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  1. Tremonti

    Coming from AFX3, all I need is one extra pedal for the FM9

    A Digitech Droptune pedal for minor tuning shifts. I like my Pitch block after distortion and parallel routed. Otherwise I would put th e pitch block first in chain for Virtual Capo. Using channels would be ideal, but the sound change is not worth it IMO. I have Wah. Comp, Amp1, Amp2, Cab...
  2. Tremonti

    FW Updates for the FM9?

    I have not seen any. Just curious if I have missed something?
  3. Tremonti

    Performance Page: Able to do this?

    I use 2 amp blocks and I only use 1 at a time. As it is in the Perform Page, I have to kno wwhich amp block is active and use both rows in there to tweak amo settings PLUS I have to remember which one of the 8 pairs to which amp block. How about the active amp is what those amp parameters that...
  4. Tremonti

    Why no "Wish Lists" for the FM9's on here?

    Why no "Wish List" for the FM9's on here?
  5. Tremonti

    Popping when switch from Recto to my cabless 80's clean. Why/help?

    See attached patch. I use a 3rd party IR, so use your favorite. Pop loud ONLY when going from Recto to this 80's Clean cab-less scene. Ideas and work arounds?
  6. Tremonti

    Who uses Ultra res in Cab block?

    I prefer it, but it does take up a bit of CPU. Is this a sacrifice you all are making for those kitchen sink patches.
  7. Tremonti

    Fractal Cab lab: Can it not do this?

    I just wanted to take 2 3rd party IR's and blend them to free up CPU space. Initial try seems I can't do this??? Help.....
  8. Tremonti

    How high with CPU have you gone and been stable?

    Just curious.
  9. Tremonti

    Saving CPU: Master tips for compression and boost

    Assuming I can use control switches for boost and compressor in the amp block and save a block or 2. Any tips for compressor in general, with amp? Mainly just need for my Nile Rodgers funk clean. Thanks in advance!
  10. Tremonti

    Popping when switch from Recto to my cabless 80's clean. Why/help?

    See attached patch. I use a 3rd party IR, so use your favorite. Pop loud ONLY when going from Recto to this 80's Clean cab-less scene. Ideas and work arounds?
  11. Tremonti

    Rule of thumb when creating patches on AX3 for FM9?

    50% cpu seem to be the ideal ticket? Obviously using blocks that are in both. But as a practice? I want to keep Axe Fx 3 at house and FM9 at studio/rehearsal/live. I want to create on AX3 and dump onto FM9 via laptop. Ya dig?
  12. Tremonti

    What "extra pedal" are you running with your FM9?

    With more loops than the AX8 and FM3, The FM9 allows me to control FOH volume, stage volume and also use 3rd loop for something fun. Ideas?
  13. Tremonti

    Loving my FM9, but a full fledged Axe Fx 3 power in a 12 button FC12 size would be amazing!

    I do think they will release a full bore power of the AX3 in a pedal form. I would pay whatever......
  14. Tremonti

    Flat out: Why hasn't Fractal given us the ability to invert the colors on the LCD screens?

    They mentioned over a year ago that they would "have some guys look into it". Can this not be done? If it can, please with sugar in top. If it can't, then state and I will go fixate on somethings else, like why Apple doesn't allow you to put the battery percentage in the top bar anymore. I...
  15. Tremonti

    FM9 pedal jacks: Does it accept the TRS for a Volume that is a wah when button press toes down?

    Or does it not because different than the AX3 and FC6/12's?
  16. Tremonti

    Scenes vs Patches with FM9: Switching speed and CPU

    Ok my AX3 I use scenes and have a master with everything in it, on every preset. I works and I don't have to mess with much. The FM9 has less power than the AX3 and have had to slim them down naturally for the FM9 conversion. Question: Scenes vs Patches and gaps....big difference? I'm...
  17. Tremonti

    So the AX3 resale market is flooded.........

    Think I'll wait again until this FM9 initial wave completes.
  18. Tremonti

    Covers for knobs on FM9

    I would have preferred some guardrail protecting the knobs from being kicked off. Really not too big of issue, but is there something 3rd party that is cool and does the job?
  19. Tremonti

    Son's and Daughter's day???? WTF???

    Hallmark bullshit holidays have always been, but I have never heard of this, until this year on Facebook. WTF? Do we need a holiday for everything? My son and daughter get treated well daily. I do not think they need a day, because everyday is son and daughter's day. I guess it is the...
  20. Tremonti

    FM9 - way to have perform page have a dedicated knob to just scroll through all the cab's?

    This would be fun to just listen for the right one, IMO.
  21. Tremonti

    Very much enjoying the FM9!

    Been using Fractal since 2008 and had the Standard AFX1, AFX2, FX8, AX8, FM3, FC6, FC12, AFX3 and now the FM9. Well versed in Fractal and this thing is great. Very powerful and scratched that itch that an FM3 and FC6 couldn't do. I'm trying to unseat the Axe Fx 3 and just use the FM9. I will...
  22. Tremonti

    Coming from Axe Fx III, what would I really miss?

    No global presets and only 1 IA switch per pedal jack are 2 I can think of that matter to me. Anyone else?
  23. Tremonti

    Need some 130 bpm riff ideas for a Solo montage/medley

    130 bpm (or close) and must be a song that all would know. Riffs or chordal hooks. All genres are game. Thanks for the ideas!
  24. Tremonti

    FS <> Axe Fx 3 mk I <> $1,750 each shipped ( I have 2 units )

    Selling because I'm getting a Turbo and got the FM9. Clean with minimal rack rash. Played in smoke free environment and runs perfect. $1,750 shipped. I would prefer Paypal gift option, as I have been active on here for 13 years and not a "new guy". PM me with any questions. Again I have 2...
  25. Tremonti

    Where to buy this Jeff Beck Nicolette Larson song??? Cannot find anywhere???

    Great tune from the movie TWINS with Arnold and Danny D on the back up. Drug free, so put the crack up....sorry....got carried away. Anyways, I want to buy this. Help, as I cannot buy anywhere!!! Stupid cool tune.
  26. Tremonti

    How to know the percentage of the Output Levels on front?

    Live I must know where I am at, and not just a guesstimation. Most times like I think I had it at roughly 11:30 before break???? This should be selectable to show a percentage on screen, if this in fact not already doable.
  27. Tremonti

    Your best electric guitars, do they sound great acoustically?

    Most do of mine, some don't. You all? I know it is all about resonant frequency!
  28. Tremonti

    iMac tech folks out there....need help

    Ok just got a new Imac in 2020 to replace my 2011 Imac(looks identical, but that is a whole other conversation). Want to give the old Imac to my daughter. I wiped the 2011 Imac, but when I turn it on, it goes to Apple logo and then a series of 2 beeps indefinitely. Just trying to install an...
  29. Tremonti

    Rituals before you play live?

    Whether is is amount and type of alcohol to doo rags and do-dads you have to have on hand or in place?
  30. Tremonti

    Help kick out scammer

    PM me if you have had a new member reach out to your (Want ad) and is a new member, not many posts or likes, and uses the word "Friend" a lot in their PM posts. I do not buy from new members PERIOD. Just trying to clean up something before it happens to someone else. Cheers!
  31. Tremonti

    Iphone 12 pro max and the "Turn Volume Down" BS that they mandate you see.

    There is a setting inside that says "Headphone Safety" and states a button to select if you want to reduce loud sounds(maybe reduce highest for children), which is totally cool and great. Problem is when you don't select this, the warning will still pop up! So annoying! Sometimes it STILL...
  32. Tremonti

    Happy Father's Day fellas!

    Cheers to all you dads that are there for your kids, give up a lot, teach them right from wrong and how to do things old world style. As my dad use to say, "Be good by doing good, not by trying to make others look bad". From one dad to another, thank you all. Happy Father's Day!
  33. Tremonti


    Never played one and like the Steve Stevens one. How do you all like Knaggs in general?
  34. Tremonti

    Tips for IEM and what you hear vs FOH send???

    Any tips? Used IEM recently, after a long time not using. Liked the overall experience but did not alter anything on my Aux send. Tips? I run stereo rig and IEM's and panned hard left and right. I am going to add a room mic for ambience and a mic that the vocalist can just talk to drummer...
  35. Tremonti

    How to get scenes to not remember state?

    So when you turn Effect on, switch scenes and then go back, it reverts to the original state, not the last altered state.
  36. Tremonti

    Why is it louder??? Attached presets and pics.

    First off I am on 16.02. I went back to 16.01, then I was like WTH. Anyways, patch 7 is louder than patch 1 and they are identical copies(at least that I can discern??). I had to turn the Output block down by a lot to equal the other. These patches were copied from each other, I know...
  37. Tremonti

    Anyone getting a popping in scenes, between scenes, in 16.02?

    I am using the same IR for all scenes too?
  38. Tremonti

    Anyone have their Layouts vanish?

    This is second time that I have powered unit down as normal(via front switch) and then turn back on to the Layouts being wiped???? All patches are there, and I luckily had my Layout saved. Anyone else? What could this be?
  39. Tremonti

    SOLVED: post #6,7 - Not getting sound running 2 amps blocks in series??

    First off......2 amps in each preset, but I only run 1 at a time(more of a way to have 8 channels than anything else). I run 1 amp block in normal line and the 2nd amp block is below it in parallel. All good, Except when I use drive but with amp block that is below. Issue is the drive is in...
  40. Tremonti

    Cygnus has a certain sizzle.......

    Down to one term. SIZZLE. But it is more rude, barky, in face/without harsh bullshit, good honk and perfect in mix deliciousness. Really really amazed and pleased! 13 years in and STILL pleased constantly! Cliff, you are a God.
  41. Tremonti

    Wish Perform page and 2 amp blocks - tie amp level to do both please

    On the perform page you have 2 rows of 5. When using 2 amp blocks, I wish you could have Amp Level do both amps(meaning only affect the Amp Block engaged). As is you have to eat up 2 knobs for amp level. Don't make us have to discern the difference. I can't remember which is doing what on...
  42. Tremonti

    Not a Bug RESOLVED:: goto #9 post. BUG???? LAYOUT HELP

    Attached is my layout. Layout 3 is for my 4 button 1+2 and 3+4 jacks on FC. I have it to bring me back to Presets, Bank up for 2 buttons(those work fine) and 2 buttons for preset level up and down and save function. I use stand in switches and I have one button set to -1 and one set to +1...
  43. Tremonti

    RESOLVED:::: URGENT!!!! Help before rehearsal

    Resolved: See below. My Axe Fx III froze with editor. I disconnected editor and powered back on unit. Just stays at empty 000 preset with no ability to change anything? Ideas?
  44. Tremonti

    Never heard of this song before....friggin love it!

    Was riding with my 8 year old in the truck on way to Home Depot yesterday and requested "Old School Hip Hop" on Siri. This came on first. Killer groove and vocal style. LOOOONG, but I dig it a lot. Need my cardboard and boombox now........
  45. Tremonti

    Never got the love for the Divided by 13 amps. What am I missing?

    Lots love them in the real world and I have never played a real one. The models in Fractal have never done it for me and I just move on. How might one enjoy this amp, if he or she were so inclined?
  46. Tremonti

    Another push for Global Preset on second hit of same switch

    AKA my lead. It was simple and easy on the MFC101. FC's??? Not able to. At least that I have heard of seen as of yet.
  47. Tremonti

    Cygnus is out...perfect time to now add inverted colors on the FC's!

    I'm hoping this simple request will finally see the light of day, now that Cygnus has been released.
  48. Tremonti

    Thinking of going back to Presets instead of Scenes, ms delay difference with switching?

    Obviously with CPU at 80% or lower. What is the gap delay in preset switching?
  49. Tremonti

    EQ High Hat and Cymbals out of drummers head set mic. How?

    What should I cut to reduce that picking up in his mic, but not affect his vocals much?
  50. Tremonti

    FM3 + FC6 with Layouts - Master Gig Rig

    Some of the cabs are 3rd party and will not be present. Believe I use 1st Cab and Last Cab out of the 4 selectable. Patch Scenes: 1. Supro Chime - Just a smidge gainey. 2. Main EVH100 souped up rig. High Gain. 3. Lead that is same as #3 but has mid frequencies boosted for popping out in mix. 4...
  51. Tremonti

    Effects loop alters tone?

    I don't like the H9 nor the Source Audio Collider in the effects loop. I have bumped levels and done all I can to mitigate that. It alters the core tone too much. What am I doing wrong?
  52. Tremonti

    CPU saving tricks?

    Yes I am well versed in the Leon Todd videos and they are always stellar. Wondering on here....post your favorite CPU saving tricks.
  53. Tremonti

    MAX CPU usage live??

    What are you guys having zero problems with live? I'm at 81-83 % and seems stable, but I have not run it through works yet and not live. What are you all getting up to without hiccups?
  54. Tremonti

    Need Layout help.

    Have FM3 and a FC6. Just need this. FM3 to ALWAYS show Presets, Scenes, Effects....even when pressed to activate the FC6. The FC6 to reflect those changes made on the FM3. Any help would be appreciated. I get layouts to a degree. But I do not know how to get the FM3 to not also change...
  55. Tremonti

    How would you revise layouts to be more intuitive?

    I always need to really sharpen my brain before I start messing with layouts. What do you think would be a good change up, firmware wise, to make it stupid simple? You have Switches, Show edits on, Show as, Views,etc..... Very confusing to me. Thoughts?
  56. Tremonti

    Can you do this?

    All my scenes are set up to remember the state that was originally programed for instant access. So if I step on delay that is not on in scene 6, then switch to another scene and the back to scene 6....the delay is off, not on. Cool. I know how to switch it to remember the state and stay on...
  57. Tremonti

    SOLD Morningstar MC8 with original box. Almost new

    Clean with 4 small Velcro pieces on bottom. Only selling because I just ordered a FC6. I really think the Morningstar is awesome. I just don't have the time to learn it. That all. Looks sexy and does about anything you can imagine. $300 as PayPal gift and shipped.
  58. Tremonti

    Morningstar MC8 layout help with FM3

    I have the FM3 and the Morningstar MC8. I need a scene layout that does the following. FM3: Just displays PRESETS, SCENES, and EFFECTS. Hitting these buttons would not change the name or function on the FM3. MC8: I just want when the FM3 buttons are hit, the MC8 has either 8 Presets...
  59. Tremonti

    Let's discuss how to nail some AC/DC tones, shall we mate?

    Posted in lounge about the Schaffer Tower replica and how he uses that now, to get his sound. But what are some other tricks and settings to get his sound? Since we have Cygnus FW, this is a great time to really nail their sounds. For starters: How to replicate that tower in the Axe Fx III?
  60. Tremonti

    Fellow nerds unite!

  61. Tremonti

    New favorite amp Supremo Trem!

    Man I love this thing. Running latest Cygnus beta. Has touch sensitive thing in spades. Getting my Richard Fortis on! Well 10% as good as him.
  62. Tremonti

    Inverted screens.....please

    This has been on a lot of folks wish list forever. Is this coming soon? We have been told it is, but that was over 6 months ago. Would help live, immensely.
  63. Tremonti

    FS Source Audio Collider pedal with power adapter and original box. $310 shipped

    No issues. $310 shipped to 48 states. Amazing pedal that is on par with Fractal, Eventide and the such. Can do Reverb and Delay, Reverb and Reverb or Delay and Delay. SUPER versatile. Paypal gift only.
  64. Tremonti

    Who makes the best cases that are military grade shit?

    I want a 4 space that could help Joe versus the volcano(remember the air-tight luggage?). Where to get?
  65. Tremonti

    Bought the Axe-Fx III again....from the guy I sold it to!

    So I spent some time with the FM3 and while I love it, I missed the kitchen sink in my AX3. Think FM3 will be a home or maybe rehearsal rig, and AX3 will be my show rig. For me the FM3 needs to be a little more powerful to get what I need from it. I could not get the Source Audio Collider to...
  66. Tremonti

    Saving CPU, the Multi Delay block. Let's Multi - Task!

    Basically I need this to be a Delay and a wash. Right now I use to use multi delay for just wash and delay for delay. Thoughts?
  67. Tremonti

    Work around for EQ/level bump for solos and reducing blocks to do so

    How can I utilize a scene that allows me to boost a level and increase a feq with the amp block? This allows me to get rid of my GEQ block, thus reducing a block. Thanks in advance
  68. Tremonti

    Effects Loop questions...loosing signal...

    I first thought that the Source Audio Collider did not effect the main core tone of the FM3. But I have found it does. I believe it is something in my set up. On the FM3 I have output 2 pegged and output 1 controls overall volume. I have the output 2 and input 2 in the FM3 layout. Obviously...
  69. Tremonti

    Wish More Performance Page pages

    Very grateful this has been added to the recent beta release, but wish you could do more pages than 2. 10 settings is a lot with 2 rows of 5, but 3 or 4 rows of 5 would be EVEN BETTER! Lol. I know I, as many others do, have their goto settings and having more, quick access, is always great to...
  70. Tremonti

    StewMac prices are insane!

    I mean seriously. $15 fret pliers they try and get $65 for. It is incredible that no one else is not doing this at a fraction of their prices! Just saying.
  71. Tremonti

    How to have scene state stay as was intended?

    Basically I'm in a patch and have scenes. If I turn a phaser on, then it stays on even when I switch to scene that initially had it off. How do I change this to have the changes not stay as I move to a scene that I did not intend for it to be "on" initially.
  72. Tremonti

    Implemented Ability to save entire blocks and just cut and paste into new patches

    Any news if this could or would be implemented? As of now we have to either save a patch and copy the entire patch to a new one or use block library. Be nice to just say be able to drop an entire block into a new patch and not have to do anything else.
  73. Tremonti

    What is the best place to buy switches and boxes for DIY?

    Can't remember what site I bought from before. Thanks!
  74. Tremonti

    Can you use the Pedal 1 and Pedal 2 on the back of the FM3 to add more footswitches?

    Like the Switches 1+2 and 3+4? I don't want to add more pedals, but a couple more assignable buttons would be sweet.
  75. Tremonti

    Anyone using 2 FM3's?

    I know that would be weird and why not just get an AX3, but just curious.
  76. Tremonti

    Well I did it...sold my Axe-Fx 3. FM3 is going solo!

    Weird as I always love the flagship....and still do. But the form factor of the FM3 is just fun and simple. If they sold a Axe Fx 3/FC12 in one floorboard and full power, I would buy it in a heartbeat. But again this is so much fun to have all in a little package.
  77. Tremonti

    SOLD >>> Eventide H9 core with ALL algorithms loaded! Power supply and box $375 <<<

    Up for sale is a used EVENTIDE H9 core guitar multi-effects pedal Zero issues and the bottom of this pedal has Velcro attached This will ship in original packaging and with power supply $375 shipped I use PayPal
  78. Tremonti

    Not liking the H9 for Reverb ... need MIDI ... Ideas?

    Using it in my Fractal FM3 to unload some CPU. I just am not bonding with the unit and does more than I need. Seems to make my sound a little thinner when engaged too. Need a pedal form midi reverb pedal that is simple and super impressive. I need a vast array of different reverbs from room to...
  79. Tremonti

    How do you run your outputs?

    How are you all running the output controls on the top of FM3 with something in the effects loop? Full up on both? Advise please. Thanks!
  80. Tremonti

    SOLD Axe Fx 3 Mark I

    One owner. Zero issues. $2000 shipped.
  81. Tremonti

    Wanting to make a button on FM3 toggle between 2 scenes. How?

    Specifically within the same preset. Meaning I want my patch 1/scene 1 to toggle with my patch 1/scene 5. But it seems I can't do this. I see how to toggle scenes and toggle presets, but when I do presets I cannot select which scene. If I select scenes then it seems that it would only toggle...
  82. Tremonti

    Touchmix 16 ... I still can't find anything that beats it

    Been using this in my local 4 piece cover band. We cover all genres, decades and styles of dance music. Play about 18 times a year and at the same venue, and have done so for the past 6 years straight, on the same gear. Specifically the QSC Touchmix 16. Never given us an ounce of trouble...
  83. Tremonti

    Help with power barrel type for 2 devices

    Using my Voodoo Pedal Power to power Eventide H9 and a Shure Glxd. Looking for right angle both sides. What barrel types do I need? Anyone point me to them on Amazon? Thanks!
  84. Tremonti

    Only want scenes I choose shown.....How?

    I use up to 6 scenes. Some patches I only use 2-3 scenes. I want the scenes I name to show up, but if there is a scene I don't use I would prefer it doesn't say SCENE 4 there or whatever the scene is . Way to do this?
  85. Tremonti

    Not sure if H9 needed ... really

    So I bought an H9 and may use it. But I wanted to see about starting from scratch and just seeing if I could recreate my 25 patches I have in the Axe FX III to my new FM3. Thus far I'm about 65% complete and I may just not need the H9 after all! You have to think about things a little more to...
  86. Tremonti

    Way to have formant and EQ block after go on at same time when using Exp Pedal?

    I know how to attach exp pedals. What is the best way to EQ the formant? Needs its own EQ in the Formant block IMO. Thanks!
  87. Tremonti

    Need place for odd instrument cables and power cables....ideas?

    Want like short power cables that are right angle downward and very slim XLR and instrument cabling? Site for these type specialty items? I want to save every inch of room on my board.
  88. Tremonti

    Programming the FM3 with a FC-12 is frustrating

    I see the "show as" and the "show edits on", but no matter I cannot program the FM3 buttons and the FC12. If I set the FM3 buttons up and switch to show as F12, it just changes the FM3. This happens when I click off and on the various "Show Edits On" and have tried everything. This thing is...
  89. Tremonti

    Really hoping a big release is coming soon...

    Being able to name things easier and build a library of "your" amps, cabs, effects, naming channels, etc.... This was mentioned, this past summer, that they would be working on this and thus far, I have not heard or seen much. This would make building presets so much easier and save so much...
  90. Tremonti

    Switches 1+2 and 3+4 on back of FC12, what all can AX3 assign these to?

    Right now I have 4 button box for this. 1 is my "wash" delay, 2 is my "boost", 3 is amp level up 1 db, and 4 is amp level down 1 db. Issue: If using global blocks that are all tied together, changing one amp level will change them all. How can I keep the global amps tied but change overall...
  91. Tremonti

    Need right angle power cable for Shure wireless. Help.

    Need right angle jack and need to know what size barrel?
  92. Tremonti

    When using FM3 and FC12 - Can the Switches 1+2 and 3+4 be used on the FC12?

    Just curious as I use these with my AX3.
  93. Tremonti

    Attach scene output level to external switches 1+2 and 3+4?

    Using external switch jacks 1+2 and 3+4 in the FC12 to use 4 button external switches. I use it to increase and decrease db of amp level and it auto saves. QUESTION: Can this function be assigned to control and auto save the scene output level?
  94. Tremonti

    Need a new pedalboard... Let's chat!

    I have been using the largest Pedaltrain Pro with it's hard case for over 15 years. Works and no issues. Wanting a change. Want to be able to put my FM3, FC12, Shure GLXD wireless, my Mipro half rack wireless in ear monitor and a Voodoo power supply. Want LED and hookup for power and cabling...
  95. Tremonti

    Way to shut off all globally linked amps at once?

    I have all tied , so if I change one, they all change. Simple way to shut this off without having to go into each one? If not, then at least how to shut off without editor and using front panel? Thanks....gigging tonight and this would help. Happy New Year!
  96. Tremonti

    FM3 pops when turn on and poweramp is already on, Axe-Fx 3 doesn't....why?

    FM3 pops when turn on and poweramp is already on, Axe Fx 3 doesn't....why?
  97. Tremonti

    FM3 layout option for use with unit alone and with FC-6/12?

    I want something for use by FM3 alone and when I want to use an FC12. How could I do this without much fuss? Say I'm going to rehearsal and just need 3 basic channels. Then for gig I add the FC12 for more "Live" scenario.
  98. Tremonti

    Programming a FC-12 to FM3 seems really hard

    I see demos, but still not seeing what needs to be where and how. Really confused.... I want FM3 to be Presets, Scenes and Effects and FC12 to be reflection of choices or a possible blend presets/effects or scenes/effects. Any simple Instructions?
  99. Tremonti

    13 year Fractal user and loving this new FM3!

    The AX8 and FX8 were not my cup of tea for various reasons, but the FM3 really checks off most areas for me. I own an Axe Fx III and have also owned a Axe Fx Standard, a Axe Fx II and also owned, for short period, the AX8 and FX8. Simply put these 3 switches do a lot and you can either use by...
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