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  1. Hellbat

    NBD - Fender Boxer

    While I've been playing guitar for over 40 years now, I've never owned a bass. My older brother has played bass my whole life so I would frequently noodle on his but never got my own. I figured since I have an AXE FX and FM3 I might as well have a bass so I can record it for my own backing...
  2. Hellbat

    Brian Johnson meets Dave Grohl

    Brian seems like such a lovely guy. There's a nice peek at the Foo Fighters amp smorgasbord at around 14:30. It's like almost 1/4 the choice of an Axe III in one warehouse.
  3. Hellbat

    NGD - McCarty 594 Artist

    I've never been able to bond with a Les Paul feel wise, but I love the sound. Double cut guitars feel much better to me, but I still want something that gives me that LP kind of sound. I just traded in my Charvel limited edition Orange sparkle (Dreamsicle?) pro-mod for this guy. (I'm currently...
  4. Hellbat

    Does the III have a meter like the II Utility meter?

    I’m sorry if this is obvious, but I’m struggling with finding an easily readable meter to balance my presets like I do on the II. Any advice or shortcuts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hellbat

    A little Christmas cheer from The Shat and ... Billy Gibbons!?!

    No reindeer were harmed in the making of this video. (Not counting pride...)
  6. Hellbat

    Yngwie at Sweetwater

    Sorry if this has been posted already. If it has and I missed it, please merge. 22 heads (DSL's?) in a wall and the only head with a cable going to it is the 23rd, what looks like an old plexi in the top corner. I guess it's one of his limited sigs. :D
  7. Hellbat

    Here's a make you feel old post for the old guys...

    40 Years ago today, Van Halen ( aka VH1 ) was released. The track I always wanted to hear the most off that album wasn't "Eruption"or "Atomic Punk". The one I always repeated was "Ice Cream Man". I love all the dynamics changes and the full tilt boogie it turns into.
  8. Hellbat

    Could the Axe-FX be programmed to mine bitcoin?

    So I saw this week that Bitcoin has hit over $5K. If we could use our Axe-Fx to mine bitcoin, we could buy more Axe-FX!!! :D Yes I'm bored and noodling on a Saturday afternoon. :)
  9. Hellbat

    Steve Vai on Sixx Sense

    I enjoyed the interview quite a bit. My favorite Riff Deeper...
  10. Hellbat

    Interesting story on the accidental discovery of gated reverb on drums.

    Well, I found it interesting at least. :) http://www.musicradar.com/news/drums/classic-drum-sounds-in-the-air-tonight-590970
  11. Hellbat

    Ham & Eggs

    So much awesome. This preset will cover any ground I was previously running my HOG2 in the loop for. As soon as I hit a note see what the preset did, I started playing Nights in White Satin unconsciously. Great job who ever cooked this one up.
  12. Hellbat

    Amp Builders/Techs - Weigh in on standby switch

    So I saw a facebook post on standby switches being a BAD amp design feature today and it linked to this Wampler blog post on it... http://www.wamplerpedals.com/news/blog/talking-about-gear/should-i-put-my-amp-on-standby My electronics knowledge is pretty basic, just up to grade 12 level so I...
  13. Hellbat

    Doom soundtrack released

    Sorry if this was posted by someone already. The soundtrack from the 2016 reboot of Doom was released to itunes and Google Play. I quite enjoyed the game, although I always play my FPS'ers with the music off, it kills my immersion. Anyways, play some "spot the Fractal gear" in this video from...
  14. Hellbat

    Problems with levels into DAW

    For some reason the Axe FX 2's output into my DAW (Acoustica Mixcraft 7) is really low. I've got it running through ASIO. My USB return level is maxed so I don't think it's that. The DAW doesn't have a way that I can see of turning up the input as I assume since it's a digital signal it is just...
  15. Hellbat

    FX8 receives Guitar World Platinum award

    I just picked up the March issue and they review the FX8 on page 83. Congrats Fractal!
  16. Hellbat

    Gigged with Q1.05 this morning.

    The band was playing a Christmas breakfast function. We did four 35-40 minute sets for different seatings for a large organization. I was playing my Strat, using the tweed twin for cleans and the Chieftan for my crunch. I used a Princetone model for light break up in Rockin Around the Christmas...
  17. Hellbat

    RIP Gail Zappa

    Condolences go out to Dweezil and the rest of the family.
  18. Hellbat

    Good recording article that mentions modelers.

    Joe Gore in the September Premier guitar magazine. It touches on a lot of why some people just can't bond with FRFR systems when playing in a band situation. The Recording Guitarist: Are You Playing for the Song—or for Your Butt? | Premier Guitar
  19. Hellbat

    Matt Piccone in August issue of Total Guitar

    Matt and Misha both participated in a panel article on the future of the stack in music and on stage. A good read. Congrats M@tt!
  20. Hellbat

    One for the Django Hot Club era fans...

    Tommy is so good and he keeps the 'play' in playing music. Much respect.
  21. Hellbat

    EHX HOG2 and Axe FX 2

    A friend at work wanted to hear how the pedal sounded with the Axe FX rotary block so set up a quick drum loop and hacked some bad chords over the top. I thought some people here might like to have a listen. My pedalboard is stored at the auditorium so I just set up the rate parameter of the...
  22. Hellbat

    Scenes with other MIDI controllers

    So I'm using a Roland FC-300 to control my AxeFX II currently. I have pedal 1-3 set up to control my scenes. Pedal one does CC#34 Value 0-1 to switch to scene two, pedal two CC#34 value 0-2 for scene 3, etc. I have to set them up as latching in order for it to remain on the scene I'd like...
  23. Hellbat

    Tried out for a southern rock cover band today.

    The guys are all 45+ years old, like me and all chill dudes. I'm not really a southern rock fan but I enjoy learning and playing all types of music so it was a fun experience. Their rehearsal room was nice and well soundproofed with a permanent PA so I got a chance to use the Axe and FRFR in...
  24. Hellbat

    Exploding kittens

    This game looks like it will be fun. It seems like it will be a pretty successful kickstarter... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/elanlee/exploding-kittens/
  25. Hellbat

    Trans Siberian Orchestra - Axe FX interview

    Sorry if this is a duplicate post...
  26. Hellbat

    Santa brought me Fractal swag!

    I had a zip up hoodie and hat in my loot pile! I am now officially a mobile Fractal billboard.
  27. Hellbat

    NGD! Charvel action

    Since I wasn't using my amp any more since buying my Axe FX, I traded it in on a Charvel Super Stock Sunset Orange Flake SD1. So far I'm loving the oiled neck. The JB in the bridge may not be there too long. This one is really high output for some reason, with output near the active SD...
  28. Hellbat

    Thrashing Through the Snow - A Very Megadeth Christmas

    A part of me wishes this was real! :lol
  29. Hellbat

    Wish : Right click or hotkey for help

    I'm not sure if something like this exists, so I apologize if it does. For people new to the device and that are still in a stage where they are trying to figure out what all the controls do, I think it would be really helpful to add a help function. Something like you could just right click...
  30. Hellbat

    Happy Birthday James Marshall Hendrix, may you rest in peace.

    Think of the mind blowing stuff he would have been able to do with a tool like an Axe-Fx 2 in his tool belt!
  31. Hellbat

    What's the best way to add volume boost to solo scene?

    Just throw in a mixer block at the end of the chain with a +6dB boost? The band was complaining that they want more volume on the solos. I want to make it ridiculous to teach them a lesson. :evil. But I figure about 6dB should keep the peace. :D
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