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  1. Xrocker

    Debating an altruistic gesture

    Hey guys, I’m trying to decide on selling my AxeFxII or giving it to a friends son. Years ago my friend would come to my shows and bring his young son once and awhile. He really wanted to be a guitarist and I taught him a few tricks on Cliffs of Dover and Always With Me. His dad said he...
  2. Xrocker

    Zephyr delay MIA

    Has the Zephyr delay been removed from V17?
  3. Xrocker

    Another Rock and Roll Legend Dies

    The end of an era. Rock and Roll used to be so much fun! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/sweet-sweet-connie-hamzy-grand-funk-railroad-dead-obituary-1216117/
  4. Xrocker

    I Lost my wife last night

    After a horrific five year battle with cancer my life partner is finally out of pain. She walked in to one of my shows 24 years ago and we’ve been together ever since.we never saw the point of a formal ceremony but we shared all of life’s ups and downs and were as there for each other as much...
  5. Xrocker

    Just Like Elvis

    He died on the throne. https://www.nme.com/news/music/deceased-drummer-sits-behind-own-kit-at-his-funeral-2931316
  6. Xrocker

    Parker Fly and Cygnus

    Here are a couple clips of my 96 Parker Fly that I just retrofitted with a Vintage Vibe Humbucker and a P90 in the neck position. Here’s the P90. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/uUxU6MR6mkTKn7JY9 Here’s the HB. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/TVuo4bydTqjf52bY7
  7. Xrocker

    OK, let’s be honest, which one are you?

    I’m a cross between 9 and 11. https://www.musicradar.com/news/11-types-of-guitar-tone-snob
  8. Xrocker

    It was good!

  9. Xrocker

    Guy Builds a guitar out of his Uncle’s Skeleton

    Even as a lifelong rocker and descendant of vikings, I find this hardcore. https://flip.it/7fo6ZG
  10. Xrocker

    Steve Stevens rocking Super Bowl

    Just saw him rocking the AxeFx3 pre super bowl with Billie Idol and Miley Cyrus. Guitar sounded great!
  11. Xrocker

    Trouble controlling volume block

    Can’t seem to figure this one out. On my AxeFx2 I had my computer controlling the volume by sending CC11 and a value. I also had an expression pedal doing the same. The computer would set the level but I could step on the pedal to over ride it if needed. can’t seem to get this working on the...
  12. Xrocker

    Help with custom scales

    I make a change to custom scale #1 in global and it appears in all the custom scales. How do I change a specific scale and save it?
  13. Xrocker

    Happy Birthday to me.

    Got my AxeFxIII Mark II one day before my 60th birthday. A midlife crisis if I live to be 120. At least I didn’t buy a Corvette and start chasing women half my age. I do feel like a musician again though, being financially irresponsible in order to buy gear. It is so worth it though! This...
  14. Xrocker

    Another government induced face palm

    2020 quarters with bats on them. What’s next? 50 cent pieces with body bags? I’m done. https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/07/2020-us-quarters-fruit-bat-bad-timing-coronavirus/
  15. Xrocker

    Making an Axe-Fx II sing

    Trace Rocks Santana’s Europa
  16. Xrocker

    Giving Thanks

    Just a reminder to the AxeFx community that what you do does reach others, even when it doesn’t feel like it.
  17. Xrocker

    I was reminded of the power of music today

    I was working on another YouTube video today, just trying to entertain anyway I can during this crazy time. I’m in the same boat as almost everyone else in the music industry. All my work and income vanished on March 16t but I really haven’t talked much about it to anyone. It’s been a struggle...
  18. Xrocker

    Underground Stage During the Corona Age

    Since performing is shut down for the foreseeable future I decided to release my show from my recording studio. This was a fitting start. Every new bruise we endure these days are just blue on black, tears on a river. Would be cool to get some fellow AxeFx users to subscribe!
  19. Xrocker

    Quarantined with the band

  20. Xrocker

    Geeking out with delays

    Here’s how I use delays on the AxeFx. I would have posted sooner, but I was delayed.
  21. Xrocker

    Social Distancing Tour 2020

    This is my area of expertise. I was Social Distancing before Social Distancing was cool. Anyway since gigging is out of the question for the foreseeable future, I decided to try to entertain and inform via YouTube. I cleared out some room in my recording studio and built a small video recording...
  22. Xrocker

    Musician survival skills

    One good thing about being a musician. We are all used to living through difficult situations.
  23. Xrocker

    Dealing with social distancing

    I’m fine. Really fine. Who needs gigs or money or the satisfaction of actually performing for an audience? I’m really getting important stuff done. Writing and recording new music. I haven’t noticed any psychological side effects at all.
  24. Xrocker

    Tosin Abasi selling his Axe-Fx II with all his patches

    Whoever buys this please post the patches! Animals As Leaders' Tosin Abasi to Sell 100 Guitars, Pedals, and Amps on Reverb https://reverb.com/news/animals-as-leaders-tosin-abasi-lists-100-guitars-pedals-and-amps-on-reverb?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=blog
  25. Xrocker

    Unable to control volume via midi

    Finally getting around to automating my show. I can’t get CC to send volume change to volume block. AxeFxII Ares2 Mac Mini 10.14.1 Have modifier of volume in volume:pan block set to external1. Volume pedal works fine. When I send CC16 the value is ignored. PC reset on or off is same result...
  26. Xrocker

    I’ve got a fever...for more cowbell

    Don’t Fear the Reaper with Ares2
  27. Xrocker

    Led Zeppelin and Ares II

    Feeding my inner Viking.
  28. Xrocker

    Wicked Game - Ares 2

    My Parker Dragonfly loaded with Lollar pickups and Ares 2 = wicked pissa!
  29. Xrocker

    Godzilla - Ares 2

    A bit of Halloween fun.
  30. Xrocker

    Simple Parker Guitar repair

    I know there are some Parker players on this forum so I thought I’d share this. I have some intonation problems in my whammy bars. Just not coming back up to pitch properly. Used to be able to jump up and down on them all night and they would never go out of tune. Problem is that the studs...
  31. Xrocker

    "No More Tears" - Ares 2

  32. Xrocker

    A little Van Halen with Ares 2

    Last weekends gig.
  33. Xrocker

    Terry Kath tribute using Ares

    My first big influence was Terry Kath. First time I heard Chicago Transit Authority I knew I would become a professional musician.
  34. Xrocker

    Perfect Blend of Punk and Heavy Metal

  35. Xrocker

    Ares bringing ‘Joy’ in Axe-Fx II

    Thanks Cliff! https://www.dropbox.com/s/4t0aim9im34r4q8/J.S.%20Bach%20_%20Joy.m4a?dl=0
  36. Xrocker

    Black Strat on the auction block

    What are the chances a player will end up with it? I’m going to bid to see if I can add it to my Stradivarius collection! Comfortably strum: David Gilmour's Black Strat goes on display...
  37. Xrocker

    Ares update is great!

    I’m just loving what I’m getting out of Ares update! Here’s a song I recorded last night with my MKI. It might be just a touch over the top Thought I’d post it here first and see what you guys think. Any suggestions on mix and tones are welcome and appreciated. AxeFx MkI 1996 Parker Fly 1987...
  38. Xrocker

    Interesting Pedal

    Too bad I'm not a pedal guy and I own an AxeFx. This looks interesting. https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/audio/a15896743/chase-bliss-brother-guitar-pedal/
  39. Xrocker

    100 vintage guitars and 30 vintage amps involved in fire

    Don't care about the politics, but I wonder what instruments were involved. Art Collector and Bon Vivant Dies in Trump Tower Home He Couldn’t Sell - The New York Times https://apple.news/Ap-C8CuUWSWGJUebGHe64iQ
  40. Xrocker


    can anyone please help? I'm setting up for a gig and suddenly my mfc101 will not access any of the scenes in my presets. I press reveal as usual to god to say scene 2 but when I push button 2 is says iasw 02 instead of calling up scene 2. Help! I'll never get through the gig this way
  41. Xrocker

    Wondering if TSO is running quantum 6

    Went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra west show in Denver the other night. Wow! They've outdone themselves again. What I really noticed was how much better the guitars sounded. Each one was crystal clear from high gain leads to edge of breakup stuff. I've never heard subtile guitar tones work...
  42. Xrocker

    A couple tracks off my new album

    Hey Everybody, Here's a couple of tracks I've been getting ready for release. All electric, acoustic and bass guitars are all AxeFx. Reverbs are FAS reverb. I'm on all the instruments and vocals. <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe> <iframe...
  43. Xrocker

    Live with the AxeFx

    Another one from the early days with the AxeFx. I was amazed at how much fun I could have just by not dragging around a refrigerator sized guitar rack and 2 4x12 cab! It gets more fun with every passing year. http://youtu.be/3g_OyNpk_kI
  44. Xrocker

    Some Fat Bottom Girls

    Just remembered this video from the early AxeFx days! http://youtu.be/mEiE2oJ4DdI
  45. Xrocker

    Death by Bunga

    I sentence you to Death by Bunga! Here's a new instrumental off my upcoming release. Guitars and bass guitar are firmware 19.01
  46. Xrocker

    A little video project

    Just finished a little video editing project. Moral of the story is to drink beer, drive fast and wreck shit. I played and sang everything and all guitars are AxeFx v19. Drive home safely everybody! https://youtu.be/uwtMAAHRPxc
  47. Xrocker

    1000 likes and a New Years Resolution

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl_NpdAy3WY After about 1100 posts I've got my 1000th "like". I'm glad that I could be of help to the two people I actually answered without smart ass comments or general douche baggery. My resolution for 2015 is to quit "like whoring" and actually try to help...
  48. Xrocker

    Metallica with Craig Ferguson for an entire week.

    Metallica Plot Weeklong 'Craig Ferguson' Residency | Rolling Stone I hope Fractal is doing everything it can to have the FXIIs prominently visible on stage. That's a lot of airtime! Every guitarist in the country is going to be asking what they are playing through. If I were Cliff I'd be...
  49. Xrocker

    Be sure to vote!

    Your vote will make a difference!
  50. Xrocker

    NGD Diamond DBZ

    This was a first for me. I played a surprise birthday party for one of my fans. At the end she said she could pay me cash or give me this new guitar she had just bought. I played it and took the guitar! A first for me. I've never been paid with a guitar before! It's the guy that built Dean...
  51. Xrocker

    Happy Birthday America

    Rock on!
  52. Xrocker

    Happy Easter

    Hope you all get to hang with your peeps!
  53. Xrocker

    Cliff's free firmware policy upstaged!

    Just a bit higher price of admission though. https://autos.yahoo.com/news/mclaren-discontinues-12c-offers-owners-free-650s-upgrade-160019282.html
  54. Xrocker

    Metallica Meltdown

    Omg. That was a near train wreck on the Grammys! Kirks guitar was so terribly out of tune. There is probably an unemployed guitar tech in Hollywood tonight. Maybe they just couldn't hear. I was so looking forward to the AxeFx tones but the band never jelled at all. So disappointed. One...
  55. Xrocker

    NGD: Parker 824 Dragonfly

    After playing my beloved Fly for the last 17 years I finally updated. Really digging the 5 way switch. So many usable tones!
  56. Xrocker

    Somebody understands musicians.

    No one on this forum needs to read past the first line. I almost forgot why I picked up a guitar in the first place.
  57. Xrocker

    Acoustic tone match review

    Had a truly mind blowing experience today. I'm visiting Denver right now and I took my rig over to Solo Act's studio today to give some acoustic guitar tone matching a try. He and I are both very picky about our acoustic tones. I use a Taylor 9something 12 string in my show but I have many...
  58. Xrocker

    So excited for V10!

    I've been waiting for firmware updates from Fractal since Ultra 2 point something. This is the first wait that is causing me physical pain! It's palpable. Reminds me of waiting for my first Mesa Boogie in '79. The notable difference was that back then I paid up front, in full, and had to...
  59. Xrocker

    Caught Dweezil last night. Wow!

    His axeII sounded incredible! The band smoked! Second generation of having the finest musicians on the planet playing with a Zappa. I was lucky enough to see his father three times. He was an incredible guitarist but there was no way at the time of duplicating his studio trickery in a live...
  60. Xrocker

    First gig with 9.0

    Fun! That just sums it up. My guitar just felt so good. I loved playing every note. Scenes is a very powerful tool. Can't wait to get it fully implemented with all my songs. It's going to eliminate the tap dancing from my show. I just have to pay attention to when the reveal button is on...
  61. Xrocker

    New England earthquake

    Now what is Cliff up to? I'm guessing IR research.
  62. Xrocker

    Best AxeII gig ever!

    Had an awesome private party last night. The AxeII ruled. People were amazed. This place had an underground swimming pool the size of an covered tennis court. Just sayin, but in my personal opinion, every gig needs to end up with everyone drunk and naked in the pool! Makes me believe in Rock...
  63. Xrocker

    Version 8 voided my laptop warranty

    But it was worth it. We'll see if AppleCare will cover this!
  64. Xrocker

    Olympics closing ceremony.

    Damn, Brian May just rocked the world again. Too bad he uses so many fx :) Watching the spice girls with the sound turned off I was trying to figure out which one was Old Spice?
  65. Xrocker

    Have a Rockin' 4th of July!

    Rock on! That s all.
  66. Xrocker

    Before you bitch that 6.0 changed your patches

    Record 30 seconds of each of your patches before you upgrade. When 6.0 hits you can tone match them back into your rig and be rIght back where you started.
  67. Xrocker

    How to identify a real rocker.

    A real rocker has this in their house. Rock and Roll ain't for wussies!
  68. Xrocker

    Guess I'm a senior member now.

    After 4 years of being Fractalfied I finally made my 500th post. Funny, I don't feel any more senior than I did yesterday! Haven't checked the member yet but I'm sure results will be similar. I hope the 10 posts I've made that weren't snarky, smart ass remarks have actually helped someone!
  69. Xrocker

    I've never been a pedal guy.

    Until V5. I've always relied on my amps to get the tones and feel that I wanted. Now suddenly with V5 the pedals just work. I'm really getting into the drive pedals. Suddenly they are very musical and very controllable. Very nice for just a change of shade and not a whole new color. I'm...
  70. Xrocker

    First gig with V5

    Devastating! It was like a freaking atomic bomb hit. I can't recall ever having so much fun playing my guitar live on stage. Almost all of my patches that I dialed up in the studio translated well to the P.A. at volume. Anyone who's seen me knows that when I say "at volume" I mean it. This...
  71. Xrocker

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy this holiday season. Here's a song I recorded as a gift to my family and friends so I decided to share it with everyone here who has been so helpful and supportive as we explore this new frontier of guitar tone. Not much axe guitar sounds on this...
  72. Xrocker

    You think the Axe Fx is difficult to tweak?

    I've been working on this one for years!
  73. Xrocker

    Is it just me?

    ...or has anyone else noticed that Cliff and most of the Beta guys have been conspicuously absent for the last couple of days? Hope they are working on some last minute details on something good. I can't wait!
  74. Xrocker

    Momentary Contact Switch

    Anybody know a way of getting the MFC to respond to a momentary switch on but ignore the switch off? I'm trying to use one to control the rotary block speed. When pushed down making contact the rotors begin to slow like I have them programmed for but when I let up and break the connection...
  75. Xrocker

    Rotary Block Spin Up

    I've been working with the rotary block setting it up for a switch to change between slow and fast speeds. I've got it working except I need it to take more time from min to max speed. Right now I'm using the damp parameter in the rotary block but it maxes out at 1 second. I would like to...
  76. Xrocker

    MFC controlling other devices.

    If I run a Cat5 cable to my AxeII do midi events from the controller be sent from the AxeII? I'd love to hook up the midi out of the II into my Metric Halo stuff and be able to control it with the MFC101.
  77. Xrocker


    You are supposed to be on vacation. Why are you logged in to the forum? Enjoy your time off. You've earned it! We can survive for a week until you get back to work all rested and ready to work on your next idea.
  78. Xrocker

    Anyone catch Journey on the Today show?

    I've never heard Neil Schon sound better. And that is saying something. There was no hiding the Axe Fx goodness even on my crappy TV. I wonder if he is using the II yet. He had 2 Marshall half stacks right behind him. Couldn't tell if they even turned them on. Nobody bothered to even put...
  79. Xrocker

    Rating a Venue

    In an effort to lighten things up around here I'll post a public service announcement for all working musicians on this forum. Back in the 80's when Solo-Act and I were tearing up the 6 night road scene, we always wanted to determine the quality of the room we were booked in as quickly as...
  80. Xrocker

    Problem loading patches and IR's since 10.4

    Since upgrading to 10.04 I can't load IR's or any of my old patches into my Ultra. I'm using a Mac mini 10.6, SysEx Librarian and a midisport 2x2. System worked flawlessly in the past. I upgraded Axe-Edit and it connects now but I've noticed the Ultra's system ID is now 00 01 74. I...
  81. Xrocker

    RIP John Lennon

    I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing 30 years ago when my friend called me with the news that John was dead. I still can't believe it. First record I ever bought was "Eight Days a Week" on a 45. He was the reason I wanted to play guitar in the first place. I remember...
  82. Xrocker

    Drank the Marshall Kool aid

    Well, I never thought I'd be saying this but, I'm loving the 1987x mod! After nearly a half century of playing electric guitar I found the first Marshall sound I could ever play thanks to 10.03. I owned my first Marshall in the mid 70's. It had one good sound but it had to be hot and turned up...
  83. Xrocker

    2010 LA Amp Fest

    This looks like fun. Some sweet rigs for sure, but I'm so happy with my Ultra and 10.03 that I don't find myself frothing at the mouth at the equipment list like I would have been 3 years ago. Now it just looks like a bunch of heavy stuff that I'm glad I don't have to lug around...
  84. Xrocker

    Envelope and Synth Tracking

    I've been using a lot more of my acoustic guitar with my Ultra. I've got my electric coming into the front input and the acoustic coming in the fx return. I take it that the synth and the envelope can't track the fx return. Major bummer for me. :evil: I hope I'm incorrect or someone has...
  85. Xrocker

    Cliff challenges business as usual

    I like the trend I'm seeing with the latest amp sims. Remember when every amp sim had some cryptographic name to avoid being sued by the trademark owners? Now the smaller amp designers are seeing marketing potential in cooperating with Cliff to get the best representation of their product...
  86. Xrocker

    Can't attach envelope controller to filter block

    This one has me stumped. I'm trying to use Cliff's method of having the envelope control the freq cutoff of the filter block. I tried it on one patch and it works great. I stored the patch and can watch the cutoff move as I play. Sounds fantastic! Since then I've tried adding it to other...
  87. Xrocker

    7.18 changes the game again.

    I'm really digging 7.18. Once again I feel like I'm starting over. I had a geq or peq before my compressors and amps in every patch I was using. I was pulling out a bunch of low end stuff before the amps. Now the amps sound so much more alive and 3 dimensional that I've axed (pun intended)...
  88. Xrocker

    First Gig with Ultra! Video Clips

    Had my first gig with the Ultra last friday and saturday nights. I can't describe how much fun I had. The Axe-Fx was simply alive. It sounded so good I lost myself in it at times. Thanks again to everyone from Cliff to building this thing to all the forum users that helped me get the most out...
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