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  1. APE

    Distorted Riff with Clarity.

    I am recording and I can't get great sounds of Axe-Fx. My setup is guitar --> Axe-Fx --> iMac --> Scarlett --> KRKs. I monitor Axe-Fx through scarlett headphone jack. It sounds a bit flubby. I'm going for a distorted rhythm sound where I can have enough clarity.
  2. APE

    No Sound ?

    I don't get Axe-Fx sound from my computer but I get other sounds. When I play, I get input lights. I can hear from headphones plugged into PHONES jack on Axe-Fx face. Guitar --> Axe-Fx II --> --(USB)--> iMac. System Settings > Input: When I play, I see level. System Settings > Output: I...
  3. APE

    No Sound From Axe-Fx

    What do I need to do to get sound from Axe-Fx? I'm going to try restarting my computer and see if that helps.
  4. APE

    I'm moving.

    They're raising the rent to $2375. I can't afford it. I have been trying to record my song for one month now and I am starting to see a little progress. I can get signal from the Axe-Fx into Logic. I don't want to abandon my project. I do not control the rent price, so I can only move to a...
  5. APE

    Reamped Guitars — Boxy.

    Reamped guitars sound very bad. Very boxy, phased sound. I have no idea why. I run SPDIF from Scarlett to Axe-Fx to Scarlett. I panned DI tracks 6 & 7 hard L & R. I reamped to track 8. The result sounded really bad. It's like a boxy, phased sound. Why?
  6. APE

    [solved] Why can't my computer see Axe-FX?

    My computer can't see AxeFx USB. Axe-FX II plugged directly into MBP from square USB in the back of the Axe-FX. Cable tested working, It was previously plugged into a USB hub and I suspected that that could be the cause, so I unplugged that cable from the hub and plugged it into the computer...
  7. APE

    Expert needed NOW

    I am trying to do reamping with Logic. If you are able to help me do this, remotely, then let's agree on a price and calendar in a time. Reamping is allegedly not that hard. However, nobody here can sufficiently explain how to do it, so the problem remains unsolved on my end.
  8. APE

    Reamping with Logic

    I’m recording in logic. I was suggested to use different guitar tones and to use reamping. How do I use logic to re-amp with axefx ii? I’m connected with Scarlet audio interface and also USB I’m not very good at audio production and my knowledge of Logic is very limited
  9. APE

    Dialog Boxes Upon Launch

    When I launch Axe-Edit for mac, It pops a few dialog boxes in the way. I need to run an updater or install something or use fractal bot or something. Sorry, usually updaters just let you click "OK" and update. I can't remember what this particular app's special needs are to make itself work. I...
  10. APE

    Clean Arpeggiated Chords + Crunch Guitars + Solos

    Everything sounds too dark or distant, not clear and present. Clean picked chords have chorus and compressor. Harmonized solos over that. In another part of the tune, all that, PLUS crunchy rhythm guitar ala "Still of the Night" or "No More Tears". Problem is… The clean guitars are not clear...
  11. APE

    Reamping in Logic?

    I'm recording in Logic. My audio interface is Focusrite Scarlett. want to try reamping so I can take advantage of the benefits of hearing a good sound but no reverb recorded. What is the definitive guide for that? Googlind brought me to this: but he makes me change the audio interface to...
  12. APE

    How to Update Firmware?

    https://support.fractalaudio.com/article/9-axe-fx-ii-firmware-update-guide-fractal-bot Says But I don't see the driver located on that support page. Where is the driver?
  13. APE

    Pitch Shifter Impacts Tone

    The pitch shifter always affects the tone. I want to detune the pitch to match Van Halen, Lynch Mob, Malmsteen, et al. But the problem si that pitch shift effect sounds like it has some harmonic modulation effect on it. When I disable the pitch shift, it sounds fine. How do I fix this? Or is it...
  14. APE

    AMP Block with FX Loop

    In many real amps, between the preamp and power amp sections, there is an fx loop. Does Axe-FX have one and how do I use it? I thought to put the "Enhancer" effect in an effects loop, not before the preamp, not after the power amp, but in the effects loop. Is this the right idea? And how do I...
  15. APE

    All Default Presets Clip — Why?

    For virtually every preset on AXE-FX II, "OUT ! CLIP" light is solid during play. I could understand if it hit it once in a while, but not all the time. I don't have any preamp or active electronics in my guitar, just a normal DiMarzio ToneZone pickup. Why does it do this and how can I fix it?
  16. APE

    Delay Tempo oddity

    When I use Delay and specify tempo of 4, is it supposed to be 16 beats? Because I am counting fifteen! 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 2 - 2 - 3 - 4 3 - 2 - 3 - 4 4 - 2 - 3 - 4 I play low E string on each pulse of the "TAP" light. I count out loud "one two three four, two two three four…" When I get the "four"...
  17. APE

    I Need a Pedal

    Hi. I'm probably posting it in the wrong forum but i don't know where it goes. I have Axe FX II and I need a pedal. I could: 1) Stick with AXE FX II and get an MFC pedal or 2) By and AXE FX III and a new pedal. My understanding is that II and III function differently in terms of pedals. For...
  18. APE

    Is there a Pedal for Axe-Fx III?

    Is there a Pedal that works with both Axe-FXIII and Axe-FX II? I have Axe-FXII now and want to get the pedal. At the same time, I don't want to be stuck with a pedal if it only works with Axe-FX II. Does the MFC have compat with both?
  19. APE

    Digital Distortion Adding a Second Reverb

    Why do I get digital distortion with the second reverb, if it is disabled (as shown below)? How do I get around that problem?
  20. APE

    What pedals are guys using for Axe-Fx III?

    What pedals for Axe FX III exist or are planned?
  21. APE

    Please ensure the Axe-Fx II is connected…

    My Axe-FX is connected and I am getting this error from Fractal-Bot.
  22. APE

    Fractal-Bot Download Error.

    I used Fractal-Bot to try to update Axe-Fx II. I clicked "Click to download" and it gave a 0% loader followed by a dialog box of "Download error." What is wrong? I am using Mac OS 10.13.4 (17E202)
  23. APE


    How can I easily switch settings in the Axe-FX? I have Axe FX II and the Ax-8. Ax-8 seemed lilke a good buy for busking, but I found that not only was it heavy, but it lacks essential features like headphone jack and USB. Ax-8 is slow and has very limited processing power. Even for someone...
  24. APE

    Pitch Shift Destroys Tone

    I'm running the pitch shifter in Axe-FX II and the output through analog outputs into my focusrite sounds horrendous. Why? If I disable pitch shift, the tone sounds alright again. But I use pitch shift so that I can transpose things more easily. For example, if the recording is 20c flat, I use...
  25. APE

    Clean / Dirty amp X/Y Setup

    I'm working on a preset for "Last in Line," by Dio. For the clean sound, I am using Moke's Acoustic Simulator for Humbucker. I use a split between my Single Coil pup (blue velvet) and the bridge pup (Tone Zone). The acoustic sound is great! A little bit noisy, but a really good sound. The...
  26. APE

    How Do You Organize Backing Tracks on iOS?

    I think this is the wrong forum, but I don't know where else to ask, as this pertains to LIVE performance… How can I organize backing tracks for live performance? Also, I had to give up on the AX8 Looper because it was very hard to use, hard to get in time. I'm not sure if it drifts out of...
  27. APE

    Backing Tracks on iPhone?

    I want to put all of my backing tracks on my iPhone. I tried bandhelper but it is complicated by layout managers, etc. I also tried youTube red but found it overly complicated with too many features and not free. WHat's agood way to organize my backing tracks on iPhone?
  28. APE

    Headphone Out VS Outputs in Back?

    When I listen to the AxeFX II directly via headphones via the Axe FX PHONES jack on the front panel, it sounds great. When I run the guitar processor into the Focusrite 18i8 and listen through the same headphones, plugged into the Focusrite, the sound is awful. I use OUTPUT 1, 1/4", on the...
  29. APE


    There is a warning in AxeEdit:— "Before clicking ok…" and aft3er that, I see a system dialog box for file browsing. What is this? What do I do? For normal apps (browser, etc), I can update with the click of a button.
  30. APE

    Acoustic Guitar Sounds from Electric Guitar — Possible?

    I want to cover some acoustic strummy stuff, by the Eagles. I know it won't sound exactly like an acoustic guitar with my tone zone humbucker in it. But… can I get it to sound maybe more acoustic-like, so that it sounds like a warm strummy sound, I looked up "Tone Match" but not sure if that...
  31. APE

    Fractal Devices are Incompatible with Each Other

    Presets for AxeFX cannot be imported to Ax8 and vice versa. This make the Ax8 virtually unusable for me, as I am unable to demo the sounds on my AxeFX first. I cannot demo sounds on the Ax8 because there is no headphone jack. In order to do any editing on the AX8, I have to bring my computer...
  32. APE

    Headset Microphone

    I don't know where to ask. I want a headset mic that I can use for busking while I play guitar and busk. Having to carry around a weighted mic stand is too much. The Samson AirLine distorts badly, has thin sound with hard-to-control plosives. I don't know if I should give up on headset mics...
  33. APE

    Please wait……………Communicating

    Often times, Axe-Edit will lock up, freeze, and otherwise not allow interactive connection to the AxeFX II. It will say "Please wait……………Communicating" in the status bar. I get this message about three to seven times per day and it's getting very time consuming. Is there any update to this...
  34. APE

    Elite Acoustics A4-8 Acoustic Amplifier + AX8 - Anyone?

    This looks amazing. https://www.thomannmusic.com/elite_acoustics_a4_8_acoustic_amplifier.htm I bet I could run the AX8 into it and get good sounds. Who's using it? Bluetooth audio streaming With digital effects and mix and mastering functions 4 Channels Power: 40 W Equipped with: 1x...
  35. APE

    Good Busking PA (25lbs, Portable)

    Busking PA should be FRFR, clear & loud, < 25lbs, rechargeable or powerable via DC at 3.5A, 70W Max (using Omnicharge). If it's not battery powered and powerable by DC, it can't be over 70W. Maybe 60W will work. I need mixing for vox, guitar L&R, and MP3 (aux or BT). I might need a separate...
  36. APE

    Scarlett Audio Interface & Axe-FX II

    I bought a Scarlett audio interface so that I can have an analog Mic in to my Macbook pro. I am having problems. I tried rebooting the MBP and the AxeFX. The problems are that some configurations, sound won't pass through to the selected output device, even when the sound preference indicates...
  37. APE

    Unknown Device

    When I launch AXE-Edit, I get the Mac error Unknown Device The version information could not be queried. Why? What do I need to do to make AXE Edit work. Everything is up to date.
  38. APE

    Custom Portable Cabinet

    I want a portable 2x10 FRFR battery powered PA system. Who is willing to build it? I need four inputs total:— AX8………2 inputs Mic ………1 input (w/trim) Audio…… 1 input (w/level) Panning hardwired is probably fine. Battery powered and light; about 10kg. I want to power it via Omnicharge (70W...
  39. APE

    Roland 50w Street Cube EX -- 15w FLUB speaker

    I want to busk. I thought I'd use the AX8 into a 50w Roland Street Cube EX. After inquiring here, I recently purchased the 50w Roland Street Cube EX for about $499 online. Now I'm reevaluating that decision and considering what to do. The first time I got to turn it up, it sounded thin, and not...
  40. APE

    How do I Send MIDI from AX8 Scene Change?

    Using AX8-Edit, how can I configure a Scene Change on AX8 to trigger a MIDI signal? How can I test this on my Macbook Pro, connected to the AX8?
  41. APE


    When I want to trigger the solo sound right after recording a loop and start the playback (without having to reconfigure things on the fly). 1) Switch to Looper mode (Footswitch 8) 2) Hit REC and begin playing rhythm 3) Exit Looper mode (Footswitch 8) 4) Finish playing rhythm and immediately...
  42. APE

    Looper Won't Record Sometimes?

    I'm not sure what's wrong. Sometimes Looper REC won't activate.
  43. APE

    Looper Record from Scene Change -- Possible?

    I use Programs for Songs and Scenes for Sections. Switching into and out of Looper mode while I sing and play and transition into the solo section is too hard. I use Scene 4 to trigger Looper PLY. This eliminates some tapdancing. But before I can PLY the loop, I need to REC it. To REC a...
  44. APE

    BlueTooth -> Audio & MIDI -- Possible?

    BandHelper sends the audio backing track into the Cube EX. BandHelper can also be programmed to send MIDI commands. I want to program BandHelper to send Scene Change information to the AX8 (is this MIDI program change information?) so that the right sounds will automatically be triggered without...
  45. APE

    Supremo Trem Amp -- Where's the Gain Knob?

    Where is the Gain control on the Supremo Trem? I want to adjust the amount of distortion but I don't know how. I want different gain settings for different scenes corresponding to different parts of the tunes.
  46. APE

    Who Teaches via Skype?

    I'm not getting free help here, so who teaches via Skype? Obviously this would be a paid scenario.
  47. APE

    How should I set up Ax8?

    I play rock and metal. Rainbow, Hendrix, Ozzy, The Eagles. I want to have a crunch, a high gain sound, a compressed clean tone with EQ, and for effects, flanger with EQ, chorus, and reverb. I also want a looper. What are some strategies for setting up the Ax-8 for this?
  48. APE

    How do I set F3 as a looper?

    I read in the manual, §4 FunctIon switches, the configuration option to set F3 as a looper. How do I do this?
  49. APE

    Headroom and Sensitivity

    Some amps clean up well when backing off the guitar's volume just a little bit. JCM 800 half stack, I like for this. I like it when the amp pushes air and breathes, from speaking cleanly to screaming. How can I get more sensitivity and distortion headroom from my Axe II or Ax-8?
  50. APE

    I forgot how to update the firmware

    I forgot how to update the version for AxeFX. I recall the updater is a lengthy process, so I skpped a few. I've been ignoring the dialog boxes for a long time. Sorry to be so annoying, but how do I get everything squared away with the updater notification so I can get it to STFU? TY
  51. APE

    Mobile, Lightweight, Battery Powered

    Looking for a lightweight, battery powered rig for street performance. To carry heavy gear and a motorcycle battery with my spine and joint injuries won't work. I read AX8 weighs nearly 20 lbs. Is it the transformer? The casing? Why can't they use Aircraft Al or Ti, a light transformer and a...
  52. APE

    Vs The Real Thing

    When I back off the volume on real amps with distortion, it cleans up. But with my Axe-FX II, not so much. What am I doing wrong? I am considering a lightweight rig using an AX8.
  53. APE

    Plexi 50w Hi & Distortion

    I have an awesome swirly, bright sound with the rotary speakers and a plexi 50w. But I want a bit more distortion on the amp and I don't want the overall signal noise to increase. I am using a Plexi 50w. I looked in the wiki but I can't find any overdrive controls...
  54. APE

    Presets Wiped by AxeEdit?

    Guys, somehow my presets are set back to an old version of what they were. I using AxeEdit and the sounds were a bit strange, and then, after switching patches with my FCB 1010 footswitch, I realized that the presets somehow got reset to an older version of themselves. All the cool patches are...
  55. APE

    Recording on Mac. GarageBand? No…

    I'm using AxeFX direct into the mac, using Mac's Audio Midi setup, into GarageBand. I like the track layout of GarageBand. I dislike that there's no rehearsal count in, that it constantly "forgets" devices, that it often presents me with dialog boxes, that it hogs up memory, and that it is slow...
  56. APE

    Aex-Edit: Create Scene

    I want to use scenes with my FCB-1010 pedal to change sounds, while avoiding the signal dropping that I experience when switching presets. Please show me any videos on creating scenes through Axe-Edit. The manual and videos I've watched don't explain how to do that. Thank you,
  57. APE

    Virtual Pedalboard with Axe-Edit?

    I was thinking of setting up a virtual pedalboard on Axe-Edit, where each pedal toggles an effect on and off. I would like to have pedals for Flanger, Phaser, Leslie, Delay, and Chorus. I have Axe-FX II and FCB 1010. I though bank 2 could be used for the individual effects. Is this...
  58. APE

    Updating Problem

    I got stuck on updating… When I launch Axe Edit, it says: Click "OK"… Result: Open File dialog box comes up. How can I update, given that? Thank you.
  59. APE

    First Preset — Silent Patch?

    I just downloaded to my AxeFX Presets folder: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/clark-kents-petrucci-rig-for-axe-fx-ii.77287/ In AxeEdit, I clicked "Import" I chose "Clark's Petrucci Rig.syx" Then I clicked "Save" I see on AxeFX II LCD and AxeEdit: 12: Clark's Petrucci Rig But the sound...
  60. APE

    How Do You Use It?

    I am using Axe-FX now for my youtube videos. I don't know how to customize sounds out of it because I've only spent maybe 15 hours or so trying to do it. I just use the preset sounds, with small modification of turning off the delay. Are there any clinics or events in the San Francsico Bay...
  61. APE

    AxeFX II — Mixer?

    I want video + audio record vox and guitar simultaneously onto separate tracks. I can multitrack vox, bass, now, but only on subsequent takes, and not as a live performance, and with no video. Right now I just use QuickTime for live recording and Audio/MIDI setup with everything down the...
  62. APE

    Distortion from Mac System Audio.

    I hear distortion from system audio of my Macbook Pro through Axe FX. This happens from audio from iMovie, Skype, Quicktime, YouTube, and seemingly everything coming from the Macbook pro. I don't see clipping on the Axe FX. There is digital distortion graininess from guitar recorded through...
  63. APE

    Stopped Working?

    My system audio was being distorted through the AxeFX. When I watch youtube or make skype calls, I get distortion, etc. At first, I'd restart the AxeFX and it would go back to normal. Then, I started hearing nothing at all. Now, I have to restart my computer. This is after two...
  64. APE

    Axe FX, Macbook Pro, Jammit, Sampling Rate

    Who's using Jammit with Axe FX on a Mac? Here is what I did, that is not working: 1) Connect Axe FX to Macbook Pro 2) Launch Jammit 3) When the "Sample Rate Mismatch" dialog appears, click OK. Jammit will quit. 4) Launch Jammit again 5) Play the loaded song (whatever song is loaded) Result...
  65. APE

    BYPASSED alternating with FLANGER 1:X — ¿?!!

    Looking at the layout, I push EDIT on FLG. I see BYPASSED alternating with "FLANGER 1:X". How do I un-bypass the flanger? Thank you,
  66. APE

    MIDI Foot Pedal?

    I have 10 button Behringer MIDI foot peda (this) that I want to connect to AXE-FX, so that I can use it to change patches from clean to dirty. How do I? I looked at the manual but don't know what to do.
  67. APE

    Mic + Axe II Simultaineously?

    How do I, through the Mac, have my USB Mic record my voice while I play through the Axe II?
  68. APE

    Turn Down or Bypass Effects?

    How can I bypass or turn down the effects. I know there's a block chain of effects, but I'm not ready for that yet. I just want to quickly bypass or turn down overall effects levels. Thanks.
  69. APE

    Mix Guitar with Computer Level?

    Hi Guys, How do I mix guitar input level, so that it is not as loud? I see an output nob, and that is for everything, but not an input nob. I have the volume on YouTube up all the way, but the guitar is still too loud, compared to it. Thanks.
  70. APE

    Battery Powered Micro Monitors?

    Ultra-lightweight battery powered speakers that sound good with AmpliTube + backing tracks through android. Name them or post a link.
  71. APE

    Record & Mix Exercise with Metronome

    I want to record me playing over the metronome. I tried in iMovie but the computer doesn't put the metronome onto the recording. I'm using a macbook pro with AxeFX II as the input and output sound device, and Metronome (that's what app's name is). I use import in iMovie, with the Metronome on...
  72. APE

    Axe-II + Macbook Pro?

    How do I connect the AxeFX-II to my Macbook pro? Does it support USB? Can I plug my AxeFX into my mac's USB? And if so, how? Thanks. I'm probably going to use AxeFX with Jammit to work on other peoples' music. I don't know how to record my own and I can't use my Boogie because I live in a...
  73. APE

    High Quality Product!

    I'm really quite impressed with this product. The more I use it, the more I see quality oozing out of everywhere. This is not a quck-sell marketed product but a genuinely high quality attention to detail. I'm a bit ashamed that I've not used it enough yet and don't want to make too many...
  74. APE

    MIDI Keyboard thru Axe-FX?

    I have a MIDI controller Studiologic SL-990 connected to my Axe-FX II connected to a MacBook Pro. SL-990 MIDI Kbd --> Axe-FX II --> MBP. In Axe-FX II, I/O > MIDI tab, I have MIDI THRU set to ON. When I play keys on the keyboard, I see the green light for MIDI IN on AXE-Fx II light...
  75. APE

    [Wiki] Close-miked tone versus amp-in-the-room tone

    I'd like know how to do the following: To anyone taking the time to explain it, it would be worth adding a link to the post or adding the relevant bits to the Wiki page. Close-miked tone versus amp-in-the-room tone - Axe-Fx II Wiki I'm coming at this as a total newb. I looked in the manual...
  76. APE

    User Guide?

    Is there a user guide for Axe-II? I have the manual, which looks to be well-organized and probably useful for a reference, but was looking for a simple quick-start guide.
  77. APE

    Where are you From?

    Hey, I'm from San Francisco, I play rock and metal and looking for anyone else in my area to learn about Axe-FX in person. Where are you from?
  78. APE

    When Can I Expect a Coupon?

    It's been nearly 1 month since sending my second inquiry for Axe-FX II. When can I expect a reply? Will I receive a coupon?
  79. APE

    Waiting List Application

    The email waiting list is error prone. I'm betting that of those on the waiting list, the number of those who do not get their order, in order, will be > 0. A web-based waiting list application will be less prone to human error. Works like so: User enters email address + captcha User submits...
  80. APE

    Do I Need a Digital Audio Interface?

    Can Axe-FX II be used as an interface? Reading Introducing the Axe-Fx II at Section "Computer Integration with Onboard USB" (would be nice to have fragment identifiers to link to). "You can record the Axe-Fx II main outputs on your connected PC or Mac, and on USB 2.0 systems...
  81. APE

    Power Amp + Speaker Cab or Powered Speakers?

    I want to get recorded sounds and also good live sounds out of Axe-FX. What do I do? I've never tried the Axe-FX and I won't be able to try it without having something to run it through. However, can you hear a difference here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76S3E-wEgYY&feature=related ...
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