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  1. hussamd

    NGD: A tribute to a great cat

    We lost Roger (white manx) this year and I wanted to have a guitar built in his memory. The folks at Kiesel (Carvin) guitars did a wonderful job with this Vader and even offered a free 6 weeks rush on the order. I had it done in Cadillac Diamond tri-coat white with the binding in black flame...
  2. hussamd

    NGD (almost): Kiesel Vader 7 master grade Koa top

    I managed to snag this 7-string beauty before it went on sale. It pays to stay in touch with the sales folks at Carvin/Kiesel guitars. They are great! He managed to sneak some pictures for me. I should have it next week. Headless Vader 7 with one crazy Master grade Koa top and body - no...
  3. hussamd

    NGD: Kiesel Vader 6

    Kiesel Vaders are the best I have come across. Light weight and look/sound great. Sold most of my other guitars. I am in a happy place :) Mahogany body and neck, burl maple top, ebony fretboard, SS medium-jumbo frets in sunset burst. Way hotter in person.
  4. hussamd

    Button 1 light stays on when selecting other scenes (MK1 with XL+)

    I just upgraded to the XL+ and have a MFC MK1 that I upgraded to the latest firmware. I noticed when I change scenes, light 1 stays green and other buttons light also (2-5 depending on scene). I did not see this before with my II. Any one has noticed this?
  5. hussamd

    NGD: Kiesel Vader 6

    Killer guitar! Plays like butter, weighing in at 5 or 6 lbs. I cannot say enough about the workmanship that Kiesel/Carvin guitars have been cranking out. Mahogany body and neck in 25.5" scale, black matte finish. Smooth as a baby's behind. 5 way switch with Kiesel passive pickups. Ebony...
  6. hussamd

    NGD: Carvin ST300 - Aqua Burst

    I cannot say enough about the workmanship and beauty of the new Carvins. Mahogany body with flame maple Aqua Burst and Aqua Birdseye maple fretboard and new Kiesel pickups with 5 way switch. The new pickups rock! Now I want one in Deep Moss Green before my wife kills me.
  7. hussamd

    NGD: Carvin ST300

    The wonderful folks at Carvin made this beauty for me. ST300, Alder body, Deep black cherry on flame maple with flame maple neck through and the new passive Kiesel pickups on a 5 way switch. Volume knob moved back a bit at my request. It is coming to room temp since yesterday in cold Chicago...
  8. hussamd

    NGD: She's purdy

    Finally snagged one. I will have to try it tonight. The look, feel, and finish so far are incredible.
  9. hussamd

    Wish INCR and DECR by one when the reveal button is on (scenes)

    I know some people suggested changing the bank size to one to move to the next preset using the bank up/down when the reveal button is on. It would be more natural to have the bank size temporarily change to 1 when in scenes mode and then go back to whatever it was when out of scenes mode...
  10. hussamd

    How did your guitar playing journey start?

    Reading posts from this forum has been very enlightening and entertaining. It got me thinking how did I get to this point of loving playing guitar to the point of obsessing about it. I will kick off another thread to see how unique my experience is: 1) What/when was your love affair with...
  11. hussamd

    Are you using Line6 JTV guitars? Any good?

    I have used Variax guitars in the past and experienced some latency and they were a bit flat compared to a real guitar. I have seen demos of the new ones coming out and was interested in the JTV-69 model and wanted to check to see what owners think of their performance. So my questions are...
  12. hussamd

    Any leads on sound activated lights or VU meters like these for example?

    I have been looking hard for lights that are not just activated on/off to music but also vary the intensity. For example here is something similar but not available in the USA. . Back in the 80s a friend of mine made one relatively easily but cannot get hold of him or the design. Perhaps I...
  13. hussamd

    Playing music via USB interface of AXE II Question...

    Does playing music (backing tracks) via USB interface affect the guitar sound quality of the Axe-FX II or should I use separate amp and speakers for playing the music part for best results? I am using ART-SLA1 with passive FBT 12M speakers in stereo for home playing. I noticed when I cranked...
  14. hussamd

    Would be cool to live stream Axe-Fest

    For the rest of us that could not attend the Axe-Fest I hope next time someone will setup a live stream so we can all "be there".
  15. hussamd

    FBT Verve 12M and Carvin TS100 - Will it work?

    I am looking into getting a couple of the passive FBT Verver 12M. I found them at Spectrum Audio for $564 a piece. I am planning on using my Carvin TS100 tube amp to power them. Has any one tried this? The rating on the Carvin is 100W, while the speakers can handle 500 or 600W a piece. I...
  16. hussamd

    Wah ME SP1-R setup with Axe II

    I got the new Axe-FX II and was surprised it had only one pedal jack, unlike the Ultra that had 2. My wah pedal from Mission Engineering has 2 outputs, one for the wah and one for the switch. Is there a trick to make it work or do I have to get a midi floorboard and connect it that way? I...
  17. hussamd

    Tip for saving money at Musiciansfriend.com

    Not sure if it is common knowledge but I wanted to share with my fellow musicians a tip for saving money. Any time I need to order from musiciansfriend.com I would call instead of using the web and I can get an automatic 5% discount just for asking for a discount. It helps if you have an...
  18. hussamd

    String plucking noise .. help

    I am new to the Ultra. I was playing high gain patches yesterday and noticed that I can hear string plucking noise on the higher strings very vividly. I don't know if this is normal or I have never noticed it with real amps. I tried a couple of guitars and different patches with no change...
  19. hussamd

    New Ultra showing 10.04 in Axe-Edit

    Am I interpreting this correctly that I have firmware version 10.04 on my new Ultra, or am I celebrating prematurely?
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