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  1. ezvictor

    Fm9 order: Ready to capture?

    Edited: resolved. Normal behavior just me being anxious. Got the invite Friday. Ordered right away (2:29 eastern) using CC. I have an order number and took a screenshot of the order and it says we are awaiting payment and when payment is received I will get an email. No email and the order on...
  2. ezvictor

    Amp Channel switching sound dropout still?

    I am considering selling my MFC 101 and Axe FX2. They have served me well. I'm looking to lighten my load a bit by grabbing an FM3 and FC6. I have become accustomed to running two amp blocks per preset (1 Clean And 1 Dirty). I understand this is not possible on the Fm3 but channels works...
  3. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    I currently use an AXE FX 2 mkii with the Mfc-101. I'm interested in getting the FM3 but am I making a lateral move? Am I downgrading? All of the presets that I use have 2 amp blocks for gap-less switching. One amp is a dirty amp, and the other is a clean amp. Is PRESET switching on the Fm3...
  4. ezvictor

    Boaner cab pack?

    What amps are you guys using with this? I’ve tried the shiva and ecstasy but I’m just not gelling with this pack. It’s dark and a little undefined to my ears especially when paired with the Shiva. Am I doing it wrong? And let me just say that I have all of ML’s IRs and I think they are great...
  5. ezvictor

    Chris Broderick 5153 IRs from Cab Pack 5

    !edited! To add sound clip. There is something unique about those. Ive really been enjoying them lately. I have thousands of IRs by now but that Cab Pack 5 had some good stuff. It was the introduction of the "Ultra Res" iirc. I especially love the "4 x12 Broderick 5153 CE 2 in" There is...
  6. ezvictor

    ‘HYSTERIA’ by Muse

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/6em2eah2pp52dqf/hysteriaT.mp3?dl=0 This one is Suhr classic ssv humbucker Axe 2 preset Amp1 Recto1 org mdrn Cab ML sound lab USA trad sm57 b1 CK to be exact. (Original) Bass was done using the digitech drop pedal and FAS modern1 ML ZILLA V30 Mix. I dropped a synth in...
  7. ezvictor

    Unchained axe 2

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/j3hjmnjryzyfm36/unch aint 3.mp3?dl=0 Les Paul into AXE FX 2 into garage band. Drums are from a youtube “isolated drum track”. Bass is les Paul into digitech drop pedal set to octave down using a clean preset. Main dirty preset is Plexi 100w high into ML sound lab BRIT...
  8. ezvictor

    So I bought a Digitech Drop...

    I primarily use it for 1/2 step/Eb tuning. Axe FX II mkII btw After a few hours of A/B-ing the Fractal "Fixed Harmony" Pitch Block and the Digitech "Drop" pedal, I have come to the conclusion that the Drop does a better job. Both tone and feel are improved with the Drop pedal. This is good...
  9. ezvictor

    Running with das Diablo.

    Ingredients: Quantum 2.03b Plexi 100 1970 Fractal GB 57 Pure Rawk!!! Eddie!!! A440;)
  10. ezvictor

    Saw Ghost last night.

    Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH They sounded epic!! Are they still using the AXE FX II?
  11. ezvictor

    Biased tremolo effect of the Fender EC Twin-olux

    Anybody have any idea how one would go about achieving that effect. Very cool. https://youtu.be/n5kBZTRsdck FFWD to 3:15 to hear the tremolo.
  12. ezvictor

    Lucretia FW18.10 USA Lead

    I recorded this song a few years back with my standard. I just figured what the heck I'll do it again. I just kinda blindly picked my USA Lead preset. I loosely followed Clark Kent's Petrucci Settings and used a CK USA TRAD E609 C1 cab IR. I panned that hard to the right and just switched...
  13. ezvictor

    Mmm. Chocolate Cake.

    At first I thought this IR (Chocolate Cake) was too smooth for my applications until I started pairing it with semi-clean Fender amps. I'm really digging it with the Blues Jr. I also really like it with the USA IIC set up to be crunchy with buckers and nearly clean with single coils. I really...
  14. ezvictor

    QSC K12 users ...A PSA

    I was twiddling with my qsc k12 the other day and decided to try and flip the Low Freq eq switch to external sub. This enables a high pass filter at 100 hz. Everything is so much more focused in my lows now. I can't believe it took me this long to do this. If anyone uses a K12 as a floor...
  15. ezvictor

    Pearl Jam's Even Flow cover

    A quick jam of an old classic Pearl Jam song. Backing track #3 from Free Guitar Backing Tracks @ GuitarBackingTrack.com Brit 800 through a 5153mix ir for the Stone Gossard part 1959 SLP through a TVmix ir for the Mike Macready part (solo gets a ts808od boost) Both parts direct. Both presets use...
  16. ezvictor


    If you don't have it. Get it. Totally worth the scratch. I have Cab packs 3, 5, 6, 7, and all the FAS forum member IRs I can get my hands on. They are all my pretties, but CAB LAB makes for infinite possibilities (infinite to my small mind anyway). Some of the new IRs I got from Cab Pack 5...
  17. ezvictor

    New Cab Packs 5, 6, and 7...Where to start FRFR live.

    My time to tweak is minimal. Can anyone give me some good gouge on where to start looking in these cab packs for some good live IRs. Amps are typically Plexi 100/1959slp, AC-30 TB, Friedman BE for modern stuff and Junior Blues. Just looking for a place to start in understanding what the "A"...
  18. ezvictor

    1 guitar player/ Multiple guitars??? Gigging

    What is the best/easiest way to plug in multiple guitars into the axe fx 2. What I want to do is use thefront input for my main electric, and then just pick up my acoustic rear input1 and go, and then vice-versa. I don't really want to have to switch the I/O menu from front to rear each...
  19. ezvictor

    Latency/audio gap when switching Scenes/Tap/tempo FW15

    Axe FX 2 Firmware 15.02 MFC-101 Firmware 3.0 Connected with an ethercon cable. CPU 80-83% depending on preset I get an audible gap or sound interruption when I use "Tap Tempo" on the MFC-101. I also get a gap switching scenes. I use scenes 1-5. 1-4 are just various bypassed effects...
  20. ezvictor

    Baby spider inside my axe fx 2

    Played a winery gig and picked up a stowaway. Should I worry and take it apart or will it just die or move on? I'm mostly concerned that it's presence may screw up a component internally. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk using the world's most ironically named cell phone company; sprint.
  21. ezvictor

    Restore factory Bank A, B, C Question regarding firmware

    Regarding the ability to restore factory preset banks. I purchased my AXE FX 2 with Firmware 10.02 installed. I currently have FW 14.03 My question is: Are the internal flash memory factory banks updated with each firmware update or do I need to download the new "firmware appropriate"...
  22. ezvictor

    Axe FX IR question for Live applications.

    If you find a cab you like at home and for recording use, do you find you need to change it for live use? Do you simply change the IR from Modern to Vintage? Do you just re-tweak your amp and hi/lo cut to compensate? Do you start from scratch? Also, I have been using the live-vintage H...
  23. ezvictor

    romeo delight...delightful Ultra Res CB-M-RI-75 Live Vintage

    Description is self explanatory and This is a quick Romeo Delight from Van Halen's "Women and Children First" album. I recorded this on garage band using a backing track from Backing Track.com Gear was an Axe Fx II Direct. Patch is FAS Crunch with Ownhammer Ultra Res checkerback M-RI-75 live...
  24. ezvictor

    First gig with FW13 ultrares cabs!!!

    My rig is Guitar->AxeFX 2->Out1 FOH, and my own K12. I used a mono cab CB-H-RI-55 from Fractal's new Producer Pack 3. I just ran one cab in mono. Sounded great. I redid my 4 main patches and tried to focus on simplicity. 1. JTM45 semi-dirty 2. JTM45 Clean 3. Plexi 100 Jump 4. HBE...
  25. ezvictor

    Another Dokken "In My Dreams" recording

    A little morning project for me.. I dig George Lynch and this is the best song that has a backing track easily available so I figured why not. Hey everybody else is doing it.:mrgreen I recorded direct with garageband. No post EQ just some Verb for the solo. The details are on soundcloud but I...
  26. ezvictor

    What's a fix for name timeout?

    Anyone? Had one this morning Reloaded firmware No joy Reloaded factory presets Joy but all of my presets were hosed no backup Started redoing all my presets and it happened again. Tried reset system parameters No joy. I have a gig in two days. This is actually the second time this has...
  27. ezvictor

    Bug? Fw11beta bug? (solved)

    Re-Posted this from the discussion forum. New axe 2 owner here. Longtime axe std owner I recieved my axe 2 recently with fw10.11 on board. I updated to 11beta and all was well except I couldn't use the "unlink all global blocks" function on each preset. If I were to try to use "unlink...
  28. ezvictor

    Axe FX FW10.11 or is it FW10.12

    I see folks on this forum talking about fw10.12. The Fractal website has fw10.11. Was there a super secret squirrel firmware update even before 11beta? Where is this 10.12 firmware?
  29. ezvictor

    FW 11b issue

    New axe 2 owner here. Longtime axe std owner I recieved my axe 2 recently with fw10.11 on board. I updated to 11beta and all was well except I couldn't use the "unlink all global blocks" function on each preset. If I were to try to use "unlink all.." function the axe would lock up and...
  30. ezvictor

    Upgrading from STD to II

    How much improvement on the 2 regarding the old amp models like the 800, ac30, Bassman etc... Also when upgrading firmware, can I skip over a firmware update and just get the newest one? Very excited. Sent from my iPhone using Forum Runner
  31. ezvictor

    Megadeth's lucretia. Corncob/Redwirez

    Did a little Megadeth ditty. Just recently got into the corncob amp sim and am really digging it. Unfortunately this is not a complete song but you'll get the idea.
  32. ezvictor

    Santiago Cab IRs off the fractal site work on Axe Fx Standard/ultra?

    I am a standard owner btw. I downloaded the Santiago cabs a few days ago and can't sem to get them to work? Am I doing it wrong?
  33. ezvictor

    Direct to Garageband on a Mac...What do I need? Axe Fx Std.

    Go!!! What outputs on the axe to use and any extra hardware required? AXE FX standard btw.
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