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    Bank of Fuzz

    I could write 10 pages about the fuzzes I cloned, created and tweaked here, but in essence it is what it is: Fuzz lot's of it... Bank of Fuzz here's my user cab layout: 01 TwinJensenC12N-SM7-CapEdge-0in + TwinJensenC12N-SM57-CapEdgeOffAxis-1in 50/50 02...
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    Bank of Fender

    one whole bank filled with presets using Fender sims. I made 99% of these presets from scratch, some were posted here already, some were not. This bank includes sounds of 'raw' amp->cab setups, as well as drive pedal emulations and not-so-subtle fx. I'd say it has an overall vintage-y vibe to...
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    The perfect use for profiling?

    there is a dedicated monitor output for which you can switch the cab sim off. This could be used to send a signal to a power amp + cab on stage while sending the full signal stereo to the FOH. also you can defeat the cab sim by pressing the 'Cabinet' button on the front, and of course you can...
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    The perfect use for profiling?

    you might want to inform yourself a little better...
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    My first FF IRs (EVM12L)

    that's the free/demo cab, right? Red Wire Impulse Responses | Free guitar speaker cabinet IRs
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    How To Record Like Bulb (Periphery)?

    no such thing, sorry. MIDI is a protocoll, nothing more, no sound information in it. channel, note number, velocity, aftertouch, release velocity, yes - even program changes, continuos controllers etc, but NO sound.
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    Bass guitar presets

    I also had great results for bass by using the Tube Pre or no amp sim at all. Try to get that 'only one bass amp' out of your head and start exploring. :)
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    Looking for a solo tone like this...

    definitely fuzz, my guess would be a foxx tone machine. fOXX Pedals fOXX Tone Machine ;)
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    PEQ bell width?

    there's also a 'notch' mode
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    PEQ bell width?

    Q goes up to 10, which equals 0,144 octaves. Hz doesn't really apply here...
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    BROKE my guitar, should I sell my AXE FX II?

    please explain, I've had some bad things happen to my guitars and there was always a way to fix it.
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    can someone enlighten me an far field IRs, please?

    how are far filed IRs captured as opposed to the 'normal' close miking techniques? a quick rundown (if possible) would be much appreciated. thanks!
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    Firmware 4.01 Paisley

    excellent strategy, I used the looper like that myself. It's a good idea to mute the signal between switching cabs, since they can sound weird for a few seconds, until you get used to them. kinda like wine tasting...
  14. D

    Firmware 4.01 Paisley

    cool, please elaborate on amp/cab and settings :)
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    Impulse Response Capture Tutorial video for Axe-FX II Firmware 3.0+

    IRs are limited in what they can do, apparently more than you think. The only type of pedal this feature could successfully recreate is an EQ.
  16. D

    Has Anyone else Noticed this

    500k what? Hertz? good ears! :lol more likely an issue of said amp or cab.
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    Aldrich pickups are too hot? - getting digital distortion

    not really, there are plenty of way to generate the kind of distortion you describe in the analog realm.
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    DADFBD and the Bassman

    very cool, I currently have my danelectro in a 5 string D A D missing B E, with a 'Nashville tuning' set of strings (D A D are an octave higher than on a normal set), and my P90 Italia is in D A D A A D, very celtic! :) p.s. there seems to be a bit of bass buildup ~150Hz
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    other effects

    easy, think of the Axe as a an amp. compression/distortion -> put it in front echo -> use the fx loop (unless you want that delay before amp sound)
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    going price for an ultra

    mine sold within a day or so for 1350,-EUR
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    Tone Challenge

    I might have looked into it, but this trolling will surely prevent me from doing so. :roll
  22. D

    things that make you laugh

    musicality always cheers me up :)
  23. D

    Some New Bass Cabs For You...

    thanks, much appreciated! :)
  24. D

    High Gain - Das Metal Amp 2! AXE FX 2 ver 4.01

    cool. I like the 'exploding' snare cutting through the mix. I'd like to hear the riffing guitars panned wider and a little it lower in the mix. the guitar in the middle with the 'drone' notes do need some attention, I think. Maybe a fuzzier sound. Maestro drive or Fuzz Face through a smaller...
  25. D

    Dubstep Patch:

    Hey. I meant to give you a link to a request I made, but apparently I only thought about it and never actually submitted it :D I'd love to see a double time/half time three way switch in the LFO section. Middle is neutral, up is double and down is half speed. This would kick ass for all kinds...
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    Axe-FX II is on it's way back to Fractal (uncontrollable weeping like 10-year old)

    I know what you mean. I just got my Ultra ready for shipping, and although the II is on it's way, I'm quite saddened by the hole in the rack and the weekend I have to spend without proper tonez! I just hope the new owner deserves you *pours single malt*
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    noisy delay when changing presets and cab block problems

    using the 'code' tag (# in the advanced menue) the text won't be re-formatted 1 2 3 4
  28. D


    I used to have a Sonic Maximizer, but than I took a fractal arrow in the rack. wrecked the thing completely.
  29. D


    I had one for a couple of years back at Berklee. It has that 'ah, nice' effect at first (more bass and highs, go figure) but it's tiring to listen to for longer intervals and it's terrible in a mix. It's been hyped to death, with exactly the wording you're using and while there is quite a...
  30. D

    Does It Bother Anyone Else?

    yes, but what an 'in the roomiverse' sound!
  31. D

    High gain thing.

    double track with different cabs that compliment each other. consider putting another track in the middle with an unusual cab, like the 1x6 Oval. Mix it in just a bit so it fills up the frequency spectrum without becoming too prominent. and add bass! (bass guitar I mean, not bass frequencies)...
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    soooooo pretty

    hilarious! :lol reminds me of the good ol' mouse organ
  33. D

    soooooo pretty

    wow, that's nice. mine usually don't like like that ! :D
  34. D

    soooooo pretty

    yup. it's nuts.
  35. D

    soooooo pretty

    I agree. that's the whole point of the build. Everything is NOS, even the board.
  36. D

    Pickup swap question

    ^^^ this
  37. D

    soooooo pretty

    SupaFuzz clone from pigeonfx 1x Supa Fuzz clone PCB etched on new old stock Phenolic 2mm board 1x Philips/Mullard Axial series 16 new old stock Electrolytic Capacitors 47uf 25v Dc. 2x Philips/Mullard series 15 new old stock Electrolytic Capacitors 10uf 25v Dc. 1x Philips/Mullard Mustard...
  38. D

    Distortion has vanished on all presets

    did you use EVIL batteries?
  39. D

    Time synched FX, placed correctly on the beat?

    a little different approach, but conceivable with the Axe would be to use it as the infamous pumping Techno compressor. feed it a signal from the drumkit (kick?) and assign this to the sidechain of the compressor. set the compressor really aggressiv sounding (fast, hard and lots of gain...
  40. D

    djent patches will pay 5$ a preset

    I made one called Djont. hehe... Don
  41. D

    Bassman challenge

    I'd love to get my hands on a '63 Fender Tube Reverb for some measurements. great sounding units! I wonder why there are no IRs available (that I know of)? anyone?
  42. D

    Ultra gone - I never sold anything so quickly on the 'bay

    I'd probably be more than content with what the II seems to be right now for years to come, but with someone as driven and gifted as Cliff at the helm, it's going to be a really fun ride! :D
  43. D

    Ultra gone - I never sold anything so quickly on the 'bay

    I did, but I end up making new sounds for each project anyway. if I were, I would have gone the 'Ultra in anothers Ultra's fx loop' route a year ago. ;)
  44. D

    Ultra gone - I never sold anything so quickly on the 'bay

    1350,-EUR seems to be the average price an Ultra fetches these days. now all I have to do is to wipe the memory (hehehe) and ship it to the lucky guy.
  45. D

    Bassman challenge

    he most likely worked the volume control on his guitar also, I doubt it's all in the picking.
  46. D

    Bassman challenge

    no AxeII here yet, bit I'm game :D I recorded the bit you mentioned and ran a frequency analyser as you can see, there's an interesting dip just below 1kHz. I found one stock IR (Gen1) that looks similar, the 1x8 Tweed (bear with me...) what I will do (once the Axe is here) is to set up a...
  47. D

    symphx - time to update your avatar!

    scary... http://www.joesdaily.com/2012/01/20/real-life-beavis-and-butt-head-are-freakishly-scary/
  48. D

    Redwirez impulses

    haha! :D AFAIK the mics aren't really sims, they are IRs.
  49. D

    symphx - time to update your avatar!

  50. D

    Matt at Steve Vai's

    my collection has been missing a good Tele for years. I don't want to settle for anything less than stellar, but at the same time can't justify spending 2k on a chunk of wood. ;) Teles are my weak spot...
  51. D

    Matt at Steve Vai's

    I like how the Tele somehow demands my attention in this picture.
  52. D

    Redwirez impulses

    your wording is a little off, here. Both are IRs, the ones in the Axe are most likely mixes. That's the only difference. The cool thing about the Redwirez is, that you can 'adjust' them to your preferences by switching to mics/distances/locations you prefer. For some it's overkill, for others...
  53. D

    A two year Ultra user gets his Axe II with v 5....

    well, it's still in Flensburg, but yes, pretty much... almost... and I also have some new pedals to clone for it right away: - FTM from GGG <- this is a monster, if I could have only one fuzz, this would be it. for now... - Ibanez Slam Punk - Collins Sgt. Slaughter - Cherub FZ2 and a...
  54. D

    Ultra gone - I never sold anything so quickly on the 'bay

    I want those quick edit knobs. :D My setup with the Nocturn wasn't bad, but to cumbersome. also: Bitcrusher, Princeton and reworked drive pedals how could I resist?
  55. D

    Wah Settings Anyone?

    like this? http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-preset-exchange/34464-mother-all-pedal-effects-emulations-thread.html
  56. D

    My second Axe Fx II recording

  57. D

    AXE Ultra

    what soundcard are you using, exactly?
  58. D

    Ultra gone - I never sold anything so quickly on the 'bay

    still, it's a little sad. hope her younger, hotter sister will arrive here soon! :D
  59. D

    These are Great IR's

    happy hyperbole to you...
  60. D

    My Humbling V5.00 Experience

    don't feel too bad, it's just your brain doing what you want it to do. :)
  61. D

    V5 FW and new presets Banks installed-- Wow

    sounds like the file got corrupted during the download. delete, download again.
  62. D

    In the MIX?

    right :roll it's a mixing tool. You record your bass, guitars etc with the Axe and then use this plugin to make then fit in the mix. You learn from what the plugin does and can apply that to your patches in the future.
  63. D

    B+ Time Constant

    I might not have understood (but appreciated) all the facts mentioned before, but this I understand! outstanding!
  64. D

    Fractal, please answer my email. I need to reset AXE-FX II to factory settings!!

    for some reason I 'hear' this in the voice of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry.
  65. D

    5150 sim in finished mix

    very true!
  66. D

    german Fuzz lovers - a great pedal for < 20EUR shipped

    16,50 EUR to be exact http://www.ebay.de/itm/110809739468?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649#ht_4653wt_1032
  67. D

    In the MIX?

    Niklas made some very good suggestions. to me, it's also a change in perspective, you essentially switch hats from guitarist to engineer/producer. instead of focussing on the track, you try to see the whole - something some guitarist actually never achieve, even or especially if it's their own...
  68. D

    Foldback Distortion simulator

    aaaahhhhhrggg the width of the enhancer isn't assignable to a modifier. this would make one sick pedal driven fuzz-minimal-glitch-scape ...of Doom!!!:twisted
  69. D

    Foldback Distortion simulator

    the second one is especially cool. opening AxeEdit now :)
  70. D

    Multiwave Distortion Normal

    the really cool stuff about the MWD is the foldback distortion, IMO. sadly there is no drive pedal/clip type in the Axe yet that works in that manner.
  71. D

    Making a convincing double track effect with the Axe II

    more octave doubling than double tracking
  72. D

    Tone bender possible

    absolutely! everything at noon is always a good starting point. Additionally I like to get a 'Boost' type setting (high volume, low fuzz) and a strong fuzz setting, maybe with the tone backed of a bit for a fat lead tone. and any other fav settings you might have. thanks! :)
  73. D

    Tone bender possible

    I have a fuzz factory here, too. well, two actually. unfortunately, they don't take the line level input too well. :( The Rodger Mayer Classic, MXR, Das Fuzz (probably a Musikding kit, right? They have cool stuff there.) and a Rams Head all sound very interesting. everything at noon is always a...
  74. D

    Tone bender possible

    great! I'm also looking for good Big Muffs and misc. fuzz pedals. :)
  75. D

    Tone bender possible

    great! if you would feed it a test signal with your fav settings, and mail it to me, I could work out the settings of the Axe's Bender that recreate that sound. link to the file is here (1.4MB) Sweep v2.2.wav - 4shared.com - music and mp3 sharing - download mail: setup should be: test file...
  76. D

    Cry baby feeding input?

    there are really not that many parameters in the wah block. first, get the character of the wah right, it's most likely Bandpass, but check the others anyway. Min and Max frequencies are pretty easy to set, resonance of course like you said: how 'sharp' the wah peak is. tracking determines how...
  77. D

    Tone bender possible

    hey sharpa, do you have a tonebender pedal? :)
  78. D

    The Most Incredible Electric Guitar Sound That I have Ever Heard!

    nice attitude. btw. this happens to be the most effective way to keep people in this forum from sharing any information or insights they may have with you. which is a great loss, you'd be surprised how many professionals are in this forum. Something, judging by your demeanour, you are...
  79. D

    Cry baby feeding input?

    used it with a bunch of Cry Babys. My fav was one I had modded with an Fasel inductor (red I think). then I tweaked the Ultra's wah a bit and have since then never bothered to connect a wah in front. a crybaby doesn't sound better, adds noise, tricky with fuzz pedals.
  80. D

    Multiwave Distortion Normal

    the Pro version comes with a 6 band graphic eq. I bought an old analog one on the bay, more fun to tweak the faders quickly, for me at least. The Pro can also save a few presets and morph between them. The 2 will have a Tone control, as well as a noise gate and three switchable voicings (bass...
  81. D

    I may be (slightly) drunk, HOWEVER...

    One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  82. D

    I may be (slightly) drunk, HOWEVER...

    two of my favourite topics: single malt and picks. may I suggest 16yo Lagavulin and Kasho. both are magical.
  83. D

    I may be (slightly) drunk, HOWEVER...

    elaborate on the scotch please. I'm asuming single malt. I always go back to the Islay stuff, but right now I have a bottle of french (yes) Armorik I brought with me from the Bretagne. good stuff. cheers! :)
  84. D

    Multiwave Distortion Normal

    I just realized the futility of posting a patch when v5 is about. can't blame anyone, tho, I'm following all the v5 threads as well. :lol
  85. D

    Firmware 5.0 review.

    sometimes it's all in the subtext. well done!
  86. D

    Multiwave Distortion Normal

    here's the three effect blocks that clone the MWD at it's E15 Normal setting the sequence should of course be 1-2-3 it somehow got messed up in the upload. 1 is a tweaked Full OD 2 is a low-shelving filter 3 is a PEQ enjoy! :)
  87. D

    THICK Quad-track Tone Test - DAS METAL AMP

    when I multitrack I always change the cab.
  88. D

    shotgunn bought iPad... Need advice...

    where's that thread about the Lemur/Jazzmutant software? ah... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/44860-lemur-now-one-best-reasons-own-ipad.html
  89. D

    How to reduce pick attack noise in 5.0?

    I had a really nice ringmod fuzz plus something I forgot patch, but every once in a while there was a nasty spike in the attack that ruined the sound. I set up a compressor and was able to dial out the offending spike with the lookahead parameter.
  90. D

    How to reduce pick attack noise in 5.0?

    not necessarily. ever played a Framus Ruby Riot or Matchless Chieftain?
  91. D

    Heavy Marshall preset

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  92. D

    Multiwave Distortion Octave

    the MWD can get even 'worse' and fold back the already folded peaks yet again. :) https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sourceaudio.net%2Fwhitepapers%2Fmultiwave_distortion.pdf
  93. D

    Multiwave Distortion Octave

    that's my guess as well. I did measure a few good foldback settings, tho and will see how they translate to what the Axe has to offer. Might not be a perfect match, but the results should be entertaining (if you're into that sort of thing). :D
  94. D

    NAMM oddities

    why not? but tell us first :)
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