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    Store recommendation...

    Have any of you dealt with Eddies Guitars ? http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/eddiesguitars-stl About to pull the trigger on another Suhr guitar. This seller is located in the USA, so I would be buying this guitar unseen (which I've done before - same model) just need a little "reassurance" from...
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    Floyd Rose FRX Tremolo

    Wondering if anyone had a chance to try one of these out at NAMM? http://www.guitarworld.com/see-floyd-rose-frx-surface-mount-tremolo-system-action-demo-video/26026 Thoughts?
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    Guitar purchase dilemma

    Ok, this is really a two-part question... I'm wanting to buy a particular Suhr guitar, however in my part of the world it is very difficult (and horrendously expensive) to purchase through a local distributor. I've never purchased a guitar internationally before and I'm wondering if someone can...
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    Thoughts on 3 PRS models

    I’m in the market for a new guitar and have been looking at some of the PRS offerings (that are available in Australia). Although I’ll be trying all of these in the flesh over the next week or so (which will be the deciding factor of which model I purchase), I’m still curious to know about...
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    For the engineers on here...

    An engineering colleague sent me this today – I must admit I found a few of these surprising ! The Band Boston Fan Site - Ten Famous People You Didn't Know Were Engineers
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    Atomic CLR for Australia & NZ

    @Independent-Music Andrew I have just heard about the Atomic CLR FRFR units, will you be distributing these when they become available ?
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    Firmware 5.0 – Enhancer bug

    When adjusting ‘Pan-right’ (from the default position) towards fully clockwise, the overall volume increases drastically ! Does not seem to occur with Pan-Left. *Edit* My mistake….I thought that it was only the dynamic settings that didn’t work with V5.0 & AxeEdit, however the Enhancer...
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    Nice ad, nice beer !

    I really like the guitar sound / riff in this TV-ad .....the beer is also nice ! :D
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    How to really suck on guitar - the secret revealed !

    The tuning tip is awesome ! :lol
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    Godin Classical guitar

    I was wondering if any of you had played a Godin Multiac ACS SA Classical guitar ? I will be trying one out for the first time next week and I am after some initial thoughts/opinions.
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    Axe FX III !

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    Drummer is at the wrong gig

    1:44 The Aggressive Painter 2:24 Down Syndrome Robot 2:52 The Windmill Arm of Rage 3:44 The Back Scratcher 4:29 What is this </H4>
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    New guitar toy !

    I was curious about this guitar-toy I stumbled across on the web ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqgMQEZQVEM ). Wondering if any of you have used it ? It looks like just a ‘hands-free E-bow’ to me ? :D
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