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  1. Toopy14

    Stairway to Heaven on piano

  2. Toopy14

    Jamie Costa - Robin

  3. Toopy14

    Captain James T. Kirk...To Boldy Go...

    Nah, lots of people have been there!
  4. Toopy14

    Watch the Ohio State Marching Band’s Incredible Halftime Salute to Rush

  5. Toopy14

    Randy Bachman's first guitar was stolen 45 years ago in Toronto. He just found it in Tokyo

    What an incredible story! ”According to Bachman, his neighbour had used some old photographs of the guitar and rejigged some facial-recognition software to identify and detect the unique wood-grain patterns and lines of cracked lacquer along the instrument’s body.”...
  6. Toopy14

    The true origins and evolution of Eddie Van Halen's legendary Frankenstein guitar

  7. Toopy14

    Les Paul Custom - Muddy sounding neck pickup.

    I was curious to know if anyone else finds that the neck pick-up on their Les Paul sounds muddy and if so, are there any other things you've tried that helped, besides replacing the pickups. I have an 87 LPC, with 1980 T-Tops in it. When I first got it, I found both pickups sounded really...
  8. Toopy14

    John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen—have released a new single together, “Wasted Days”

  9. Toopy14

    ABBA Voyage

    This is pretty amazing.
  10. Toopy14

    RIP Norm MacDonald

    Truly, one of a kind and absolutely hilarious! https://www.tmz.com/2021/09/14/norm-macdonald-dead-dies-cancer/
  11. Toopy14

    Trillion-frames-per-second camera takes photos of light moving

  12. Toopy14

    David Gilmour - ‘Still Strumming!’

  13. Toopy14

    How cool is Simon Le Bon

    He sounds great too!
  14. Toopy14

    DIY Silicon: Man Builds Integrated Circuit That's Similar to Intel's 4004 CPU

    This is incredible and he's only 21! Watch the video of him explaining the process, it's impressive. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/man-builds-own-silicon-chip-at-home
  15. Toopy14

    40 years of the PC

  16. Toopy14

    GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE — Official Trailer

    Looks like a fun nostalgic diversion. Fitting that Finn Wolfhard is in it and it's directed by Ivan Reitman's son, Jason.
  17. Toopy14

    Taylor Academy 10e

    Does anyone have any experience or own a Taylor Academy 10e? I have quite a few electric guitars and have been thinking about getting an acoustic. I know the holy grail is a Martin, but I don't think I need to spend that kind of money for my skill level. I've read many great reviews about...
  18. Toopy14

    Converting Commercial Presets from ARES to CYGNUS

    Has anyone successfully converted commercial presets from ARES on the Axe-Fx II to the CYGNUS on the Axe-Fx III? I have a fair investment in the presets and to me, they are worth every penny. As a late starter (41) in the guitar world and with fewer days ahead than behind (57), they have...
  19. Toopy14

    Microsoft Announces Windows 11: New UI, Productivity and Gaming Features

    https://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-11-announcement-features Better look at it here;
  20. Toopy14

    Gretsch Country Classic - Strap Buttons

    Does anyone have any recommendations for using the stock strap buttons, like the ones in the picture, and keeping them from slipping through the strap hole? Should I just use a washer? Thought about putting a new set of Schaller's on, but the screw is bigger in diameter and I'm worried...
  21. Toopy14

    RIP Bob Lanois

  22. Toopy14

    Prince - 5 Years!

    August 3, 1983...the first time Prince and the Revolution publicly played Purple Rain. The audience had no idea what they were witnessing!
  23. Toopy14

    Barenaked Ladies Share Colorful Animated Music Video for ‘Flip’

    For those of you that don't know the story of how the Barenaked Ladies were discovered...here it is. :) Outside the CityTV/Much Music building on Queen Street East, in downtown Toronto, they used to have this thing called 'Speakers Corner'. It was a video booth, that you could go into and...
  24. Toopy14

    RIP Paul Humphrey

  25. Toopy14

    FS 1952 Les Paul

    I'm not sure if this is allowed or not. If not, please feel free to remove the thread. I was talking to a high-school friend yesterday (someone I've known since the late 70's) and we got onto the topic of guitars. She told me that she inherited an original 1952 Les Paul in its original case...
  26. Toopy14

    Listen to George Harrison's stunning isolated vocals from "Something"

  27. Toopy14

    Watch Lindsey Buckingham reimagine Never Going Back Again on the new Fender Acoustasonic Jazzmaster

    Aside from the guitar promo...this is incredible, considering they weren't sure he would ever be able to sing again!
  28. Toopy14

    Hurling Satellites Into Space Seems Crazy—but Might Just Work

    If you get cold sweats thinking back to grade 11 high-school physics, you might want to look away! :) https://www.wired.com/story/hurling-satellites-into-space/?utm_social-type=owned&utm_source=facebook&mbid=social_facebook&utm_brand=wired&utm_medium=social
  29. Toopy14

    Roy Clark has Johnny Cash dumbfounded performing this solo with a glass

    [EDIT] Found it on YouTube. The rest of the video is hilarious! :)
  30. Toopy14

    Shovel Guitar Blues

  31. Toopy14

    [EDIT] Perseverance landing video

  32. Toopy14

    Top Gun 2 Extended Super Bowl Trailer

    Make sure you watch the whole thing...great little surprise in the last third of the video!!!
  33. Toopy14

    RIP Hank Aaron

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/sports/hank-aaron-home-run-hitting-baseball-great-dead-86-n934591 "Aaron holds the MLB records for the most career runs batted in (RBI) (2,297), extra base hits (1,477), and total bases (6,856). Aaron is also in the top five for career hits (3,771) and runs...
  34. Toopy14

    Titan Robot Guide

  35. Toopy14

    RIP "Mary Ann"

    I grew up watching Gilligan's Island. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/dawn-wells-dead/2020/12/30/c7546744-b84a-11e8-94eb-3bd52dfe917b_story.html
  36. Toopy14

    Neil Young’s hometown concert is free to watch during the holidays

  37. Toopy14

    Peter Jackson Drops Sneak Peek of Beatles Doc ‘Get Back’

    “56 hours of unseen footage.” https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/peter-jackson-beatles-sneak-peek-1106383/?fbclid=IwAR38CNxemoP6-OW97f6JDjKloZ3L2o2keJjdNEalZIKld8mMNoXSw6zZIm0
  38. Toopy14

    RIP Charley Pride

  39. Toopy14

    The French Version of Billie Jean!

  40. Toopy14

    The Hoff Does Metal...wait, what?

  41. Toopy14

    Neil Young Archives Is Now Free for the Holidays

  42. Toopy14

    Why would my garage door opener reset my router?

    It's looking more and more like the garage door opener is rebooting my home router. The router is a DSL Sagecomm Fast 5250, which operates at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The garage door opener is from Wayne Dalton and operates at 372 MHz. Those frequencies are not even close....however, as I was...
  43. Toopy14

    "Stayin' Inside" - Coronavirus Bee Gees Parody

    LMAO...this is really good! Pretty sure you won't find a cooler bass player!!
  44. Toopy14

    Any Kiss Fans?

    KISS - More Details Revealed For New Year's Eve Live Streaming Event From Dubai; New Video Trailer Streaming http://bravewords.com/news/kiss-more-details-revealed-for-new-year-s-eve-live-streaming-event-from-dubai-new-video-trailer-streaming
  45. Toopy14

    Neil Peart's Rush drum kit expected to fetch more than $100K at auction

    Another piece of Rock'n'Roll history up for auction. I sure hope someone buys it and puts it where it belongs....the Hall of Fame in Ohio!!! "...the drum kit was purchased by Peart in 1974 from Long & McQuade music store in Toronto shortly after he joined Rush. Peart used the kit during his...
  46. Toopy14

    Bidding starts at $1 million, as Eric Clapton's 1954 Fender Stratocaster ”Slowhand” is up for auction

    Just in time for Christmas! https://www.musicradar.com/news/bidding-starts-at-dollar1-million-as-eric-claptons-1954-fender-stratocaster-slowhand-is-up-for-auction?utm_content=bufferd9f6c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer-musicradarfb
  47. Toopy14

    Cure for diabetes? University of Alberta researchers believe they've found one

    This would be a game changer and help a lot of people. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/cure-for-diabetes-university-of-alberta-researchers-believe-they-ve-found-one-1.5192813?fbclid=IwAR2pgFN0QJH6Z_6djmTFhOgjeL5KgPcwSMqYCazUEfD5pPSP-I-2LtrKRM0
  48. Toopy14

    What Is The "VOX" Sound?

    This video popped up in my FB feed. I found it interesting, so I thought I would post it.
  49. Toopy14

    The Pedal Movie

    This looks like it’s going to be very interesting!
  50. Toopy14

    RIP Howie Meeker

    Damn, another Canadian icon has left us...two in one day. Anyone who grew up in Canada, watching Hockey Night in Canada will instantly recognize the name and his voice! https://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/howie-meeker-death-hockey-night-in-canada-nhl-1.5794606
  51. Toopy14

    Jimmy Page reveals the amp he really used to record "Whole Lotta Love"

  52. Toopy14

    Young teen goes viral for Fleetwood Mac cover – gets record deal!

    What an incredible voice and rendition of a great song! https://www.goodthingsguy.com/lifestyle/lanie-gardner-fleetwood-mac-record-deal/
  53. Toopy14

    RIP Sean Connery

    Good-bye Mr. Bond. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-54761824
  54. Toopy14

    Fender The Edge Artist Series Signature Stratocaster (Modified)

    [Edit] Not my listing. :) Quite the understatement! "I'm the original owner and bought it new. I intended to make the Strat my own and heavily modified it aesthetically and functionally." Ironically, the one thing that he did not modify...you know, 'to make it his own', is Edge's...
  55. Toopy14

    Any Javascript Programmers in FractalLand?

    I'm working on an embedded project with a web-based Microchip micrcontroller. I'm trying to pass a variable from a slider control to the server via CGI. For example; if I type in this URL; http://<IP Address>/sliders.cgi?slider1=75, it will pass the value 75 to the server and store the value...
  56. Toopy14

    Possible new organ in the human throat discovered by Dutch scientists

    If true, remarkable on so many levels, from the discovery to the technology used. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/21/health/new-organ-throat-scn-wellness/index.html
  57. Toopy14

    RIP Spencer Davis - Spencer Davis Group

  58. Toopy14

    RIP Tony Lewis - The Outfield

  59. Toopy14

    MIDI Female to Male Coupler

    Is there no such beast? I have a female to female, but can't find a female to male. I have the Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth Wireless MIDI Interface that I normally use with my AX8 so I can control it via my iPad and Bandhelper...works great. The problem is, it won't stay plugged into the MIDI...
  60. Toopy14

    Gibson Tune-O-Matic Bridge Screw Keeps Falling Out.

    So I just learned something that most people probably already know, but I thought I would share my new found knowledge anyway. A while back I was playing my Les Paul and noticed a screw on the floor. I picked it up and thought, hmmm, that looks like a saddle screw. Sure enough, one was...
  61. Toopy14

    Thinking about getting an acoustic.

    Anyone know anything about Yakami D28 clones?
  62. Toopy14

    Modern English - I Melt With You (from Quarantine)

    One of the first songs that comes to mind when I think about 80’s music. Loved it the first time I heard it and it sounds just as good in 2020. Brings back great memories of college life and bar hopping!
  63. Toopy14

    Maybe, just maybe, the current generation will finally discover what they missed...Rock'n'Roll!

    'Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’ sales skyrocket after twins’ viral reaction video' " “I ain’t never seen nobody drop a beat three minutes in a song,” Fred chimed in. “He killed it! ... That’s unique.” "...
  64. Toopy14

    Beside the obvious reason not to go outside during a lightning storm...

    here’s a few more! https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/videos/gallery/oh-my-god-woman-startled-as-lightning-strike-obliterates-tree/sharevideo/6179872837001/most_popular
  65. Toopy14

    Adam Clayton Warwick Bass Build Left Handed

    One of the guys on the U2guitartutorials website posted a video of the build. Had to share it, super impressive workmanship and video editing skills! :) http://forum.u2guitartutorials.com/showthread.php?8796-Building-an-Adam-Clayton-Warwick-Lefty-Version&p=58954#post58954
  66. Toopy14

    RIP Eddie Shack

    ‘Clear the track, here comes Shack!’ If you grew up in Canada in the 60’s and 70‘s, you’ll know exactly how colourful Eddie Shack was playing hockey for the Toronto Maple Leafs. There was and never will be a another hockey player like Shack...
  67. Toopy14

    Live Aid...35 years ago today!

    I remember it like it was yesterday. 1.4 billion viewers worldwide!
  68. Toopy14

    Iconic Prince 'Blue Angel' guitar, that was once considered lost, is sold for over $500,000

  69. Toopy14

    Mad World performed by Curt Smith of Tears For Fears...

    accompanied by his daughter, Diva.
  70. Toopy14

    SpaceX Launch w/ Astronauts

  71. Toopy14

    Queen guitarist Brian May says he 'could have died' after he was rushed to hospital with heart attack

  72. Toopy14

    One of the most nerve wracking things I’ve done...

    replacing a nut for the first time. I must be a ‘nut’ job!
  73. Toopy14

    RIP Little Richard

  74. Toopy14

    Brian May hospitalized after injuring buttocks in 'over-enthusiastic' gardening incident

  75. Toopy14

    DENNIS DEYOUNG formerly of Styx sings Best of Times from home

    One word...awesome!
  76. Toopy14

    American oil crashes below $0 a barrel -- a record low

    As a former student of economics, in all of my discussions with professors in my economics classes, I never would have imagined seeing a headline like this. "At one point, oil fell to $-1.43 a barrel. That's the lowest level since NYMEX opened oil futures trading in 1983." "Oil storage...
  77. Toopy14

    You know you’re having a bad day when...

    you accidentally pull the ejection handle! A 64-year-old man accidentally ejected himself from a fighter jet at 2,500 feet https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/france-fighter-jet-ejection-scli-intl/index.html
  78. Toopy14

    What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday?

    https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/what-did-hubble-see-on-your-birthday This was taken on my birthday, June 8th, 2003. "The Sombrero galaxy's hallmark is a brilliant white core encircled by thick lanes of dust. As seen from Earth, the spiral galaxy is tilted nearly edge-on."
  79. Toopy14

    Hyundai Reveals Secrets if its 'Prophecy' Concept EV

    No steering wheel...joysticks! https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1127709_hyundai-reveals-secrets-of-its-prophecy-ev-concept
  80. Toopy14

    Secret footage from WWII spy center Bletchley Park discovered

    This is pretty cool! https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/03/uk/bletchley-park-footage-scli-intl-gbr/index.html
  81. Toopy14

    How NOT To Use Zoom Video Conferencing Software

  82. Toopy14

    Led Zeppelin wins major copyright battle for 'Stairway to Heaven'

  83. Toopy14

    John Paul Jones - Playing the Mandolin

    This video popped up as a suggestion. It's an interview with John Paul Jones, who was on Open Mike with Mike Bullard. Mike Bullard was a Canadian comedian who became Canada's first late-night talk show host. I just thought I would post it because it's probably not a show many non-Canadian's...
  84. Toopy14

    Rock band Genesis to reunite for first tour in 13 years

  85. Toopy14

    Epiphone Casino Re-issues

    Anyone have any experience with Chinese made Epiphone Casinos? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on build quality, tone, and upgrades needed, if any, how they compare to earlier Korean made Casinos, etc. Thanks
  86. Toopy14

    'We’re not prepared for the end of Moore’s Law'

  87. Toopy14

    Gif or Jif?

    "It's said with a "soft G like the peanut butter and not a "hard G." That's according to creator Steve Wilhite, who made the declaration in 2013 while accepting a Webby Award." https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/25/business/jif-gif-peanut-butter-trnd/index.html
  88. Toopy14

    So my wife’s hairdresser’s friends, are in a New York restaurant...

    having dinner. They look across the room and who do they see...Bono. So they politely go over and ask Bono if he would mind if they could have their picture taken with him. Bono says sure, no problem. So my wife’s hairdresser’s friends, ask the person having dinner with Bono, if he would...
  89. Toopy14

    RIP Kirk Douglas

    103...wow. https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/05/entertainment/kirk-douglas-obit/index.html
  90. Toopy14

    Someone used neural networks to upscale a famous 1896 video to 4k quality

    Before: After: https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/02/someone-used-neural-networks-to-upscale-a-famous-1896-video-to-4k-quality/
  91. Toopy14

    The Cuckoo's Egg - Cliff Stoll

    Even if you have no interest in computer security, you should read this book. If you do have interest in computer security or work in the field, you should definitely read this book, if you haven't already...
  92. Toopy14

    Mission EP1 Setup Question

    I recently bought a new Mission EP1 pedal to use with my Axe-Fx and AX8. I have a Boss FV-300L but I wanted to try something different. I connected the Mission pedal with a TRS cable and used the menu on the Axe-Fx to calibrate it. I started playing through a preset that has a whammy block...
  93. Toopy14

    You ‘Mericans are Awesome!

  94. Toopy14

    A family making a 3D-printed Lamborghini replica is surprised with the real thing when the carmaker heard about the project

    Awesome story. https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/27/us/lamborghini-3d-trnd/index.html Hmmm...I wonder...if I 3D print an Axe-Fx III, will Cliff send me a real one next Christmas?
  95. Toopy14

    Any Grease Fans?

    Great story! I tried posting the Facebook link to the video, but it gets blocked...at least it does on my computer. The link is in the article. https://www.cnn.com/style/article/olivia-newton-john-grease-jacket-gift-trnd/index.html I absolutely love this movie and still do to this day...
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