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  1. Admin M@

    Dire Straits, "Money for nothing" preset

    Thank you. I modestly suggest that there is always room for improvement but I'm happy works for you and me!
  2. Admin M@

    Special Thanks to Simeon and Leon

    Special thanks to @simeon Harris and Leon @2112 Todd for providing the blocks that many of the new Multitap Delay types were based on.
  3. Admin M@

    FAS-FX Reverb 1.5

    It does not.
  4. Admin M@

    FM9 vs FM3 vs AX8 vs Pedals/amps *Plus* FRFR vs Cab on Tube power amp vs SS power amp

    Best of the best: a million dollars worth of Meyers!
  5. Admin M@

    FM9 vs FM3 vs AX8 vs Pedals/amps *Plus* FRFR vs Cab on Tube power amp vs SS power amp

    I wouldn't say the same has been true in my experience. I will admit I've been spoiled by some otherworldly FRFR systems though. My RCF NX speakers also hold their own against (and often exceed) tube amps though.
  6. Admin M@

    FM9 vs FM3 vs AX8 vs Pedals/amps *Plus* FRFR vs Cab on Tube power amp vs SS power amp

    ...when monitoring my Fractal Audio gear through ______________.
  7. Admin M@

    Paid presets ... pfff

    Sorry to hear this. That would never happen around here in NJ. The townspeople here are good and generous.
  8. Admin M@

    Paid presets ... pfff

    You can bring an equine to the racetrack, but you cannot make it a racehorse.
  9. Admin M@

    Implemented "Uglier" compressor algorithms

    That's what THRESHOLD, ATTACK and RELEASE are, right?
  10. Admin M@

    AxeFX For The Recording Musician

    Wiki'd & Stickied!
  11. Admin M@

    Implemented "Uglier" compressor algorithms

    I still do! It's one of just a few pedals I keep for nostalgia's sake.
  12. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    I do: 8/27/21 2:48 PM
  13. Admin M@

    Tim Pierce Shout Out to Fractal & the FM9

    Tim is an artist, a gentleman, a scholar and a cool dude. He's taught me a lot.
  14. Admin M@

    Tim Pierce Shout Out to Fractal & the FM9

    Watch the whole video but here's a link which begins at the Fractal Audio related talk:
  15. Admin M@

    Captain James T. Kirk...To Boldy Go...

  16. Admin M@

    Maintaining stereo separation?

    You could also use a scene controller or change the channel on a single reverb block so its output is balanced Left, Right, or Center as needed, or use output block channels -- this in addition to muting one of your amp blocks. @bdrepko that's generally how it works but the pans don't...
  17. Admin M@

    Popping when switch from Recto to my cabless 80's clean. Why/help?

    Well, without even listening, I can advise against running two amp blocks in series. For an example of how to use two amp blocks to utilize more than four amp models in one preset, study factory preset 23, Friedman BE-100.
  18. Admin M@

    Scene Controllers won`t change in AXE-EDIT III when changing preset with FC

    Hi Adrian, I'm not sure I understand the problem you're describing, or exactly how to reproduce it, but it's usually best to upgrade to the latest firmware and Axe-Edit versions if possible.
  19. Admin M@

    Wish A Middle Eastern custom pitch follower to the Pitch block

    Wait, wait, what key is it in? Oh yeah: Db Dwarf 12 11 Marvwoo.
  20. Admin M@

    Implemented "Uglier" compressor algorithms

    We'll just have to agree to disagree :-)
  21. Admin M@

    Implemented "Uglier" compressor algorithms

    Thing about those is they distort, so it's more of a combination drive pedal/compressor. I know what you're referring to but I never heard it called "suck and swell" before. "Cha—hong", right?
  22. Admin M@

    R E B O O T

    Looking at this now. What is the purpose of the Multiplexer block with only one thing connected to it? I ran it here for awhile with no problems. I've sent it to an engineer for further review.
  23. Admin M@

    Gapless scene switching?

    It depends on the music and the role of the guitarist in the band. Nothing against those who want perfection, but a lot of pros I support are still switching presets instead of scenes -- in the context of a band mix or with basic spillover enabled. They might hit the change on a downbeat, or...
  24. Admin M@

    Anyone Else Experience Sluggish FC-12 For High CPU Presets on Axe FX3 Mk II?

    We haven't had any complaints like this in official support that I am aware of. Is this a new issue for you? What firmware version do you have installed on the FC? What about the Axe-Fx? 80% is high but not unreasonably high.
  25. Admin M@

    Only one pitch block...Very Disappointed

    Request noted.
  26. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    Now serving 8/27/21 2:37 PM
  27. Admin M@

    Can the Footswitches on the FM9 be se to do this?

    I think the FM9 is MORE flexible than what you're describing. And of course there are also per-preset capability, which allows you to customize things to extremes.
  28. Admin M@

    My Sharona

    Did you know that the Vox Beatle factory cab in the FM3 is the actual cab used on the original version of My Sharona?
  29. Admin M@

    Why Are Guitar Players Obsessed With Vintage Gear?

    I'm not watching that video. The obsession with vintage is a classic case of flawed logic. Vintage gear simply has the largest pool of items to fall into both the awesome and crappy categories. I've played new guitars that are every bit as good as the best of vintage, and I've played the very...
  30. Admin M@

    Kurt Rosenwinkel and his AXE FX3. Enjoy...

    He's a master and so well suited to the Axe-Fx.
  31. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    By the "Picker" you mean "selecting the "Number" field and pressing ENTER. Yes, I see that now.
  32. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    No, it's my way of saying that to YOU lot.
  33. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    Here is the revised Megatap section of the Blocks Guide: https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/fas-guides/Megatap.pdf
  34. Admin M@

    FAS-FX Reverb 1.5

    https://shop.fractalaudio.com/fas-fx-reverb-1-5/ FAS-FX Reverb is a high-quality reverb plugin based on the acclaimed Reverb algorithms from the legendary Axe-Fx guitar processor. FAS-FX reverb creates everything from a whisper of ambience, to sophisticated spaces, to vintage springs and...
  35. Admin M@

    Maxine Vocals

  36. Admin M@

    Strange Looper click noise

    I reproduced this Looper report but it happens very very rarely (twice in 30 tries). If it's happening more consistently for you, we should try to determine what you're doing that I'm not so that this can become a proper bug report.
  37. Admin M@

    Strange Looper click noise

    I've just seen and responded to your support ticket. The extra details provided by @gennarogiura may help us to try to reproduce this.
  38. Admin M@

    Is it me or the sound guy?

    Exactly. Always give yourself some headroom on the level knob.
  39. Admin M@

    Vai Academy 6.0 - 2022, Las Vegas

    As things stand now, Fractal Audio won't be officially able to attend Dreamcatcher Events anymore.
  40. Admin M@

    Wish saving multiple blocks as a set to use in other presets.

    Using the block library is my preferred way of handling this. The menu command Preset | Save All Blocks to Library can quickly create everything you need. Tip: First, save a copy and delete the blocks you don't need.
  41. Admin M@

    Bug? Switches in Pedal 2 and Pedal 3 Jacks acting strangely

    I did confirm some bugs here. They appear to be GUI related.
  42. Admin M@

    FM9 pedal jacks: Does it accept the TRS for a Volume that is a wah when button press toes down?

    ...when you use two cables to connect to two pedal jacks on the FM9.
  43. Admin M@

    Preset freezes FM9

    Was this preset created from scratch on the FM9 or converted?
  44. Admin M@

    Build quality of the current Gibson guitars?

    I have two recent model Gibson guitars that are simply great.
  45. Admin M@

    My Blocks/Channels Library

    Very generous of you to share your stuff!
  46. Admin M@

    Only one pitch block...Very Disappointed

    CPU meter is not the only resource.
  47. Admin M@

    Only one pitch block...Very Disappointed

    Does it though? Why not just go from -2 to -14 on a whammy type effect, for example?
  48. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    The passage beginning at 2:58 should travel through time and appear on a classic 70s record!
  49. Admin M@

    PSA: Using a dual switch with the FM9

    I had the idea that a dual switch could place two resistors in or out of the pedal path so that you could use it to select different expression values.
  50. Admin M@

    Axe-Edit III 1.10.01

    Remember that the FullRes bank is only offered for IR slots 3 and 4. You probably clicked the picker for slot 1 or slot 2 to make that screen shot.
  51. Admin M@

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    My kids are very free range -- they get the cops called on them all the time for the stupidest things -- but they're nothing like we were: a real weasel brigade.
  52. Admin M@

    Retrieve history of preset modification

    I've toyed with the idea of auto-snapshot.
  53. Admin M@

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    I just went to Google maps to find my old alley hangout. Here it is! New fence must keep pesky kids out but 45 years ago that might've been my bike.
  54. Admin M@

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    I totally disagree. A few chumps here and there but overwhelmingly a civil and fun place to visit.
  55. Admin M@

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    Don't wait until Xmas. If ever there was a year to beat the holiday rush, this is gonna be it. We could sell out of everything during the holiday shopping season (as will many many other merchants worldwide). My advice to all is to do all your holiday shopping now.
  56. Admin M@

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    Check this out. No, seriously, check this out: https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radiolab/segments/251885-you-are-what-your-grandpa-eats
  57. Admin M@

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    Wanna hear about spoiled? If you climbed the fence at the edge of the tiny lot where my childhood home was, you landed in the alley BEHIND AN APPLIANCE STORE! Not only did we drag home all kinds of giant boxes, but other packing materials were discarded there as well. The first time we found...
  58. Admin M@

    Can anyone tell me how many cents out this recording is?

    Maybe it's some of that 432Hz "stuff"
  59. Admin M@

    Oceans of Time - my first FM3 recording

    Very nice!
  60. Admin M@

    John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen—have released a new single together, “Wasted Days”

    I enjoyed John presenting Cool Hand Luke on TCM last week and showing some of his paintings.
  61. Admin M@

    Firmware 17.00 Seem to have Increased Preset Switch Delay/Gap

    Mark, you've also been one of the people who reported slowness with Axe-Edit. Is Axe-Edit connected while you're experiencing this gap?
  62. Admin M@

    Possible Bug - Could someone validate this - Scene Display with MIDI

    I have verified this report and brought it to the right attention.
  63. Admin M@

    Stereo Delay question

    You need to be able to answer this question first before I think I can give you good advice: Why specifically do you want your delay block to be stereo? Why not just use a mono delay for this application?
  64. Admin M@

    June 15, 2022. The day the Kemper Profiler patent expires.

    If I recall correctly, Kemper also has a second version of that patent with a later expiration date. I'm not personally interested in it, since I believe as do many others that the Fractal Audio approach produces superior results. It's other companies who will probably jump in and exploit that...
  65. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    Same fan.
  66. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    We are pleased to announce an option for new Axe-Fx III Mark II customers. The unit can now be purchased with an optional TURBO module. This provides a 25% higher clock speed allowing for more complex presets which would exceed the limits of the standard DSP module. The new option adds $200...
  67. Admin M@

    FM9 FAQ

    This is technically an FC request, since "LAST" would apply to all products. It is on the list. Not just scenes: banks, presets, channels, etc.
  68. Admin M@

    FM9 Editor Issue

    If you're running Windows, you need to install the driver.
  69. Admin M@

    Video of new Police tributeband.

    Nice! I like the singer's interpretation and stylings a lot. Love to see the Dual Clean getting more love. That's a conversion of my clean gigging preset from the Axe-Fx II.
  70. Admin M@

    Sorry but I cannot NOT post this pic

    Same guitar picks I use.
  71. Admin M@

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    I was going to make a joke about a program on NPR about amp modeling, but I don't want to be taken the wrong way. So... FM3 FM9
  72. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta 3

    The bug may be that it lets you assign system parameters at all. I am under the impression that Performance Controllers are supposed to be limited to grid block parameters. I see how you did this in Axe-Edit though, by opening both SETUP and the PERFORMance controls editor. @Michael Pickens...
  73. Admin M@

    FM9 Waitlist Email Tracker (Google Sheets)

    Be sure to check your converter when EDT changes back to EST on November 7.
  74. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta 2

    Public Beta 3 is released. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-firmware-release-version-17-00-public-beta-3.177011/
  75. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta 3

    Yes, this is a good one!
  76. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of whitelisting @fractalaudio.com if you want to ensure that you receive your waitlist invitation email. We are up against draconian anti-spam systems which enforce that any copy-pasted email sent out multiple times to different people can only be spam...
  77. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    Yes, let's blame it on the moon and move on. PS: A friend of mine photographs the sky. He took this picture last night, adding "This is the Fullest phase of the Moon I have ever [photographed]. 99.89%"
  78. Admin M@

    Maxing out the DSP

    Yes. Running two IRs and Classic Whammy, I'm seeing about 80%. Other settings in all of the blocks could push it up or down a little. If you'd like room to stretch, I'd go for the Axe-Fx III. You'll also get it a lot sooner.
  79. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    Cool it please so this thread doesn't need to disappear.
  80. Admin M@

    In Case Anyone Doesn't Know The Beatles Were Songwriting Geniuses...

    I play it on acoustic as 100213 Musically, D7sus4 would have been a vanilla choice, and you can see that that's where it started. It's the Fs and Gs "thrown in there" that make it so unique. Probably happy accidents.
  81. Admin M@

    Diezel VH2 vs Dizzy V4 Silver

    I don't understand. Are you talking about a typo in some product documentation?
  82. Admin M@

    Stereo power for FM9 rig.

    What about the ISP Technologies Stealth Pro?
  83. Admin M@

    OMG9 + OMG15

    Next stop "21"?
  84. Admin M@

    OMG9 + OMG15

    Yes, I think I'll do one.
  85. Admin M@

    Metallica uses Axe Fx

    Easy: we replicated the tried and true live rigs.
  86. Admin M@

    WISH: one-click backup

    I call this "monolithic" backup and restore. I agree it's a nice thing to wish for, but that's all it is for now.
  87. Admin M@

    Incoming NGD. Frank Bros Ultra Light

    So many crappy guitars. This is surely not to be one of them.
  88. Admin M@

    A couple Axe-Fx III/FM9 output questions. Simultaneous use of ports, and Humbuster to TRS.

    PS: It looks like I improved this section a bit for the FM9 manual; I'll backfill that into the III and FM3: Note: Use Humbuster cables only when connecting to unbalanced inputs on other devices. When connecting to a 1/4" balanced TRS input, use a standard 1/4" patch cable — or better still...
  89. Admin M@

    A couple Axe-Fx III/FM9 output questions. Simultaneous use of ports, and Humbuster to TRS.

    Do not use a Humbuster cable when connecting the 1/4 outs to a balanced 1/4 input. This is indirectly covered on page 23 of the owner's manual under "AXE-FX III OUTPUTS", but I can see how you wonder about using multiple balanced inputs. When connecting to a device with balanced inputs, it is...
  90. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    We don't need this to maximize optimal sales/deliveries.
  91. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    Not quite: it was just QA testing that lagged a bit during the FM3 waitlist. We'd never take anyone's money for a unit that wasn't firmly in process, in house.
  92. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    Correct. We pad the number of invites with an inventory buffer so we can cover all of them, but after some time, it's only fair to send invites to cover "no-shows". Then, there's usually a gap between major phases. When this happens, the older invitations will be manually expired so we can...
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