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  1. muudrock

    Michael Stanley Band-This Town

    Michael Stanley is local legend in Cleveland. Most of his music isn't known everywhere which always mystified me. Incredible song writer and a superb voice. The solo on this tune is well done and suits the song perfectly. A song within a song. I've played this tune many times in cover bands...
  2. muudrock

    Paid presets ... pfff

    I agree Yek.... It's somewhat annoying. But, If it wasn't generating money, it wouldn't be growing. I guess there are a lot of people that want instant gratification as opposed to creating and learning themselves. Preset sharing is cool as I've learned many things over the years from what...
  3. muudrock

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    Confirmed. MK1, 17.01 Beta and Axe Edit 1.10.02 I have the clicking on all channels and all types.
  4. muudrock

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    So does that make you a "standard" or a "plus"?
  5. muudrock

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    Based on the conversation here, I've come to the conclusion that I am outdated and obsolete... I have to 2 children that are new and improved models... faster, smarter and definitely better looking. They are the latest and greatest, use and understand words like "choogie" and can wear skinny...
  6. muudrock

    Plexi performance

    The compression from the power section overdriving and to a certain extent, the low negative feedback.
  7. muudrock

    Jumped Plexi's

    Ironically, Plexi type amps generally have more gain NOT jumping the channels. You lose some signal when the channels are jumped. The biggest effect is blending in the normal channel's fatness and warmth.
  8. muudrock

    Free FullRes Room IRs

    Thanks Justin!
  9. muudrock

    Son's and Daughter's day???? WTF???

    SMH. Next thing you know there will be National First Cousins day. My kids are doing just fine in their lives without me posting a picture of them on FB (which they never go on anyway) or any social media for that matter. They know I'm proud of them and their accomplishments.
  10. muudrock

    Health Update

    Prayers sent for a full and speedy recovery!
  11. muudrock


    And I would be totally ok with that!
  12. muudrock

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Congrats FAS! Looks like a great product!
  13. muudrock

    IR Length

    I had the opportunity recently to have access to an anechoic room located near me. I took this opportunity and shot a few near field IRs of various speakers/cabs in the chamber and then shot the same speakers/cabs in a live room at the same facility. Used the AXEFX III to capture them along...
  14. muudrock

    Wiring for a Les Paul

    Are you looking for a hotter pickup or lower output? For lower output, my favorites lately in LPs are a T-Top clone made my Manilus in NY. Price is good and they sound so much like my Gibson T Tops is crazy. I prefer 50's wiring with 500k volume and tone pots. In one of my LP Custom's, I...
  15. muudrock

    Thornbucker pickups - odd high end?

    Like mentioned, every Suhr I've owned has been a very bright, present guitar. The Thornbuckers are quality pickups and relatively balanced in their frequency response. IME, they tend to being out the tonal qualities of the guitar they are in. In an HSH Suhr, to my ears they are bright. In an...
  16. muudrock

    Meeting my Sweetwater "sales engineer" in person tomorrow

    I saw that too. We'll see what happens I guess. Hope the transition is seamless.
  17. muudrock

    Meeting my Sweetwater "sales engineer" in person tomorrow

    Was informed that Chuck sold Sweetwater to an investment group and is retiring. Hope they don't lose their way with new leadership.
  18. muudrock

    Got it

    I had a very similar setup with 2 of the Bogner Cubes with CB75's. It sounded good but ultimately I swapped the speakers to the Alnico Creambacks which was a huge improvement IMO. I sold both cabs a while ago and went with a 2x12. I was using with Matrix GT1000 amp. Loved the sound, but...
  19. muudrock

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VH+ 412 P50E

    Honestly, I haven't found an amp yet that these IRs don't work with..
  20. muudrock

    from Friedman BE100 Deluxe to Axe FX III?

    Having been fortunate enough to own a few Friedmans along side the various Fractal units, I can tell you that the AF3 will hit the mark for you in the Friedman arena. All of the models are good and in some cases better than the real life amps. Add the fact that you can have that sound direct to...
  21. muudrock

    Brown Sound

    Drive block - Tape distortion.
  22. muudrock

    Strat owners….

    It's a catch 22 with HSS strats. Lower the bridge HB too much and you lose all the punch. Raise the neck SC and you get the "stratitis" warble. Its a fine line but if the bridge HB isn't too hot you can usually get it so the perceived difference isn't so bad.
  23. muudrock

    I Lost my wife last night

    Sorry for your loss.
  24. muudrock

    FC Internal Firmware 1.12

    These are great ideas. Love the set up!
  25. muudrock

    FC Internal Firmware 1.12

    Thanks, I figured that may be what it is. I guess it makes sense. As long as its not a bug or performance issue, no big deal. I originally had it set up with 1/5, 2/6, 3/7, and 4/8 on 4 switches with the other 2 buttons set as Control Switches for amp boost and volume boost. I may go back to...
  26. muudrock

    FC Internal Firmware 1.12

    No. So for most presets, the preset loads to scene 3 which is main rhythm sound. Scene switches 1 and 2 are set to toggle between 1/5 and 2/6 respectively. This is to allow all 8 scenes to be accessible from the 6 buttons on the FC6. In scene view on FC6, LEDs for scene 1/5 and 2/6 (the...
  27. muudrock

    FC Internal Firmware 1.12

    Updated to 1.12. FM3 on 4.00. Maybe I missed it, or maybe a bug.... When a foot switch is set to Toggle scenes in scene mode (OMG 9), the LED ring is dark unless selected. The other rings are dim until selected which then go bright. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Behavior only happens...
  28. muudrock

    Need some input from you guys.

    I would say use what ever cabinets sound best to you for the speakers being used. It's fair to say you have a great ear for this stuff. I like 2x12 cabs and if the DV and 65 pack are any indication, your cab will work for a lot of different speakers. But like you said, every speaker doesn't...
  29. muudrock

    Now everyone has Cygnus, do you think you should still reduce cab block hi's from 20,000 to 6,000-8,500

    I agree with this. From all the gigging and recording experiences I've had using Fractal gear and IRs for the better part of 10 years, too much hi and low pass filtering leaves you with an uninspiring sound and feel, dare I say "digital" sounding. There are so many variables that add up to the...
  30. muudrock

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VH+ 412 P50E

    Correct. But that's the beautiful about IRs...No roadies needed!👍
  31. muudrock

    Bug? OSX: Blocks Window Closes Immediately

    I can confirm this behavior. However, I only experience this in the CAB block. All other block (and channel) libraries open up correctly for any of the other blocks being edited.
  32. muudrock


    Fantastic work!
  33. muudrock


    I have a Kenai that I picked up in a trade that I really like. Great neck, superb build quality. They are $$$, but worth it for some. It's the guitar in this video.
  34. muudrock

    I just needed to make something.

    Awesome track! Please continue...
  35. muudrock

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VH+ 412 P50E

    I'm looking forward to this!
  36. muudrock

    Happy Birthday Mark Day!

    Happy Birthday!
  37. muudrock

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VH+ 412 P50E

    This pack is very good! Kinda scratching my itch for an EV12 genre of sound.
  38. muudrock

    Happy birthday, Admin M@

    Happy Birthday!
  39. muudrock

    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    I remember listening to ELO songs back when I was kid. I can recall my dad using those songs to help teach me harmony and theory. Later on, these songs taught me songwriting skills and production. Truly a great talent. His music isn't for everyone, but good songs are good songs regardless...
  40. muudrock

    What amp model gives you best/true Marshall clean sound?

    Its possible but it definitely sounds different.
  41. muudrock

    What amp model gives you best/true Marshall clean sound?

    Try lowering the gain on the JTM 45 model and swapping out the tone stack for one of the Fender ones.
  42. muudrock

    EVH Brown Sound - Variacs and Tube Biasing

    I've settled on a recipe of Variac @ 75% and Bias @ .75-.80. Sounds and feels really good. I'm not in front of the unit at the moment, so the bias scale may be different, but you get the idea. Works great with all the Plexi models.
  43. muudrock

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Chase!
  44. muudrock

    Your preferred way to add boost to lead?

    I have control switches set for input boost @ 6-8 Db on "neutral" setting and Sat set about 2-3 (Ideal). Also have a drive block set up with 4 different channels of FET boost, BB Pre, FAS Boost and SDD Preamp, sometimes others. Volume boost is programmed into the OUTPUT block on certain...
  45. muudrock

    Rounded or Pointy Pick Tip? Flexy or Stiff Pick?

    After years and years of switching picks to find "the one", found these and love them. Stuck with them and use both the point and the rounded sides.
  46. muudrock

    Slide, Spring Verb and Trem

    Nice Vibe in that tune!
  47. muudrock

    New Schecter Guitars Route 66

  48. muudrock

    Cliff's Reviews: Time Trap

    I chuckled at both of these reviews....Unfortunately, it's because I've seen both of these landmarks of cinematic brilliance. Maybe Jupiter Ascending next Cliff??
  49. muudrock

    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Steve Stevens

    These are very good. I particularly like the included IRs! They are really good!
  50. muudrock

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    The most recent list since selling a bunch. I do a lot of session work and have to have a lot of variety. Keeps it interesting. EB/MM 25th Fender Elite Strat '19 Fender 83 Strat Fender RK Tele Fender Mini Strat -Nashville Tuning Gibson Lifeson LP Axcess Gibson 93 LP Studio...
  51. muudrock

    Yek's presets for cover songs [updated]

    Tried a few of these out. These are very good! Nice work Yek and thank you for sharing!
  52. muudrock

    Wish A Klon-type Drive block

    Back a few years a memeber Groovenut (I think) posted tonematches of a Klon style pedal. I went through my old files and found these blocks. Not at my gear right now so I can't test them. But, if I remember correctly, they were TMA blocks of the pedal, at "clean" setting and on at...
  53. muudrock

    What are your favorite Fender models? (Free IR and Preset)

    Super Reverb is great. Put it thru a 4x12 CB IR and turn up the gain, makes a great alternate driven sound.
  54. muudrock

    Suhr PT-100?

    It doesn't sound muffled on my set up which is either studio monitors or Friedman FR cab. Im not familiar with the Matrix cab though. The IRs included are on the darker side so maybe that is it.
  55. muudrock

    Nashville Tornadoes

    Several friends there are all safe, although they had some serious property damage. Scary stuff. Some of the pics I've been sent are devastating.
  56. muudrock

    My FM3 Footswitch Usage

    Following as well. The MIDI Expression IO looks very interesting.
  57. muudrock

    Steve Stevens

    BE V2 model. Change the preamp type to plexi, into an IR of Greenbacks and V30s. That will get you started on his amp sound anyways. I thought he was using Bare Knuckle pickups in the Knaggs SSC LP style guitars. He also uses an mid boosted Klon style drive in front of the amp for leads. He...
  58. muudrock

    FS Charvel DK 24 Pro Mod

    Brand new, mint condition Charvel DK 24 Pro Mod w/ Floyd Rose in Matte Black. Received this in a trade and it's not really my thing. Unplayed in mint condition. Comes in non original hard case. $750 + shipping.
  59. muudrock


  60. muudrock

    RIP Neil Peart

    Apparently he passed away on the 7th.
  61. muudrock

    RIP Neil Peart

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/neil-peart-rush-obituary-936221/ Wow. So sad. Just way too young. Such a master and a genious.
  62. muudrock

    Reverend Guitars

    They are well built guitars. Maybe a tad over priced but that is up to you to decide. If I had a beef it would be the necks are too thin of a profile. But, if you like a thin neck, they are nice.
  63. muudrock

    Line in versus Mic & Pad on Apollo Twin?

    Which one are you using? Any suggestions?
  64. muudrock

    The 25 Greatest Riffs of the 2010s Decade!

    Not all great riffs have to be rocking or heavy. Great list and great job @ccroyalsenders! Everyone has different likes, dislikes and favorite styles and riffs. I'd say if you don't like the list Cooper posted, feel free to post up a video of you playing yours. Fwiw, Paul Sidoti, guitarist...
  65. muudrock

    Marshall JCM 900's and 2000's - Why are these never emulated in modelers?

    Yes the Jubilee's also used diode clipping. The Jubilee had the push/pull switching and is a little more flexible. Also had the nice chrome panel. Maybe thats why they are more sought after. They are voiced differently than the 800s as well.
  66. muudrock

    Marshall JCM 900's and 2000's - Why are these never emulated in modelers?

    The 2205/2210 had channel switching with a "clean" channel. They also used diode clipping for more preamp gain. Slightly different voice than the single channel 2203/2204 amps. The Axe can easily achieve both sounds. The 800 Mod model gets closer to the 2210 sound to my ears.
  67. muudrock

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  68. muudrock

    Am I the Only One Not Using High or Low Cuts Anymore?

    The Impedance curve controls in the speaker tab of the amp block has been my go to for a long time as opposed to hi and low cuts in the speaker block. Sounds more natural to my ears. With 11.0b , it's even more detailed.
  69. muudrock

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    No doubt. Looks like the curve of a Bass Reflex box...
  70. muudrock

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    So for a long time, I've been tweaking the impedance curve to fit better (to my ears) the various IRs I would use. It really is a powerful tool (amongst many) to fine tune the overall sound. It was only missing the ability to manipulate the midrange. With this firmware feature combined with...
  71. muudrock

    EV-2 Availability

    I've had a couple for a few years now and not a problem. 8-10 gigs a month.
  72. muudrock

    Going back to square 1......

    For over 10 years I was in a similar situation..80-90 songs on the list and we could play any of them at any time. Early on in the Axe Fx days (Axe Fx Ultra), I had a ton of presets to cover all these different song flavors and sounds. I eventually realized I didn't need them. I got...
  73. muudrock

    Examples of the one or more instances of the Axe-Fx III in a mastered mix

    Here are a couple examples. These are from a singer/songwriter/pop artist I did session work for. Her name is Marina Strah. All the electric guitars are Axe Fx and not much if anything done to the tracks at mixdown according to the producer. Not sure what kind of tones you favor but I've...
  74. muudrock

    Suhr PT-100?

    Green back and V30 mix and Creamback mix. I bought the Suhr IR packs a while ago and I really like them.
  75. muudrock

    Axe-Fx III with Synergy preamp modules and MIDI

    I should have specified "Preamp Sag" not power amp sag. My bad. Per the manual: "Preamp Sag — Turning this ON causes the amp block to behave like an integrated tube head or combo amp. Turning this OFF simulates a separate preamp and power amp. "
  76. muudrock

    Axe-Fx III with Synergy preamp modules and MIDI

    I would recommend plugging in to the SYN 2 first. 1) Connect your guitar to the INPUT of the SYN-2. 2) Connect cable from "TO AMP IN" on the rear of the SYN-2 to the INPUT of your AXE III. 3) Connect cable from "FROM AMP FX SEND" to the OUT of the output your going to use for you loop ( Out...
  77. muudrock

    Suhr PT-100?

    I think it sounds better now. The newest firmware sounds really good. Cliff has definitely made improvements in the modelling. I'm also liking this patch with the Suhr Celestion IRs, specifically the GB and V30 mixes. Different flavor than the PT Cab IRs I made, with a little more sizzle in...
  78. muudrock

    Suhr PT-100?

    Awesome! Glad you like it!
  79. muudrock

    Suhr PT-100?

    Awesome! Glad you dig it!
  80. muudrock

    Suhr PT-100?

    Possibly, if I can find the time. I have some more cabs and speakers I'd like to capture. Yes, but not necessary. I used the 4 IRs at once because it sounded like the cab in the room. The different IRs are just slightly different mic placement, different eq or mic pre. The delay input...
  81. muudrock

    5 minute tones - Pitch Follower

    Love this feature! I've used with the wah and delay mix. Great vid.
  82. muudrock

    How to sound great on stage and FOH

    What Chris said. You need to move air to get the same feel as the other guitar rig. I personally think the Axe III eclipses a traditional setup through the FOH. It's always been the on stage experience that most have struggled with. If you want to match the other guitar rig's stage volume and...
  83. muudrock

    What A Pain In The Neck!

    Yes! Painfully so! But with work, you can get past it.
  84. muudrock

    What A Pain In The Neck!

    Best of luck with a diagnosis and treatment. I know how back neck and back pain is. I had an L3 burst fracture and it's amazing how unbearable any kind of spinal issues can be. Not the same as you, but I know how you feel. Good luck!
  85. muudrock

    Guitars with trems vs hardtail.. Tone/Snap/Clarity

    Try switching to the Yellow Flow picks maybe? More of pointed tip and more clarity vs std shaped picks. Might also try heavier springs for the Floyd. I had this same issue with a floyd-equipped guitar and I switched out to heavier springs from FU Tone and it definitely improved the snap. Also...
  86. muudrock

    Axe-Fx III tone/feel vs. Kemper?

    I currently have both and I think what you're describing is the compression the Kemper has, particularly in the mid range. I think people feel that under the fingers and interpret it as "more tubey". I remember Cliff posting that you can simulate it by using the output compression parameters...
  87. muudrock

    FRFR amps for live stage performances

    Can you post a preset example? I've used CLRs and never had a problem with volume, even in a 6 pc band.
  88. muudrock

    Cab Settings Poll High Cut

    For me, there isn't one particular method or preferred hi cut. A lot depends on the IR(s) and the amp settings and the intended environment I'll be in--Live or Studio. Live sounds I tend to eq warmer. My quick and easy way is to set Hi cut between 4500k-10k and Low cut to 80k to 115k. I...
  89. muudrock

    Barefaced Cabs...These look interesting...

    This^^ . Welcome! I am also interested on hearing your thoughts on your cab implementing a more full range speaker.
  90. muudrock

    Barefaced Cabs...These look interesting...

    The way I took it is that the rear of the cabinet has a patent applied for design that reflects the sound differently and increases the amount of room coupling mixed with the front facing output. Less beamy and more "amp in the room". I could be wrong, but if the sound example is legitimate...
  91. muudrock

    Barefaced Cabs...These look interesting...

    Saw a video of the 1x12 being compared to a standard guitar cab and on the room mic, it was a big difference. Filled the room with the sound as opposed to the beamy, narrow, nasally response of the standard cab. These have piqued my interest. I wonder if this design would translate good with...
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