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  1. rolidoc

    SOLD Matrix Q12a for sale

    I sell my Matrix Q12a, the famous active monitor for modelers like AXE-Fx II or III or FM3. I bought the unit from G66, used it and loved it. Due to a system change it now needs a new home. It´s used and of course has signs of use as you would expect, it hasn't seen a stage in the last few...
  2. rolidoc

    SOLD Friedman ASM-12 for sale

    I sell my Friedman ASM-12 active monitor.500 w, Celestion 12" speaker & tweeter, level, low-cut filter switch, ground lift switch. Made in USA. It is used but in good condition, technically sound. The case (wood) has two dents from the very first gig. I use it for two years only in the practice...
  3. rolidoc

    Weird problem with Axe-Edit

    Hello, I have a weird problem with Axe-edit on my Windows PC. Until now it always ran without problems, since a few days the following happens. While I play with the AXE FX III edit regularly reads the preset names and the cab slots. After a short time the graphic loses its representation, the...
  4. rolidoc

    SOLD AXE II XL+ with MFC 101 Mark III the bundle for 1300€

    I'm selling my AXE FX II XL+ with case from Gator and a MFC 101 Mark III footcontroller in good conditions. The current firmware Ares 2.0 is installed. I have used this setup for the last two years only as a backup. It works flawlessly and has only few use tracks. The original packaging is...
  5. rolidoc

    SOLD Gordius Little Giant foot controller for sale

    Sell my Gordius LG2 midi foot control. Very flexible controller, you can program virtually anything you want to control anything you want, it's almost infinite. Programming is possible via freely available software on the PC. I used it to control my AXE III and played a lot of gigs with it. The...
  6. rolidoc

    The best way to use headphones

    maybe a silly question but what is the best way to connect headphones for best results. Direct in the headphone input of the AXE III or via USB and PC or other gear to play to backingtracks?
  7. rolidoc

    A spontaneous recording with GlennDelaune new pedal platform

    Hi guys, had discovered some new Presets from GlennDeLaune this weekend, he calls them PedalPlatform. Additionally there were some very nice backingtracks. I tested three of his great pedal combinations and recorded them spontaneously. Was surprised how awesome they sound in the mix and how easy...
  8. rolidoc

    Little question about sustain on distorted sounds

    Happy new year. I notice that in presets with distorted amps the tone often doesn't end so long or dies suddenly. With the same guitar on clean amplifiers like Fender, sustain is much longer, more natural. Can someone explain that? How can you improve sustain in distorted settings without...
  9. rolidoc

    Something wrong with my AXE?

    Hello, I´m very unhappy cause my AXE XL+ sounds like sh… A few days ago I posted my problem in the thread “about clipping” started by Yek and then in “My Axe is possessed” by SteveW but no solution. So maybe I used the wrong way to announce my problem. In the beginning I noticed a similar...
  10. rolidoc

    How do I upload an audio file in a thread?

    maybe a silly question but I don't know how to upload an audio file, what is the best way to do?
  11. rolidoc

    Hi looper-guys, need your help

    I'm having trouble with the looper to start and stop record just in time in a live setup playin an eighth note figure. I 'm using the looper function with my MFC. Any advices not to loose the groove? Or do I have to increase practice time for the looper?
  12. rolidoc

    looper - how to pan the signal

    Hi everybody- I need your help. I want to create a preset for an intro with looper. I want to pan the looper signal half the way to the left so for example if I´m playing to the recorded riff, my guitar signal is in the middle or more to the right side and the recorded stuff is more left to get...
  13. rolidoc

    Is it harmful to my AXE...?

    last Friday night after using my AXE I forgot to turn it off and noticed this in the morning after 14 hours. Maybe it's not a big problem and it's still working but I wonder if it's harmful to my AXE to let the power on for a long time. Any experience?
  14. rolidoc

    Any experience with a Friedman active monitor?

    I'm using a Matrix Q12a in combination with my AXE. Just read a test about the Friedman active monitor asm12 wedge. Is this wedge a good alternative to the Matrix, any experience? Maybe for the new atomic stuff too?
  15. rolidoc

    Bug? Fractal-Bot and AXE-Edit show the wrong FW Version

    Don´t know, if it´s a bug and if it´s relevant but after updating to Q5.2 my fractal-bot(2.8.0) and the updated Axe-Edit shows Q5.1 wether the AXE presents Q5.2
  16. rolidoc

    Which headphones do you use to save peace at home?

    Hi guys, I love to play loud but in the evening my family is annoyed by my noodeling. I´ve got a Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro (250 Ohm) but I don´t like the signal from the phonesoutput. Do you use the AXE phonesout or do you use a signal from a soundcard or another device? What´s your tip?
  17. rolidoc

    Can´t find the 5F8 Keith Urban Amp

    I can´t find the 5F8 in the list of amps in axe-edit (3.2), but it´s still there in my AXE XL+, if I edit at AXE XL+ this amp, it will be shown by axe edit. Sorry for my bad english, hope you´ll understand my problem.
  18. rolidoc

    Warren Haynes beautifully broken preset wanted

    Hi, I´m looking for a Warren Haynes preset (for LP) or create one and need your help for a starting point. The sound I want is the rhythmpart and first solo of "beautifully broken" live (The deepest end). Any idea?
  19. rolidoc

    Comet Concourse - who is who?

    Hi, does anybody knows which AXE - controller correspond to the original controller of the Komet, especially which knob is the high cut and which is the presence? Thanx
  20. rolidoc

    atomic reactor 50w - changing tubes

    who knows the regular bias adjustments (value) for the atomic reactor 50 w, please help!
  21. rolidoc

    Badger 30, who is who?

    Hi, I want to recreate some Badger 30 settings, but I wonder which knob in the preset of my AXE II is for power, which for drive and for gain. Especially the origin power and drive controller would affect the sound strongly. Please help... :?
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