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  1. jefferski

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    Just saw they added a show at the Hard Rock in Florida, 7000 seats. Wonder how much those tix are going for? I'm over going to stadium shows, except for bands where I'm there for the whole experience and don't need to actually see the band. I love the Stones, although I don't really care...
  2. jefferski

    Single vs multiple volumes

    My first electric had 2 knobs, but all the rest are singles. Along with being able to fine-tune the middle position, what I like is that I can be playing one on 6-8 and have the other at 10 to use as a boost when I switch. But overall, I've been using single knob guitars for decades.
  3. jefferski

    Wow, what a great cover, for the Yes fans

    As a massive Yes fan, this was superb. Band Geek has a bunch of great covers. Great band!
  4. jefferski

    Wish 16 scenes

    Agreed with both of those. If there were more scenes, I'd rather be able to get at them directly. Having two "banks" of scenes doesn't seem useful to me, but I guess it's kind of like the way Views are used on the FCs... I can't see myself ever needing more than 8 scenes, but I don't play...
  5. jefferski

    Wish Naming Channels

    Yep, another long-time request, and +1. Would be so helpful to know what you set up and see it on the FC.
  6. jefferski

    Layout Factory FM9

    Why don't you just create the layouts you want on your FM3/FC6? Or take your OMG9 and edit it so it's set up just like FM9 I don't think they're compatible between devices (?)
  7. jefferski

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    And Pisces would be a very swimmy reverb, awash in flows of liquid scales...
  8. jefferski

    Fender's new models for 2021

    Yea, the Ultras do look nice, but I'm with you... at that price I'd be looking at TA or Suhr.
  9. jefferski

    Fender's new models for 2021

    That's why I said "different... pickups" ;-)
  10. jefferski

    Fender's new models for 2021

    Or conversely, a Nashville Tele. Is it really a Tele w/out being able to do neck/bridge? Or is it really a Strat w/ a different body and pickups?
  11. jefferski

    So what's the deal with 24 fret guitars

    I have one PRS SE w/ 24 frets that I got for a couple of songs where I needed that high E, as others have mentioned. But I generally prefer the fatter tone of the neck pup on 22s.
  12. jefferski

    Ticketing Software

    I built a website on Wix for a client who sells tix to her events (not music-related but same idea) so I know you can do it there. IIRC it links to her Paypal and she can refund in the event of weather since they're outdoors. Most also can connect to Stripe, Square, Venmo, credit cards, etc...
  13. jefferski

    Only one pitch block...Very Disappointed

    That's the main use I think of.
  14. jefferski

    Garcia / Dead Preset for FM3

    Yea, I was watching that too. Now that's a first world problem! ;-)
  15. jefferski

    Garcia / Dead Preset for FM3

    Ok, considering that your username is "John M" I'm going to defer to your opinion... ;-) ... but I love how the Silver Sky sounds when Mayer plays it. I was listening to some DeadCo from summer tour in the car the other day and Weir's guitar literally just sounded like high-pitched...
  16. jefferski

    AX8 modern sounding FX - octave pedal, ring modulator, etc

    Look more closely :-). There's a Ring Mod block, and the Pitch block can do octaves and harmony.
  17. jefferski

    What would you use an external switch for?

    I'm thinking of either tempo/tuner on one and presets layout on the other, or I may use them for Vol +/-
  18. jefferski

    Just a curious question!

    I don't understand this design decision either. I'd love to be able to have a 2-button switch and then 2 EXP pedals (one dedicated for volume, other could be wah, whammy, etc).
  19. jefferski

    Wish Memo Block

    Yep, still a good wish.
  20. jefferski

    String Choice: Ernie Ball or D'addario?

    I was thinking of doing that on one of my PRS and got a set of D'addario 11-56. Haven't had the time to switch it over yet, and hoping I don't have to file the nut.
  21. jefferski

    Non Guitar-Based Music

    Not sure I want to know how you mean that ;-)
  22. jefferski

    Non Guitar-Based Music

    +1 for chill Celtic music... Clannad, Loreena McKennitt, The Colour of Memory, etc. Another fave: Dead Can Dance.
  23. jefferski

    FM9 USA Lead Synthwave

    When you add the Multidelay... MASSIVE!
  24. jefferski

    Non Guitar-Based Music

    Probably well over half the songs I've done aren't guitar based. (sample libraries help in that regard ;-) Other than livestream concerts, most of the music in our house and car is some kind of chilled out electronica or jazz - downtempo/progressive chill stuff like Emancipator, Zero 7, David...
  25. jefferski


    I remember that when I bought a VS-1680 workstation back in the day, and you had to pay extra for the effects card plugins.
  26. jefferski

    Finally getting a Factual Audio

    "Factual Audio Systems - where the amp you hear, is the amp you get." (Well, I am a copywriter and marketing specialist... ;-) and @Patrickk - welcome!
  27. jefferski

    Johnny Marr 9 pickup strat

    Of course it's related to a double album... ;-)
  28. jefferski

    PRS or PRS-ish guitar without pickup rings

    Or if you can find a 513... looks the same as 509 but different switching options. I love mine!
  29. jefferski

    McIntosh Solid State

    Any Head who's committed enough to want to use a McIntosh probably wouldn't also be willing to use a modeler... but I'd love to hear it if someone did!
  30. jefferski

    FM9 -- I'll Miss the Rhino Bars

    I would prefer some sort of force field that projects a few feet out in front of the unit and keeps all objects like feet and liquids away. But a missile system would be much more rock'n'roll. I generally do this anyway, as I tap w/ my right foot and like having my most used buttons on the right.
  31. jefferski

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    I didn't know we were ever out of the game.
  32. jefferski

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    I agree that this is a surprising design decision. I usually like to run two pedals - one volume, one for wah/whammy/etc - and 2 switches.
  33. jefferski

    Fuzzy Envelope Filter Funk

    I love videos where I hit "Like" after only about 5 seconds ;-) Killer tone Leon!
  34. jefferski

    Easy instrumental song suggestions?

    Cissy Strut - the Meters Freeway Jam - Jeff Beck
  35. jefferski

    FM9 FAQ

    Sweet, this opens up a lot of possibilities not feeling like I need to save CPU by using Spring all the time. Are they on a different core / processor?
  36. jefferski

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    OK. Cooper stepped on a switch and it changed his guitar. Now THAT's what I want!! 🧙‍♂️
  37. jefferski

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Mine came pretty quickly - 10 mins or so.
  38. jefferski

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Wondering this too. Each pedal port supports TRS, but only one switch? I agree, too bad. Still, 3 ports is great. Other than that, on this looks perfect for my uses! More CPU, enough onboard switches, Out1 can be XLR or 1/4", 2 more outs for FOH and a loop, 8x8... and I haven't even checked...
  39. jefferski

    "throught" the worst word to pronounce in English for an Italian😅😂

    So true. All languages incorporate from others to some degree, but English seems to be the most egregious. I love reading about how languages developed, merged, and split over time (strictly amateur, don't ask me to explain any of it ;-)
  40. jefferski

    Dead and Co back at Woodstock location!

    It's got to be a trip for Bobby, Mickey and Bill to be back there a whole lifetime later - Weir might have been exaggerating, but they weren't even included in the Woodstock movie. So cool that they played that set.
  41. jefferski

    $250 Guitar vs. $1000 vs. $3000+

    Similar story, my first PRS was the SE Custom 22 for about the same price. It also had tuning issues so replaced the nut for about $25. It was interesting how it made me play much more "deliberately" than my Strat with a very thin neck and smaller frets; it made me approach the music very...
  42. jefferski

    Welcome John Mayer

    I love how the Silver Sky does Jerry w/ a Dumble way more than his other PRS tones.
  43. jefferski

    Anybody Watching Bloodline?

  44. jefferski

    Any 335'ers Up In Here??

    My first electric was (is) a 1980 Ibanez AS-200, essentially a 335 copy. It sounds great through the AFX, especially for low-mid gain (of course!) although it doesn't get much playing time, mostly because even though I'm 5'8", the body is a bit too large for my tastes. It was my #1 for a number...
  45. jefferski

    Would be cool to get a model of the rockman x100

    I'm feeling Alarmed. Can you Fixx it? ;-)
  46. jefferski

    Wish Performance Page: Auto Save

    That's what I was thinking too.
  47. jefferski

    Wish Performance Page: Auto Save

    I can see the value in this, but also agree with @chris and @Rex - it creates a sound gap. Also, sometimes I tweak parameters for one song but don't want to keep them. I can hit S>E>E pretty quickly. Maybe offering it as a Global option for people like OP who would want it?
  48. jefferski


    The sitar sim is pretty much the only reason I haven't sold my Variax yet. My next band is gonna have to play Heart Full of Soul, Do It Again, and Lebanese Blonde...
  49. jefferski

    Useless observation of the day

    Yea! But a lot of them still have lots of underdeveloped white seeds that ruin the effect... That's true for just about all fruits and vegetables ;-(
  50. jefferski

    Useless observation of the day

    I love cantaloupe. And what's the hassle with cutting? Slice it in half, remove the seeds, and eat! ;-) Watermelon? Good but too much hassle with all the seeds everywhere. Somebody should've told it to just keep em all in the middle like a cantaloupe...
  51. jefferski

    Trey A - 4.2 (updated Sept 12th!)

    Yea, I was lucky enough to see a "few" Dead shows ;-) I'm glad you got to those Phish shows, they're really smokin right now. Too bad I won't make it to Dick's this year even though I live in Denver. So far, SCI has only cancelled the shows for this weekend, so hoping it's just a positive...
  52. jefferski

    Trey A - 4.2 (updated Sept 12th!)

    That was a great year... I saw a few shows from that run. Sad but true. SCI just cancelled this weekend's shows because one of them tested positive.
  53. jefferski

    Do you turn the AxeFx off when it's thunderstorming out?

    Yea, better safe than sorry. I'll usually unplug my Axes and our computers... too much value to risk it, even if that risk is pretty low.
  54. jefferski

    Welcome John Mayer

    +11111 on the Steel Singer ;-) Dead Co tour starts on the 16th... I'm wondering if he's gonna bring the Axe along too.
  55. jefferski

    Selling Guitars Online - Best Place Nowdays?

    Yea, I wouldn't have someone into my studio, just set up in the living room and act like "it was my kid's guitar but he quit when he went away to college..." Our dog is an extremely cute mini-golden doodle. She'd probably bark, but doubt she'd scare anyone ;-)
  56. jefferski

    Selling Guitars Online - Best Place Nowdays?

    Same for me. It's one thing if I'm selling something like a barbecue or chair, but I don't want people coming over to buy an amp or guitar and thinking that I have more gear.
  57. jefferski

    Wish Drag & Drop Per-Preset Switch Assignments

    +1 for both of those ideas.
  58. jefferski

    If a used FM 3 has the headphone jack can I assume it's also has the Cygnus OS?

    ... but you can easily just load the latest Cygnus.
  59. jefferski

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Wrecker Express (Trainwreck Express)

    That's what I hear. Only had time so far for the Slave and Carini. Probably going to stream one of the shows this weekend. And just to keep this on topic: the Wrecker has been one of my favorite amps in the Axe forever. I'm psyched Trey's using them. Interesting quote from the article you...
  60. jefferski

    What was the trick for faster boot up?

    The only time I cared about how quick it boots was at a gig when the power died on my rig for a second while we were mid-song... now that's a time when it does matter!
  61. jefferski

    The New Dune Movie Trailer…

    I suspect it'll get a lot of viewers thru HBO. If so, hopefully they'll see it as worth doing the 2nd part. Dune could be their next GoT if they do it right; there's so much good material after the first book (at least through Messiah and Children if not all of Frank's novels). Plus they already...
  62. jefferski

    Question about harmonizing

    +1 on this. Since the ear tends to hear the higher note - especially in a live mix - you don't notice the artificial tone on the lower harmony nearly as much. Also, an octave is a long way for any device to pitch shift and sound good. 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths generally sound better because the...
  63. jefferski

    The New Dune Movie Trailer…

    I haven't watched the Dune trailers, even though I already know the story. Like you said, most of them show a 2 minute spoiler of everything except the final decisive moment. What happened to giving a good setup of what the story will be about? There's almost no suspense when you already know...
  64. jefferski

    The New Dune Movie Trailer…

    Psyched for this, it's one of my all time favorite books. I thought Lynch's movie had some good parts, but overall was meh and way too short for something with as much depth as Dune. I liked the miniseries a lot more, although yea it could've been way better. My only concern is if they don't...
  65. jefferski

    Taylor Academy 10e

    I don't have any experience with the Academy, but I have a 414CE that I love. I'd always planned on getting a Martin when I could afford a quality acoustic, but when that time came, I realized that I really preferred the Taylor sound more. YMMV. Is there one you can try out?
  66. jefferski

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    All of the above as needed... first I'll learn what I can by ear, and dial in a sound that's at least close. Then, if I can't figure something out I'll try Ultimate Guitar tabs (which as noted can be anywhere from sketchy to really good - but even some of the bad ones can point me in the right...
  67. jefferski

    Wish Feature roadmap

    ^ This. And, FAS has enough market share (small compared to say L6, but large enough relative to what they can produce) that they don't need to "create interest" in their next product or update.
  68. jefferski

    Reverb in serial vs parallel....

    I thought the "mix law" was that up to 50%, the dry level is constant, and then above 50 it decreases... (?) And maybe the law is different for reverb vs delay? Which is why... ...I've always preferred running delays and reverbs in parallel for anything like rock/funk/folk etc. I think of it...
  69. jefferski

    I Lost my wife last night

    I'm so sorry X.
  70. jefferski

    Tech 21 Power Engine original with FM3

    I still have my PE too... thanks for the update on how the X200 sounds. I may have to rethink selling it, and keep it around.
  71. jefferski


    Guess I'm glad I don't use it. I've always wondered about a lot of the little free/cheap games and apps that come from random developers. Who knows what they're doing in the background?
  72. jefferski

    Beard trimmers

    I've got a Remington too, different one from yours. It's worked for years for my head and goatee... which I just shaved off for the first time in over 20 years...
  73. jefferski

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    I used to sing... I was a decent harmony singer, and I could do a passable job singing lead in solo acoustic / small groups... i.e. playing stuff like CSNY, James Taylor, etc in coffee houses... but I'm definitely not a front man to carry a rock band. I would do the occasional song to give the...
  74. jefferski

    Best Tele for the $$$

    The white blonde is the one I'd go for too.
  75. jefferski

    Best Tele for the $$$

    Nice! Is that one of the newer ones? Let us know how it is after you switch out the volume pot.
  76. jefferski

    Reverb holdover issue

    I think it's not picking up the reverb from a few minutes ago, but rather it's taking what you were just playing, and applying the new channel (ie the long algorithm) as if it had been operating in the background. I could be wrong, but that makes more sense to me from a processing perspective...
  77. jefferski

    Getting your groove back?

    I've gone through a couple of times where I really didn't touch a guitar for 9-ish months. I'd pick it up and try, but my heart wasn't there. Eventually, the fire came back ;-) Bottom line, go with what feels right to you. If it isn't flowing, don't force it. If you find yourself trying to...
  78. jefferski

    WTB A expensive guitar

    Well, knowing what kind of music you like... dare I say "contact Paul L" ?? :cool: In lieu of that, Modern Eagle V: Equator:
  79. jefferski

    Coming to a city near you

    Isn't this about how the flat Earth thing started? Somebody started out as a joke and it turned into a whole sh*#storm...
  80. jefferski

    Best Tele for the $$$

    The ASAT looks really nice, you can find them on Reverb for not much $. This is probably the next guitar I'm going to buy. Also considering a Nashville Tele (or ASAT Classic S) for the extra pickup combinations, of course would have to mod the Nashville to get neck+bridge...
  81. jefferski

    Coming to a city near you

    They must really want to get some intel from me... there's a flock of crows that hangs around here a lot.
  82. jefferski

    Needs more chords

    I watched this yesterday... when I saw the title, the first thing I thought was maybe a Steely Dan song like Josie, or maybe he decided to take some prog song that became a hit and call it pop. Love the story of them thinking they could learn it in 20 minutes! And then all the times he goes...
  83. jefferski

    Microsoft Announces Windows 11: New UI, Productivity and Gaming Features

    Meh. It does look clean, I'll give them that. I haven't touched my Win 10 machine in 2+ years. Suppose I could upgrade it but will wait for the stable version after the stable version. Then I'll put it back in the closet...
  84. jefferski


    Not so long ago, it was thought that you couldn't break the sound barrier - you'd disintegrate the plane or something. It's possible that Einstein didn't figure out everything there is to know.
  85. jefferski

    AX8 spring reverb vs FM3

    Beautiful tone! Echo what Ian said, I'd love to take a run with that preset too if you're willing to share. Your rhythm guitarist has a pretty good Bobby beard going :-)
  86. jefferski

    Wish Notepad Block Type

    For me, it wouldn't need channels, in fact it really doesn't need to be a "block" per se, just something we can toggle to open and type in. Hopefully it would support enough characters so we could make detailed notes, without needing to write a short novel :).
  87. jefferski

    FedEx vs USPS....Just Sayin!

    Glad that first box wasn't a new Custom Shop... ;-)
  88. jefferski

    Clean? Or really clean?

    Depends on what I'm playing, but typically a touch of hair. My main funk preset in my last band was one that Leon posted a couple years ago using the IIC+... go figure, I never would've done that on my own. Has just a little bite to it, and sounds fantastic. But sometimes I want totally...
  89. jefferski

    Do Latest FM3 Edit/Drivers Support old Axe FX II Editor (Windoz)?

    Does installing the FM3 driver overwrite or erase the AFX II driver? If not, they should both run.
  90. jefferski

    How is the rotary in Axe Fx 3?

    Exactly. I use Chorus for songs where it's a major part of the sound but otherwise Rotary is my go to.
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