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  1. Sted

    Line 6 New Amp Teaser......

    I think L6 has gotten better over the years, to go from the spider to the DT range is a phenomenal jump, I doubt this will even attempt to take on Fractal/kemper in their respective arenas, I'm thinking it'll be something to take on the likes of Blackstars ID series or Fenders Mustang.
  2. Sted

    I'm afraid to bring my "A-rig" to a bar

    I bought mine to gig live, if I couldn't use it for gigs I wouldn't bother! It is a worry but really it's only my MFC that's exposed,,the axe sits in its rack behind me and no one can really see it, once I've set my level I never need to look at it again anyway.
  3. Sted

    How many amps do you actually use?

    The 5153 is my main rock patch but also recto red, HBE, plexi jumped, JCM800 and the top boost, for cleans I use ferments dual punchy clean so whatever's in that as well.
  4. Sted

    A thorough MFC-101 Mark III review

    Dem duds is awesome bro!
  5. Sted


    Always fancied a Yammy SG, other than that can't say it interests me much.
  6. Sted

    How to translate tone to FOH?

    I totally get that but its no different with an amp, we play with our own 1000w PA and have to tweak the PA EQ when the cabs are mic'd up which means if we are using cabs for on stage monitoring they probably wont sound as good as we would like but thats the trade off. Before using the Axe Fx I...
  7. Sted

    How to translate tone to FOH?

    Its irrelevant what the CLR's sound like to a sound guy because he wont hear them and he isn't bothered, you set your patches up the best you feel, you play through your monitor, the sound guy, as usual, will do what the f**k he wants with whatever you give him, end of story, only this time you...
  8. Sted

    Happy New Matrix Day! NL212 & GT1000FX

    Nice! Have you tried it the cab with a normal tube amp? Interested how these cabs sound in that situation!
  9. Sted

    My Atomic CLR's Active Wedges arrived today!

    Just bear in mind mate unless your monitors are super transparent (which mine aren't) a lot of your patches will need attention, also if you play loud they will need further attention, just persevere as the rewards are there. If you experience a lot of low end rumble there is a sub cut switch on...
  10. Sted

    Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....

    Awesome! I feel strangely hypnotised by her eyes though....suddenly I feel like some catnip?
  11. Sted

    Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....

    Yeah, be a bit worried if my boy tried to sit on my gear though! Lol! Not even one yet and weighs close to 100lb! :shock
  12. Sted

    New Animals as Leaders Artist Profile Video

    Not my personal taste but no denying the talent there, a great endorsement for FAS these guys.
  13. Sted

    Progressive Rocco Tearing It Up

    Such a great player, nice one Rocco!
  14. Sted

    Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....

    I have a pooch as well mate, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, his farts are so bad they can strip the hairs from your nostrils.
  15. Sted

    Long time Strat owners (a little input please)

    I use an EJ strat, have had it many years and its a little beat up now! It comes stock with the tone wired to the bridge, I think this is essential although in a two guitar band that visceral bridge pickup can be the difference between cutting through and getting lost in the mix. I went to a...
  16. Sted

    Dont think my new AxeFx add on is working properly....

    It seems to be in standby mode but I every time I go near it with a jack plug I get lacerations to my hand, what am I doing wrong? :lol
  17. Sted

    Vibro King Christmas

    That was superb mate.
  18. Sted

    First time in the studio with the Axe Fx 2 - VERY HAPPY!

    Sounds great in the mix there mate.
  19. Sted

    Dutch Axe-Fest video thread

    ahhh, that last bit when you said about using the single pedal for wah, whammy etc is something I would love to know! Typical! Haha!
  20. Sted

    First gig with the CLR/AxeFx

    So, played the first live gig with the CLR and axe-fx, managed to get a little speaker stand for the CLR so it sat behind me at about 1m off the deck, I only do ratty pub/club gigs at present and house PA's aren't worth bothering with in the smaller places. So how did she do? Well, really well...
  21. Sted

    Axe FX II Chocolates

    Don't know what kind of wives/girlfriends you boys have got where you cab get away with slippers and chocolates as Xmas gifts! Bloody hell, my missus would be deeply unimpressed with that!
  22. Sted

    Axe FX II Chocolates

    Whats a Funyun? A funny onion?
  23. Sted

    I need help. Going nuts. Share your ideas.

    That air thing does make a difference, takes a lot of the woofiness from the sound, interesting!
  24. Sted

    Axe FX II Chocolates

    Lol! I think I just heard Cliff groan.......:D
  25. Sted

    How on earth....

    Yeah, just found it mate, lol, I'm an idiot, look all day then find it the minute I post.
  26. Sted

    How on earth....

    ...do you tune silently? I've gone right through the manual but cant see anything? Or am I missing something? I use the MFC as well btw! :|
  27. Sted

    Eddie Van Halen on cover of Cigar Aficionado...

    The ultimate cork sniffing magazine!
  28. Sted

    Whitesnake - Still Of The Night

    Thx mate, pity the OP isn't around anymore to thank him too.
  29. Sted

    Dear Fractal Doctor, my band likes to practice in the dark

    I've heard it all now! Crazy.
  30. Sted

    METALLICA Chooses Fractal Audio Axe-Fx IIs for Silent Antarctica Concert

    Haha! Now, now.....:D
  31. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    I just went back and re-examined my patches and I did the little mid hump PEQ block in front of the amp block, worked quite well so thanks for the tip @yek, much appreciated mate! Have to say my live patches sound like ass when not blasting through the CLR though! Lol!
  32. Sted

    I need help. Going nuts. Share your ideas.

    If you go to the "Dutch Axe Fest Video Thread" theres a pro player on the video doing a demo who talks about using in ears extensively at different venues just going direct with his AFII, Anand I think his name is.
  33. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    In my limited experience they probably won't mate! I tweaked all my stuff through my monitors, albeit they are fairly cheap ones, it all sounded totally different through the CLR, they have such a breadth of frequency they give the highs and lows you didn't even think were there, factor in the...
  34. Sted

    I need help. Going nuts. Share your ideas.

    Definitely sounds like in ears are something you should be looking at, I'd love to try them but there's no point in the little pub/club band I'm in. By the way I actually got my CLR sounding pretty damn good last night at rehearsal, I've a gig Friday which will be the acid test but I'm pretty...
  35. Sted

    Boutique Guitar Builders

    I pretty much use my Jaden Rose guitars exclusively, he's a one man guitar outfit but produces some great instruments from exotic timbers, my latest is a mahogany body with a full rosewood neck, rosewood top and a macassar ebony fingerboard, sounds outrageous!
  36. Sted

    Rejuvenated Guitar Player thx to Axe FX 2

    Nice! I'm loving mine too!
  37. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    Update after another rehearsal and its not good news....... Its great news! :pride: Was actually really happy with the sound tonight, I had dialled in some basic patches for a couple of rock rhythm/leads mostly based on the 5153 red (An amp I probably wouldn't normally use) and messed around...
  38. Sted

    I need help. Going nuts. Share your ideas.

    Yeah, I had a MV combo for a while and it sounded great but was extremely heavy and I found it difficult to dial in, mine also broke down a few times so I got rid of it. I've been thinking about going back to a small head/cab and using the Axe/MFC using a 4CM, hardly seems a good use of the rig...
  39. Sted

    I need help. Going nuts. Share your ideas.

    I sympathise with you mate, its exactly the scenario I find myself in. I don't play very good stages, likely they wont have any kind of decent PA and I certainly don't have to fly anywhere. I got the matrix and then a CLR but I've never really dug the live sound from either, I possibly should of...
  40. Sted

    The 'Best' use of Scenes - Discuss :o)

    As in just turning the amp block off and on again mate?
  41. Sted

    The 'Best' use of Scenes - Discuss :o)

    I had a go at this but my Y state amps always sound really nasally and thin, are you paralleling your 2nd amps or using a totally different chain?
  42. Sted

    IR Help

    I was getting this but then made a point of selecting the slot as per the prev post and then re-starting axe edit and it would then show up, you will find that the IR is in the selected slot but the name doesn't change until you re-start axe-edit or maybe even your axe-fx if you are using the...
  43. Sted

    A Very Fractal Xmas

  44. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    thanks mate, yeah I managed to get the wah set up properly watching one of the KatsuKuri Media videos as the auto engage was a puzzler! Got it sorted now though, I noticed the FX loop but didnt understand why it was in there so I just ignored it, I only use output one on the CLR anyway. I'll...
  45. Sted

    New unofficial Ernie musician JP majesty guitar

    Guess it doesnt matter what we think, Petrucci will play one and they sell like cakes of the warmer variety. Got to applaud MM though, they embrace change and tchnology and present it a whole better than other certain American manufacturers, plus it wont be excruciatingly expensive, I'd love to...
  46. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    Yeah, thats how I set the gain staging but I found it had much less spike if I rolled the input back a little more than it says and compensated with the master. I think I'm getting there, I've got a gig on Friday 13th (Possibly not the best night to test a new rig!) so that will be the make or...
  47. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    Thanks for that mate, yeah it pretty much sums up my learning curve so far, when I first got it I thought "Wtf is this?" Couldn't believe everyone raved about them! However I'm understanding it all a bit better now and getting closer to producing that finished sound at gig level as this has...
  48. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    I guess I'll just keep updating this thread if anyone wants to chip in! Had the CLR in the wedge position at rehearsal tonight but the bass player complained he couldn't hear me so moved it onto its side, then I couldn't hear it! Lol! Ended up having it up behind me and must admit I think it...
  49. Sted

    Is this possible? 4CM questions......

    Been well impressed with my Axe-Fx since I got it but I'm considering going to a 4CM set up with my Matchless to see if I can use both my favourite bits of kit. I am still a newcomer to all this so thought I would canvass opinion on if the following is possible. 1. My amp has a footswitch to...
  50. Sted

    New unofficial Ernie musician JP majesty guitar

    I quite like it! Love the cutouts for the toggles.
  51. Sted

    Live: Dutch Axe-Fest

    Did any of the presentations get recorded guys?
  52. Sted

    The Trooper - Iron Maiden

    Sweet playing and tones mate!
  53. Sted

    Atomic CLR after 2 months

    Haha! Yeah...subtle! I have a tonne of the to be honest, red wires, own hammer and the modern fractal pack, I also got cab lab as well. I guess I need to just persevere!
  54. Sted

    Atomic CLR after 2 months

    Thanks for the response mate, I've basically just gone in and tried some factory presets, some of yek's, some of fremens and some of my own, I organised them into banks going from clean, crunch, heavy and lead and then tried the CLR in different positions with these patches as well. My least...
  55. Sted

    Atomic CLR after 2 months

    Thanks mate, I did get there early tonight to try and dial in at volume, I did also use it in all the different positions though I didn't build a cab/amp from scratch. I'm going to book some studio time alone to try and get this thing going to my taste, it may just be the last chance I give it...
  56. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    2nd rehearsal now and still struggling, seems to be very loud without having any real punch and always sounds quite sterile and brittle, tried a tonne of presets I downloaded as well as some of my own home cooked ones but the sounds are just not convincing me at present, thinking I might need to...
  57. Sted

    Atomic CLR after 2 months

    I must confess I am struggling with mine, live it just always feel sterile and brittle, I'm sure they must work as this many people cant be wrong. I tried a ton of presets tonight with all different tips about cutting the EQ, lowering the high cut etc but it just never seems to get into the zone...
  58. Sted

    Need your ears mates!

    A,C and H were my faves and no, I didn't check anyone else's answer! Have to say they were all pretty good though.
  59. Sted

    Bagpipes Attempt

    Do you need exp pedals to make this work then guys?
  60. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    I had it in the wedge position behind me so it was still firing into the rehearsal space, I'll be trying it as a backline next time as thats how it will be used at the next gig.
  61. Sted

    Wish Axe-Edit for Tablet/IOS/Android

    Interesting, didn't know there were 3rd party app's you could use for the AxeFx, got any more info on it?
  62. Sted

    How many cabs do you really need?

    Kind of the same with the Amp heads, I have a Matamp 2x12 with G12K100 and removeable panels on the rear, its 100 w @ 4 ohm so it has all the power handling I ever needed and sounded great with all my amps, in particular my Matchless Indy head. I'm still new to the Axe and even newer to FRFR but...
  63. Sted

    Wish Axe-Edit for Tablet/IOS/Android

    Would love to see this though, how great to take your iPad to a gig/rehearsal and have all the Axe-Edit functionality at your fingertips, fabulous!
  64. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    Thanks mate, will try that, hope you dont mind me screwing with your presets, just find it easier to use others and tweak rather than scratch my own at the moment!
  65. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    Hopefully these links will work, still new to sharing presets! Axe-Change - Download Preset - HEA swl.slp.mod yek - by Sted Axe-Change - Download Preset - RCK swl.slp.mod yek - by Sted I tried changing the name but it didn't work for some reason, just to clarify I have changed these, they...
  66. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    Thanks for the replies guys, I will post up my presets (They are basically modded versions of Yek's stuff tbh!) any tips would be great, I guess I will have to go to the rehearsal space for a few hours and tweak away, oh well! ;)
  67. Sted

    First rehearsal with Axe/CLR

    Ok, I'll get this out of the way first..... I'm very new to all this modelling, I'm not a complete technophobe but I've always been an amp/pedal guy, however the sheer weight of evidence in support of the Axe-Fx was too much to ignore so I took the plunge. I tried the Matrix/Cab option but it...
  68. Sted

    Axe-Fx II FW12: Amp demonstration

    Nice demo's Clarky.
  69. Sted

    I Love Cab Lab and FAS IR's Packs!!!

    Got CabLab and the Mad Oak set today, only had a quick mess around but i seems very straight forward to use and I personally really like the IR's as well!
  70. Sted

    CLR delivery time in the UK?

    Difficult to say mate, only been an axe user for a matter of weeks so it's all brand new to me, been trialling a lot of patches but it's how it cuts with the band at rehearsal This week will tell, signs are good though!
  71. Sted

    CLR delivery time in the UK?

    It was about $1213 for an active wedge with the VAT and shipping to the UK mate.
  72. Sted

    Would You Recommend the Axe-FX II to someone like me?

    I've only had my first AxeFx a few weeks, I can tell you that it's a massive culture shock if you are just an amp and pedal guy, I'm a bit of a luddite and the learning curve is pretty steep but I am getting there slowly. Having frequented these pages and knowing a few pro-musicians who use the...
  73. Sted

    CLR delivery time in the UK?

    There was a very slight mix up but all good now, took a week but I think its safe to say it would be usually quicker to the UK as they ship from Belfast.
  74. Sted

    ghost fizz

    Not sure how you follow a post like that from the man himself (Wow!) but I just happened to listen to this clip of phil x today demoing a Scala guitar through a Tonemaster amp with the volume rolled off, listen at 3.00 onwards and you'll hear it plain as day! PHIL X " S T I N K S " on a Scala...
  75. Sted

    ghost fizz

    No need to apologise in the slightest, you had a genuine concern that was aired, worked through and good answers given in a helpful manner. Believe me I wish every thread was conducted like this one!
  76. Sted

    New Suhr day (on it's way)!

    She sure is purdy!
  77. Sted

    So I got a CLR to try

    Blimey, that escalated quickly, who'd have thought a little speaker box would cause such a ruckus? Did I mention I've just took delivery of my CLR......
  78. Sted

    FW12 Friedman HBE ***Sunset Strip*** (Ratt/Motley/Dokken/Skid Row…)/w/PATCH!

    Top playing that Rocco, mean tone as well, I'll be stealing that! Nice to see you rocking Bea's sig as well, sounds killer!
  79. Sted

    Is there anyone more impressive than John Mayer?

    Mayer's a top songwriter and a very decent player (Of guitar...ahem!) but he ain't no Nuno!
  80. Sted

    Why Do People "Resist" Modelers?

    I always used Amplitube for home practice, it was convenient, quiet and sounded ok, I always played out with tube amps, they work, sound great and are consistent, I did try some line 6 stuff but it was clearly lacking. These things are different, I'm still learning but I can see the rewards...
  81. Sted

    CLR delivery time in the UK?

    Strange, I've sent an e-mail to Atomic but nothing yet :(
  82. Sted

    CLR delivery time in the UK?

    Anyone have a clue on how long these take from order to delivery? Ordered mine this week but need to try and plan my gigs around the new rig if possible!
  83. Sted

    My CLR has arrived...but I'm in China!

    Hey man, how long did yours take to get delivered from ordering? Mines been on order for a few days now and I'm starting to wonder if it will get here anytime soon, ps I'm in England, hence the question!
  84. Sted

    any thoughts on when the Axe-FX III might be released?

    I've just got my II so i'm expecting the III any day now!
  85. Sted

    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    I've got a CLR coming but if that doesn't pan out I'll be trying a couple of these for sure.
  86. Sted

    CLR as backline?

    Cheers Rocket, yeah, read your extensive review on here which convinced me to try them, I've ordered an active wedge to see how I get on with it and luckily it should be here in a few days due to the current EU stock surplus! Its kind of a last chance saloon as I really need the Axe to work...
  87. Sted

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Ordered an active wedge, really excited to hear this thing now! Clearing my whole weekend schedule!
  88. Sted

    Hot Country! PRS Style!

    Genuinely impressed by that mate, superb!
  89. Sted

    CLR as backline?

    Thanks for the reply, its on the website mate, didn't realise it was February 2013 it was referring to! Just got my invite, just need to decide what to get now!
  90. Sted

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    1 minute later, invite lands in my inbox! Haha! Doesn't get any better than that! Was expecting a long wait!
  91. Sted

    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    I literally just got on the list before reading this today, is there a chance I will get mine from stock? Because that would be pretty damn cool!
  92. Sted

    CLR as backline?

    Yeah mate, looks a monster! Kind of thinking that a couple of wedges might be the way to go for a bit of versatility for different applications though.
  93. Sted

    CLR as backline?

    Great responses, thanks guys, I may actually have a look at the matrix CFR12 as I'm in the UK and the CLR's don't seem to be even starting to ship until Mid February over here :( I'm sure the Matrix units are excellent too though :)
  94. Sted

    CLR as backline?

    Hey guys, any of you using the CLR wedge (Passive if it matters) as a traditional backline cab in a band? I'm going between different scenario's in my head as to which would be the best solution for my rig, I play at home through my monitors and get decent results, I also play live in a covers...
  95. Sted

    New video for the ATC-2 Active Tone Circuit using the Axe Fx II

    Superb tones there, not to mention some epic guitar faces!
  96. Sted

    Sorry but I have to say it... JC120

    Haha! That killed me!:lol
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