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  1. Vhalen50

    FS Axe FX2 MK1 + MFC 101 MK1 $1400

    Selling my original Axe FX2 rig. Full disclosure the Ethernet jack on the MFC was repaired (little tab broke off not allowing the jacks to click on) by the fractal support group a few years back. The Axe FX2 unfortunately has this issue and isn’t repaired. The port works just fine, cables just...
  2. Vhalen50

    Road Case Suggestions for Matrix FR12

    Just got a Matrix FR12. Loving it. Had used a ASM-12 for a year on the road now and its showing its scars, which is cool, but I dont really want the FR to suffer the same fate. Ive had the ASM in a padded Tuki Covers bag and it protected it from alot, but not enough unfortunately. The Tuki also...
  3. Vhalen50

    Need help to incorporate a flexible FOH and FRFR rig with DI

    Use an AXE8 and Friedman ASM 12 I currently run: output 1 XLR to FOH output 2 1/4" x XLR cable to ASM12 (25 feet) The band I'm hired in currently needs me to carry an acoustic. While the AX8 could handle that, I'm sure, I know that FOH guys would rather have a separate feed. I was thinking...
  4. Vhalen50

    FX Loop usage with running dual outputs

    Searched for a while, its early and I cant seem to find anything. I use both outputs. Unit is set to mono and Output1 is echo'd to 2. OUT1L - FOH OUT2L - Friedman ASM12 My question is, im trying to integrate a different overdrive pedal into the rig, but id like for it to run through the fx...
  5. Vhalen50

    Generation Axe Tour (Vai, Malmsteen, Abasi, Wylde and Bettencourt

    http://generationaxe.com/ Crazy lineup. Their site has been getting a hug of death. Probably coming near you!
  6. Vhalen50

    Yrbace Quantum

  7. Vhalen50

    Coheed and Cambria - The Suffering

    Did a cover song for an upcoming CD I'm doing for my wedding. Love me that Euro Red. It chugs so hard.
  8. Vhalen50

    Riffs and Noodles

    Friend of mine asked for a theme song to open his podcast. riffs and noodles.
  9. Vhalen50

    Avenged Sevenfold part ways with Arin Ilejay

    Moving Forward Without Arin Ilejay. | News | Avenged Sevenfold sad to hear. I really loved this band in the City of Evil days. I feel like they will never truely find anyone who is good enough to them.
  10. Vhalen50

    Punch Punch 19

  11. Vhalen50

    To stick with Matrix or not

    So my Matrix GT1000fx blew up on me a few weeks ago. Basically I asked to borrow a speaker cable at my bands practice space. Normally I use a heavy duty speakon-1/4" cable that is maybe 3 feet in length. The cab i use at the space was covered with new PA gear, so I said i could just put my rack...
  12. Vhalen50

    Experience swapping pickguards with aftermarket parts

    My mirror jem pickguard cracked and i purchased a "FITS JEM RG SERIES" type mirror guard to replace it. It was only 30 bucks so i figured it was worth the gamble. Printed out the template and seemed like it would match. Showed up a week later and the outer holes fit but 3 towards the edges do...
  13. Vhalen50

    Instrumental Lots of Solo song

    Just a bunch of guitar over the top of a song I did today. Main focus for this was fixing my old BRMR Jem and uninstalling a Tremel-no and putting the original claw back in correctly. I missed this guitar.
  14. Vhalen50

    HELP Lo Pro Edge Tremelo Sticking

    I've had my JEM BRMR for about 10 years now and it has now started to "stick" when the tremelo goes back to the resting position. If i push on it, itll get stuck a half note sharp, and if i pull on it it can get stuck a half note flat. This results in pretty much it never going back to the...
  15. Vhalen50

    Brad Paisley playing Hot For Teacher.

    dat tone
  16. Vhalen50

    Hevy Devy's Rig

    Not sure if this ever got posted up around here but he goes as far as to include his ultra and II presets as well as the cab in the interview! Rigged: Devin Townsend's Massive Live Rig, Piece By Piece - MetalSucks
  17. Vhalen50

    Smooth Chordy Tune

    There are some mistakes here and there, but it was one of the ones i get done with start to finish in about 4 hours.
  18. Vhalen50

    Uptempo fast driving song

    Im starting to lean towards using the ac15 and lighter models than going straight for the 5150III or HBE. This one is pretty neat. Im just waiting for a vocalist to get around to putting lyrics on it.
  19. Vhalen50

    John Legend cover with fw15

    Evening! Me and some friends decided on a whim to do a cover of John Legend's "All Of Me" with a more contemporary rock twist I guess. Took around 6 hours from start to where its at now. We're really proud of it, hope you like it! Oh....axe fx for bass and guitar. FW15 rules.
  20. Vhalen50

    Beardy metal

    The kinda stuff that makes you make the scrunched up face and grow facial hair.
  21. Vhalen50

    14.02 Top Boost

    Its a WIP but I was so happy with how well the amp has a dynamic open ness to it now. It feels like a perfect crunch. EDIT: Changed the link to be the newest version complete with harmony guitar solos, strings and eagles landing on my shoulder on a mountain.
  22. Vhalen50

    V13 angry face music

    First V13 song. Excuse if the bass freqs are out of whack. I just moved into my new house and havent gotten any sort of ref up and I tend to shoot for way more low end than needed.
  23. Vhalen50

    Soda Shop Sax

    Another one from our upcoming cd. This is the "go get your best gal" part ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  24. Vhalen50

    New Hi Gain PRS amp?

    PRS Archon Amplifier
  25. Vhalen50

    Small excerpt

    My band flew to Phoenix to work with Mitch Wyatt (hawthorne heights, ellison, foxy shazam) Its not much, but I flew my axe2 over there and used the FAS modern on this one i believe.
  26. Vhalen50

    The Raven Multi Touch Console....wut

  27. Vhalen50

    Mfc switching issue

    Recently my MFC stops switching and will only stay on the second "preset". Any other button I press just makes it 2nd preset. I tried resetting it and nothing. Was running most current fw Any ideas?
  28. Vhalen50

    Punky thing

    It started out as a joke, still kinda is lol. I used the JCM 800 Mod for the guitars and the bass was just through the SVT patch. Drums are my fingers. I bet you'd never guess what guitar I used for it.
  29. Vhalen50

    Steve Vai's Doodle

    I saw Steve Vai last night in Cincinnati and got to hang out with him after the show from winning this local contest. He signed my JEM and added these goofy doodles. Anyone have idea what it is? "][/URL]
  30. Vhalen50

    Anybody get anything in the Walmart.com fiasco this morning?

    Here I ordered a few games, caught it at the tail end. I didnt choose in store pickup mainly because I figured managers would be jerks (most have been). But some people have been walking out with 55inch tv's for 30 bucks..
  31. Vhalen50

    A song preview

    Its extremely to the point and only a minute of the entire 6ish minute song, but we posted it to start some buzz about the CD were getting ready to do in Arizona. Did this one in my basement. Axe FX for guitars and bass. Drums were live tracked and blended with slate.
  32. Vhalen50

    Eleven Rack. HEAR ME OUT

    So my other guitar player bought an 11 rack (it was a deal trust me). We have been running it off my matrix gt1000 but the sound is very flubby and kinda awful. Now I know the Axe II is far superior but it cant be that much of a substantial difference. Im thinking that im just hooking it up...
  33. Vhalen50

    Issue With MFC Ethernet Jack

    Hey everyone, i emailed support about this but wanted to see if anyone else had experience with this. I have discovered now that my ethernet jack is broken. The two clips on the side to hold the cables in have apparently snapped off and was wondering if there was any possibility to replace it...
  34. Vhalen50

    Another Matrix GT1000FX Review

    So I finally decided to suck it up and get the real deal, the Matrix GT1000FX. I started off with pushing my Axe II into a Peavey 5150 2x12 and it was great, but wwwaaaaaayyyy more weight than I wanted to be carrying. I always wanted to get the Matrix, but didnt have the cash or job. Then I...
  35. Vhalen50

    Anybody see what Norma Jean said?

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151410366441041&set=a.121682091040.125492.21610881040&type=1&theater "Stop Using Axe FX" with a big picture of a bunch of gear they keep piled up in a room. on their facebook. Anybody? It seemed like there were a few axe supporters that tried to get...
  36. Vhalen50

    Best Ethernet Cable

    I recently switched from a rolling 12space rack to a 4 space bag and im severely downsizing and the first thing to go is the brick for the MFC! Ive used midi all this time and theres nothing wrong with it, but id like to utilize the Ethernet option while im downsizing. What have any of you found...
  37. Vhalen50

    Axe FX Spotted at Coheed Show!

    If you haven't gotten the first half of their double album yet, its amazing.
  38. Vhalen50

    New song with AXE FX for both guitar AND bass

    Sometimes it seems like people only use the AXE FX II for heavy metal. I'll throw a wrench in the fold with this.
  39. Vhalen50

    Went Direct for the first time and regretted it...

    Now I can't say it was a perfect scenario. Basically the band we were opening told us we had to use their backline and I wasn't about to use his floor POD HD after creating all my settings, but the soundguy refused to run any extra cables or mic a cabinet. I usually run my axe out1 to a poweramp...
  40. Vhalen50

    Help Please!

    Help my band get into a national show at Bogarts, its like the Whiskey of Cincinnati. Nothing really famous has come out of it but its our largest venue with the most history. Listen and Vote! The Last Troubadour Its sponsored by our local rock station who is actually starting to give a...
  41. Vhalen50

    New song I did tonight.

    Its a weird one, not your typical pop song. Its one of those progressive types I guess?
  42. Vhalen50

    MFC port seems broken!

    I just recieved my MFC today and I was so excited to start messing with it. I plug in my CAT-5 cable into the board and everythings fine but when I plug it into the back of my AXE II, it doesnt grab and with the slightest nudge, it falls out and turns the board off. WHATS GOING ON!? PS when...
  43. Vhalen50

    Pretty cool article about Neil Schon changing to PRS and using an Axe FX

    Journey's Neal Schon talks new album, Eclipse, The Sopranos, guitars and gear | Page 5 | MusicRadar.com Sounds like him and Gibson had a huge battle.
  44. Vhalen50

    Brand New CD with all guitars done with an Axe FX II

    My band The Last Troubadour just finished our EP entitled Intermission. All the guitars were played through my Axe Fx II with the Shiva Lead and Recto patches. The CD is also free to download with the option to donate money if you'd like to support fellow musicians. Thanks! The Last...
  45. Vhalen50

    Pluggin Fractal on the radio!

    My band The Last Troubadour, will be on Class X radio tonight at 8 until 10pm eastern. The station was voted best rock station by City Beat magazine. I will 100% be plugging the Fractal Axe FX II and how awesome my experience has been!
  46. Vhalen50

    K12's and a fresh 6.0 Axe FX 2

    I did the inevitable and retired my 5150 2x12 in favor for 2 QSC K12's monitors to keep my setup small for touring. Only thing, is I'm not sure if I am just too used to a guitar cab but all the tones sound brittle and harsh or overly boomy.(stock mind you, i erased all my 5.X presets and...
  47. Vhalen50

    Another one this time with Axe bass!

    Since everyone had such kind things to say about my last song, heres another. I basically wanted to make a song with one of those ultra clicky bass drums and it turned out into this. I think ill call Jordan Rudess up for some keys on it lol. Axe II and a PRS Custom 22. oh yeah and a poopy...
  48. Vhalen50

    Clicking when adjusting Output 1

    Greetings, lately I have noticed that when I adjust my output 1 knob it sort of incrementally goes up but makes a faint "clicking" noise as if it were like an old rotary switch. The clicking isn't in the unit, its completely audible through the speakers. I haven't tried going directly into...
  49. Vhalen50

    Fractal's Facebook

    Fractal just plugged my band, the last troubadour, on Facebook! What an amazing group of people who work there! Fractal Audio | Facebook
  50. Vhalen50

    First full Axe FX II song

    My band wanted a rough recording of a new song I wrote. I ended up just midi'ing out all the drums and recording an entire song. I was using the Euro Blue for the longest time but i just started using the recto orange for my rhythm tones and legacy for lead stuff. Theres nothing flashy in...
  51. Vhalen50

    Axe II-GCX-GCP

    Finnally got my Axe II the other day and I'm completely in love with it. Now when i tried to integrate it into my rig of a GCX and GCP, things went haywire. Ive looked all over youtube, these forums, voodoo lab forums and more and can't find anyone that uses all 3 and explains how they are all...
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