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  1. 6L6C

    Windows 11?

    That's kind of what I remember also. Oh well no Windows 11 for me right now, my main machine doesn't cut the mustard with hardware (processor and secure boot to be precise) four years old. Still a power house, so have no intentions of building a new machine just to have Windows 11. Of coarse...
  2. 6L6C

    Axe III Upgrade

    Ohh I totally agree with you. I just think people lock into the visual, much quicker. And I'm with you as far as buying a new unit, waiting for a total hardware upgrade.
  3. 6L6C

    Axe III Upgrade

    I really feel if the "Axe Fx Mark II" was instead named the "Axe Fx IV" people would not be freaking out as much. Change the location of the buttons and knobs and screen and it would be more acceptable. But because the "Mark I" & "Mark II" share the same name, and for the most part look...
  4. 6L6C


    Same here, if it happens awesome! If not that's ok too.
  5. 6L6C


    @GreatGreen Since I used the term "future proofing"(in a earlier post) I believe some of this is directed at me. (and maybe because of the way I worded my post) Only you can tell me that. I totally agree if the Mark I can be reconfigured, I think that would be awesome!! (The rest of your post...
  6. 6L6C


    Have to admit first thing that crossed my mind when diving in to this thread. "So much for future proof" (As the Axe Fx III Mark I was advertised as) But pretty sure we will get it, it was already put out there it can be done, but -----. I remember years ago The Axe Fx Mark I, did not have...
  7. 6L6C

    Axe Fx 3 Rental

    Personally : Would not do it. You got your Axe Fx for yourself, not to start a business. It might come back in the same condition and it may not. The company may pay for damages , if they occur . But you are the one who has to deal with sending it out and so on. (Your time)
  8. 6L6C

    New wiring/pickups mod for Tele

    Bough a guitar with Fender locking tuners about 5 years, and not right away, but ended up putting them on two more Fenders. They are great! IMO On my 1980 Les Paul put on a set of locking Kluson's last year, I have say like them allot! Also geared down a bit lower then what was on there. Really...
  9. 6L6C

    AX8 (Revisited)

    Still got mine !
  10. 6L6C


    Now there is a piece of, functional art.
  11. 6L6C

    NGD Imminent

    Awesome top !
  12. 6L6C

    Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page) Riffs

    Nice Mark Great sounds, played great. You have that nice subtle vibrato going on while playing those riffs (very Page like). “Heartbreaker” & “Black dog” being the stand out’s for me in regard to the vibrato. Have seen allot of people play these riffs threw the year’s and they may play the...
  13. 6L6C

    Ever give up playing?

    There was a point in time (2003) I didn’t play for 6-9 month’s, not really sure why I fell out of it (been playing since 1977). The only thing I can attribute too. At the time I was stuck in a job, all promises were broken, and I was seeing finances very slowly being chipped away. Basically, a...
  14. 6L6C

    NGD - Fender 75th Anniversary Commemorative Telecaster

    Tele's rule! And that is gorgeous ! !
  15. 6L6C

    Guitar Stands

    I have one of these stands also. The search is over they are awesome.
  16. 6L6C

    Roy Clark has Johnny Cash dumbfounded performing this solo with a glass

    Yes when Roy did that scene in The odd couple. It's pretty safe to say as soon as he started to play, Tony Randall and Jack klubman stopped acting and they were just sitting there like holy s***.
  17. 6L6C

    Roy Clark has Johnny Cash dumbfounded performing this solo with a glass

    Love Roy Clark! Never took himself all that serious. But yet he was a master on the guitar second to none. And then of course he played a slew of other instruments including violin banjo mandolin just to name a few. And he was a master on them also.
  18. 6L6C

    SMH. Sirius XM.

    I got a free 3 month trial that ended, just yesterday. It was just my email address no CC involved. (New vehicle) I almost thought about doing a whole year, but then remembered all my past experiences with them, especially when wanting to cancel. Horror show, about 30-45 mins on the phone and...
  19. 6L6C

    NGD (Tomorrow)

    I guess? Never really gave it any though. But a friend of mine also had a burst, a 79 (Norlin era) and that was burst on the neck and head stock also.
  20. 6L6C

    NGD (Tomorrow)

    Thanks for the interest. Nothing special really 1980 Les Paul Standard. And yes -- it's from the Norlin era but this was one of the good one's. Have had many offers for it through the years. Used but not abused> Current configuration is a set of Skinner Burst pickup's (Seymour Duncan). 50's...
  21. 6L6C

    NGD (Tomorrow)

    Had me hooked with those P90's! And don't get discouraged with Muad'zin's responce. But there is truth to it! So bottom line be a little mindful, don't lean it on a wall or something like that, were it might come crashing to the floor. (you know ---- common sense) And here is a example they...
  22. 6L6C

    Fender Strat single coil (bridge) favorites

    Pretty much feel the same way about the DiMarzio’s, my Strat has an Area 61 in the bridge and 2 Area 58’s, they do the job well. But lately I have had the itch to put real singles back in. Never tried the Kinmen’s, maybe in the future. Have also had Fender’s noiseless offering N3’s and they have...
  23. 6L6C

    Burstbuckers 1, 2, 3, or Pro

    Yeah the guitar with the Seth Lovers I may try the Alnico 5 for the bridge pickup or even the neck also. (what the hell) but suspect be sticking with the 2 or 3 for the neck. The covers are off the pickups so magnet swapping is pretty easy with that guitar (Gibson V). The pots is a good call...
  24. 6L6C

    Burstbuckers 1, 2, 3, or Pro

    Just looking for peoples experiences with Burstbucker’s. Are you using either type 1, 2, 3, or pro? Or are you using a mix of the different type’s? So far I lean toward either a set of Burstbucker 1’s. Second configuration would be a mix Burstbucker 1 in the neck and a Burstbucker 2 in the...
  25. 6L6C

    School me on Strats

    Oh -- Not that fast! But a medium my last a few days for me or even a week, but like anything depends on what I'm doing. Got to look on the bright side, there cheap! The Bluechip you use, have you worn any them out? It's one of the few companies I haven't tried. Hear nothing but good things...
  26. 6L6C

    School me on Strats

    As of right now have been using plain old Fender Celluloid pick's 351's, gauges vary depending on what I'm up too, and what guitar. However it always seems to between a medium or a heavy. Still have some Red Bears and other boutique company's, have not tried them all: but allot! Truth of it...
  27. 6L6C

    School me on Strats

    Wow I never had an experience with the pics wearing out like that! They do wear out don't get me wrong, but I have to wonder if it was a defective material. Never had to use customer support with Red Bear. But I am a little sour on them. The last time I ordered with them, a little over 5 months...
  28. 6L6C

    Single Coils - Staggered vs Flat Pole Piece

    When I say staggered, referring to a vintage staggered. Mainly interested in the opinions of people who took their single pickups and flattened the pole pieces. Did you like it? Change it back to staggered? Or did you stagger it to the radius of your neck
  29. 6L6C

    Andy Wood Plexy patch

    I sure like how it sounds when you're playing it. :)
  30. 6L6C

    Guitar Center To File For Bankruptcy

    I dont know maybe I lucked out the GC (Commack NY) has always been pretty decent to me and good with trade ins also. Make me a offer and tell me what they will list it for, it was always fair. Also had a good experiance with GC (Greensboro NC) about 7 years ago while visiting a friend in NC...
  31. 6L6C

    School me on Strats

    Been pretty much playing humbucker equip guitars since 1979, got my first Strat only 9 years ago my first single coil guitar; pure single coils no humbuckers involved. And I really wonder what the hell took me so long? Anyway the Stratocaster became my gateway to two Telecasters down the line...
  32. 6L6C


    Had Sirius twice, canceling was a major time consuming PITA. Prepare to spend allot of time on the phone if you cancel !! I liked (not loved) Sirius when I first had it, merging with XM was the worst IMO. Just lazy programming on a loop.
  33. 6L6C

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    Quoting myself from March 9, on this thread. I did grab the amp and glad I did, it's quick easy, no temptation to tweak while playing (But that's my issue not everyone else). Have the Axe Fx III going through a FRFR system. Sounds great: yeah of coarse! But since it is FRFR a mic is involved...
  34. 6L6C

    Having trouble parting with a high-end twelve-string Taylor

    I don’t know?? If you must take the time to post on a forum if you should sell or not. You really do not want to. The comparison is often made to tools. I don’t turn around and sell a socket set just because it has not been used in a few months. Maybe a bad example, a 12 string is a more of a...
  35. 6L6C

    Axe-Fx II USB audio channel count problem (WIN10 - ASIO4ALL)

    Win 10, Reaper Using ASIO4all, all my outputs are available on the Axe Fx III, as an "audio input" selected my internal sound card for the hell of it ( Don't usually use ASIO4all) I do have a Axe Fx II off site I can get it install the diver and see what it looks like on my system John
  36. 6L6C

    Is there a way to have an ENGL SE amp use an Axe-FX III for effects and store both settings together as presets on a MIDI foot controller?

    Can a MIDI controller control the Axe Fx, and can that same MIDI controller also control the amp. The answer is yes: but it is kind of clunky in some ways. What I suggest is have the Axe Fx control the amp as far as the presets switching. It will make your life much easier. This video will...
  37. 6L6C

    K, so the FedUps guy dropped these off today....

    Yeah same here got them with a Tele I purchased. And ended up getting two more sets one for another Tele and also a Strat. Like you I got the staggered also. About 5 years with 3 different guitars, no complaints!
  38. 6L6C

    Change your damn guitar strings...

    Same here. Have been buying strings by the box not the pack for years
  39. 6L6C

    The Axe-Fx III is a Happiness Box

    Agree! Next generation after the "bean" expect it to sound better. I was wrong ! That thing was a step backwards .
  40. 6L6C

    Rounded or Pointy Pick Tip? Flexy or Stiff Pick?

    @JoKeR III Got my ChickenPicks starter set, I see the appeal! Only spent about 30 min with them today, they feel real good right off the bat. I don't see myself using them as my daily driver, but different guitar , different styles. See myself going for them from time to time. They feel good...
  41. 6L6C

    PC not detecting AxeFx 2 after power surge.

    Might not be the Axe, might be the PC or both. Have you tried -- Plugging Axe into another computer? If it shows up in device manager install the drivers. Does everything look normal after that? Can you use it as a audio interface just play some MP3's. If so Axe is most likely fine. The...
  42. 6L6C

    Rounded or Pointy Pick Tip? Flexy or Stiff Pick?

    Pretty much the same here, Paul Gilbert sent me down the same rabbit hole. Also, I like the sound of a thinner pick: BUT -- like anything depends on what you are doing at the time. Use to play thick picks all the time so going down to a .60 or .50 presented some challenges, the main challenge...
  43. 6L6C

    Rounded or Pointy Pick Tip? Flexy or Stiff Pick?

    I go a little lighter, Dunlop round Fender style .60 &.73. But !! I have the same quirk logo must be face up. I just ordered a starter set, although I do like lighter picks these days, use to play thick picks all the time and have heard so many good things about these picks.
  44. 6L6C

    Why is scene 2 volume boosted so much?

    Just went through your preset, keep in mind I'm not running 4 cable so I had to ditch the loop and put in a amp and cab block, for testing. As far as setting volume per scene's, yes clicking on the output and going to the sliders for each scene is probably the best method. I did have a slight...
  45. 6L6C

    Drum Machine question... Possible Alesis SR 16

    I think it comes close to what you want, if I understand the question correctly. When you bring up a preset there is a "A" patteren and a "B" patteren and also a fill for each. If you bring up a photo of the unit you will see the "A" "B" "Fill" buttons on the face of the unit. It's been a long...
  46. 6L6C

    I have a student looking for a practice amp -

    Going with simplicity and keeping within the budget Boss Katana Mini. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/KataMini--boss-katana-mini-7-watt-combo-amp $100 new. The only drawback power supply is a separate purchase. (although the battery life is not all that bad) I have and still use one they...
  47. 6L6C

    [Might be solved] Strange problem - Wah block seems to kill Output randomly

    I download your preset and played with it for a little bit, wah and all: everything seems to be working fine. I'm using a Axe Fx III and a FC-12
  48. 6L6C

    Using EV-2 for wah

    Personally I would not limit the sweep of the pedal. Had Mission spring loaded worked great felt like any Dunlop wah. Started using an EV-1, it did take a little bit getting use to using it as a wah. However for me at least; allot easier to finesse. Allot easier to park the wah. Give it a week...
  49. 6L6C

    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    No 50's wiring for you?
  50. 6L6C

    5-way Super switch (Strat)

    Not for this particular strat. However I do have another pick guard we're giving position 5 its own tone control is an awesome idea
  51. 6L6C

    5-way Super switch (Strat)

    Just to clarify I do love the middle pick up by itself. But when there's no tone control I just find it the exact way you described it to pointy. What you described for yourself as far as modifications off the top of my head all sound doable with a super switch. But no tone controls for...
  52. 6L6C

    5-way Super switch (Strat)

    That's part of the fun. :) In my case a little more modest, just to address something that drives me a little nuts. Recently came back to stock wiring for my Strat but I hate were the tone controls overlap on positions 2 or 4 on the switch, depending which way you look at the switch. And also...
  53. 6L6C

    5-way Super switch (Strat)

    Thanks guys! Oak Grigsby it is. Was leaning in that direction anyway, but now I feel better about it. :)
  54. 6L6C

    5-way Super switch (Strat)

    Does anyone have a favorite brand of super switch ? Basically concerned about the feel.
  55. 6L6C

    If you were to buy a Taylor acoustic

    I have a 414ce and sometime in the future would really like a 814. Having said that I would never sell my 414 great sounding guitar the neck never moves the six years that I've had it I've only adjusted the truss rod a handful of times. The intonation is spot-on , great guitar. But ! As great as...
  56. 6L6C

    Got a $100 bucks...should I....?

    Finally, sound advice.
  57. 6L6C

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    It's funny you say that, I may pick up a Fender Princeton in the near future (week or so). I want it for the living room, "functional art". It will go with the decor and just a great sounding amp.
  58. 6L6C

    Was headed towards Strymon but the $$ are adding up

    Can kind of relate to this thread. A friend of mine built a board for a client, the heavy hitters on the board are Strymon: Big Sky, Timeline, Mobius and a, Eventide H9. There is also a Mesa Boogie amp switcher involved “Head Track” (in a separate rack). There is also an assortment of a few...
  59. 6L6C

    Rhett Shull's Modeller Setup Tips

    I agree the wording is a bit "clunky", some of the stuff he was talking about regarding the Axe Fx was not correct but not wrong either depends on what your going for and the way your looking at it at the time. And the comments on high's and low's made me cringe a little (to much to get into). I...
  60. 6L6C

    Will 10 be the last AX8 firmware ever?

    If there's an upgrade in the future I welcome it! But if not I'm okay with that too I love it just the way it is. At this point I would say it's probably not going to happen, keep in mind just a guess on my part.
  61. 6L6C

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    Correct !
  62. 6L6C

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    Time for a re-visit I just threw a set of 9's on a Les Paul
  63. 6L6C

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    Last year went back to 9's on all my Fender guitars, cant tell you why, just felt right and sounds good. Tried with my Gibson's also but in the end went back to 10's (felt good but wrong all at the same time on the Gibson's). I knows makes no sense but that is the only way to describe it...
  64. 6L6C

    Spring Reverb

    I like to add a little pre-delay, roughly 15-45ms, depends upon other factors. Dial to taste! Just to give a little separation.
  65. 6L6C

    How’s Win 10 treating you?

    Same here never had that problem with USB ports releasing on either of my win10 machines. Even if not using the "Safely Remove" Actually a little shocked reading all these complaints, I liked Win 10 from day one I started using it. Maybe I got lucky with the hardware lottery? I really don't...
  66. 6L6C

    How’s Win 10 treating you?

    Although I never had the problem (with win10) ran the test out of curiosity on two of my machines one workstation the other laptop both behave as according to their settings. Here is a screen shot of the workstation, as you can see have the Realtek set as default, if I turn the Axe III on...
  67. 6L6C

    Mesa Boogie JP2C - Tone Matched

    Nice Frank Great playing too!
  68. 6L6C

    Axe-Fx III standalone vs 4cm

    If you are so on the fence (been there myself) just get the Mesa out of storage take it home/rehearsal space. Take your current presets you use duplicate them somewhere else on the unit and set them up for 4 cable method and go to work at your own pace. You will still have you original presets...
  69. 6L6C

    Anyone still using Dunlop Ultex 1.0mm yellow picks?

    For the best part of the late seventies it was more or less Fender medium, then during the eighties heavy’s and this lasted till about 10-15 years ago. After that started experimenting with all the latest and greatest size, shape and gauges, but as far as gauge always around the 1.14 to 1.50...
  70. 6L6C

    USB disconnecting

    Have you guys installed the USB firmware update? (1.08)This is a different update from your standard firmware (just for the usb) and is installed with a different method. https://www.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-iii-downloads/
  71. 6L6C

    NGD .........’57 Goldtop..........(swoon)

    I'm all charged up looking at that guitar! And its not even mine o_O Have a soft spot for Les Paul's, I know Gibson has a ton of fault's and I don't defend them.And you should not have pick and choose so much. To get a good guitar. But if you know what your looking for and find that one...
  72. 6L6C

    Scene Controller

    From my post above: I think (guessing) what is happening when you go scene 1 to 3 that delay block is loading to its "X" state then bypassing, takes a little more time to bypass. Meanwhile for a short time (fraction of a second) it's feeding into the second delay that has already become active...
  73. 6L6C

    Scene Controller

    Hey Andy Found the problem, I believe. You tell me. Took your file and made one change. Whats causing that little volume spike between scenes 1 & 3 is that first delay you have in the chain. for scene 1 it's in a "Y" state, scenes 2 & 3 it's in "X". When your in scene 2 going to 3 no problem...
  74. 6L6C

    Greg Koch on That Pedal Show

    My luthier said the same thing is this case it wasn't for me another customer of his. He said it was a holy shit moment when he installed them. On another note went to see Greg at a Fender clinic about 6 ish years ago. Two and a half hours seemed like 20 min.
  75. 6L6C

    New Carvin pedal stereo power amp

    It is cool for sure. But the damn power supply is probably larger than the pedal itself. Just like the Magnum 44. The Duncan 170 doesn't have this problem no separate power supply.
  76. 6L6C

    Guitar Jam - Mesa Boogie Triaxis from the Axe-Fx III ;-)

    Certainly sounds good to me, with some very tasty playing!
  77. 6L6C

    Potential problem with Axe-Fx sold to someone

    Is he using XLR out ?? If so try the ground lift switch
  78. 6L6C

    How many Axe-Fx 3 out there?

    The only people who know are Fractal. Give them a call ;)
  79. 6L6C

    Guitar Finish ... Nitro or Poly?

    I do like Nitro, can't really put it into words why. I guess it comes down to feel. (and I like the look) My first electric guitar is a 1980 Les Paul Standard, purchased new in 81, and yes I still have it. My second a 82 Flying V, Gibson so also Nitro (still have that too). Just so use to that...
  80. 6L6C

    New Axe-Fx III basic price - $1,999

    Dam, I should have sold my Axe Fx II months ago. This will put a bit of a dent on what people are willing to pay for the II.
  81. 6L6C

    Anyone ever swap pickup magnets?

    I have done it and the results were positive, but-. I did it as a, “what the hell” moment. Took a pair of Seth Lovers out of a Les Paul and put in some Joe Bonamassa Skinnerburst pick up’s (which I like allot BTW). The Seth Lovers had Alnico II’s and the Skinnerburst had Alnico III’s. At the...
  82. 6L6C

    Gibson Burstbucker Pro Vs Suhr Aldrich pickup comparrison

    Great video! Short and sweet demos going back and forth between the two sets of pickups, with consistent playing and also kept in a consistent order. A big plus in my book. As for the pickups, I leaned towards the Burstbucker's myself. More of that Tele on steroids sound. (But the two set's are...
  83. 6L6C

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    What I'm wondering, since Ares is more processor intensive. I assume that presets, that are already running on current firmware and using allot of processor power will not run with Ares. So we have to re-visit some of our presets and touch them up a bit. Not a big deal really, just a point of...
  84. 6L6C

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

  85. 6L6C

    Which hardware pedal did you keep since getting your Axe-Fx III and why?

    I got a few some TC Electronic, Boss, Maxon. I like having them on a shelf, bragging rights, functional art. Call it what you want, but looks cool and right there if I need one.
  86. 6L6C

    Using Ethernet and Midi to power and control Axe-Fx 2 and MFC101

    Not meaning to sound Doom and Gloom. But if you set the MFC to expansion it should be communicating have you tried different ethernet cables? Hopefully not. But you may have a damaged port on either the MFC or the Axe FX itself. Is there anyone around you, that has either a axe-fx II where you...
  87. 6L6C

    "Digital modelers just don't cut through"

    This made me chuckle a bit. There is a guitar store by me. And they have a fair amount of "relic's", "limited run" "59 profiled neck" "58 profiled neck" "60-62 profiled necks". Aged tuners, aged bridges and so on. And for the privilege of what I consider "window dressing" you get to pay allot...
  88. 6L6C

    Intellifex Style 8 Voice Chorus

    Fond memories of my Intellifex.
  89. 6L6C

    Tony at it again...smh, Axe-Fx III inside and out video review

    Admins Close this thread and be done with it. The same thing keeps being rehashed. You know Tony is reading this and getting off on the attention.
  90. 6L6C

    Tony at it again...smh, Axe-Fx III inside and out video review

    "Probably the only real review of this unit" The arrogance is astounding, what a statement.
  91. 6L6C

    Axe-Fx III on stage

    Great photos ! Enhances the lights nicely.
  92. 6L6C

    From AX8 to Axe-Fx III

    Yeah the sound will be better. (you will feel a difference also) Goes beyond that the drives are better with more options. For me the wah is way better there again more options within the given block. The cab block on the III is like having Cab Lab on board. Without going crazy and typing out...
  93. 6L6C

    What are you GASing for right now?

    Hardtail Strat, I think will be my next purchase in the future.
  94. 6L6C

    Pop noise switching scenes

    I forgot to mention! I assume you are using the FxLoop block to run out to a real cab. If so within that block you can also balance out your volume per scene. As for scene controller 2 you might want to consider attaching it to the master volume of the amp block. That amp model has a sweet spot...
  95. 6L6C

    Pop noise switching scenes

    Yeah no problem I left the modifiers alone you had for input drive. The modifier you had for the cab I got rid of all together, I know what you were going for but it was very aggressive and causing that loud pop. Instead to volume balance your scenes, click on the output block go to scenes and...
  96. 6L6C

    Pop noise switching scenes

    Try this the only thing I did was play with the modifiers a bit. Did this real quick just want to see if it pushes you in the direction you are looking for (can fine tune later) You had one modifier really cranked pretty sure that was causing the pop. BTW I didn't look at anything else. Just...
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