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  1. progmachine

    6160 block sounding way different than expected! (Patch included)

    I accidentally dialed in a mid-gain tone that I enjoy quite a bit with a 5150 sim surprisingly! The .syx file is in the youtube description. Thanks for watching!
  2. progmachine

    Arch Echo - New Album

    Hey all, Thought I'd share my band's new album for any interested Axe FX 2 users! Let me know if you want some guitar patch / processing info!
  3. progmachine

    Alt Hard Rock? (New Demo)

    Just made a quick mix of this more straight ahead song (not instrumental for once!) Used a FAS Modern patch with pretty low input drive. I'd share it if I didn't erase it by accident. :)
  4. progmachine

    Modern Metal (6160 BLOCK)

    Wrote a quick riff to mess around with this new 5150 Amp Rhythm Tone of mine. Very little EQ on the guitar tone in post so I'm pretty happy with the Amp/Cab combo. Thanks for listening!
  5. progmachine

    Absently - Entropy EP

    Hey everyone! I just released some new tunes today and if anyone has some minutes to spare I'd love for you check it out! (Guitars and Bass are AxeFX - Rhythm and Leads are Friedman HBE) @ML SOUND LAB USA Djent Pack for basically every guitar as well! Cheers!
  6. progmachine

    Guitar Solo - FAS Modern with a touch of Chorus

    Hey all! Like the title says, I'm just fooling around with a FAS Modern lead patch and I really like what the Tape DIST (Drive) and Chorus are adding to the sound! Also this is just a little guest solo I did for a friend's song.
  7. progmachine

    New Dalbello Guitar = Arch Echo Playthrough!

    Hey all! I recently received a new custom 7-string after getting home from tour and decided to give it a test run over one of my band's songs! Thank you for taking the time to check it out and let me know if you have any questions/comments :)
  8. progmachine

    Heavy Song is Heavy (Instrumental Nonsense)

    Hey everyone! Here's a new song from my solo project! A 5-song EP is in the works! :)
  9. progmachine

    New Custom 7-String - Time to test it out! (Dalbello Guitars)

    Hey Everyone! Just acquired a new guitar recently and I thought I'd share a clip of how it's sounding! Rhythm tone - Friedman HBE Crunchy - Friedman BE Clean tone - Suhr Badger IR is Misha Mix 4 in the recent USA Djent Pack! @ML SOUND LAB
  10. progmachine

    For all of the metal & djent fans out there! (Friedman + ML "USA Djent" IRs)

    Hey everyone! Here's some riffs I made to showcase ML Sound Lab's new cab pack! I really enjoy the mid-range in these bad boys! Hope you enjoy! Signal flow: Tape DIST -> Friedman HBE -> USA Djent IRs!
  11. progmachine

    Arch Echo - Hip Dipper (instrumental prog jams)

    Hey All, My band just released a new single today! Let me know what you guys think! :) The mid and hi-gain guitar tones are Friedman HBE. Mixed by yours truly.
  12. progmachine

    Metal Jams + new drum VST !!

    Hey everyone! Here's a pretty straightforward metal clip I made - just 2 rhythm guitars panned L & R, bass and drums. Let me know what you guys think! Guitar Tone is Friedman HBE + FAS Modern I with VERY low input drive and the ML Cab Pack 13! Bass tone is the SV bass with the Fat Rat OD. Enjoy!
  13. progmachine

    Riffin' out - Trying out new Rhythm Tone

    Hey all! I wrote some new riffs to try out a new rhythm tone of mine as well as the GGD Halpern Drums update! Enjoy!
  14. progmachine

    Arch Echo - "Earthshine" (single) --- Friedman BE!

    Hey everybody! Here is a single by my new band Arch Echo!! I hope you all enjoy! It's a little different :) I also mixed the tune and re-amped the guitars.
  15. progmachine

    Absently - "Dayzed" Guitar Playthrough (FAS Modern + Friedman HBE)

    Hey all, Finally got around to filming a playthrough of one of my instrumental songs again. The guitar tone is just FAS Modern and Friedman HBE combined with ML Cab Pack 13 :)
  16. progmachine

    Heavy Jams with the PVH 6160

    I've been jamming with the 5150 model lately -- for some reason I avoided using it until now, and I love it! Here a quick clip I made with it! IR is from the ML Zilla Cab Pack!
  17. progmachine

    Hard Rock / Metal Demo! (Friedman HBE + ML Sound Lab Beta!)

    Hey everyone!! Here I'm demo'ing out a new mix template I made (a starting point for my new songs) and I included a new ML IR coming out soon that I immediately loved! Signal chain: T808 -> Friedman HBE (Original) -> Brit II -> Mr. Computer EDIT: The IR is the one from the new Brit Pack by...
  18. progmachine

    Full Band Cover of CHON - "Fall" (Vibrato Verb)

    Hey all! I haven't made a post in awhile, but I just finished up a cover of Chon's song titled "Fall" with a friend of mine! The guitar tone is the Vibrato Verb amp with my american Strat in the 4th pickup position. I hope you all dig it!
  19. progmachine

    Marco Sfogli - "Andromeda" Jam (USA Lead Red)

    Hey all! I stumbled upon a really inspiring tone (in my opinion) with the USA Lead and ML Zilla! I'm just jamming to some Marco here, trying to get my phrasing a bit more expressive.
  20. progmachine

    Rage Against The Machine - "Bombtrack" Cover Video

    Hey all, I posted the audio of this cover here a long time ago but my buddy and I decided to make a whole playthrough for it! I hope you guys like it! For the mix, what your hearing in the chorus is mostly my bass tone and the guitars is a Friedman patch with low input drive. :)
  21. progmachine

    Kiesel Guitar Solo Contest (FAS Modern + ML Cab pack 13)

    Hey guys! I just wanted to share my guitar solo I did for Kiesel Guitars' contest. There's no voting or any agenda like that I just thought I captured a pretty good lead tone in the process. I hope you guys dig it!
  22. progmachine

    Tigran Hamasyan "Entertain Me" (Guitar / Bass / Drums)

    Hello! My friend and I made a full cover of my favorite Tigran Hamasyan tune from scratch. We decided to have the piano parts be on guitar instead and I think it turned out really cool! I hope you all enjoy it!
  23. progmachine

    Owl City "Fireflies" - 2-Handed Tapping

    Hey all! I had this Owl City synth run stuck in my head so I gave it a shot on guitar. The intervals are so strange to me that I had to make it a 2-handed tapping riff. I hope you guys enjoy! *The amp is FAS Modern with an aggressive low-pass filter.
  24. progmachine

    Rock & Metal Bass Tone Tips

    Hey people! I hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! I'm gonna leave this video here for anyone interested in how I get my bass tones (AxeFX II and the recent firmware)! I hope it's helpful!
  25. progmachine

    Rock & Metal Bass Guitar Tips!

    Hey people! I hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! I'm gonna leave this video here for anyone interested in how I get my bass tones (AxeFX II and the recent firmware)! I hope it's helpful!
  26. progmachine

    The Contortionist - "Arise" (FAS Modern + Friedman HBE)

    Here's a cover of "Arise" by The Contortionist! I had a lot of fun learning this and their guitar-work is very inspiring to me! Enjoy!
  27. progmachine

    Guest Guitar Solo - ML Zilla IR

    Here is my guest solo on my friend Alberto Menezes' record "Constant Shift". The record was released late last year but I wanted to take this opportunity to re-record it and demonstrate one of the new Zilla IRs in a lead context! IR is Zilla Flattest, my personal favorite! Cheers!
  28. progmachine

    Some Hi-Gain Rhythm Guitar Tips!

    Hey guys, I've been having a lot of fun making youtube tutorials so I decided to dive into the field of rhythm guitar tones. I'll leave this here incase anyone is interested in what my process of dialing in is like. Cheers!
  29. progmachine

    Periphery - "Marigold" Cover

    Hey all! I did a quick cover of the majority of Periphery's new single "Marigold". I used my Fender Strat (lol) because it's my only 6-string at the moment and I tuned it down to drop C. Cheers! *Amp is Friedman HBE
  30. progmachine

    Mixing Drums for Rock & Metal / FAS Modern + ML Zilla

    Hey guys! This isn't the most on topic post I've made, but I've had a lot of comments on my drum sounds in particular and I figured I could share my tutorial video I did on that subject. The full mixes you hear in the video are Axe FX II with FAS Modern & ML Zilla as well. I hope this is...
  31. progmachine

    Hard Rock w/ the Brit 800!

    Hey guys! I think the title is kind of self explanatory :) It's easily one of my favorite amps in the unit. Feedback & Comments are greatly appreciated!
  32. progmachine

    New Demo (Zilla IR & GetGood Drums)

    Hey all! I'm working on a new demo and I gave the new GGD Halpern Sample pack a whirl along with the Zilla Cab Pack IRs to make a new mix, and I'm really happy with the direction it's going in. I hope you guys dig it :)
  33. progmachine

    Don't Underestimate Your Ears!

    Hey all! I was browsing old clips of mine and I found my very first clip with the AxeFX2 (3 years ago). I decided to make a quick go of the same clip using the same guitar, same bass, same amp/cab, same drum samples, etc. to see how far my "more experienced" ears would take it. It became...
  34. progmachine

    Riff Medley / Zilla Cab Pack Beta

    Hey everyone! I recently had the privilege of beta-testing an up and coming Zilla cab pack release made by the great Mikko Logren of @ML SOUND LAB . I figured a great way to showcase it is to record this medley of different riffs from my recent album "Open Mind". I chose a variety of riffs to...
  35. progmachine

    Intervals - Libra (Plexi 50W Hi )

    Howdy all! I've been fooling around with this Plexi 50W amp and it is now one of my go to lead sounds. Super versatile and very responsive (and frustratingly unforgiving to my playing). Here's a clip of me using it on the Intervals song "Libra". Hope you guys dig it :)
  36. progmachine

    Schlipps Playthrough (Splawn Nitrous Amp + Ibanez = Metal)

    Hey Everyone! I was taking a break earlier today from packing up my house for a big move and I figured I could do a quick play-through of one my tunes! This one is called "Schlipps" (from my album Open Mind). There's a couple flubs but it was a solid take overall. Let me know what you think of...
  37. progmachine

    My new single "Dayzed" - FAS Modern / Friedman HBE + ML CP 13

    Hey everyone! I have a new single out that TheCirclePit kindly made a promotional video for! Let me know what you guys think about the tones/mix, etc. As mentioned in the title, the guitar patch for basically every guitar sound is based around the FAS Modern combined with the Friedman. I...
  38. progmachine

    New album teaser! Quantum / ML Cab Pack 13

    Hey everyone! After months of labor, my first solo record is finally done! I used the Axe FX 2 w/ Quantum 1.0 and @ML SOUND LAB Cab Pack 13. It couldn't have been possible without either of those, or without all the great people that made this project come to fruition. Here's a quick preview...
  39. progmachine

    Angry Bjords - Brit JVM + ML Cab Pack 20

    Hey everyone! I'm trying out the new ML Cab Pack 20 and working on my mixing chops to make an aggressive modern rock mix. Here's some riffs I had floating around just waiting for the right amp/IR combo to bring them to life :). Any comments & critiques are encouraged! The exact cab is the "Brit...
  40. progmachine

    Temper! Quantum + ML Cab Pack 19 = Very Aggressive Tone!

    Hey everybody! I recently got the @ML SOUND LAB Cab Pack 19 (Angle Citrus) and I honestly couldn't be happier! I made a test clip with a random heavy riff I had and I'm so thrilled with how angry and aggressive these tones are coming out! The amp is a Friedman HBE combined with a little bit of...
  41. progmachine

    Rage Against the Machine - Bombtrack!

    Hey all, I decided to do a cover of the song "Bombtrack" by Rage, because they were one of my favorite bands growing up and they are still one of my favorites! I recorded all the instruments and my buddy Tim did all the vocals. I hope you guys dig it! Guitars and Bass are all AxeFXII FW19.
  42. progmachine

    Preview of My Upcoming Album / First Song! (Spawn Nitrous!!)

    Hey everyone! I decided to post up the pre-pro of one of my tunes on my upcoming solo album. Most of the music will be instrumental prog / metal and this one is definitely one of the more intense/dark songs on the record. I really wanted to wait until everything is all done but I just couldn't...
  43. progmachine

    "Recto Red Modern" Tryout! New Mix / Song Clip

    Hey all! I've been working on my mixing chops for my album I'm almost done writing. Here I'm trying out the "Recto Red Modern" in the context of a mix using a currently untitled demo of mine! Everything in the clip is that model, except for the clean stuff which is "Boutique 1" with various...
  44. progmachine

    Mario 64 - "Underwater-sounding" AxeFX patch

    Hey all! I have yet another video game music cover. This time it's the "Mario 64" song from the "Dire Dire Docks" water level. It's my personal favorite piece from that game, because of its mellow yet uplifting vibe. I hope you guys enjoy!! :) The track is all the same AxeFX patch, with a...
  45. progmachine

    Pokemon meets AxeFX II!! (New Cover)

    Hey everyone! Just for fun, I decided to make a cover of the Pokemon gym leader battle with the AxeFX2. I recreated all the audio and it was loads of fun to make! I hope you guys enjoy it too! Also any advice/comments on the mix wouldn't hurt either :) . I really appreciate everyone who...
  46. progmachine

    Lu Bu Theme song!!! Dynasty Warriors (FW 19)

    Hey AxeFX'ers! I just recorded a cover of the Dynasty Warriors theme song for fun yesterday. I loved that game and that song growing up and I felt compelled to make a tribute. Check it out if you guys have a few minutes to spare! :encouragement:
  47. progmachine

    Firmware 19 inspires!

    I just got to try out the most recent firmware this past weekend and I must say I can't stop playing my guitar now. In my opinion the feel and response are just so incredible and it really inspires me to keep jamming and writing riffs. Here's a heavier clip I made with the FW19 and the...
  48. progmachine

    New Metal Mix/Demo (Friedman HBE & FAS Modern)

    Hey all! I hope everyone is having a great week! I made a new demo to test out the most recent Firmware and a new rhythm / bass patch, and I think it turned into an okay track. :eek-new: Any sound advice & mix tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :-P (There are more Axe FXey...
  49. progmachine

    Without Walls - Guitar Playthrough (AxeFX2 FW17)

    Hey all! Here's a video of me playing through one of the tracks off of our new instrumental metal album "Prodigy"! I use the Spawn Nitrous model for the main rhythms / leads, and I use the Plexi 50W for the mid-gain solo! Hope ya'll dig it! :D...
  50. progmachine

    New prog/metal album with AxeFX2 (numerous amps used)

    My (currently) instrumental band 'Without Walls' just dropped a 9 song album. I had a lot of fun arranging, engineering and mixing this stuff and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! My personal favorites are Tracks 2, 4, and 8! Axe FX amps include Friedman HBE, Spawn Nitrous, Shiver...
  51. progmachine

    Periphery (Juggernaut) Cover - Four Lights

    The other day my buddy Mike Shammas and I made a cover of the new Periphery tune "Four Lights". We did all the parts ourselves, with Superior Drummer, the Friedman HBE model in the AxeFX 2, and some basic digital synth plug-ins. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKBWh8nH1zU
  52. progmachine

    instrumental album preview (youtube)

    Here's a preview of my new album coming out Feb. 10th. It's an instrumental album I've been working on the past year or so (DIY) and I hope you guys dig what you hear! thanks! :encouragement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5x8wPQw1SU "Prodigy" album preview
  53. progmachine

    New thrashy/melodic song - Desire - Without Walls

    Hey fellow Fractal users, if any of you have a few minutes to spare I'd love to hear all of your input on this tune by my band "Without Walls". It's one of the songs on our instrumental album coming out very soon. Guitars and bass are all AxeFX II. Editing/Mixing/Mastering is all DIY...
  54. progmachine

    New instrumental song (full length album soon)

    Here's a song my band just made (in its instrumental form) and it's one of the tracks from our full length album that should be out by the end of the year! Anyone that takes a listen is greatly appreciated! -All guitar/bass tracks are AxeFX 2 Mkii with FW 16
  55. progmachine

    new song / ambient video game music

    Hey guys, if you have some free time you should check out this demo I made with Axe FX 2 FW 16 & Superior Drummer. Wanted to make a piece with a lot of space and ambience. Thank you Fractal Audio team! Because of you all, I can record what I hear in my head with ease! This is definitely a...
  56. progmachine

    Friedman heavy metal test (short demo)(FW14)

    Made a quick demo of a friedman HBE heavy metal patch I made. This clip took about 10 minutes, with NO mixing/mastering done so I can just show how great it sits in the mix on its own. This unit never ceases to amaze me. \m/ (chug-chug...chug-chug, etc.) :encouragement:
  57. progmachine

    Memphis may Fire rhythm tone

    Been experimenting with the PVH 6160 Block amp in the axe fx2, it ended up sounding kind of "Memphis May Fire"-esque. Just two guitars, programmed drums and bass. Let me know what you guys think, or maybe what could make it better! Cheers!
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