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  1. serge20261

    Cygnus /Austin buddy

    My Austin buddy presets sound awful with Cygnus .I reset amp blocks and seems to make everything worse.What is this update actually doing in terms of parameters. Anyhow reverted back to 15 everything is fine again. Not hearing what the majority are hearing More then likely I’ve missed something
  2. serge20261

    Fender Acoustasonic patch

    Are there any preset for Piezo or acoustic modelling type guitars ? I’m assuming that I wouldn’t be using an amp in the preset is this correct
  3. serge20261

    Austin buddy 12.03 Volume between Scenes

    I’ll start by saying that these naked amp presets are awesome,however I’m struggling with volume levels,particularly for solos they are either way to loud or get lost in the mix.I use an atomic CLR,I keep the AXE 3 volume 1 at 1200 o’clock,the CLR is the main volume controller is this the...
  4. serge20261

    FC-6 how to move to next group of six presets

    I have 45 odd presets that have song titles and basically my setlist. My question is how to move from the first six songs to the next six etc
  5. serge20261

    Firmware 11

    I’ve noticed that since loading v11,my presets have changed, tonally should I be doing anything?
  6. serge20261

    Copy-and-paste amp channel to new preset

    I’m trying to copy and paste an amp channel into another preset,for some reason it copies across all the channels.The original amp is replaced with the amp and channels from the copied preset. What am I doing wrong ?
  7. serge20261

    Help with solo Aussie Band from the 80’s

    The band is Sherbert Aussie users will know who they are the song is Howzat,I know it’s studio tricks,Id like to get as close as possible, particularly that harmonizing part after the initial slide,I’ve asked before but had no takers:(
  8. serge20261

    FC-6 Per-Preset programming

    Is it possible to save each preset individually for example if I’m on PRESET 1 I’d want SWITCH 1 to switch SCENE 5 & SWITCH 2 to switch to SCENE 3 etc etc if I now go to PRESET 2 I’d want SWITCH 1 to switch to SCENE 2 and SWITCH 2 to switch to SCENE 1 etc etc. I’m also wondering if anyone...
  9. serge20261

    Noob question on Send and Return

    What difference is there using the send and return ? I understand the differences in a real amp,just confused as to the advantage using them in axe 3.
  10. serge20261

    Scene ordering?

    Is it possible to to change the order of the Scenes For example moving scene 1 to 5
  11. serge20261

    Question on Scenes

    Probably asked before,can the scenes be rearranged by drag and dropping
  12. serge20261

    Help on setup

    I’m currently running a power amp and guitar cab,my question is rather then mike my guitar cab,I would like to use one of the other outputs to front of house,I have absolutely no idea where to start. The obvious thing would be read the manual,I’m having a hard time following ,ideally a video...
  13. serge20261

    Strings type shimmer

    Are there any examples of synth string sounds anywhere,I’ve heard some samples on an Eventide H9 can’t recall if was a shimmer or the pitch block,definitely sounded lush and full
  14. serge20261

    FX8 and Synergy amps

    Yesterday I received my Synergy SYN2 and Synergy 5050 power amp,Ive connected the FX8 via the SYN2 Loop 4 Cable method,the first module sounds as though the time effects are post ,but when I switch to the second module it’s sounds awful the time effects sound pre Amp Any suggestions
  15. serge20261

    Swiss army Presets

    I'm having trouble dialling in tones that put a smile on my face,are there any commercially available presets that go from crystal clns to solo? My main problem is getting a good gain sound, clns are ok I don't use much gain but like it tight and punchy
  16. serge20261

    Couple of hours with my XL+

    I received my Axe fx today,It came loaded with Firmware 8.01,are there any adjustments I should be making? Not totally happy with the sound,ATM it's sounding boxy,I'm going thru a RCF NX12 FRFR,the same FRFR Ive been using with my Kemper. I've also noticed that Bank A for XL+ is available are...
  17. serge20261

    Preset Questions

    I'm again the owner of an AX8,totally forgotten what little I knew prior To kick off the first noob question......,I have presets saved from an earlier firmware,is there anything I need to do,apart from installing the latest firmware to bring everything up to date Thanks
  18. serge20261

    Strings Preset Please

    Does anyone have a string Preset,I remember seeing one on an AX8,something close enough for the intro of living on a prayer Thanks
  19. serge20261

    Changing up and down switches on MFC 101

    can someone please tell me,if the up and down switches can be swapped,I prefer to have the up switch just after switch 5,at the moment when I bank up I hit the Edit/Save switch.
  20. serge20261

    AX8 Preset to Axe FX XL

    My band mate borrowed an AX8 he had a nice Orchestrial string type preset,that worked well with full chords How could I get a hold of the preset,will it work on my XL given that it's an AX8 Preset Could any one upload it if they have it Thanks in Advance
  21. serge20261

    AX8 Preset to Axe FX XL

    My band mate borrowed an AX8 he had a nice Orchestrial string type preset,that worked well with full chords How could I get a hold of the preset,will it work on my XL given that it's an AX8 Preset Could any one upload it if they have it Thanks in Advance
  22. serge20261

    MFC Scene placement

    Hopefully I can explain myself,I've recently purchased some Commercial Presets 5 scenes per preset,unfortunately I can't remember from whom but they sound great. Because the presets go from Scene 1 being clean gradually gaining up to lead on scene 5 My patches are set up with song names ,I use 5...
  23. serge20261

    Preset Volume Matching

    This has probably been discussed before,I absolutely love the tones I'm getting out of the Axe,the most frustrating thing I encounter when playing live is the volume level between presets.I play in a covers band,the tones vary from ultra clean to heavily overdriven and everything in between. So...
  24. serge20261

    AX8 4CM HELP

    I decided to pull out one of my amps,and connect the AX8 in the 4CM,I have all the Cabling correct,turned off cab and amp in the global menu,but I'm not getting any sound any suggestions??
  25. serge20261

    My Fractal Journey

    The first Fractal product I purchased when newly released was the Axe Fx Ultra,kept it for a few weeks and immediately sold it,went back to my beloved valve amps,vowing never to go modelling again. I then gave it another shot and purchased the Mark 1 when released,same thing,immediately sold...
  26. serge20261

    Noob question about Irs

    Can I use cab packs purchased for my Axe XL for the AX8
  27. serge20261

    Presets copying each other

    Not quite sure how this happened,I had the axe fx XL,connected to my computer and the MFC connected via Fastlink,Some presets have been erased and some duplicated in other locations.
  28. serge20261

    String synth sound found on youtube

    searching for some string sounds that I could play over,I came across this demo ,is this patch available ? sounds like it needs an instruction manual to use it. I'm going into a guitar cab,would this work okay with the latest firmware. Are there any others out there that are similiar
  29. serge20261

    Preset Help .....no takers

    Ive been trying to harmonise the solo of Steve Lukathers Hold the line,the last couple of bars,I have asked if anyone could do it for me even offered payment for their time.I know you guys are very helpful,so I'm wondering can it be done ?, maybe it can't I don't know,but I do know I,can't get...
  30. serge20261

    MFC Edit Questions

    I have Purchased MFC edit,unfortunatly had to contact support as it was not accepting my registration, they are waiting on me to install I viewer,so that they can access my computer to establish my registration failure. Apart from that,I've been looking at their trial version,can't understand...
  31. serge20261

    Peterson Stomp classic into Axe Fx

    Trying to connect my Peterson tuner, Guitar - Tuner In / Tuner out into Axe Fx I'm getting a lot of extra hum,when I connect the Peterson and wondering one if anyone else is experiencing the same and Two is there a work around,can't use the Axe Tuner way to unstable.
  32. serge20261

    Why is this happening (vid attached)

    ATM I'm having a love hate relation with the Axe,when I get it right it's awesome,I turned it on today and seems as if gremlins have invaded it,hear attached video,the overdrives are off ,the noise floor is unacceptable,have only just noticed the the LEDs on the input are lit with the exception...
  33. serge20261

    Help with Patches Willing to PayPal Desperate

    I have a Axe Fx XL running thru Mesa Fifty power amp into a guitar cab I have tried to replicate the guitar tones without success,willing to PayPal $50 for both,providing they are ballpark. Below are the guitar tones: Sherbet Howzat (main sound and solo ) Toto Hold the line (Main and Solo...
  34. serge20261

    Preset Help Please

    can anyone replicate the guitar tone both rhythm and solo on this song
  35. serge20261

    Volume pedal front of amp how to

    For years I've been using a volume pedal,instead of my guitar volume knob.ive tried the same procedure on the Axe fx - guitar -input of volume pedal and out - input of Axe,it's very noisy so I abandoned that idea. I know I can plug my EV-1 into the back of my MFC,what other things should I be...
  36. serge20261

    Radical Axe FX Tuner

    havent posted this in bugs I'm sure it's the big bug that's the problem,when I tune my High B and E strings standard tuning,on the B string although in tunes reads G same as the Low E which insists on Reading A I've checked with my Peterson strobe all good.ive tried to connect my Peterson to...
  37. serge20261

    Friedman ASM Boomy

    I'm just settling in to this new technology,after having my XL for a couple of days I received my Friedman ASM today. I know a lot of you guys love them,for me not so,having said that I'm sure there's a plethora of settings I've yet to discover. In my humble opinion they are boomy,very fllubby...
  38. serge20261

    Downloaded patches not working

    Recently dived in and purchased an axe XL,tried to download a Lenny Kravitz patch I recall there were two When I loaded it I couldn't get sound any suggestions ? I have come across this a couple of times,what should I be on the look out for Thanks
  39. serge20261

    Help setting up preset/scene/effects

    I'm waiting for my MFC Mark 3 to be delivered Is it possible to have the bottom five switches as Presets the middle row of switches as scenes and the top row dedicated to switching effects etc ? A friend of mine has loaned me a mark 2 not having any luck achieving the above setup.Can someone...
  40. serge20261

    FX8 Weird noise

    I've just updated my firmware,for some reason one of the patches is making a noise that goes from silent and builds to high volume.Ive deleted the patch and started from scratch,the problem is still there. Ive noticed that its quite till I click on scene 4 This is the youtube :
  41. serge20261

    Help With IRs

    I've been mucking around with a friends Axe Fx Mark II,love it so have decided to grab a XL+,what's the story with irs,I've noticed that some are for sale some are free,what are the differences. Which ones are the best replications of a real cab
  42. serge20261

    Custom Scales ?

    What are custom scales ? How would you use them,Ive noticed they don't show up on the editor only on the FX8 under Global. Im trying to work out how to harmonise the guitar on the Toto hold the line solo and a few others,not having any luck can someone please explain how its done thanks
  43. serge20261

    Having a hard time choosing

    I own an FX8 love it,but have trouble,duplicating effects in songs. I'm torn between the AX8 and Helix ATM,leaning towards the Helix,only because of the amount of artist patches that are available. A lot of you will probably be saying that it won't transpose the same because of different...
  44. serge20261

    Have Two requests for HELP please

    The dive bomb in Lonely Boy intro,how to I get that effect Toto hold the line Solo,last few bars is harmonised can someone help me with that also Thanks in advance
  45. serge20261

    Saving complete preset banks

    At the moment my Presets banks,are set up as per our setlist,naming each preset with the song title,relays etc set accordingly for my amp. If I were to swap amps,I'm manually reconfiguring the relays for the amp channels,it's a long process,is there a way to save the preset banks,according to...
  46. serge20261

    Harmoniser Help

    Im not to informed on scales,but have a basic idea,I'm doing the solo on Hold the Line by Toto the last few bars of is harmonised,I play in the original key,I've had several attempts at recreating the harmonies, but sounding like a dogs breakfast.Could Someone do this for me and explain how it's...
  47. serge20261

    Artist Presets

    I've noticed over the years owning various multi effects,that users made some spare cash creating presets from various artists,and selling them for a modest fee. I remember a fellow that created some awesome patches,from various genre's demoed them and sold them Interested to know if 1. Any of...
  48. serge20261

    Editor and Fx8 not syncing

    I have downloaded the latest Firmware release,for some reason the effects blocks are not showing on the FX8 although the effects are present
  49. serge20261

    Hold the line Solo preset

    Hi all,has anyone made a preset of Steve Lukathers solo in hold the line Thanks in advance
  50. serge20261

    The Synth block

    Could it be possible to get string like sounds from Synth Block,had a quick play couldn't of course make any sense of it.Is there any demos anywhere
  51. serge20261

    Getting Desperate Relays

    still no luck with the relays,giving up for tonight to frustrated,was working on firmware 2 can't get it to work on 3. Im trying to programme the relays with the latest editor,I thought it was simply,clicking on the foot switches tab clicking on relay 1 and selecting either tip or ring is there...
  52. serge20261

    Firmware 3 Relay issues

    Not quite sure if it's the nut behind the computer or the new firmware,for some reason I can't get the relays to switch my amp channel (Mesa Lonestar ),prior to the update all was fine. Also totally confused,with the new footswitch feature,if I for example want the top four switches to be...
  53. serge20261

    FX8 Firmware update

    Any news on firmware update
  54. serge20261

    Whammy Dive Bomb

    Can anyone tell me how to emulate the whammy dive bomb on The intro to lonely boy by the Black Keys I'm a noob,I need explaining,,I have a mission pedal,just need to know what parameters will get me there Thanks
  55. serge20261

    Video Tutorials FX8 For Dummies

    Im certain there would be a demand for a tutorial video for dummies,I for one would pay for the priveliage.Instruction manuals seem to confuse me,the instructions are minimalistic,might be ok for those of us whom have a better understanding. Let me know how many of you might also benefit,with a...
  56. serge20261

    Wish Setlist capabilities

    Would it be possible to incorporate Setlist functions that way we could use bottom four buttons to recall songs, and the upper four used as scenes within the song, ie scene 1 Verse,scene 2 chorus,scene 3 solo etc
  57. serge20261

    How are you guys organising FX8 for live Covers Gig

    Having a really hard time organising this for gigging,is there anyway at all to have the top four buttons as scenes and the bottom four to switch presets,would make life so much easier.Personally four scene buttons atop of the preset is plenty. Another feature that would be cool is setlist...
  58. serge20261

    Help!!!! Amp Relay Switching

    Hi guys Received my FX8 Today in Australia,I must say for a noob it's pretty complex to get your head around,took me hours getting into preset mode.I managed to load the FX8 Edit,I selected a preset and started editing with relay 1 set to off all good,I then started to edit the same preset on...
  59. serge20261

    FX8 straight to front of amp

    Still waiting for my unit,but wondering how many of you guys are running their FX8 in front of their amps rather then 4 Cable method,what are your thoughts going straight in front,is there any disadvantage,to the effects particulary,modulation and time based effects
  60. serge20261

    shipments to Australia

    How long before we see any units in Australia ? Im on Independent music Waiting list
  61. serge20261

    FX8 Question

    Just flicked thru the manual couldn't see it,does this unit have a song/set list function ?
  62. serge20261

    Demo video

    Are we likely to see a video demo of the fx8 soon When do you think the first batch will be available
  63. serge20261

    Volume matching across all presets

    Is this something that could be achievable ? I'm a self confessed noob,have no idea about programming,you guys can tell me why this can't be achieved. My thoughts, if it were at all possible to incorporate into the programme a db meter,which in turn would scan thru presets,and even all presets...
  64. serge20261

    Question about preset

    If I have for example,preset 2,that I like with say a humbucker equipped guitar,plug my Single coil guitar and sounds like crap,is there any way to use the same patch with different settings to suit a single coil. What is the procedure,Copy and paste to another location and tweak ? I'm also...
  65. serge20261

    Editing problems

    Earlier in the week I was just about to get rid of my Axe Fx 2 thanks to all you guys who helped and gave me direction I'm in love again.For the record I've gone back to my guitar cab using a matrix amp with cab sims off and loving it.My matrix speakers are for sale but not the Axe. Any how's...
  66. serge20261

    One last try before I pull the pin

    Let me start by saying that it's not the Axe that's letting me down,but the operator. I just can't get that wow factor tone that I'm constantly reading about here.im running the latest Firmware 13.02,purchased the ownhammer irs,not sure what I'm doing am I supposed click on high res and install...
  67. serge20261

    Volume pedal between axe and guitar

    Would putting a volume pedal between axe and guitar have the same effect as a real amp? Example if used on a high gain amp,would it roll back the gain? Question 2 I want to gig with my axe is there anyway on setting preset volumes without blasting neighbours or do they have to be at gig...
  68. serge20261

    Axe fx 2 as sound processor only

    Gigged last week with my new rig,Axe,Matrix 1000 amp ,Matrix q12 speakers,and a mastermind GT controller,the cleaner sounds were Awsome the Gain sounds were awful,so much variation in volume it was disastrous.This is going to take me so much longer then the average guy to sort out, (wonder why...
  69. serge20261

    Scenes malfunction?

    I have recently purchased an Axe Fx 2,with a Matrix GT1000Fx Power Amp,Matrix Q12 FrFr Speakers and a RJM Mastermind GT/22 Midi Controller. What Im noticing,if i go from one scene to another,my volume flutters for approx one second,before settling down,any of you guys have a fix for this? Any...
  70. serge20261

    Volume Pedal How to HELP

    Me again I think I will be the Fractal Pain In the A@#e Can Someone explain how to get my volume pedal happening its hooked up to the All Access I cant get it to work I only got to to point where the midi in light on the axe lights when i move the pedal up or down Remember my instructions is for...
  71. serge20261

    Rocktron all Access

    I would like to bring effects in and out of presets,for example if I have a patch with chorus,I would like the option of bringing it in and out as I please is this possible? I have the All Access running the bottom 5 switches for patch changes. If the above is possible can someone give me the...
  72. serge20261

    Blew my VHT 2 50 2

    Just got an axe again second coming,all excited I hook it up to the VHT started to notice an odour an then a bang. I would like to know how to hook up to the power section of my bogner XTC So that I can fiddle with the axe Thanks in advance
  73. serge20261

    Question of Volume

    What parameters should i be looking at to set patch volumes? My patch volumes are all over the shop,can someone please explain how i would balance everything
  74. serge20261

    What have i done ??????

    i have advertised my Ultra out of frustration,but somehow last weekend i managed to get the sounds that i was kind of liking clean snappy rhythms,motown etc.Tonight i turned it on mucked around with some global settings and something in the i/o menu (dont ask me what as i hve no idea) anyhow all...
  75. serge20261

    Bogner ectasy classic and Axe Fx

    Any of you guys using your axe fx with a bogner amp? I am considering the purchase of the Bogner they have a pretty decent sound.Like to hear what you guys think
  76. serge20261

    The Real Thing Chucking Patch

    Wondering if any of you switched on guys can replicate the sound on The Real thing Song Called....You to me are Everthing Its the chucking sound he gets I have tried with reverb and delay just not sounding right any help will be appreciated. Thaning you guys in advance Serge
  77. serge20261

    The I/O Menu CTRL

    I have gone into the I/O Menu on the ctrl page.I have assigned chorus ,delay,drive,etc to my instant access on the GCP Pro,my question is how do I modify the effects to taste on the I/O menu? I have also included Volume increase and Volume decrease is it correct to assume that the button...
  78. serge20261

    GCP Pro Question 4 preset mode

    I followed ghostman video tutorial on the 4 preset mode,I mananged to get that working.But I am confused which doesnt take much with this stuff My first eight swithces are assigned to my delay ,chorus etc,I cannot figure out how to have the chorus only and then switching on delays etc at the...
  79. serge20261

    RE Axe exchange

    Wil we again have a site to exchange patches?
  80. serge20261


    Hi All, I have a problem again...........I have a GCX switcher by Voodoo Labs and a GCP.I am trying to connect the axe fx ,jmp-1 and vht 2/50/2 to work in stereo.Can someone tell me how to hook everthing up?Prior to this I was simply using one cable from the vht to the axe fx and one from the...
  81. serge20261

    Using the Ground control Pro

    My set up is a VHT 50/2/50 a JMP-1 Pre amp and of course my Axe fx and I have the GCX switcher. So far the only thing I have managed is to switch between the JMP-1 and the AXe FX I have no idea how to get the GRound Control to actually switch banks.can anyone please explain how i should be...
  82. serge20261

    Problems setting up GCP HELP

    I actually had the GCP working came back to it today and has stopped working.I have tried the Axe set to channel 1 and then Omni cant get it going. The midi light on the axe however blinks as i press a button on the GCP but no program change .I have set the GCP to Channel 1 I Give up. Can anyone...
  83. serge20261

    Howzat By Sherbet

    I was wondering if any of you guys could copy the sound the guitarist is using in the solo and Rhythm. You can hear it on you tube http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SEJ2m0hyQ ... re=related
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