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  1. Burgs

    Up To Boston

    The quest for the mighty tones of Tom Scholz never stop here. This attempt goes more for the sounds on the first couple of albums which I believe were recorded with an attenuated Plexi and some deft use of a wah and EQ filters - before the advent of the ubiquitous Rockman. Just a bit of fun and...
  2. Burgs

    Routing fun - Setting up for YT demos

    The Axe-FX III's routing options are a godsend for me when working in Youtube demo world. Here's a little video I put together yesterday to show how capable it is and how it assists me with what I do.
  3. Burgs

    X-LOAD IR preset

    The X-LOAD Reactive Load is a relatively unsung champion in my studio. It's a simple device (to look at) but it does an amazing 'middle-man' between any given tube amp and my Axe-FX III, which hosts the IRs and effects. This preset is put together for my own purposes, but if you have an X-LOAD...
  4. Burgs

    Thanks, Marco!

    So there I was, churning out yet another overdrive video, when up comes a notice to say that the Axe-FX III has been granted yet another significant firmware update, FW 16.03, AND no less than 384 completely overhauled presets. Ulp. Is there any other company in the musical hardware world that...
  5. Burgs

    StratArena - preset/demo

    This started life as yet another Gilmour-esque type of thing but quickly grew into something a little larger in terms of effects and drives, etc. So, here for your late weekend delectation is my 'StratArena' for your enjoyment and general Stratty indulgence...
  6. Burgs

    Twilight Stereo - Based on Magnatone Twilighter Stereo Stereo Pitch Shifting Vibrato - free preset

    To play that amp is to love it. I'm fortunate to have one. After reading a thread over on the 'recording' forum, I thought it might be fun to have a crack at the Stereo Pitch Shifting Vibrato effect that I love so much and that is found on the top-tier Magnatone amps. This preset is not 100%...
  7. Burgs

    Starwards IV. Ambient preset.

    I said I wasn't going to make a video for this one, but I'm hopeless. Glad I did, though, as it has already prompted some people to question the capabilities of their traditional pedalboards. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8788
  8. Burgs

    James & Stephen. A preset/video demo based on SRV and Hendrix tones.

    A couple of classic amps, some classic stomps, a little speaker compression here and there... If you're a fan of their respective styles I hope you can enjoy this one. Tweak to taste, etc. Cheers. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8786
  9. Burgs

    Burg's HIPOWER FW:16 - video demo and download

    I'm a big fan of the HIWATT sound and Cliff's recent overhaul of the HIPOWER models is amazing and a real treat for me. So I've made a little preset to celebrate which I share with you. The video will tell the story. Thanks, Cliff! Preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8782
  10. Burgs

    Burg's Little Guys V2 - Cygnus update and rework - Video demo and free preset

    I love the little amps. Now that Cygnus is here I've been having some fun reworking an earlier preset. Here it is. I hope you can have some fun with it. The video will tell the story. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8776
  11. Burgs

    Burg's Mumbles FW:16b | Demo vid + preset download

    More of the same with hopeful improvements thanks to Cliff's generous obsession. Eight Scenes of fun that seem to work well with whatever guitar I poke at them. Have fun; tweak to taste, etc. Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8766
  12. Burgs

    RIG 102 - Free preset and video demo

    Written in FW: 3.02 for this weekend's gig. Multi-amp, 8 Scenes, drives, delays... My usual offering. I've also ported it to current FW (16b5) for Axe-FXIII. Links below. Preset for FM3: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8725 Preset for Axe-FX III...
  13. Burgs

    Anyone else into proper hot chillies?

    Some things we do, eat, climb, ride, tackle... just because they're there.
  14. Burgs

    Super clean Strat tones. Just lose the cab and... zzzing! Video and preset download

    I think I've touched on this before, but the recent installation of some excellent '62-style Strat pickups in my blue guitar has given me cause to revisit. Some amps have great pre's for this sort of stuff. TriAxis, 5f8, Shiva and X88 are just a few. I've married them with my usual bucket-sized...
  15. Burgs

    Occasional blanking FC-6 scribble strips - FM3/FC-6 OMG9

    Running 3.01 and 1.11. I haven't noticed a specific cause but I'm getting occasional blanking of FC-6 scribble strips. The buttons and LEDS seem unaffected when this happens - right colours displayed and assignments still work. But the strips go blank every now and then. A reboot fixes them again.
  16. Burgs

    Stage rig #100... Another one. Video and preset d/l

    The 2021 gig season begins this week for me. Here's my FM3 stage-rig-in-progress rundown and download link for anyone interested in mucking about with it. Preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8527
  17. Burgs

    A Gig-Rig preset

    An all-rounder designed specifically for Teles and Strats and the needs I have on stage with my band. No video for this one, but you'll get the idea; it covers a lot of ground in one preset. Watch out for the Wah which I always have set for auto-engage. You'll need to disengage it if you don't...
  18. Burgs

    (D)umbles for humbuckers - FM3 free preset and demo vid.

    My obsession of the week voiced for medium output humbuckers. I've streamlined the blocks a little to reclaim some CPU as well. Rock on. Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8408
  19. Burgs

    Burg's (D)umbles - Free FM3 preset and demo vid

    Yesterday I put up a new preset for the Axe-FX III called 'Burg's Dumbles V2'. I didn't want to leave out FM3 owners so I've ported that preset over and streamlined it a little to suit the FM3. There's some FM3 exclusive stuff in there as well - stuff that wasn't included in the Axe-FX III...
  20. Burgs

    Burg's Dumbles V2

    A second attempt at these great amp models. I hope you can have some fun with the preset. The video will explain all. Download link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8402
  21. Burgs

    Video. Preset download. My Gig Rig for JB/'59 pickups.

    With the first gig for months coming up next week I thought it only fitting to write a new stage preset which I'm sharing with you for fun and amusement. Preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8334 Video that tells the story:
  22. Burgs

    A couple of my stage presets

    I've upped a couple of presets for you guys to try out. I'm back on stage this week, albeit only for 3 songs for the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival, but it gave me cause to put together new FM3 presets for my HSS and HH guitars. Finally, a gig! Anyway, you can test them out and tweak them...
  23. Burgs

    Bogged. A free preset and demo based on the Bogner models

    The Uber received a makeover in 14.04 so I thought, why not? Here, like the recent Archonia preset, is a suite of fun based on one man's amp vision. Rock on. Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8311 Video demo:
  24. Burgs

    Wish 5002 / 5402 Marshall Time Modulator

    This may already be doable with the blocks at hand but it's beyond me at the moment. Sounds like a cool device, though. If it's good enough for Darth Vader..! Also, for those interested: https://www.studioelectronics.biz/St.Croix_MTM.mp3
  25. Burgs

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    Here's a little video and preset I put together to celebrate the introduction of these fine amp models to FW 14.01. The video will tell the story. You can download the preset from http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8242 Thanks Cliff and all at FAS.
  26. Burgs

    My (new) YT utility preset. How much can you fit into one preset? Download it and see.

    I sit around and demo pedals, guitars, amps and software all day, most days, for Youtube, Instagram, etc. I use the Axe-FX III as my platform of choice 99% of the time because I can configure it to do pretty much anything I want, quickly and very well. With the advent of the quite amazing FW...
  27. Burgs

    Four Amps. Preset & video demo.

    Four bread and butter amps with which to demo guitars and pedals on Youtube (something I do a lot). You might find them useful too. Preset d/l: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7898
  28. Burgs

    MarShells for FM3. Preset d/l and demo vid.

    Here you go. Hopefully this will entertain some folks for a bit. More to come! Preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7886
  29. Burgs

    Fixed Shred Distortion Contour knob causing S/PDIF drop out.

    Shred Dist. on Channel B of a custom preset. CPU around 80%. Movement of the Contour control (FM3-Edit) seems to be causing S/PDIF to drop out. FW 1.03.
  30. Burgs

    DG '75: Preset and video demo.

    By request for @fafakiwi. Wish You Were Here tones based on the info I could find on the Gilmourish site and my 70s-centric ears. 8 Scenes of fun that you should be able to use in all sorts of applications, really ... maybe with the exception of 'Radio' - Scene 5. Have fun. Tweak to taste, etc...
  31. Burgs

    Friedman Fun. By request. Preset (free) and demo vid.

    @Rafa Diaz asked me to have a go at a Friedman preset. I don't own a Friedman and have never tried one in the real world, but the models sure are fun. Note that there are significant differences between the Cab Channels, specifically A and C. C has the cab/s most people defer to and A is a swag...
  32. Burgs

    Taking the Tele for a little iso-blues run with a factory preset.

    Plexi 100 preset. Straight up. Coffee Break Grooves backing track. It's the simple things in life...
  33. Burgs

    Triple Crests. D/L and Demo

    I'm not much of a djent'er, but I like what I hear and I sure love hearing these new TC's (thanks Cliff!). So here'a a little suite of both models plus the clean, green JP and some bits and pieces to garnish. I hope you all have a happy weekend. Preset...
  34. Burgs

    1Oh3HSS - a HIPOWER-based jam preset. Vid/Demo/Download

    And... here's another one. Gotta keep ourselves amused, right? This one's a psyche-rock based bunch of stuff based around the HIPOWER Jumped that I threw together to have some fun with my HSS Ernie Ball Cutlass. Let me know if works for you. Enjoy! Preset...
  35. Burgs

    Little Guys! A selection of smaller amps in a single preset. Free d/l, vid, etc.

    Something to distract you for a while, I hope. A little fun. 8 lots of little fun! Preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7796
  36. Burgs

    Vairus. Demo/Download.

    Well, the name seemed to fit current events. I was checking out the Legacy model and thought, why not? So, here is my little take on the Vai sound. I should add that I've never attempted to play anything of Steve Vai's, such is the complexity and skill of his prowess, but I sure dig the humour...
  37. Burgs

    Mars Shells (I & II) - En route to Gibson/Epiphone demos - Free Preset/Vid

    Gibson (Epiphone) enlisted me to demo four of their new Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' range. So I figured Marshalls would be the best platform. That gave me cause to write this preset which I now share with you. The Epiphone demos have not gone live yet but here's a taster (second vid below) if...
  38. Burgs

    My Keef preset (originally for Axe-FX III) for FM3

    Slowly but surely I'll port my Axe-FX III presets over to the FM3. Here's the first: Keef. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7754
  39. Burgs

    'Rock Worms'. Taking the Stack facility into Shroomsville. Free preset and demo.

    This started out as a fairly tame excursion into the wondrous Stack facility that the Reverb and Delay blocks give us (thanks, Cliff!), but it quickly became something else. The video will tell the story and there's a download link for the preset as well. Have fun. Axe Change link...
  40. Burgs

    Something for the 12-Stringers. Demo and free preset download.

    I hope everyone's survived the Christmas craziness is now looking forward to a happy and successful 2020. I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to Cliff and the FAS team for another amazing and generous year. I wish you guys all the best. Here's an 8-Scene preset based around the AC-20 Deluxe that...
  41. Burgs

    Two new free presets. Keef and Acoustic/Piezo. Demos and links. Merry Christmas. :)

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas. Thank you to Cliff, Matt and all the FAS crew for another outstanding and generous year aboard our favourite cruise. We're all indebted and very grateful. Rock on to 2020, everyone. Cheers. My acoustic/piezo offering. Tweak to suit. Preset...
  42. Burgs

    Treble Boosters Old, New and In-between. Demo, story, Drive block and preset.

    Apologies as I have to drop a name for this one. One of my oldest friends, Andy Cichon, who plays bass for Billy Joel and Shania Twain, is also a killer guitarist. Andy loves his old Marshalls, fuzzes and overdrives, and lately, treble boosters. He's been consulting me about the latter and I've...
  43. Burgs

    For those who just can't get enough HIPOWER + Strat action, here's a bit more ...

    Couldn't help myself. Project bitsa Black Strat needed some appropriate sounds. So here they are. Enjoy! Demo vid: Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7470
  44. Burgs

    Burg's Super (Reverb) and a Johnny Marr Jag. Free preset/demo.

    Couldn't help myself. 10.01 compelled me to grab my favourite jangle machine and throw together some big, steely Super action. So here's a preset to play with. Please note that it was voiced with a Johnny Marr Jag and its Bare Knuckle pickups which are quite low output, so you may need to tweak...
  45. Burgs

    Off The Rails - FW10.01 Wrecker vid and free preset

    This one's pretty simple; a herding together of the Wreckers including the new Express Bright. Four scenes without polish and four scenes with. Good to go! Download the preset from https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7310 Watch the old bloke in the video at... Thank you...
  46. Burgs

    My Demo Amps - preset d/l and video

    A few of the amps and sounds I use to demo guitars and pedals for a myriad of manufacturers. They're not fussed about the 'real' amp thing; nor are the viewers much anymore. Anyway, I strapped this together this afternoon for fun and thought you might get a laugh and hopefully some enjoyment...
  47. Burgs

    Dirty Little Secrets - Preset/Vid/Free D/L

    The arrival of FW10b (thanks, Cliff!) was reason enough to get to work and put together another preset for people to hopefully have some fun with. This one features six dirty and two clean amps along with appropriate drives, reverbs and delays. I hope you can enjoy it. Preset download...
  48. Burgs

    9.01 Rumbles

    I had cause to update my recent Rumbles (Dumbles) preset today. Dano sent me a very cute '59 DC NOS+ to demo. I tried a few things but my D's preset seemed to trigger the best in me and the guitar. So I've updated it (very few tweaks) to 9.01 and now offer it to you to hopefully have some fun...
  49. Burgs

    Boston Calling. Free D/L and vid demo

    I had hoped to spend some time Tonematching a fairly mint X100 I bought recently on the used market. But I loaded it up with fresh batteries today and it's silent. Ugh. So I decided to turn a negative into a positive and just go for it anyway. The results, accurate or otherwise, are here; video...
  50. Burgs

    Starwards and Starwards II. Two ambient presets. Free download and video demo links.

    Last night I felt like bending things a bit by throwing in a heap of reverse reverbs and delays and seeing what sort of mess I could create. The experiment resulted in 'Starwards', an ambient preset designed to be used with a volume knob or pedal. The revision preset, Starwards II, sees a very...
  51. Burgs

    The sense of loss is crushing. Axe-Fx III down for a few days.

    Haha. Dramatic, eh? It's true, though. Everyday I sit in my little room surrounded by great guitars, amps, pedals and cool stuff. In reality, however, and with all due respect to the makers of said cool stuff, the centre of my creativity and work is my Axe-FX III. After cooking dinner for the...
  52. Burgs

    HIPOWER lovin', once again. Another preset and d/l for your weekend bemusement.

    Here's my first foray into FW7 (thanks, Cliff!). It's yet another 8 Scene, singlecoilcentric indulgence with the HIPOWER and some fuzz/vibe/phase/delay/verb action. You'll get the picture if you watch my little video demo. I hope it brings you some fun over the coming weekend. Rock on...
  53. Burgs

    8 Scenes of Cleans - For Pedal Demos. This is what I use and people seem to dig it.

    I gave up using 'real' amps for pedal demos a couple of years ago, unless specifically asked to use them by the manufacturer. Even the pickup guys - Jason Lollar, Chris Kinman, Mick Brierley, SD ... they're all happy for me to use classic amp equivalent models in the Axe-FX III. I believe it's...
  54. Burgs

    Brownies. Free Preset and Video Demo.

    I went to the Melbourne Guitar Show last weekend and was lucky enough to walk out with an FC-12. To celebrate I went home and spent a couple of days making a brown sound preset and accompanying video demo. There's some predictable stuff and some crazed stuff here. It's all free. I hope you can...
  55. Burgs

    Burg's Dumbles. Preset demo and free download.

    Following on from my Carol-Ann and Marshall efforts, here's one that features the tones closely associated with one Mr Alexander D. I hope you enjoy it after you've tweaked it and had a laugh at the video. Cheers! Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7072 Video demo:
  56. Burgs

    Burg's Marshalls V6 - Free preset and demo vid

    Following on from my previous @austinbuddy -based Carol-Ann preset, this version substitutes the CA's for mighty Marshall models. The Scene allocation is very similar and you should note that I voiced it all with the Ernie Ball Cutlass used in the video, so humbucker users will probably want to...
  57. Burgs

    Carol-Anns V6 - Burgs - Free Preset and amusing (I hope!) demo.

    Yup. Can't get enough of those CA's. One day I WILL buy the real thing from Alan. In the meantime I have the models. Here's a preset focused around the classic to hot output of a Lee Malia Explorer. Tons of tones and fun to be had by all, I hope! Trainspotters will notice that I mention...
  58. Burgs

    I believe we've found Buddy Holly's missing '54 Stratocaster.

    And it's right here, where I live in Australia, with a friend of mine. Check this out.
  59. Burgs

    Jp's for JM's. JP2C Green (and Red!). Jazzmaster Preset. Always Free.

    My Palir Jazzmaster (aka Imperial) is very fond of the JP2C Green channel. The Red channel gets a look-in as well. I've written an 8-Scene Preset to share with you. All will be explained in this video. Have a great weekend! Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6987
  60. Burgs

    Trainwreck Express. Choo choo! Great dynamics. Have you tried it?

    I gave it a run with my little P90'd Gibbo Special. It's Scene 7 from my Smorgasbord preset. Stellar! (the model, not me..!) Here's the preset link: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6901
  61. Burgs

    Keep it Clean! Fenders II preset, video.

    Four more Fender models over 8 Scenes of cleanliness. Something to twang your weekend away with. Enjoy! Preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6948
  62. Burgs

    JP's. Too much fun! Here's my take on a preset (and video demo).

    I know the greats have already covered these new models found in 5.05 but since I own a JP15-7 BFR I had just had to have a crack at one myself. So here's a free preset* with 8 Scenes based on the guitar's pickups, what I think sounds cool, and my unfortunate ignorance of most things JP and...
  63. Burgs

    'Hanging On' - Vibrato Lux & Plex Verb chill - video and preset

    This is a modified Scene 3 from my 'Fenders...' preset suite. I've tweaked it for the Johnny Marr Jag which has pretty low output pickups so you may need to back off the Input Drive if your guitar is hotter. I wrote it for a little improv piece that can be viewed below. I won't lie: I was in a...
  64. Burgs

    Smorgasbord Preset and Demo. 8 Scenes, 8 different amp rigs.

    An 8 Scene, 8 amp preset. Too much fun! I hope you enjoy it. Try it yourself! http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6901
  65. Burgs

    Wish Control over LFO waveform rise/slope and any point in between

    Yesterday I was talking with Dave Leslie, Baby Animal's guitarist. He loves the flanger in his AX8 but would love to be able to expression-control the LFO, that is be able to stop/start at any point and control the speed (by default). I can't find a way to do this in the current firmware and I...
  66. Burgs

    Vox In Blocks! 5.02 free preset and video demo.

    There have been some stunning Vox-based preset uploads from various forum members in recent months. So I've seen fit to celebrate the release of 5.02 (thanks, Cliff!) with one of my own. The video and preset info will tell all. I hope you have some fun with it. Preset link...
  67. Burgs

    A bloke called Lee. Preset. Video. Maybe a laugh.

    I've recently become infatuated with BMTH. I like Lee's riffs. I like Jordan's sense of 'epic'. I like Oli's f#@k you lyrics and straight-up-ness. But mostly I like Lee's riffs and that he runs a .80 gauge for his E(Bb) string which he pounds the hell out of into a Marshall JCM800. I know I'm 9...
  68. Burgs

    Swart, Marshall, Fender ... 8 Scenes. All med-gain. Free preset. Video demo.

    Yesterday's 'cleans' demo/preset was so much fun I thought I should up the ante a little and move on to some medium gain. This preset also features 8 Scenes but with 8 different amp/cab pairings. Use it, abuse it and make it yours. I've called this one 'Midtown'. Preset link...
  69. Burgs

    Fenders, Dumble, 8 Scenes, all cleans. Free preset. FW5b2. Have fun.

    Inspired by the @bradlake comment over on the 5b#2 thread, I put this together and couldn't stop at just one! So here's a video explanation and the preset for your amusement. I hope you all have a great weekend. :) Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6866
  70. Burgs


    This video delves into the FW 2.03 Tremolo/Panner. I've coupled it with a Prince Tone 5F2 and thrown in some reverbs and a little delay for fun. All of the sound examples here (8) are Scenes from just the one preset which can be downloaded from...
  71. Burgs

    Blues Breaker + Treble Booster + '61 Les Paul (SG Std) = Blues Bliss

    Inspired by my first ever listen to the classic Blues Breaker album yesterday, I wanted to give that tone a shot myself. It was late and I couldn't fire up up my own Blues Breaker loudly enough to cut it, so I went to Axe-FX III and built a virtual rig. Even I was surprised at the dynamic...
  72. Burgs

    Mr May tones. Preset and video links.

    When I moved up from the XL+ to a III I missed my old Brian May preset. So I've written another around the most excellent template created by @austinbuddy. Give it a shot and have some fun. The video: The preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6530
  73. Burgs

    Log On. Video demo and preset.

    I loved and still love this tune. Beautiful and simple melody from Messrs Plant and Blunt; made, if I'm not mistaken, with a 50's Strat, CE1, Princeton and some deft use of compression and reverb - which is what I've tried to recreate here. Have a crack at the preset and tweak to taste. Log on...
  74. Burgs

    HIPOWER Jumped, Fuzzes, Univibe, space.... Preset and Vid

    Based on the last two Marshall-based fuzz-fun videos and presets, I present to you some DR103 lurve. Thank you to Cliff for the unbelievably beautiful model (and machine) and Yek for his Univibe settings. Rock on. Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6435
  75. Burgs

    Classic Marshall, old-school fuzz. Demo video and a couple of presets.

    In an effort to make everyone who doesn't own one jealous, lustful, amazed, or all three with the Axe-FX III, I've attempted a take on the old Marshall/fuzz box combos. It's not easy because of the impedance thing but I ran the input at 90k (thank you AustinBuddy!) and had a LOT of fun and, I...
  76. Burgs

    Dover and Dover again ... I'm a late starter. Vid and preset

    Yes, I'll admit it: I've only recently 'discovered' Eric Johnson even though he's been a legend for the best part of 30-40 years. Still, it's nice to discover after all this time. Here's a take on the Dover sound (I know there's a killer factory preset already, but that didn't stop me). I used...
  77. Burgs

    Two-Rockin' with some Lollartrons. Video.

    Amazing pickups are the Lollartrons. Made even better with the Two-Rock sim in the Axe-FX II XL+. Stupidly, I didn't save the preset, sold the machine (I now have a III) so I can't share. BUT, I'm trying to retrieve the preset (if I saved it at all) from the XL+'s new owner and will post it here...
  78. Burgs

    Cliff's preset for FW: 1.12 turned nasty. Video and preset

    The preset that Cliff put up to demo the new Multidelay and Reverb action is a beauty. But I wanted to hear what it might sound like a little nastier. So I modified it a tad with 6160/5153 action. I was not disappointed. It's a freakin' huge sound. Try it. You'll be wanting Scene 6 from the...
  79. Burgs

    Deluxe Tweed, 4 x OD's, EBMM Albert Lee - video

    As the title suggests. Slightly tweaked factory preset from 1.09. Old bloke churning out some blues over a minor key backing track with an Albert Lee (amazing guitars).
  80. Burgs

    2 x videos, preset, Q10.01 BE C45 with SG and Tele in bluesy dynamic.

    Backing track "Heart Of The City" courtesy Guthrie Govan and www.jamtrackcentral.com. Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6282 SG is a Gibson CS '61 Les Paul Std. (SG) Reissue with Tyson Tone TTL-2 PAF's. Tele is a Carlton Custom Guitars Broadcaster clone with...
  81. Burgs

    Some JTM fun with a Jazzmaster in at 90k. Vid and preset.

    I read Austinbuddy's hint about the fuzz being a little more ... something better ... at Z/90k. So I pulled out the AVRI Jazzmaster, dialled up a classic suite of old stuff - Tone Bender, JTM45 and some room/delay and let rip. The result: The preset...
  82. Burgs

    Vibro-King | Zendrive | MJT Robben Ford '60 Tele replica (video and preset)

    Whilst patiently waiting for the Axe FX III to hit these shores, I'm still loving the XL+...and will always love it! Yesterday a cool little MJT Robben Ford '60 Tele replica landed on my doorstep (part of a trade), so I put together some sounds and recorded the following using an an old Guthrie...
  83. Burgs

    'Real' HIWATT → X-LOAD LB-2 → XL+ running Fane/WEM IR's

    This video was made for Robert Keeley's Dark Side fuzz/modulation pedal. So although you don't see the Fractal products, they're clearly listed and credited. The X-LOAD has proven to be a godsend in the studio. There's no way I could've cranked my HIWATT (Custom Shop 50 Combo - a little DR103...
  84. Burgs

    X-LOAD LB-2 via JTM-45 to Axe-FX II XL+ running IR's. Video demo.

    As the title suggests. I'm a bit in love with the X-Load. Very, very good stuff. I wasn't sure where to post this one as there doesn't seem to be an X-Load board yet, so apologies if I'm at the wrong party!
  85. Burgs

    The Hipower and WEM cab... I'm tellin' ya! Vid and preset.

    A pre-CBS Strat replica turned up at my place today. It's full of good parts, but the best are a set of Abby Ybarra CS '69's. Probably worth the price of the guitar itself. I figured they'd be cool to demo as they sound pretty amazing and might interest people. So I wrote a preset based around...
  86. Burgs

    A couple of new (early) EVH presets - ready to download

    I've put together a couple of EVH-type presets: one with the Brit Brown and another with the 6150 Block. Both utilise the 4x12 Greenback Mix cab. The only real difference between the presets is the amp block - Brit Brown vs 6150 Block. Otherwise, you'll get versions of VanDanzi's excellent...
  87. Burgs

    Space in D-ish. Vid + Preset. (Ambient alert)

    This one seems to have struck a chord (sorry!) with my Youtube followers, a few of whom have asked me for the preset. So, here's the preset and the video for my friends on the Fractal Audio boards. Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5852
  88. Burgs

    Tucanas. New vids, preset... QRev.9B.

    I love the Carol-Ann amps. Richer than a rum ball, perfect dynamics (for me), simple, cool. Love them. One day I'm going to have to track down Alan Phillips and fork out for the real thing. In the meantime, here's a little Tucana fun, along with a preset. I've used the ML Bulb Zilla and OH DLX...
  89. Burgs

    Q9.0 Beta 6550 EVH attempt. Video and preset.

    I had a half day off at home between flights (on the road again) and lo and behold, there's some new FW to download and love! Always a welcome thing for me. Admin suggest that the 6550/Cab#61 combo, with a tweak of the new Speaker Compression parameter, will park my boat up next to the ocean...
  90. Burgs

    Wish Axe-Edit - SKETCHES

    I'm a touring bloke. Most of my time is spent at airports, in hotels and waiting around for a soundcheck which can be short if there's a number of acts on. Often after a show I may think something along the lines of, "That Bassman preset was lacking in the mids. I'm going to try a Triptik...
  91. Burgs

    Music Man JP15-7 ... Clean!

    I recently took possession of this incredible instrument. I'm no shredder to speak of so I'm using it to try and expand my creativity in other ways. It features a mighty piezo facility so I've written a single preset that gives me: 1. Clean Triptik with Timmy OD; 2. Piezo/Acoustic accomodation...
  92. Burgs

    8.02 Mr Gilmour Lead (preset #298) with a 7 string.

    Well, some idiot had to try it! o_O The guitar? Kevin Fast built it for me. It's a killer. Find Kev at http://www.fastguitars.com
  93. Burgs

    More Floyd-ish musings, a new preset and three vids to show it in action.

    I thought it might be fun to pitch my two single-coiled Music Man guitars - 2016 Albert Lee and Cutlass - up against each other in a battle of the Floydish type. So I dragged out the old '98 Total Guitar backing track (see the vids for links) and gave 'em all I had. I wrote a HIWATT / SLP...
  94. Burgs

    Four Ernie Balls go at it over a Frampton-esque track with Tucana tone

    The thread title pretty much sums it up. There's a preset to go with it too, which you can download from http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5571
  95. Burgs

    Echos From God - vid and preset demo

    Yesterday morning, I stared out with bleary eyes from room 1420 at the Adelaide Hilton to witness a rather charming rain shower. So I stuck my iPhone up against the window and shot 9 seconds of footage in slo-mo. When I got home I imported it into Final Cut Pro X and slowed it down by 90%. I...
  96. Burgs

    FW.Q8 5F1 Tweed EC - 4-Scene Preset & Vid demo

    I was so impressed with it I just had to belt out a blues jam and write a preset. So, here it is... The preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5461
  97. Burgs

    St Vincent and the HotKitty. Preset and Vid.

    I took my St Vincent out on the Night Train tonight. We rode with the Hot Kitty and a little autowah I made. The preset is at http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5429 The video of the preset is here...
  98. Burgs

    One new Broadcaster, two (blues) vids and two presets

    My friends Ray Carlton (luthier) and Mick Brierley (pickup winder and luthier) have built me a Broadcaster with a couple of subtle modern twists. It's a fantastic axe. To honour them I've recorded a couple of simple bluesy videos with blackface and JTM45 amps. I thought I may as well share the...
  99. Burgs

    Q7.01 - CAE3+, Shimmer Drive, Opcomp1 - 7 string vid and preset

    Greetings ladies and gents. The planets were indeed aligned this morning. On a rare day off from running around the country like a madman, the very mighty 7.01 drops. Yay! To celebrate, I've made a little video and accompanying XL+ preset based around the CAE3+ suite. Here they be. Video...
  100. Burgs

    Vibrato-King musings. Vid and preset.

    I was quite stunned when I fired up this preset with the Jag last night. Just gorgeous. Latest firmware build (7b2) and a custom Jag that a friend built for himself. Luckily for me, he eventually offloaded it - to me! Killer. Preset link...
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