying that first Gibson or Fender only to find out later perhaps years, thats it not the real thing. And also the fakes...
  18. 6L6C

    Undo a Linked Switch

    I updated my MFC (3.X) and had the reassign all my IA’s (no big deal) but while doing this decided to link some switches, a feature I never used before. Anyway when going to the link page on the MFC it defaulted at LinkA 42 42 42 42 42 OK fine I wanted to link switch 6&7 no problem there so I...
  19. 6L6C

    Long time Strat owners (a little input please)

    Looking for some feedback from guys who have basically lived with their Strat. On another thread I started a few months I got my first Strat, although I have played for over 30+ years Well I have been really enjoying my Strat since then...
  20. 6L6C

    Reactor Cabs are they dead?? (What do you think?)

    Hey Guys I have some Atomic Reactor cabs (passive models) that I have been threatening to sell for a while now; they have been down in my storage facility for a bit over a year now. One of the reasons I have not put them up is I have to do a little repair first I have had problems with the...
  21. 6L6C

    My First Strat

    You would think that after playing guitar since 1977 that a Stratocaster or Telecaster would at some point and time make my little collection: well never happened till now. Sure I have guitars that you can split the coils and also have guitars with a HSS or HSH pickup configuration, but never a...
  22. 6L6C

    Windows Driver (Output Port)

    Installed the new Windows (Vista) USB driver and AF does come up in device manager fine. When I open Fractal Bot I can select the dropdown menu for the AF II, and it checks itself. I can also select input port (AF II) and it checks itself. I can also select output port (AF II) but this time it...
  23. 6L6C

    Gear insurance ??

    I am curious what some you are using as far as insurance companies. In case the unspeakable happens damage/theft, things of that nature. As of now I am all homeowner insurance, don't really play out all that much and so on, so it works. However might do a few fill in gigs toward the end of the...
  24. 6L6C

    Home Home Tomorrow!!!!

    On a trip and getting home, so what’s the big deal??????? The big deal is 7.0 beta was released one day after I left if that was not bad enough, 7.0 was also released a few days later. Of course I have been reading all the post concerning 7.0 and listening to clips. I really feel that I have...
  25. 6L6C

    Fractal representative for a day (sort of!)

    Found this funny so I thought I would post it: There was a guitar show this weekend in Merrick Long Island not too far from me. Only found about it last night so I grabbed my camera and went today. I did plan on posting some guitar porn for everybody; unfortunately I was having a problem with...
  26. 6L6C

    Carvin DCM200L vs Matrix GT800FX

    A few guys are interested in Carvin vs Matrix so here we go. (Carvin DCM200L vs Matrix GT800FX) Little background been playing since 1977 have had a fair amount of gear through the years, also built racks for a few people (mostly friends) processor and midi programming that sort of thing. Have...
  27. 6L6C

    Steward World 1.2

    Hey all Considering a Steward World 1.2, any thoughts??? From current and past owners, also if have had a Steward amp what others have you tried?? Thanks John
  28. 6L6C

    Axe Fx II, It's not Hype (IMO)

    Went to the NY Amp Show today (in New Jersey, go figure?) and went with one thing on the agenda, “Axe Fx II”. I like what I’m seeing on YouTube, but as you guys know nothing like being in front of it yourself. Keep in mind had said pretty much right after the announcement of the AF II, that I...
  29. 6L6C

    Do any of you conserve IA's ??

    First I just got the MFC-101 and pretty much just doing some reading, but setting up my plan what works for me. But as far as what I mean by conserving IA’s. (Going by default values) This is in Axe mode BTW. Example: on the MFC switch 13 is “multi-delay 1” and 14 is “delay 1” I never see...
  30. 6L6C

    Has anyone with a FRFR rig gone this far???

    To recreate a back-line like you would have with real amps. What I mean: With a real rig you have your amp and cab in back of you facing the audience and if it is a large enough venue the cabinet usually has a microphone in front of it for the PA. So has anyone gone to the trouble of say...
  31. 6L6C

    Dweezil great show (again), and purchase help!!

    Well, seen Dweezil last night at Westbury, NY another great show. No opening act which was real good in my book. The reason I feel that way is there is just such an extensive catalog of Zappa music it allows them to dig a little deeper. The band always blows me away, buts hats off also to the...
  32. 6L6C

    IA assignments: revert back to “none”

    Setting up IA’s with the Axe is nice and easy, just hit I/O go to the third page (CTRL) select what you want , hit enter it goes into learn mode and hit a IA switch on your pedal board done. The question: I would like to start over how do you get the assignments back to “none”?
  33. 6L6C

    Powered by: Atomic Reactor

    I just thought I would write down some thoughts on this unit, for anyone that might be interested. Keep certain things in mind. First it’s a $500 mono power amp (MB50) compared to my $300 Carvin stereo power amp (DCM200L). Second I have only had the MB50 since yesterday. The MB50 is built...
  34. 6L6C

    Dweezil makes me proud!

    Seen Dweezil last night at the Brookhaven Amphitheater, (Selden Long Island). First time seeing him live he played for about an hour, had a smoking tone & effects and in back of him a couple of small racks with his two Ultras in the middle of the whole thing, and some stomp boxes. Found out a...
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