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  1. kengtin

    Pink Floyd's Cluster One (full mix)

    Hi folks, I brought my usual stuff it a few notches down to pay this tribute. To get a nice clean, fat "Gilmourish" tone is really difficult. This Strat has the EMG DG-20 setup and I'm only using the SPC control about 1/3 - 1/2 up. The patch is based on the JR Blues model, here it is...
  2. kengtin

    EMG-818x/668 Metal Test ("5153" - Carvin DC800)

    Hi folks, Here's it goes: a straightforward evaluation of the EMG-818x and EMG-668 in a metal context: rhythm, lead bridge and lead neck. These pickups + the "5153" model make wonders, I'm loving the textures (I'm also working on the EMG-818 and EMG-578 and the results are amazing as well)...
  3. kengtin

    "5153" + 8-string rhythm and lead samples (metal)

    "5153" + Carvin DC800 8-string (w/samples, metal) Hi folks, I recently worked on this Carvin DC800 in-depth review. You might not be interested in it, but I wanted to share the samples/demo part of it which, as usual, is Axe FX II powered. I used my favorite "5153" based patch, firmware...
  4. kengtin

    Liquid Tension Exp. - Acid Rain full mix (Mesa Rectifier v15.02)

    Hi folks, I wanted to share this cover I put together in the past few months... Liquid Tension Experiment's Acid Rain. All the sounds are based off of a Mesa Rectifier patch, v15.02 (will post the link to the patch later on) I recorded the whole thing (minus the improvised solos) from scratch...
  5. kengtin

    Testament Electric Crown solo (mix) - "Marshall JMP-1" (v14.02)

    After a long hiatus, and given the fact I'm currently listening some Testament again, I wanted to share my rendition of their song Electric Crown's solo section, full mix. I recorded all the rhythm and lead guitars with this classy (borrowed) 1979 Gibson Les Paul and the Axe Fx II (v14.02); the...
  6. kengtin

    Master of Puppets solos - "Mark IV" test v10.02 (w/orig. stems) - feedback?

    Hi folks, My take on the classic Master of Puppets middle/solos section. The purpose was to practice my recording/reamping, mixing and mastering skills. The drums, bass and vocals are original stems, I performed all the guitars. All the distorted tones were reamped from a "Mark IV" preset I...
  7. kengtin

    Review - B.C. Rich Jr. V 7 + Seymour Duncan Blackouts

    Hi folks, Here's an in-depth review I made recently of the B.C. Rich Jr. V 7 guitar upgraded with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. It's not a high end piece of equipment, but definitely a great. "bang for the buck". Needless to say the tones are Axe Fx II produced, they're EQ'd the way I'd normally...
  8. kengtin

    My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest (AxFx2 + DC700)

    Hi folks, I haven't posted in a while so I thought sharing this would be a good way to resume communication :P I proudly entered this contest using my Axe Fx II and Carvin DC700. What do you think? Constructive feedback is always appreciated !!! Thanks in advance and enjoy
  9. kengtin

    [KTP] Reinvention - Original Progressive Metal (8-string)

    OK folks, it seems it was ages ago since my last post. I worked hard on this song, it's ready and wanted to break the ice. This is the first demo for my "K.T. Project", I had posted the audio a few weeks back and here's the full video playthrough. All guitars are proudly Axe Fx II, they're not...
  10. kengtin

    FULL DEMO, instr. progressive metal (8-string + Axe Fx II). Feedback appreciated!

    Hi folks, This is the first full demo for my project, the song is called "Reinvention". Any kind constructive criticism is encouraged and appreciated. Tech stuff: - All the guitars are Axe Fx II produced (based mainly on 5153 and Uberschall, v7.0) - EZDrummer - Cubase 7 Thanks everyone Sergio
  11. kengtin

    Soloing for the Keith Merrow + Mayones + Duncan contest

    My first post in ages, shame on me !!! It's good to be back... OK, honestly I found out about this contest too late, but still put my solo down just for fun. I really liked how this 5153 based patch worked for leads, I originally created it for metal/djent rhythm stuff but it turned out to be...
  12. kengtin

    Andalusia (video) - Satriani Contest - Want to support me?

    Hi fellas, I wanted to share a video recording I recently made to participate in the 2012 Master Satriani Guitar Contest by Guitar Center, check it out... ALL the guitar sounds come from the AxeFx-II. IMPORTANT: if you want, you can directly help me increase my chances of winning by "Liking"...
  13. kengtin

    Megadeth's Tornado of Souls Instrumental Section w/Solo (multiple A/V tracks)

    Yes, yet another TOS "solo" video, however I figured I'd do something a bit different this time. I mainly wanted to give my Axe FX II a "field test", brush up my rusty audio production skills and why not video tape myself while I was at it? I chose this song/section because it simply RULEZ...
  14. kengtin

    My contribution - High Gain Metal Rhythm video test (6 amps)

    Here I'm showcasing the amazing Axe-Fx II in a metal rhythm context. I'm demoing the best 6 amp model presets I've dialed in after my first 3 weeks with the unit. I'm playing the same simple riffs for each amp focusing mostly on chords and single notes (open/muted). Download the patches and...
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