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  1. mortega76

    FM3 into an Alto TS315, couple questions.

    Hello All... I am still getting used to my FM3 connected into my Alto TS315 and I wanted to ask a couple questions. I currently have a Parametric EQ as the last block in my preset from pink noise test with a Sonarworks XREF20 mic (ear level) to adjust my Alto TS315's EQ curve to make it more...
  2. mortega76

    FM3 with Hotone Ampero Issues

    Hello all... I just purchased the Hotone Ampero and have it connected to Pedal 1 and under I/O I have Pedal 1 Setup as 2 Switches (Tip+Ring). I Calibrated the pedal but only the left button does anything. I tried to search for "Hotone Ampero" and found this link that mentions changed the type...
  3. mortega76

    FM3 with Alto TS315 flat IR?

    Good Evening, I have an Alto TS315 that I want to use with my new FM3. I have Sonarworks with the reference mic and I wanted to somehow create a flat EQ IR and import into the FM3 to use with the FM3. Unfortunately, Sonarworks only works with a stereo setup and I only have one Alto TS315. I...
  4. mortega76

    FM3 Re-amp has extra 'oomph/hiss' that shouldn't be there.

    I seem to recall back in Axe-fx II days about a 'fix' to clear up the re-amping from being a little too overdriven. I seem to recall something about having all the File bit depths set to 24-bit which I currently have all of them set to (Record/Render/Import) in Cakewalk. I'm still getting an...
  5. mortega76

    New FM3 Owner!!!

    I've been a looooooooooooooong time Fractal User... started back in the Standard days but I waited (and by waited I mean I had to save my pennies and get permission from my wife) and luckily the Ultra came out shortly afterwards. Played the Ultra for several years and I then bought the Axe-fx II...
  6. mortega76

    FS Mesa/Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 - 50-watt Tube Head - $1,800 (San Antonio, TX)

    Looking to sell my Mesa/Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 - 50-watt Head for $1,800 or trade for an Axe-fx III.
  7. mortega76

    SOLD Friedman PT 20 with Runt Cab

    Single Channel - 20 Watts - Handwired; The Friedman Pink Taco is the baby sister to the critically acclaimed BE-100, created for the many musicians who have been begging for the Friedman sound in a small, compact, lightweight, manageable format. The Pink Taco is a super versatile hand-wired...
  8. mortega76

    Amp Matching Tutorial?

    I've been a long time Axe-fx User and I've been using my Mesa Triple Rectifier almost exclusively since I can't seem to match the tone in the Axe with what I'm getting with the Triple Rec. I did a search for a video tutorial on how to amp match but I only see how to tone match which doesn't go...
  9. mortega76

    NGD: Finally got myself a tube amp! Need tone help with Axe-fx

    I've been struggling with my guitar setup for years... Long story short, today I got a 1998 Mesa Boogie Triple Recto, Mesa 4x12 and a Mesa 2x12 for a killer price. First time I've ever been able to A/B from the comforts of my own home. After cleaning it all up I dialed up some tunes. I don't...
  10. mortega76

    Axe-fx II... cabs, what am I doing wrong?

    I've been through a couple cabs with my Ultra/Axe-fx II... Line 6 Flextone 4x12 - Custom Celestions - Dark and Muffled (sold years ago) Marshall 4x12 - Celestion G12T-75 - Dark but agreesive Marshall 4x12 - Celestion V30 - Bright with no low end Genz Benz GFlex 2x12 - GBE 1240-V75 - Dark and...
  11. mortega76

    Axe-fx II Mark 1 will no longer boot after Q3.03 update

    Hello Everyone, It's been quite a while since I posted anything... Well, I've been on 3.02 for a bit now, and I finally decided to update to 3.03. Here are the steps I took. 1. Downloaded 3.03 firmware for Mark 1 and updated Fractal Bot after being prompted to do so. 2. Booted up the Axe-fx...
  12. mortega76

    Cab and Direct Out on stage?

    It's been a while since I've attempted this setup live and I had a quick question... I setup my two main patches with FX Loop right before the Cab Block and use Out 1 to the PA and Out 2 to my cab. The problem I'm having is that when I want to use any other of the 300+ factory presets Out 1...
  13. mortega76

    It's been a little too quiet here lately... Maybe FW 20 is around the corner?

    It's been a little too quiet here lately... Maybe FW 20 is around the corner?
  14. mortega76

    Rig Rundowns...

    For years I thought to myself that one day Rig Rundowns may end up being nothing but Axe-fx's demos... that day has finally come. I just watched a 20 minute video that shows nothing but Axe-fx's by some well known musicians. (Steph and Sergio from Deftones) P.S. Apologizes if this has already...
  15. mortega76

    18.01 High Gain Amps

    18.01 High Gain Amps are so much more usable! At least via (Beyer Dynamics DT770) headphones so far... Need to audition at practice very soon. In the past most of the high gain amps didn't sound all that great to me. Either not enough gain, not thick enough, too much gain, too thick, too much...
  16. mortega76

    Cab-Lab 3 Screenshots or Video (in action)?

    I've been waiting the last couple of days to see if anyone has uploaded any screenshots or video of the newest CabLab in action? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! P.S. Saw the manual but it didn't really show it in all it's glory.
  17. mortega76

    New Firmware Install 'Quick Review'

    I must say that I had been getting a bit disappointed with my Axe-fx with the last couple of updates... something just didn't sound 'right'. My other guitarist's 5150 always sounded 'beefier' than my Axe-fx even though I sounded a lot 'clearer'. So yesterday I updated to 15.06 and my FCB1010...
  18. mortega76

    View IR EQ Curve App?

    Good Afternoon folks... I cannot for the life of me find the application where I can load an IR (syx and wav) and view the EQ curve. Any help would be appreciated! Also, where is the site were they have all the firmware versions, axe-edit versions, etc?
  19. mortega76

    Tapatalk connection issues to forum.

    Anyone else havingTapatalk connection issues to the forum?
  20. mortega76

    Firmware stickie?

    I don't see it as a stickie... gonna go do a search for it.
  21. mortega76

    Best way to creat a bank file?

    I have a bunch of Tone Matches that I wanted to create a bank file for... I remember in previous iterations of Axe-edit there was an Axe-Manage for Banks (or maybe I'm imagining). I remember being able to open up a bank file and then being able to audition one by one without have to reopen...
  22. mortega76

    G66 Silent Fan Install

    Does anyone know which fan G66 uses to replace the stock fan with? On G66's service page it states the following: On the Axe-Fx and Ultra we also replace the original fan with one that is almost completely silent and install the latest firmware. I was hoping for a direct pop in pop out...
  23. mortega76

    Axe-fx II USB and '3rd party audio interface for monitoring and playback'.

    First i have to say, I love my Axe-fx II and have been a long time user... I've been using ASIO4ALL with some success, but every time I start my DAW I have to set the preferences because neither the Axe-fx or my audio interface Creative 0404 gives any audio until I reset the preferences. I...
  24. mortega76

    Fan Noise - Re-visted

    I know we've talked about it in the past... so I did a search in the top right corner by typing in 'fan' but the only thing that came up was 'Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms." I've been doing a lot of recording in the last couple of weeks and the Axe is less than a foot away...
  25. mortega76

    USB DI Audio Question

    I recorded a small clip using preset 24 'Freidman BE' with reverb off... the first part of the clip is the 'live' recording (via usb) and the second part is the usb reamp. I then alternated back and forth... At the end you can hear the 'original' noise vs USB noise. You can clearly here the USB...
  26. mortega76

    13.01 Tone Matching UltraRes and 'Live' Mode Question

    Just updated to 13.01 and it sounds great so far! I've been most excited about the tone matching UltraRes capabilities... but when I read the release notes it stated the following: Added UltraRes support to Tone Match block Export function. If the Global IR Capture Mode is set to UltraRes the...
  27. mortega76

    Axe-fx II 13.0 Beta thread titles...

    Can we please rename every thread title that has "Axe-fx II 13.0 Beta" and rename it? The first time I read it I jumped out of my skin!
  28. mortega76

    The Virtual Microphone System from Slate Digital, anyone seen this yet?

    Anyone seen this yet? The comments show pricing would be around $2000... thoughts?
  29. mortega76

    S/PDIF Question

    I am currently recording/re-amping via USB along with the Creative USB 0404 connected as well via ASIO4ALL... my latency jumps up to about 11ms with the Axe-fx connected (from about 2.4ms without). I wanted to try to lower that and I thought about possibly recording via SPDIF but I didn't know...
  30. mortega76

    First practice with 12.01...

    Had my first live practice in several months... last live practice was with 10.x and now I am on 12.01. I had gone out to see a buddy of mine's band and loved how their guitar player's 5150 sounded compared to the other guitarist's Pod Pro 500 (or whatever it's called). The 5150 sounded thick...
  31. mortega76

    Your 'Ultimate' Tone?

    I've been doing some TM lately and have been getting some pretty good results with 11.03... not as easy as I remember when we didn't have the offline/live option but non the less still really good. I would love to know what you folk's 'ultimate' guitar/bass tone would be? Doesn't matter what...
  32. mortega76

    Bug? FW 11b possible bugs

    Tone Match export of IR name bug will occur when adding a blank space the next characters after that will also be blank until you page in page back in, then it will reveal the characters that are not actually blank. Not sure if this second issue is a bug. Cab block in stereo, loading two...
  33. mortega76

    Tapatalk API is expired.

    Just upgraded to the preview build of Tapatalk 4 and tried to connect to the FAS forum and received this message... Tapatalk API is expired. If you're the admin of this community please update Tapatalk API to the latest version. Thank You.
  34. mortega76

    Holy Shit Balls!!!!

  35. mortega76


    Now that Axe-Edit REQUIRES the Axe-fx II hardware to be plugged in for it to work... will we be seeing Axe-PC and have the Axe-fx II be a 'dongle' of sorts? This would be freakin' awesome, that way we would have to be tied down to 24-bit/48Khz or ASIO.
  36. mortega76

    MIMIC on/off questions...

    I tried to go through some of the presets last night found where to turn MIMIC on/off... I must admit, via my Beyer Dynamic DT770's I didn't hear a difference on the 30 or so presets I flipped through... I also tried to switch between 7-10 on the modeling and did notice a slight bump in low end...
  37. mortega76

    Some advice/help

    I wanted to folks thoughts/advice on creating a patch (to play via my two 4x12 cabs and possibly straight to FOH) that would include an amp, cab (FOH) and looper block (along with other effects like delay, wah, etc... but let's just talk about these three for now)... where if only the amp (and...
  38. mortega76

    Midi Guitar VST - Anyone seen this yet?

    I don't visit the Gear Page very often but I came across this little 'gem'... looks very promising! Polyphonic Guitar-to-MIDI software needs BETA testers - The Gear Page MIDI Guitar for Windows and Mac OS X - The Software Solution
  39. mortega76

    10.0 High Gain Clip?

    Can a brotha get a 10.0 high gain clip? With and without a drive pedal would be awesome!
  40. mortega76

    Firmware 10.0 and Axe-Edit... I can smell 'em coming!

    Cliff hasn't posted here in three days... so I'm gonna put my bets in that we get Axe-Edit and 10.0 either tonight or tomorrow! Hopefully tonight so I can load it up and use it at the Tattoo Festival we're playing tomorrow!
  41. mortega76

    Hope for a stutter free recording experience... ASIO4ALL

    I just built a Windows 7 64-bit system with i5 2400 (not the fastest but still faster than my last i7 920), but this time around instead of 4GB I have 12GB of RAM and a 240GB SSD HD (which I have all my drum samples and have it to run all 'temp' files for X2 and saving my projects on a 2TB HD)...
  42. mortega76

    PigWeed opening for Ill Niño tonight, Axe-fx II front and center

    If you're in the San Antonio TX area tonight come by and check out the Axe-fx II in action at Backstage Live close to downtown on Houston Street!
  43. mortega76

    ABCD Knobs on preset 99 for quick access knobs

    I went to preset 99 and started to turn the quick knobs but nothing happened except scene changes. Did I accidentally disable something?
  44. mortega76

    Axe-fx Buffer Settings

    I've never really messed with any of the settings under the Axe-fx's 'USB Audio Class Driver Control Panel' until today... some of you may have seen my requests for WDM drivers because under my current ASIO4ALL recording setup using the Creative 0404 USB device (connected to my monitors to allow...
  45. mortega76

    PigWeed - The Killing Fields (Mo)

    It's been so long since I've actually uploaded anything and we've been trying to re-record tracks and add vocals to them... this is an idea that I had and I was my first endeavor into full out screaming vocals. Any critique would be greatly appreciated! Guitars and bass are all Axe-fx II.
  46. mortega76

    First practice with 6.00c...

    The tone that I came up with at home via headphones sounded very thin at the jam room... so I proceeded to default the amp (love that it stays on the same amp now, thanks Cliff!!!!) and went through a couple amps, and I stopped on the Fryette D60-M (which I've been having great success with as...
  47. mortega76

    Tone Match Question Regarding Presets...

    I haven't done anything with the Tone Match Block... and I've seen a couple folks upload presets and IRs... so my question(s) is(are): In order to share the Tone Matched preset do you also have to export the IR from the Tone Match Block and import it into a cab block and add that cab block with...
  48. mortega76


    Aside from the possible amp and tone matching... What else do you guys think Cliff will include?!? Herbert amp sim?
  49. mortega76

    Axe 2 killed for our last couple shows!

    Just had an awesome show this past weekend and 5.04 killed!!! We also had a show opening up for Saliva last week and we were the only band to have a mosh pit going... We had 300-400 people at the show... At the beginning of the night, then the numbers went down from there as each band went on...
  50. mortega76

    Axe-fx II microphonic?

    I've been struggling soooooo badly with trying to re-amp with Sonar, MOTU 24i, E-MU 0404 USB, and the Axe-fx II... without WDM drivers I can't use the MOTU and Axe-fx II without using AISO4ALL and I've had a hell of a time getting the Axe 2 to re-amp without clicks, pops and dropouts (it's a new...
  51. mortega76

    Analog Re-amping with the Axe-fx II

    Having a heck of a time with AISO4ALL and AISO in general so gonna start using analog for re-amping. I tried to do a search and found a couple of posts... it mentioned having two rows or one row with the fx block right at the beginning for the dry signal but nothing with regards to how the...
  52. mortega76

    Axe-fx II recording into a soundcard set at 192kHz via S/PDIF?

    I know this is going to probably be an obvious question/answer but I have to ask... I just purchased a 2 XLR USB Audio device that records at 192Khz and it also has S/PDIF in/out... I was trying to look this up in the manual and it mentioned that the input/output of the S/PDIF would have to be...
  53. mortega76

    PigWeed - Eye of the Wasps SSD4 mix with Ultra Guitars and Bass

    This is an "oldie but goodie"... I just got SSD4 and "redid" the drums using SSD4 and I think it came out pretty good! What do you guys think? All guitars and bass were Axe-fx Ultra (when I had it).
  54. mortega76

    Device Not Connected...

    Just a heads up... I was just having the darnedest of times trying to get Axe-edit to connect the Axe2 and rebooting the PC, rebooting the Axe2 and reinstalling Axe-edit had no effect. Every time I would try to select the midi settings it would just lock up and I would have to kill Axe-edit...
  55. mortega76

    Whammy sudden "jump" when enabled?

    Is there a way to "blend" the whammy (and Wah if possible) when using octave 1 or 2 up or down autoengage (instead of the sudden jump)? Thanks...
  56. mortega76

    Possible 3.0 Re-amp Issue

    I just finished recording guitars and bass for two tracks, and I also recorded the dry tracks to re-amp... the first track sounded good but I tweaked and the resulted sounded a bit better to me so I decided to re-amp... got everything setup and then I noticed right at the beginning of the...
  57. mortega76

    Axe-fx II 3.0 Clip 03 - PigWeed - DjentMO

    Here is my attempt at djent using 3.0 beta... the standard FAS Modern/German/TS808 that everyone uses... hope you guys like it! Edit: Here is the wave file for better quality... http://www.mediafire.com/?0cpucd4w4kh7d9m
  58. mortega76

    3.0 Beta Triode & Power Tube Hardness at different settings

    Here is a clip that shows the Triode & Power Tube Hardness at different settings... Amp sim is Cameron Channel 2 everything defaulted except for presence at 2.75 to give it a bit more bite and I raised the gain to just before clipping in Sonar... and Factory Cab 12 3.0 Beta has these two...
  59. mortega76

    PigWeed - Way of the World - Axe-fx II 3.0 Clip with Cameron Channel 2

    Here is a clip with a song idea I had for a new PigWeed track, hopefully gonna call it "Way of the World"... it's using the newly updated Cameron Channel 2 amp sim with Factory Cab 12... Bass is the SV Amp and SV Cab. I really enjoyed making this particular track... hope you guys enjoy it...
  60. mortega76

    Axe-fx II 3.0 Beta Quick Clip

    Here is a "quick" clip that took me over an hour to record and mix... everything is dry except for a couple of limiters, no post processing... the amp sim is the exact same settings as I'm currently using live... Recto Orange Modern into the Factory 12 1x12 Boogafunk E12L for rhythm guitars and...
  61. mortega76

    Steve Jobs died...

  62. mortega76

    Line 6 POD app for iPhone 4, iPad 1&2

    Mobile In | Line 6 There was a discussion regarding Ampkit and low and behold... Line 6 just released a new app... only "problem" for me is that it's not compatible with my 3GS... :( No matter... from the samples... it definitely sounds like AmpKit still has this thing beat. I'm just curious...
  63. mortega76

    Behringer Europower EPQ900 1U 10.8lb Power Amp

    EUROPOWER EPQ900 2 x 390 Watts into 4 Ohms; 2 x 245 Watts into 8 Ohms ; 900 Watts into 8 Ohms bridged Servo-balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs plus professional speaker connectors Minimum depth chassis (10.1" / 257 mm) and ultra-light weight design (10.8 lbs / 4.9 kg) fits into compact...
  64. mortega76

    Line 6 Pod HD Pro... Axe-fx II's long lost twin?

    I was a bit curious about the Pod HD Pro's aesthetics and found this pic... shocking to see that at a quick glance it looks a bit like the Axe-fx II.
  65. mortega76

    PA assistance,Anyone in the San Antonio,TX area have a Matrix GT800FX that I can try?

    Anyone in the San Antonio TX area have a Matrix GT800FX that I can try? When I had my Ultra I went through the following power amps... American Audio VLP-300: Sounded like ass... QSC GX-5: As far as I knew it sounded pretty good at the time... until I put it head to head with a tube amp...
  66. mortega76

    Axe-fx 2 Presence Demo - and Question...

    I went by the jam room this afternoon and wanted to record a video that shows how the presence settings sounds via my Axe-fx 2, Carvin F1200 into two Marshall Cabs with V30/G12T-75 in X-Pattern... I had it running at a low volume and was surprised at how close it really sounded to what I was...
  67. mortega76

    PigWeed opening for Drowning Pool on Aug 17th Free Show (Axe-fx II will be there!)

    Hey there fellas... PigWeed will be opening for Drowning Pool on Aug. 17th... come by to check out the Axe-fx II live!!! These shows get packed quick so get there early! Backstage Live 1305 East Houston Street San Antonio, TX 78202 P.S. This show was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago...
  68. mortega76

    Axe-fx II Three Presets in One...

    I was originally going to only do the 099 preset but after reamping a couple other presets I liked how all three blended together... 051 The Wood Nymphs 096 EJ Clean 099 ABCD=ms,FB,Jitter,Mod
  69. mortega76

    Axe-fx Output 1 Question...

    I seem to remember reading that Output 1 was somehow digitally controlled somehow and that is why it can't complete go "silent" when fully counter clockwise... If it is digitally controlled, couldn't it be set to have no output if it was set fully counter clockwise via software? Hope this makes...
  70. mortega76

    Amp Sim Clipping...

    The Axe-fx can definitely get much louder than what the X3 or HD500 series modellers can from Line 6 so I don't know how to word my question, but I'll try my best... If I start with a clean preset with only an amp sim, then proceed to crank up the master a bit... why do I get clipping when I...
  71. mortega76

    Super Mini Amp Fest... Axe-fx II

    Super Mini Amp Fest... Axe-fx II (Need Advise) Super Mini Amp Fest... I've had the pleasure of being able to test run some of the better amps at my buddy Matt's house (in the past, Diezel, CCV, etc...)... I'll keep it short... Amps in attendance... and in order of what we played when I...
  72. mortega76

    Axe-fx II Spill-Over vs Axe-fx Std/Ultra

    With my Ultra I had the spill-over feature enabled for both reverb and delay... in all 5 of my patches (previously on the Ultra and now on the II) I have the delay set exactly the same... mono delay with 375ms and a 3db boost... during patch changes where the delay was enabled it always had a...
  73. mortega76

    PigWeed - The Killing Fields (Axe-fx II)

    It's been such a long time since I've had a chance to record anything at all... hope you guys and gals like it... All guitars and bass were recorded with the Axe-fx II into Sonar 8.5... let me know what you guys think... oh, and don't mind that subpar solo at the end, I make no claims to...
  74. mortega76

    Axe-fx II USB Recording into Sonar 8.5 issue/error

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to do my first Axe-fx II recording and I've hit a bump in the road. I have the Axe-fx II Audio Driver installed correctly and showing up in Device Manager... I also have a good connection to Axe-edit (probably doesn't matter but just FYI). In Sonar I was able to...
  75. mortega76

    Axe-fx II LCD screen size? (For Screen Protector)

    I'm looking for a screen protector for the Axe-fx II... I have some 4 1/2 by 3 screen covers but I don't think that it will be wide enough for the Axe2... I'm not near the device right now... can someone tell me the dimensions of the glass cover including the glass cover... by roughly resizing...
  76. mortega76

    First practice with the Axe-fx II

    We had practice last night and I popped the Axe-fx II in my rack and connected everything up, dialed up my Clean patch (that I setup at home) and proceeded to strum away... I was floored with how good it sounded... the effects tails (spelling?) is so smooth and somehow they seem to not muddy up...
  77. mortega76

    Is it normal to have my global input set to about 12% (down from 50%)?

    Is it normal to have my global input set to about 12% (down from 50%) to not have it clip on the Axe-fx II? With the default, it's clipping like crazy! Thanks.
  78. mortega76

    Axe-fx II arrived at my doorstep last night...

    I've been without my Ultra for several weeks... so my buddy Paul was gracious enough to let me borrow his POD XT Live... Wow... I almost didn't want to practice at all after hearing those "tones" (and I'm using "tones" lightly)... after being used to the Ultra's goodness (especially with 11.00)...
  79. mortega76

    Polytune style tuning mode for Axe-fx (maybe only for the II?)

    I would love to have a Polytune style tuning mode for the Axe-fx that can handle custom and low tunings (I tune to Dropped-Bb, Polytune only goes down to B), I'm not sure the Axe-fx G1 would have the power to handle it but maybe the Axe-fx II will? Especially since it has the large LCD... what...
  80. mortega76

    Machine Head using Axe-fx

    I have it on "good authority" that Machine Head will be using at least one Axe-fx Ultra in the near future...
  81. mortega76

    PigWeed - Eye of the Wasps

    We finally finished the vocals on one of our heaver songs titled... Eye of the Wasps... Guitars/Bass were recorded using an Axe-fx Ultra on firmware 8 or 9... it's been a while... it's also been a while since I've last recorded anything... hopefully I will start recording some new tracks... let...
  82. mortega76

    Axe-fx II Re-amp request...

    With how "easy" it's supposed to be to re-amp now... I'm really surprised that none of the Axe-fx II owners have stepped up and done a quick 30 second clip and then re-amped it with various amp models... Where's Jocke when you need him!!! P.S. If anyone does do the re-amping... how about some...
  83. mortega76

    Now that the Axe-fx 2 has been released... we probably will never see the Axe-PC

    Now that the Axe-fx 2 has been released... we probably will never see the Axe-PC, especially that re-amping is much easier with the Axe-fx 2 and with all the possibilities of VST plugins with and without hardware "dongles" get cracked all the time... unless the Axe-fx 2 becomes the dongle...
  84. mortega76

    iPhone app to view forum?

    I'm currently using the ForumRFree to view the FAS forum but I wanted to know what you guys were using? I was hoping to find something that does both the FAS forum and Rig Talk... Thanks!
  85. mortega76

    What time should I be online to purchase an Axe-fx II?

    As a courtesy to FAS's customers... please let us know what time we would need to be online to have a chance to purchase an Axe-fx II. Thank You.
  86. mortega76

    Just scored a Carvin F1200 just like Cliff has!!!

    I'm stoked!!! I just scored a Carvin F1200 just like Cliff uses on his setup... These suckers are sooooo hard to find!!! There was a guy in the Philippines that didn't want to ship overseas and there is another guy that is pairing it with an Ampeg Pre-amp that doesn't want to split them up...
  87. mortega76

    Mackie HD1531

    I just got back from going to Sam Ash with a buddy of mine, and had a chance to demo the Mackie HD1531... An Australian fella from the Rig-Talk forums was raving about how great it sounded and how he replaced his VHT (Fryette) 2/90/2 and VHT Fat Bottom cab with the Mackie HD1531. Well, we...
  88. mortega76

    PigWeed opening up for 10 Years Tonight in San Antonio!!!

    Bud Light presents Backstage Live 1st annual ST Patrick's day Block Party! Free event for 21 & up TODAY on St Patrick's day!! Doors open at 5pm. Minors are $15. Come out & hang out with PigWeed & 10 Years!! 1305 East Houston St San Antonio, TX 78205 (Across the street from Spaghetti...
  89. mortega76

    DAR Future Breed Machines by our very own Jocke (Clawfinger)!!!!

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned these here yet... Our very own Jocke (Clawfinger) is involved with these new products!!!! There are a couple of amps as well... Taken from this page.. http://www.hugeracksinc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=73630&sid=9c2ddbe10409268783988f9c8968c0bc FBM-PX -...
  90. mortega76

    PigWeed opening up for Ill Niño, Feb 1st in San Antonio

    Just a heads up that we got a great show opening up for a great band... Ill Niño!!!! Show will be on Feb 1st, 2011 at a place called the Backstage Live... presale tickets are $15... $18 day of the show at the door. Let me know how many tickets you would like and I will drop them off if you're...
  91. mortega76

    Axe-fx Midi Port through box or coupler or ?

    Hello everyone, I just had a quick question as to what other folks are doing to not wear out their midi ports... I tried to look for a coupler style adapter but there isn't a male/male adapter only a female/male adapter... any ideas would be appreciated...
  92. mortega76

    Digital guy's first practice with a tube amp (5150).

    I've been an SS/Digital guy for many years... I first started off with a Valvestate 200 (because I figured that 200 watts was better than 100 watts...), then I moved to a 300 watt Vetta II HD (because I thought 300 watts was better than 200 watts)... now I'm at an Axe-fx Ultra with 500 watts per...
  93. mortega76

    Behringer iNUKE NU6000 and NU6000DSP Power Amplifiers

    I know some of you folks will cringe every time someone mentions the word "Behringer"... but these things look like their going to be monsters with stupid names... I wonder how these will perform? 2 x 3000 Watts into 4 Ohms 2 x 1500 Watts into 8 Ohms Less than 12 lbs Built-in...
  94. mortega76

    What power amp is Cliff using?

    I tried to PM Cliff yesterday and posted in on a thread to ask what power amp Cliff is currently using... I'm hoping someone will chime in here if they know the info... I could have sworn I read a while back that Cliff was using a ToneWorks Mosvalve or Mosfet of some sort and I wanted to see if...
  95. mortega76

    Axe-Fx Accuracy Issues

    Moderator's Note: the OT posts have been separated from the Bogner thread and placed here. Please do not take the original thread off topic again. I love what you guys are doing... and thank you very much for sharing your results... but... To throw a "monkey wrench" into the whole thing...
  96. mortega76

    Mini Line 6 HD500 Review

    Line 6 is doing a disservice to guitarist everywhere... Thank You
  97. mortega76

    Axe-fx power amp modelling possibly still not up to par?

    Please don't take this as a stab at the Axe-fx... I only ask this because I want the best possible sound out of my Axe-fx... If by me voicing my concerns helps in any way shape or form to advance the "sound" of the Axe-fx for everyone then I'm glad I'm doing it... I'm a digital guy... and I've...
  98. mortega76

    December 12th, 2010 Austin Ampfest… Axe-fx.

    My first “full blown” amp fest… there were plenty of awesome high gain amps to go around, that was for sure. There were four Mills Acoustics cabs, two Marshall 1960BV (edit) cabs, a Port City 2x12 cab with Scumback H75(?) that sounded huge for a 2x12 and a 4x10 cab. Please chime in with the...
  99. mortega76

    Atomic 2U 100 Watt Stereo Tube Power Amp

    As the title says... who would buy one? If the price was right... I know I definitely would!
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