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  1. frankiev

    OK to update from v1 to v12?

    I've owned an axe fx 3 since they first came out and i believe it shipped with v1.something. It's been sitting because I developed dermatitis on my fingertips and have been unable to play the guitar . My fingers are clearing up and I'm playing a bit again so I'd like to update to the current...
  2. frankiev

    Anyway to download all presets from Preset Exchange at once

    Im not partial to any particular style or sound . I like themall so Id like to try all the presets on the preset exchange but its a bit tedious to get them one by one . Is there a shortcut that would allow me to download them all at once ?
  3. frankiev

    Problem installing USB driver Win 7 64-bit

    I just installed 64bit win 7 on my Gateway laptop (8 years old ) so I could use Axe edit and Im getting an error message regarding hotfix kb3033929 when I try to install the fractal usb driver So I went to microsoft and downloaded the hotfix but it wont install . It says the update is not...
  4. frankiev

    I'm looking for a list of factory cabs and their origin, ie Cab Pack # etc

    Anyone know if there is such a list ? I dont want to buy or load any that are already included . Not that there arent enough already ...lol
  5. frankiev

    How to access the factory cabs ?

    No doubt a stupid question but how do you get to the factory cabs and how do you change them in the grid . I go to the layout then select cab and I see the 4 cab slots but when I try to change the cab in slot 1 I only see 2 options
  6. frankiev

    Axe edit manual

    I havent played my guitar much in the last year or so and Im updating to all the latest software .Cant seem to find the axe edit manual and its not on the Fractal website . Can some post a link or advise where I can find a copy Cant remember how to load the new preset banks Thanks
  7. frankiev

    What happened to Clark Kents teaser thread ??

    And where are the IR's??
  8. frankiev

    Eventide h3000 se??

    I came across an Eventide H3000 se (the grey one)for 850 and I see that on ebay an upgrade to H3500 specs (kitchen sink)upgrade is available for 100 . Of course Ive heard and read alot about this unit but Ive never seen or heard one live .Should I go for it? Is it worth the money or is my Axe 2...
  9. frankiev

    Updated to 15.2 now sounds thin

    After updating it seems everything sounds very thin and a bit raspy . I think Ive read of this happening before when the software does not install properly .Should I just reinstall 15.2 again or is there a different way to go about it
  10. frankiev

    Need help with pitchshifter

    Im completly at a loss regarding how to setup the pitch shifter. The settings on the axe make no sense to me due to my lack of knowledge. Im currently using a digitech ips 33b for chromatic harmonies . The settings on the 33b are tittled 1-3-5,8-5-8 etc . How do I translate these to the axe...
  11. frankiev

    Effects loop question

    I have several rack effects units that Id like to connect to the effects loop and I have a couple of questions . Whats the best way to set the levels ? Should I keep the output level of the external unit up loud and the fx input setting in the axe mixer down or is it a balanceing thing with...
  12. frankiev


    I see some posts about fw15 .Ive search and cant find the download .What did I miss
  13. frankiev

    Looper purchase advise please

    Considering buying a dedicated looper . Im looking at the Boss RC300 and the Pigtronix infinity looper . Any input/advice/comments appreciated
  14. frankiev

    Bobs your uncle ?

    Who exactly is Bob and why is he my Uncle?
  15. frankiev

    Effects folder etc?

    Im still at work and havent installed 3.0 yet . Are the folders the same ? Most importantly the effects folder ,do I need to move it ? Cant wait to get home !!
  16. frankiev

    Vintage Dukane tube PA??

    Came across a Dukane PA .It has several inputs and bass and treble controls . Anyone familiar with this amp ? Is it somewhat flat ? It has 2 6l6 tubes but I believe its single ended and only about 30 watts or so .I can pick it up for 75$or so .
  17. frankiev

    Selling some amps and need advice

    Thinking about selling some amps and I could use some advice .What should I sell these amps for? Is the best way through ebay ? I have a Marshall 4 input 100watt superlead ,a Traynor bassmaster amp,a Traynor Bassmaster II amp , and a blackface Fender bassman head circuit aa864. All amps work...
  18. frankiev

    Need some help setting up a filter w/ modifier

    Id like to set up a filter to sweep a limited range triggered by volume level . In other words striking a string triggers a certain frequency of the filter and as the note decays the frequency shifts a bit . Any help greatly appreciated
  19. frankiev

    Any way to download multiple presets at once?

    I havent been keeping up with axechange and would like to get the presets and ir's that are available . Dont get me wrong Im grateful to have this resource but what a pia to open and dowwnload each one (my fault forr not keeeping up with it)I doubt theres a way to download multiple presets at...
  20. frankiev

    Is there any way to erase a whole bank at once

    Would be great if I could do this all at once instead of one at a time
  21. frankiev

    Need help auditioning IR's and amps

    Forgive what are probably ignorant questions but Im nowhere near the experience level of 99% of you guys . I have tons of IR's OH RW etc... I could use some advice on auditioning them . Ive heard or mix ir and irlab but I have some questions . What amp do you guys use to audition the ir's? Is...
  22. frankiev

    How do I set the rear pedal output to control x/y in an amp ?

    Title says it all . Cant quite figure it out . Sad ..I know
  23. frankiev

    Behringer BCR 2000 question

    How difficult would it be to map a BCR2000 to control things like drive master tone controls effects parameters etc ? Anyone done this that can help me to understand how to do it ?
  24. frankiev

    Amp classes

    Im not familiar with alot of the amps in the Axe and I remember a while back someone post a nice chart in color of the different amps classed by clean ,mild etc... . Ive searched and cant find it . Anyone know where it might be or maybe have a copy they can post?
  25. frankiev

    Need help programing ext switches

    Unfortunetly Im somewhat midi challenged . I have 4 external switches connected to the MFC and I want to program them to access scenes 1-4 . I tried to put the pieces of info together but all I get is a stress headache . Would someone be kind enough to help me thru this . Thanks
  26. frankiev

    How can I record the AXE output to the same laptop

    How can I record the AXE output to the same laptop thats connected to the AXE 2 by usb ? What programs would work and how do I set it ? What hardware do I need? Any help greatly appreciated
  27. frankiev

    Only goes to 5-9-13

    Is it just me or do the all the forum sub sections only go to 05-09-13?
  28. frankiev

    Wah control question

    I was playing thru the presets yesterday and realized theres a wah in every preset . I dont see anyway to turn it on and off on the MFC . Is it something I need to program ? Also I noticed if I used axe edit to turn on the wah I could no longer turn it off and if I changed presets the wah...
  29. frankiev

    Help me choose some picjups for my mexican strat

    I picked up a nice mexican strat that plays great and sound good acoustically . I could use some recommendations for pickups as I dont have a clue what to get Thanks
  30. frankiev

    Cab recommendation for amps in V10

    Unfortunatly I dont have the experience to know which cab should go with which amp I remember seeing a post by someone of a list of recommended cabs to use with each of the various amps in the Axe 2. Has anyone seen an updated one for V10? . Thanks
  31. frankiev

    Need some help with wah settings

    I calibrated my roland ev5 pedal on the MFC ,using pedal input 2 which is cc16 and controls ext1 . If I set up a new wah it works perfectly . The problem Im having is in using wah presets Ive found here on the forum . I insert a wah and choose for instance EVH wah then I change (Ive noticed alot...
  32. frankiev

    Lopper let me down at a jam

    I set up the looper to use 4 external switches plugged into the switch inputs 1-4 of the MFC . Everything was working perfectly at home . I had it set up as REC-PLAY-STACK-BYPASS. When I got to my friends house and set everything up I expected the same result . Surprise .... hitting the REC...
  33. frankiev

    Need help Im going beyond my limited midi knowledge

    I would like to set up the MFC with a basic layout to use on my presets . Something like comp-dist-phaser-flanger-amp-cab-chours-delay-reverb-looper. I can figure out how to switch effects on and off but Im struggling with how to program the MFC to switch between settings of each effect . Can a...
  34. frankiev

    Need some help on using looper

    I finally set up the looper . Ive never used one before and I need some help with the settings .The problem is every loop I make gets chopped at the end or loops in the middle of a beat or theres the some silence at the end of the loop . So how do I get some good loops going? TX
  35. frankiev

    Need some help w/ cc assign

    Im setting up the looper and Im going to use 4 external footswitch plugged into the MFC to control rec play dub and bypass . This was easy thanks to clear directions in the manual . Id also like to use the pedal sw in the Axe 2 to control undo cc# 120 i believe . I found how to set the pedal to...
  36. frankiev

    Need a little help setting up MFC for use w/personal presets

    Up until now Ive used the MFC with the stock presets(some modified ) as Ive only been playing at home . Im going to be playing with some friends next weekend and I want to set up some of my own presets ,also Ill use some of the presets Ive found on this forum . I will need some advice on how to...
  37. frankiev

    Tone match video on youtube

    I found this on youtube Axe-FX II Tutorial (en): Tone Matching (1) - YouTube He has several other excellent video tutorials on the Axe2
  38. frankiev

    Updated list of cabs

    I checked the wiki and the manual . Im sure is here somewhere i just cant seem to locate it edit. Sorry I should have put a question mark in the title and also should have stated Im refering to the stock cabs in 6.0
  39. frankiev

    Building presets with mic or without?

    Probably a stupid question but Im a bit confused regarding when to use a mic on the speaker. Is it better for the "amp in the room" to use only a speaker ? Bascially when do you guys use a mic and when do you use only a speaker
  40. frankiev

    Update system parameters?

    Im about to update everything . I a little unclear on whether I should "update system parameters" after I update the Axe. Is it necessary?
  41. frankiev

    I want to print the new 6.0 owners manual but....

    Id rather not print the whole thing . Does anyone have .or know where I could find , the pages that are different from the last manual so I can print only those ?
  42. frankiev

    Do you use the MFC101 in axe mode?

    Unfortunatly Im a bit in the dark regarding midi programing so Im running my MFC in axe mode . I was wondering if most of you are using it this way versus a custom setup . If you are using a custom setup can you give me some tips
  43. frankiev

    Need help setting up wah

    Im not too good with this stuff and I could use some help I Connected pedals to exp 1 and exp2 output of the mfc . exp1 controls vol with no problem but i cant get exp2 to work the wah wah . I calibrated the pedal in the mfc and set the control parameter of the wah to external 1 but I get...
  44. frankiev

    Need a little help with external sw setup

    Im trying to setup 2 external switch to control x/y . I followed the mfc101 manual to setup global on off for amp and delay x/y . Im having difficulty understanding how to set it up to override the global settings on a per preset basis . I see in the manual pg 39 it says I can do this but i...
  45. frankiev

    midiot needs some help with assigning x/y to pedal

    I want to connect a switch to the mfc to control x/y . Ive read the majority of the manual and remember seeing something about how to do this but now that Im going back to look I cant find a specific entry that helps me . I confess Im a midiot . Can someone break it down a bit for me ,dosent...
  46. frankiev

    Is my cpu usage too high?

    After I updated to 5.0 it seems my cpu usage has gone up . Im not 100% sure its high since I didnt really check it very closley before. Could someone verify the cpu usage on preset 38 so I can put my mind at ease . Mines at 75% .
  47. frankiev

    Active or passive tone controls ?

    I did a search and found nothing on weather most of you guys use active or passive . In addition, the presets that everyone posts never refers to which is used . So... What do most of you use ,active or passive and why?
  48. frankiev

    Section 2.3 computer integration help needed

    Ive been going through the manual and i was doing good untill I came upon section 2.3 . It seems to be a bit over my head . Is it necessary to have some type of recording software such as cubase etc.. to access these features? . Can someone please help me untie the knots in my brain
  49. frankiev

    Reset system parameters ?

    I didnt see anything in the release notes but I seem to remember reading that its best to use "update system parameters" in the utility tab after updating the firmware . Is this correct?
  50. frankiev

    MFC and axe edit sync possible?

    Is there anyway for the MFC and Axe edit to communicate changes to each other so If I change presets on the MFC it comes up in Axe edit ?
  51. frankiev

    Programming state of IA's

    I just recieved my Axe 2 and MFC . VERY impressed with the quality of sounds . While i was auditioning the presets I was turning various effects on and off to get something i liked and it occured to me to store them that way . Is there an easy way to do that on the MFC or do I need to use axe...
  52. frankiev

    New Axe 2 comming today ,question regarding axe edit effects

    It should be there when I get home !!! . I know that the presets are not transferable from the ultra but are the effects okay or do I need to modify them all . Please oh please say yes they are okay
  53. frankiev

    Are old p[resets transferable to axe 2

    Im sure its been asked but a search turned up nothing . Can my old ultra presets be used in the new ultra ? If so will they just load or is it a hassle to do ?
  54. frankiev

    what happened to the "important links" page

    Trying to find the link to yeks how to and some others . They used to be here under important links . Where did they go ??
  55. frankiev

    Question about Mesa speakers

    Went into the "back room" and found that I had 4 Mesa black shadow mc-90 speakers .Ive had them so long I forgot they were there I bought them around the late 80's early 90's . Can one of the Mesa experts here give me some info on these ? They look similar to ev 12-L's. Do they have a flat...
  56. frankiev

    Need help setting input level on power amp

    My Bogen hta250a has two sets of inputs and an input level pot on the rear .One input is high z ,50k ohms the other is low z ,600 ohms . The output impedance of the axe is 100 ohms so is it better to use the high or low z input?
  57. frankiev

    Bogen HTA-250A mosfett amp !!!!!

    Ive tried the FBT ,too artificial sounding.The Atomic 18 watter , very nice amp in the room feel .Digitech g150 w/turbosound tsc59, very nice but too colored . QSC rmx 1450 w/ turbosound tsc59, not bad but sounds too stiff and sterile and then I found the almighty Bogen .OMG .....awesome with...
  58. frankiev

    where to purchase mfc 101

    Can someone advise how to order an MFC101 .The fractal site only seems to list the axe and the atomics on the purchase page Thanks
  59. frankiev

    How/where do I signup for the MFC wait list

    Forgive me but I cant find a link anywhere . I emailed sales but recieved no reply . Where oh where is the link?
  60. frankiev

    getting dirty background note on clean amps

    I dont know if this is new or its been this way awhile as I dont use clean tones much . It seems when I setup clean tones I get a distorted background tone that tracks along with any notes I play so I hear the clean note with a buzzy distortion in the background. I checked with presets from this...
  61. frankiev

    Anyone familiar with the digitech G150 power amp

    I came across one in a pawn shop .Anyone tried one? TX
  62. frankiev

    Atomic Reactor 112 question

    I have to stay out of pawn stores... Found an Atomic Reactor 112 for 150$ . Anyone useing one ?Are these decent ? Should I go for it?
  63. frankiev

    Question about stereo cab

    The stereo cab has 2 pan controls and two level controls . I dont understand why there is also a balance control on the right side . Am I missing something ? Does the stereo cab sum the inputs if I connect inputs to it from 2 different sources?
  64. frankiev

    question about panning effects

    I just set up a WDW preset and I have a question about panning the wet effects left and right .What I did was set up a dry path down the center then a parallel delay and reverb path on the left and right . I used the balance control in the output section to pan the effects left and right and...
  65. frankiev

    Anyone using a mesa simul 395

    I recently came across a simul 395 at a great price .Im not at all familiar with this amp . Does anyone know how linear this amp is . Would I still be able to use the power amp sims in the axe ? Any info would be helpful
  66. frankiev

    out1 and 2 clipping but input not lighting red ?

    I modified the preset ej clean . Bascially all I did was bypass everything but comp, amp ,cab and reverb . I checked all the levels and none are above 0 except ofcourse the amp which has the drive at 5 and the master at 9.5 . When I play the input level almost never lights the red ,however the...
  67. frankiev

    Need help setting up expression pedals for use with GCP

    I have a ground control pro and I want to use 2 expression pedals to control wah and vol . Im not too good with midi and Im not real clear how to program the GCP to use the pedals . I would appreciate any help . Thanks
  68. frankiev

    Need advice on using 2 midi pedals together

    I want to use my Ground control pro to access 4 presets with 8 IA's . I also have a Ground control(basic one) that I want to use for 8 more IA's . Would someone be kind enough to explain how to use these at the same time? Can I just run the midi out of the GC to the midi in on the GCP and then...
  69. frankiev

    A question about turning on/off effects w/ a GCP

    I havent had the need to program my GCP until now and I have to admit it stresses me out just thinking about it . This may be a stupid question but.... If I assign delay 1 bypass in the axe to an IA on my GCP will I then be able to turn on/off all the delay 1 's in all the presets in the axe ...
  70. frankiev

    connecting wah/vol to axe

    I asked this a few months ago and didnt really get a definitive answer . When using an expression pedal to control wah or vol what kind of cable should be used . Is a speaker cable ok or should it be a guitar cable . If I understand correctly since there is no actual audio signal ,only voltage...
  71. frankiev

    need help setting up virtual pedal board

    Up till now Ive been using the axe at home . It sits right next to me and I can reach over and change presets or use the editor on my computer to change presets and also turn on/off/add/remove effects . Latley Ive been jamming with some friends and want to use my GCP to control everything . I...
  72. frankiev

    Help using the digital outs

    Im new at digital out /in . I want to use the digital outs of the axe to my Emu 0404 . Do I need to worry about any settings or is it just plug and play ?. Im recording with cubase 3.0 Do i just select digital in on the track Im recording ? Thanks
  73. frankiev

    question about bal/unbal outputs

    Ive seen some posts regarding the xlr balanced outs . It seems the quality of the signal is much better when using FRFR systems . So my question is if the xlrs are used for personal monitoring what is used for FOH ? unbalanced ? Is there a better way ?
  74. frankiev

    Need some help choosing a mixer

    I want to buy a mixer that will do justice to the Axe and since Im not too savy in the way of mixers I could use a little help . Transparency is the my number one consideration . Suggestions/advice greatly appreciated .
  75. frankiev

    1x8 tweed for high gain anyone?

    Recently Ive become a fan of using the 1x8 tweed for some high gain presets (FRFR using Blue Sky 6.5 monitors) Anyone else tried this ?
  76. frankiev

    Small stageworks monitors?

    I came across a set of stageworks powered monitors . They look like small pa speakers, not studio monitors ,with a 6 or 8 inch woofer and a small tweeter . . The model number is sstpk 106a . .Im hoping someone has heard of them and can provide some info as Ive been unable to find any via...
  77. frankiev

    Blue Sky 6.5 monitors OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    I walked into guitar center last week and found a table with drastically reduced equipment ,some used some scratch and dent etc. I found a pair of BlueSky 6.5 monitors on sale for 79$ . I dont really need them but they sell normally for around 600 ea so of course I coulndt pass them up . OMG...
  78. frankiev

    Anyone have build plans for a 1x12 thiel cab?

    I was going thru the large mountain of my previous GAS attacks and found an EV12L in a sealed cab that I had forgotten about (along with a few other surprises) Id like to build a mesa thiele cab for it but Ive done a search but cant find the plans .Im hoping someone here has the plans or...
  79. frankiev

    anyone tried a roland JC120 as a power amp for the axe

    A friend of mine is selling his JC120 and Im tempted to try the power amp section of it with my ultra . Unfortunatly he lives about 6 hours away . I was hoping someone here might have tried this or is familiar enough with th amp to offer advice Im wondering how flat the JC120 power section ...
  80. frankiev

    FBT verve 12ma vs Mackie HR824

    Not sure if posting here is bending the rules . I decided to sell my 12ma , see the for sale section if interested . I much prefer my mackie HR 824's .Besides being stereo they are flatter which I suppose is to be expected . Since I dont gig I really dont need to be portable . Am I giving up...
  81. frankiev

    help setting up a patch with dual cabs

    I should probably know how to do this by now,however... .I want to try setting up my patches using two cabs blended together . Im just not too clear on how to do that . Im assuming after the amp you split the signal to the two cabs ,but Im not too clear on the best way(s) to adjust the mix ...
  82. frankiev

    Need help identifying a VOX semi open back cab

    I lucked out at a local garage sale and picked up a VOX 2x12 .The spreakers have gold frames with black "bell" covers over the magnets . The speaker covers have a picture of a bulldog and read "Vox heavy duty speakers". The plate on the back of the cab says VOX buckingham model V412 thomas...
  83. frankiev

    FBT verrve 12ma vs mackie hr824's

    Finally got around to a/bing the FBT to the mackies .I only did a quick test due to time constraints .I also didnt tweak the preset which was created using the mackies To my ears the mackies sound much smoother and better balanced but then I assume they are supposed to . The FBT sounds good...
  84. frankiev

    best position for FBT verve 12ma ?

    I just revcieved my FBT and Im wondering what might be the best way to use it . Specifically using it on the floor ,on a stand or on something like an amp rack .Im looking to get the most flat reponse . Hopefully Ill have some time this weekend to experiment although Im not sure how to tell...
  85. frankiev

    help setting up WDW

    I just recieved my fbt verve 12ma and want to try setting it up as dry (amp/cab ) with the effects in stereo to my 2 mackie HR824's . I searched and found a post regarding this but a second amp signal (external) was involved and I tried but cant seperate what I want from that post . Im sure...
  86. frankiev

    wah connection cable question

    Im just now getting around to setting up a wah in the axe . Ill be using an ernie ball volume pedal Does it matter if the cables from the axe to the pedal are shielded or would speaker wire work .What are you guys using Thanks
  87. frankiev

    anyone have a disturbed type rythem tone?

    Im not too good at emulating tones without some kind of starting point . So I was hoping someone has something close to the rythem tone on the new disturbed cd.
  88. frankiev

    help w/ mixer block

    I need a little help understanding how to set up a mixer block . I would like to use an auto wah in parallel with a dry signal to feed an amp /cab .So lets say im in row 2 as the main input and I add a wah in row 3 with a shut connecting it to row 2 . At the connection point of the above...
  89. frankiev

    where can I find jays farfield IR's

    Can someone tell me where to find Jays farfield IR's or maybe pm them to me Thanks
  90. frankiev

    All User Presets to 03-08-09and IR's to 01-24-09

    For any who need this here's all the presets and IR's that I downloaded from the axechange . Had to break the files in half due to size restrictions .Part 2 in next post
  91. frankiev

    need help with a quality D/A converter

    I want to connect my ultra to my sound card thru an Emu 0404 using digital out ultra to digital in Emu . Then use a program called chainer in my computer that lets you chain an input (ultra) to what ever else you want in your computer ,such as effects , synths etc . The issue I have is in...
  92. frankiev

    Which IR's are you using to get "X" tone?

    There are so many IR's available both on the axechange and all over the internet . So many choices are great until you try to build a preset and start tweaking the many parameters ,then it starts becomes overwhelming (cognitive overload anyone?). I though maybe it might be good to start a...
  93. frankiev

    question about programming a "tap" switch

    I want to program a tap temp switch on my GCP .Am I correct that it should be set up as a momentary switch type .Now that Im thinking about it should the lopp switches also be momentery. Any others ? Thanks
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