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  1. lp59

    Who else is upgrading to Axe-FX III TURBO? :-)

    I ordered one just because I didn't order something from Fractal for a long time.
  2. lp59

    Dead spot compensation using multiband comp block

    Play louder! But not with headphone! 😉🤣
  3. lp59

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    I like the idea, but measuring all the existing PA would be an impossible task. There is much more different possibilities than with guitar amps. Maybe the Axe-Fx could send pink noise, compare what came out and back in, and do the job like a spectrum analyze/equalizer.
  4. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.05

    Playing and tweaking/discovering excites a different part of the brain, I know I need both...
  5. lp59

    Step Diatonic Harmonizer

    Pur Genius! But I already knew !
  6. lp59

    Pedal Calibration problem

    when Tuner to Heel Down is selected the calibration quit before you can click Enter to validate. Is it normal or a bug, anyway just put the Tuner to Heel Down option to none, do the pedal calibration (works perfectly) then reselect and validate the Tuner to Heel Down option.
  7. lp59

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    It sure must have better Plexi tones.
  8. lp59

    Why is it louder??? Attached presets and pics.

    Very common situation, I often stumbled on the bypass type screwing the levels, especially after resetting a block.
  9. lp59

    How often do you reset system parameters?

    Yes, it would be a great feature for @AlGrenadine Fractool to be able to export a data sheet with a list of all the parameters that are reseted!
  10. lp59

    If you could only have one...

    I bought the III to have the best, and later a FM3 for small gigs. Why choose? Get both ! 😉
  11. lp59

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 5 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #2

    Two Plexi's and a Fuzz Bender... Cygnus is the shiznit ;)
  12. lp59

    How often do you reset system parameters?

    Damned, it took me an hour! Especially entering my 11 custom scales, didn't know that you could export those, but I learned it the hard way! ;-) I wish there was a "export/import all custom scales" menu...
  13. lp59

    How often do you reset system parameters?

    Do we have a list of all parameters and their default values? I must say that I’m a little scared screwing my FC setup, Stand in switches, etc.
  14. lp59

    How often do you reset system parameters?

    Thanks Yek, I’ll do that as part of a maintenance routine regularly.
  15. lp59

    How often do you reset system parameters?

    I never did it, and was wondering when and for wich reason to perform this task. From the Wiki: Doing a system reset and having that "fix" things does not surprise me at all. There are a variety of parameters that affect the overall sound that could be set incorrectly either by accident or by a...
  16. lp59

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    We already have it in the “Two Rocks” amps! 🤣
  17. lp59

    Default Layout for Preset Load

    There’s a lot of people not making big Vegas shows but using an iPad for selecting songs and the corresponding sound on their Axe-Fx, they surely would feel excitement to be able to load a specific layout for each preset in use. Thanks for the constant evolution of your products, and a happy...
  18. lp59

    Implemented Tuner on heel down

    1+ for tuner on at heel down, love this feature on my Axe-Fx III.
  19. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.04

    Yes, the 2290 is a type of beast of it’s own.
  20. lp59

    Thinking about upgrading to the MKII

    Buy a little Bluetooth midi interface, download FracPad and enjoy your new unit!
  21. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    Yeah, I’m on the top of the list!
  22. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    I also had it requested a long time ago, it is a feature from the RJM I missed when I went FC6. Thanks a lot for making it happened. Now I’m just missing a “Go To Last Preset” function in the Utility menu on my FC.
  23. lp59

    It's 2020, why can't we have a completely wireless set up?

    Bluetooth has too much latency.
  24. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    It*s not à Greeny but has a lot of mojo ! It’s a 60’ Custom Shop Reissue that sent through the hands of Historic Makeover for a refin and upgrade.
  25. lp59

    Damaging the Axe Fx III by having the rack standing on the side wall?

    I always had my Fractal racks this way, really handy when sitting to my desk. And easy to pack to gig.
  26. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    It‘s a LED stripe with a remote for changing colors. Like this.
  27. lp59

    Mutronics Mutator patch help

    I like you being stupid! 🤣 Sounds awesome!
  28. lp59

    Hold function via external switch... I'm missing some step.

    It works passively, battery is for the LED’s only.
  29. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08

    Anything to do with a Mesa Mark I ?
  30. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    I don’t think this has something to do with the late beta firmware. I had it happened some months ago. No idea what triggers this noise.
  31. lp59

    MIDI via USB?

    Did you finally found a solution for using only the in port with your MD-BT01? I brainstormed with no answer.
  32. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.03

    Try redownloading the FW.
  33. lp59

    IEM volume on solo or boost

    Why don’t you adjust the level of your boost. A friend guitar player in the audience told me that my boost for solo was too high, I want from +3db to +2db. Much smoother and enough for the solo boost. I set output 1 to 0db on channel A and +2db on channel B. I have a dedicated switch for that...
  34. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.02

    No dice son, you gotta work late. It may or may not already be in there. Said Cliff.:)
  35. lp59

    Are all Bypasses Created Equal?

    You have two blocks in parallel and this doubles the direct out at this point if bypass is set to thru.
  36. lp59

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    You can have a look at how I attach my FC6
  37. lp59

    Axe-Fx III & Logic Pro X & YouTube Audio on a Mac

    It’s free as long as you don’t use files longer than 10mn. After that it adds noise above the audio in the trial version. If I read correctly.
  38. lp59

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    I think it's more Surf Green color...
  39. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    Put a pic when you're done!
  40. lp59

    Wish : Scene Volume Incr/Decr controls

    I tested with 2 active amps in a preset, I only have amp 1 volume modified. Fw 11.02 beta.
  41. lp59

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    I have a little tutorial on how I made de board HERE.
  42. lp59

    FC-6: Switching Presets into another Scene than Scene 1

    You can store your preset say with scene 2, when you recall the preset you'll have scene 2. There's something to dial on the Axe as you can recall always scene 1 or the saved scene, if my memory is well...
  43. lp59

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Is it possible to export system settings to spreadsheet? It would be great to have a clear view of what is in the Axe before resetting. Bonne année Alexandre.
  44. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    ATM I have a bag, should be enough as I handle it myself. A case would be to much weight.
  45. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    • I added a 90° XLR connector • And put my Shure GLXD16 on the board, power supply attached under the board. • I think I'm done for a good time... Let's play some guitar !
  46. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    I think it’s a copy, for the euro market. You can easily cut in the aluminum if you have the right tools, to make it fit to your project if needed.
  47. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    Maybe larger on a Pedal Train, this one is from the Pedal Space brand, don’t know if there is a difference.
  48. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    It’s 40mm between the rails
  49. lp59

    FC-12 not responding.. help!

    Did it take any chock eventually? After asking Fractal about warranty, if you are allowed to open it without voiding your warranty, I would see if there is any lose connection and check that all the connectors are well sited. If you know another user, you could check your FC with another Axe-Fx III.
  50. lp59

    FC-12 not responding.. help!

    I would restore both FC and Axe system settings. Does it happened suddenly or did you use it months without problems and now it arises?
  51. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    Yes, I tried to make it the more efficient as possible. Good news, I could power the LED on the Mission pedal with the power supply of the lighting. No more batteries !
  52. lp59

    New pedalboard with FC-6 (Tutorial)

    Here is how I attached my FC6 on a Pedal Train board. • Fasten some wood on the board, put some velcro on it and at the back of the FC • I cut a slice in the top of the board to make room for the jacks • You can see the back, the rivets attaching the wood planks, and how the EV-1 is attached...
  53. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #2

    I also had a strange noise after the update. I was on Burg’s Hipower preset and the sound was just like I had no guitar plugged on my input jack cable. A kind of rumble rising up like a feedback would. I downloaded the preset again and it is gone...
  54. lp59

    Add A Metronome To Any Preset or Use Standalone

    Thanks for sharing, very nice trick, I always wanted CC control on the metronome to play and stop at will. I’ll use it to give the exact tempo my drummer.
  55. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta

    @FreeMind What we are discussing here is the new Beta Firmware, please open a new topic on the wish list topic instead of cluttering this one.
  56. lp59

    Expression Pedal > Heel down engaging Tuner

    Is this possible with an EV1 or EV2 Expression pedal connected to Ext. 1?
  57. lp59

    BUG: Block turns on by itself when using Wah

    I had a similar problem yesterday, when looking to my wah block engaging when it was not supposed to. I cleared all the Ext. Controllers, but the wah was still engaging. I recalled the Controller List in Axe-Edit, saw that there still was one listed (that I couldn't see when looking at all the...
  58. lp59

    Talk to a Kemper guy about the DC30

    You can change the preamp tube to EF86 on your DC30 preset.
  59. lp59

    Changing default layout when switching presets from external device

    Like I said in OP, I'm changing presets with midi PC from my iPad, and don't want to access my FC to go to the layout I need, I would like to have it simultaneously with the PC from the iPad.
  60. lp59

    Changing default layout when switching presets from external device

    It would be great to be able to store a different default layout per preset. Just like scenes.
  61. lp59

    Changing default layout when switching presets from external device

    I use OnSong app from my iPad to change presets per song, how can I go to a different layout than the default one when doing this? I know how to do it when pressing a switch on the FC, but didn't found a way to do it with an external app. Is there eventually a CC I can use in this app to call a...
  62. lp59

    Resist the GAS, or succumb to it? To upgrade or not to upgrade? Help a guy out!

    Just do it, I doubt you’ll have any complain after the first minutes playing it. Sounds better, feels better, opens a lot more possibilities. I still have my XL, don’t know why, but I love these machines.
  63. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.00

    No, only when written in the release notes.
  64. lp59

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    1+ for this. I also would love to be able to control Ext. Ctr. with the FC switches. I use both RJM GT16 and FC6 (not simultaneously) and this would avoid me to reprogram my presets each time I use the other pedal. And tuner on when volume pedal is at heel position is a feature I miss on the FC.
  65. lp59

    Axe-Fx III and IEM... 5 Tips & Tricks

    We are all set with IEM. But if you play some small places, often the audience in front of the band will have a blast of drums and little of the rest of the bands because PA is further on the sides. I heard that on small videos people share after the concert, that’s why I still bring 2 monitors...
  66. lp59

    Anyone using a wireless guitar setup with the Axe-Fx III?

    I also had the Smooth Hound in my shop, it also suffered the white noise problem I try to avoid. It’s a good product but not the holy grail I’m after.
  67. lp59

    Anyone using a wireless guitar setup with the Axe-Fx III?

    I tested both and couldn't live with the white noise you have with the Sennheiser XS. Especially with overdriven sounds. You roll off your guitar volume and there is still this noise present. Wich the GLX doesn't have. I would have preferred the form factor of the XS, but sound comes first. One...
  68. lp59

    AXE FXIII Live Tips Anyone?

    I would suggest that you prepare a perform screen with some amp controls for quick adjustment during rehearsals and live if possible.
  69. lp59

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    Once the drummer kicks in you won’t notice a big difference between both channels of the DC-30! 😉
  70. lp59

    Used Liquid Foot+ Pro+ or New FC-12 at similar prices?

    I have a RJM but work only with my FC6, so much easier, and less buttons is less distractions. Fas link is the icing on the cake, and I don’t want to live without it.
  71. lp59

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    @trb If not written in the release note or advised by Cliff and team, you don’t need to reset.
  72. lp59

    Anyone using a wireless guitar setup with the Axe-Fx III?

    Yes, that’s right, the only one I have that don’t add any white noise is the Shure Glx D16. But the form factor is not as handy as the Sennheiser.
  73. lp59

    Anyone using a wireless guitar setup with the Axe-Fx III?

    Didn't you notice a higher noise floor, especially with the distorted sounds. Much more than a cable, otherwise great product.
  74. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 8.00 Public Beta

    Wonderfull job, as ever Leon. I don't wanna hijack the thread, but it would be great if you could do a video on how YOU do your videos, with what gear and workflow. The sound is killer, your voice is clear, and the quality of the vid is top notch. Keep on rocking'! ;) And thanks to Fractal for...
  75. lp59

    MIDI via USB?

    What he said! The MD-BT01 works with the III, I use it with Onsong on my iPad to send PC's and CC's. The UD-BT01 works with AX8.
  76. lp59

    Axe-Fx III and iOS devices

    You can use a Bluetooth midi interface, that way you don’t need a usb cable from your ipad. I do that and control my Program Change with OnSong application from the iPad to the Axe wirelessly. And use my FC6 in the meantime. The Bluetooth midi interface will use your Axe midi ports, if you need...
  77. lp59

    scratching my head here...need a little help...

    This would also maintain compatibility with midi controllers. If FC switches can be mapped to externals Ctrls I could use my RJM or my FC without redoing my presets. I’m using more and more my FC6 because of the size and FAS Link. Thumbs up for this functionality.
  78. lp59

    Germanium Fuzz Clean Tone Equivalent?

    If I remember, fuzz must be the first block after input, impedance in input block set to auto. No wireless system allowed!
  79. lp59

    Context menu for Performance screen?

    That was before the Perform tab...
  80. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Thanks for the explanations, I’ll give it a try just for learning, but it will take time before I get some time to dive in.
  81. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Thanks, no wonder it doesn’t work sent as sysex. Do you know the sysex equivalents, as I can’t send Hex message from the OnSong app.
  82. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Yes, I discovered that I could insert some delay time between the midi events! Sometimes it's good to be late! :)
  83. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Problem solved! I simply introduced a 100ms delay between the PC and the scene CC. I suspected the FC6 (wrongly, sorry buddy!) because it was fine when using the GT. Maybe some delay was present somewhere in the flow making it work with the GT. Thanks to everybody chiming in. @Tom Morris Send...
  84. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Exactly, yes scene is assigned to #34 in the Setup/Midi Menu. Yes, the MD-BT01 is connected to Midi in and out. I now suspect OnSong not sending the right data, but when I look at my Midi Monitor app it's fine...
  85. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    I tested sending B0 22 00 in sysex, no response from the Axe, should I put F0 in front of it? Should I leave the spaces between just like what you wrote? Send Realtime Sysex is ON in the Axe. I can midi monitor that I sent the PC, and after that the scene CC with correct value, but the Axe...
  86. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Sorry for the lack of details, here is the scenario: My first setup was Axe FX III, RJM GT16, iPad connected with USB to the GT. I use OnSong app to switch songs and send PC’s and CC’s simultaneously as I flip the pages of my song list. Very handy and works with no problem. As I’m using the...
  87. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    I don’t have any problem between the GT and the Axe, like I said in the OP. The trouble comes when I use the FC6 and the iPad. I quickly tried to put CC and PC in a different sequence with no success. I’ll try the sysex.
  88. lp59

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.04

    Why use a second tablet, once your IEM mix is done you can open OnSong or SetList Maker. I use OnSong with one preset per song, at the end of a song I just flip to the next page/song, it sends the PC to the Axe, and you can read some notes, chords, words or anything useful for the performance...
  89. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Yes, it is exactly like that. And works with the GT. I downloaded an app on my iPad called MF monitor, and I saw that in fact the CC was sent BEFORE the PC, though it was listed in a reverse order, and that would explain the trouble. I can't test anything today because of my job and gig to play...
  90. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Ok, I’ll try to monitor the midi events, thanks.
  91. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Yes, I’m aware of the scene specifies. I’m only sending one CC#34 after the PC.
  92. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Everything works as intended with the GT, problem appears when using the FC. I can put the midi events in the order I want in my iPad, first the PC, and after the scene change CC#34. Ignore Redundant PC is ON.
  93. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    I’ll try that tomorrow, as I have a gig today.
  94. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    Thanks for your answer, in fact I send the scene CC from my iPad through the GT16. The GT receives PC from the iPad on midi channel 16 to the GT which after send PC to the Axe on channel 14, and the Axe receives CC#34 from iPad on channel 14. iPad connected to GT with usb cable, GT to Axe with...
  95. lp59

    FC-6 and Scene change with Bluetooth [solved]

    From my ipad within the OnSong app I send a CC#34 to change say from default scene 1 to scene 3. I see on the front panel a quick change to scene 3 but it revert to scene 1 immediately. I tried to play with Revert to Scene on/off with no success. I’m using a Bluetooth Yamaha midi interface and...
  96. lp59

    Dweezil talks AXEFX III with Warren Huart

    The one in the vid look different than a KW122, the handle above and the logo are not the same.
  97. lp59

    Dweezil talks AXEFX III with Warren Huart

    What are the speaker cabs played in that vid? The last sound is freaking crazy good. Would love to get the preset!
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