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  1. Vhalen50

    Wish Naming Channels

    +1 but id also add in channel colors to differentiate them even more.
  2. Vhalen50

    Smallest PSU with courtesy out?

    Truthfully depending on how many pedals you need, you may benefit from a patch panel and use a powercon in with a Y split of 2 edison plugs and then you can plug the board directly into power and a smaller PSU for whatever else. The PP2+ is a great unit, but adds some weight and the courtesy...
  3. Vhalen50

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    I used a original Axe FX2 from 2012 up through every single revision that happened and even up to the FM3 coming out. Never really felt outdated. Would i have liked to have FAS link or the Ethercon after breaking my internet jack like 3 times? Sure.
  4. Vhalen50

    Anyone switched from Kemper to Axe-Fx III?

    I used a AF2 until i got an ax8 and used that for years on the road. Then i got a helix, didnt like it. then i got a kemper stage..too big. Got a kemper rack. Used it for a year or so, just never bonded with the way they approach finding tones. Went back to my ax8, then got a fm3...now...
  5. Vhalen50

    FM9 Case?

    yeah i think its the same just elevated a slight bit higher and the front is open instead of that passthrough they used to do.
  6. Vhalen50

    FM9 -- I'll Miss the Rhino Bars

    prob markIV C++2
  7. Vhalen50

    FM9 Case?

    If it’s the same size as an FC12. A classic 2 would leave room for an expression pedal.
  8. Vhalen50

    Mayer used an Axe-FX 3 for his new album

    Far as i know Lettieri uses kempers for fly dates and home stuff but still prefers an amp on stage.
  9. Vhalen50

    How many of you are running stereo to FOH?

    stereo here. Always have. In the very very odd chance we have to run and go up on stage, i ask for one send and turn off my enhancer block and set the unit to copyl-r but it gets a little off. 9/10 shows we do we provide a splitter snake from our rack. One of the quickest way to hate IEM's is...
  10. Vhalen50

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    I'm a big believer of whatever makes you happy, go with that. Just don't preach to others saying it will bring them happiness cause everyone is different and has different values and beliefs.
  11. Vhalen50

    Wish Color change option for FC hold

    +1 if anything id settle for led ring choice for channels. I miss the clear indicator of X/Y on my ax8
  12. Vhalen50

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    That was one of my gripes with the helix floor when i got one. The screens were great when i was programming it but the first show was in direct sun, so i couldnt see the screens at all let alone i couldnt read them anyways. I find the FC scribbles have the same issue, i cant read them and more...
  13. Vhalen50

    Thinking of upgrading…need advice

    Keep in mind you can buy a 3 but youll need some sort of foot controller whether its the FC6/12 or some other 3rd party, so that adds to the cost. I used an ax8 for the last like 4 or so years. then bought a kemper, then went back to the ax8, then got a fm3/fc6 last year and just bought a 3...
  14. Vhalen50

    KZ ZS10 suggestions

    If its only for you, id run out2 or 3 or 4 to it and isolate the send for it and tweak the global EQ of it just for the IEM send. But usually for myself i pull down 8k and above and work from there. Sometimes its just the guitar and its overly bright.
  15. Vhalen50

    KZ ZS10 suggestions

    It all depends on your situation. If you are using IEM's for a monitor for your band, then you need to set the EQ in the mixer for your ears so that the full freq signal goes to FOH. If you carve an EQ to be pleasing to an IEM for you, it prob wont translate well out front. If its just for...
  16. Vhalen50

    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    yeah i got the idea from seeing a build that BTPA in chicago did for a friend of mine. So i searched out for the same one. its nice that it does about the same as a base furman but has a removable IEC cable so it made wiring it up in the back a lot cleaner. That way i just have one power con to...
  17. Vhalen50

    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    I initially bought the fly rack case for my Kemper. But it works great. I don’t use the foam tray at all and the pedals honestly don’t move in transit. I put all the cables down the sides while in transport. I have been thinking of just getting some thin 1/4” board to stitch them all together...
  18. Vhalen50

    Would you ride a Bad Horsie? (Q for Jem lovers)

    I Bought a BRMR in 2006 and have had it ever since. They shorted the production because the binding kept separating off the body, hence the black one they made real quick after. Its a gorgeous guitar. Buy it but not if youre trying to make money, let someone who wants to play it buy it in that case.
  19. Vhalen50

    FASLINK Cable OMG9

    1.5 feet but right angles
  20. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Correct, but the original question was if the Exp pedal could control switch between pedal 1 and 2 by pressing the toe switch.
  21. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    But wouldnt any other effect be pushed to the max until you engage the switch? Like if you had it for delay swells or volume, youd had to max the delay swell to switch to volume.
  22. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nope. I wish. The helix did that too.
  23. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Big fan. I have a few. A spring loaded standard metal one. And the Kemper green one. This aero one is 1/2 the weight. I do wish there was a way to control 2 options at the same time with the switch. It has 3 outputs. 2 expression outputs and a 3rd that sends the switch status.
  24. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    moved to a Classic Jr Max Pedaltrain. Using a y splitter powercon cable for a IEC to the FM3 and a standard Edison plug for the shure wireless. Saves weight not using a vodoo lab power supply under there for one thing.
  25. Vhalen50

    Accessories New Screen Protection system for FM3... coming soon!

    Having one from the other vendor, and knowing how great Sukh is at pretty much everything hes designed...ill prob be ordering one as well.
  26. Vhalen50

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Entitlement isnt the right word, which is why I tried to explain further after. My unit has been fine as well. I also agree that the USB crackling and freezing is an issue that should be addressed and id assume its not as easily replicable on their end, but making thread after thread about why...
  27. Vhalen50

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Yep its even worse on the other side of the fence with the kemper group. Everytime you see someone releasing a new profile or puts up a video the comments always say "what profile" as if that profile is gonna be the key to unlocking your power level to playing better. I know not everyone is like...
  28. Vhalen50

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    We live in the age of entitlement. Not in the sense that people feel they "deserve" it but the expectations on developers and producers in all industries are feeling the teeth of the public eye when they dont follow the perceived path. Video games not patching as quick as possible. Movies not...
  29. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

  30. Vhalen50

    Has anyone noticed the screen scratches really easily?

    Mine scratched pretty easily as well even with a microfiber cloth. I’m not worried, I was just cleaning it off before putting on the CEBA protector.
  31. Vhalen50

    CEBA Skins

    I ordered mine on the 4th and it shipped on the 24th.
  32. Vhalen50

    When until the FM3 features catches up to the Axe III?

    I’d probably error on the side of the unit has a lot to offer as it stands. Those additional features won’t be game changers or hold you back. I’d just not follow those forums and play :)
  33. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    ive had it below before and didnt have too many problems.
  34. Vhalen50

    Does FM3 sound better in live use than AX8?

    I switched to an FM3 after 4 years of ax8 and 4 years of axefx2. It took me about 3 weeks now to really "get" it. At first i thought, damn ill never be able to get use out of just 3 switches. So i got a FC6. Then once i got into the minutia of programming those 3 switches and how much you can...
  35. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Tried something new and went from the classic JR and only FM3/2 switch/expression pedal to the classic 2 that my ax8 was on and using the fc6. As nice as the mosky 2 switch is for convenience, it’s wobbly to stand on even with good dual lock and I find the switches to be too close for quick...
  36. Vhalen50

    Wish: Use switch LED color to show current channel of a block.

    Can we revive this idea? I’m struggling to read the strips above the switches when performing. Luckily I just memorized the layout but I use channels for drives and sometimes I can forget which one I’m currently on.
  37. Vhalen50

    FM3/FC6 (OMG9) board setups?

    Previously I had my FM3 on a classic JR with the BTPA panel on front. I utilized one of those tiny 2 switch things from Amazon and an expression pedal. After a few shows now I’ve found banking up and down for views and using the tiny switch as tap tempo made me realize using a fc6 would make...
  38. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Pedaltrain Classic Jr with a voodoo lab pedal power 2 below. BTPA patch panel on front with powercon going to the pedal power and neutrik pass thrus for main XLRs. It was a real squish to get everything on the board and the board still fit in the tour case. Especially when this board came with...
  39. Vhalen50

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    man id be all over the junior max if it had the tour case. Ive used a classic 2 for the last 4 years with my ax8 board and it sucks to lose my expression pedal to fit the FC6
  40. Vhalen50

    Switching Trick for Live Use

    Yeah i do this too even back to the ax8 days. I bought a fc6 and fm3 thinking id never get by with 3 switches but after spending a day or so i figured out that on those 3 buttons i can have 5 effects (2 channels of the same block) and the 3rd switch being hold to page over to 5 more.
  41. Vhalen50

    Power for the FM3 on a pedal board

    Pedal Power 2 has always been my go to for my ax8 board and it was literally just to power my ax8 and shure glx. I used the courtesy outlet for the ax8. Its kinda overkill and a glorified power strip at that point as the courtesy outlet doesnt do any filtering or protections, its just a y...
  42. Vhalen50

    Expected wait time for FM3?

    seems like in the US its about a year...but like others have said, expect that to start pushing forward. You gotta imagine most people signed up a year ago or more and as time went on, less signed up. So while the first few months of waitlist was moving slowly, its hit August '19 now so itll...
  43. Vhalen50

    Post here if you've received an invite for the Headphone Jack model!

    Waitlist 8/4/19 invite 8/14/20 Ordered 8/14/20 hadn’t planned to replace my ax8 as I’ve had nothing but great experience for the last 4 years but It can only get better. Ordered a fc6 too.
  44. Vhalen50

    Anyone going to try the Kemper Stage?

    Purchased one. Shows up today. Been using my AX8 for almost 3 1/2 years now. Its been great. I don't really have any issues with it, i just wanted to see what the kemper side is all about, but I'm not about to sell my other rigs and wasn't about to buy a toaster and remote and make my setup one...
  45. Vhalen50

    FS Axe FX2 MK1 + MFC 101 MK1 $1400

    Selling my original Axe FX2 rig. Full disclosure the Ethernet jack on the MFC was repaired (little tab broke off not allowing the jacks to click on) by the fractal support group a few years back. The Axe FX2 unfortunately has this issue and isn’t repaired. The port works just fine, cables just...
  46. Vhalen50

    AX8 FOH with in-ears?

    Something like that requires a splitter in the signal. In my group, we use a 16ch splitter snake. we patch everything into the snake, one fan tail goes to our X32 on stage for our own in ear mix, other side goes to FOH to get the same identical signal pre X32. We both get to EQ/FX/Comp to our...
  47. Vhalen50

    Think there will ever be a few more drive pedal options in ax8

    As much poop as the DS1 gets, i really love the saturated squished pick attack sound it gives on a dirty amp. Basically what a Satchurator is too.
  48. Vhalen50

    Some Lynch action with the AX8

    I always get a little spooked when i see Lynch in a title. I used to say George was my uncle, since we have the same last name and I used to play alot of shreddy shreddy stuff.
  49. Vhalen50

    Andrew Hunt and Matrix FR10/FR12

    Have used a FR12 for a while now. I dont hear any more hiss than my Friedman ASM, which i believe has an unnatural amount of his. If you currently have a poweramp, then i agree with Andrew on just getting the passive. Its lighter, and eliminates something from creating noise.
  50. Vhalen50

    Gigging without IEM or Monitor???

    Some shows ive travelled with just my AX8 and a guitar. Ive had very mixed feelings on relying on the soundbro to not do anything drastic. Alot of times they gain the poop out of the channel and it gets tough to play. Also sometimes ive had monitors have some latency which makes it next to...
  51. Vhalen50

    Matrix FR12 active Cab

    I use a FR12 for a moderately loud country band, but im the only electric guitar player. I dont dime it much mainly because we have wedges in front of us, so its really just a backfill. I think its plenty loud.
  52. Vhalen50

    Gibson selling off their memphin TN factory

    This got way off topic.
  53. Vhalen50

    New Satriani

    im super burned out on his records. I give them a shot every release but they just dont do anything for me anymore. Last one i really got into was Super Colossal. What a player though. I wish he would just space out his releases further than almost every other year.
  54. Vhalen50

    Gibson selling off their memphin TN factory

    Im not a big fan of dogging a company or wishing employees lose their jobs. When my band had a stop in Memphis we took the gibson tour at the factory. Sure there are more options out there, but they still make good guitars...just maybe not good enough to message board folk. I think they are just...
  55. Vhalen50

    Who's using FRFR as a backline vs. Cabs?

    I use a FR12 on a gator 1x12 rolling rack to get it by my ears. I prefer to have something behind me so if im showing up to a venue with just a pedalboard and guitar, i spec out a powered wedge to be behind.
  56. Vhalen50

    Replacement for ASM12

    Had an ASM and did exactly what you are doing. I travelled with that thing for a good 150 shows and it got pretty beat up due to the form factor of being slammed on the ground every night even though i had it in a Tuki bag. I went with a Matrix FR12 in a gator rolling combo case. Its bulkier...
  57. Vhalen50

    Am I the only one who has downsized my pedal board?

    I just got off a few dates with Blackberry Smoke and took only my AX8 and a guitar. Doc, their tech, was boggled and kept taking pictures considering he has to set up 8 road cases worth of amps every show.
  58. Vhalen50

    professional touring experience with AX8

    Ive been on "tour" since 2015 when I got picked up in a regional country band. We do something like 120-140 dates a year with most being travel on a renovated school bus around the country. I have a Matrix FR12 in a road case that is more often just staying in the bus unless we play somewhere...
  59. Vhalen50

    Did you sell Axe Fx/MFC after the purchase of the AX8

    I kept my MFC and my Axe FX 2 after my AX8 purchase. They are both mark 1 units. Id sell the MFC now that I know i dont really need it but just havent gotten around to it.
  60. Vhalen50

    optional 3 year warranty?

    Over the last 7 or so years, the only issue ive had with my Fractal gear was the Ethernet jack on both my MFC and my MK1 Axe FX2 breaking off the little clips inside. Theyve since gone away from ethernet, smart move. I purchased the AX8 last year with the warranty as I travel and play a TON. I...
  61. Vhalen50

    YOUR preferred country style amps

    I change alot but I went from that keith urban amp, to a ac30, to a morgan ac20 to the ac15 right now i think. Im like the most un country guitar player playing country aside from the guys who make more money than me at it but alot of people say they like my sound. I dont go super compressed and...
  62. Vhalen50

    Guide me to what Receiver/Transmitter for In-Ears to buy?

    I have the PSM300 with the included 200 series buds. I used them on shows for a while, then found myself pulling one out to hear stage volume as we didnt run an ambient mic. My experience, if you arent running your own monitors, dont even try to run IEM's as its extremely distracting when you...
  63. Vhalen50

    How to connect the Friedman ASM12?

    Keep in mind that if you are going from out 2, you will need an XLR to 1/4" TRS cable to connect as the ASM only have XLR input jacks. I do the same setup, not for expression purposes, but so that i can turn up the ASM volume without affecting the FOH volume. Its a little tough to adjust the ASM...
  64. Vhalen50

    Guys running IEM - how do you route?

    Hahah i knew i recognized this.
  65. Vhalen50

    Barefoot Buttons

    Is that a novo 24?
  66. Vhalen50

    MAB Shred Tone

    Dude is a monster. Id say there has to be some sort of compressor in the chain to keep everything so even aside from his playing.
  67. Vhalen50

    Facebook Marketing "Sponsored Ads"

    We dont. It doesnt replace a true following or put butts in the seats. You cant really replace a physical audience talking about you to other friends in person. Thats the stuff that gets people to go to shows. Itll raise awareness absolutely, but there are many "bands" out there with 500k-1mil...
  68. Vhalen50

    Friedman Launches ASC-12 500-Watt Powered Monitor

    I never had an issue with presets not "translating" from FOH and my ASM. Alot of times people get so nitpicky and obsessive over it, when it reality you are splitting hairs over minute measurements.
  69. Vhalen50

    Friedman Launches ASC-12 500-Watt Powered Monitor

    Figures. I used my ASM for so long on the road and got tired of the form factor and bulk. Ended up going with a Matrix FR12 and a Gator rolling rack case. I miss the extra headroom that i did have for noisy nights but the ASM does sound great. Flat or not, if it sounds good, it sounds good.
  70. Vhalen50

    The wireless unit you love?

    Had a g90 for years and never had any issues with it. Recently got a GLXD when i got an AX8 to keep everything on the board as i stopped carrying a rack.
  71. Vhalen50

    IOS 11....still no dark mode???? WTF Apple???!?!??!?!??!??!

    I think its gonna be alright.
  72. Vhalen50

    Friedman ASM-12

    The weight is only a concern if you are doing alot of traveling. Its awkward and hard to pack with due to its shape. Its lighter than some 2x12 or 1x12 amps, but you can put those in rolling road cases. I loved mine and did over 100+ shows with it around the country last year. It has so much...
  73. Vhalen50

    Anyone using the iPad app for Behringer XR 18 Air?

    It drops all signal or doesnt load the mixer at all at times. With two ipads it just locks up. Id say like 60% of the time, it works.
  74. Vhalen50

    Anyone using the iPad app for Behringer XR 18 Air?

    I use a Air 12 for our small acoustic shows. My problem has always been that the included router function/wifi access point is garbage. The ipad loses connection constantly and cant hold a signal for more than one device.
  75. Vhalen50

    Question for my fellow ASM users

    The ASM being a wedge and aimed at the ceiling has a bigger "spread" in terms of where the sound seems to go. The FR12 seems to be a bunch of sound in one direction and outside of that, is dead space in my experience. Volume is loud enough..? Its hard to say seeing as I never cranked my ASM but...
  76. Vhalen50

    Question for my fellow ASM users

    Own a ASM12 and used it on the road for a year. You're right in thinking for something more grab and go. I purchased a FR12 a month ago and have been traveling with it now. A FR12 in a 1x12 Gator roadcase feels more convenient and portable than an ASM-12 in a padded bag. The FR12 has plenty of...
  77. Vhalen50

    For those of you that go direct to the PA.. do you also have your own FRFR solution on stage?

    Ive been through the gamut. These I always had the cab mic'd and didnt send to FOH 5150 2x12 through the power amp section JCM900 through the power amp to a 4x12 marshall QSC RMX850 to a 4x12 Marshall GT1000FX to a 4x12 Marshall Then i went full FRFR ASM 12 on stage while sending out 1 to FOH...
  78. Vhalen50

    For those with both AXE FX II XL and AX-8....

    Dont have the XL but have an original MK 1 II and an AX8. Did all of my last years show with an AX8 and it was insanely more convenient for smaller clubs and tiny stages but most importantly, traveling. Its one less thing to carry where before i had a rack and a pedalboard. I couldnt tell you...
  79. Vhalen50


    The handle is in probably the best place it can be, but it causes a huge "jerk" when you pick it up when it flips forward, but its just so goofy to hold any other way. Everytime we unloaded the bus last year, nobody wanted to take my cab out lol. I ended up going to a Matrix FR12 and a gator...
  80. Vhalen50


    I just switched away from a Friedman. If you are gonna do any sort of shows or traveling with it, id reccomend against it. It sounds great, but almost all FRFR cabs do honestly. I think alot of people forget it gets down to IR's and just your own personal ears. But the thing is like 60 pounds...
  81. Vhalen50

    New Friedman Cab

    shew. 60 pounds still. No XLR 1/4" input jack. I love the looks of it, but the ASM is a hoss to carry.
  82. Vhalen50

    Road Case Suggestions for Matrix FR12

    Just got a Matrix FR12. Loving it. Had used a ASM-12 for a year on the road now and its showing its scars, which is cool, but I dont really want the FR to suffer the same fate. Ive had the ASM in a padded Tuki Covers bag and it protected it from alot, but not enough unfortunately. The Tuki also...
  83. Vhalen50

    Friedman ASM-12

    Id love to have a stereo rig behind me, but itll just go mono to FOH so its really just more for my own enjoyment. But that also just means one more thing for someone to probably drop or mess up when they are loading it. I almost bought a second ASM and boy am I glad that I didnt or else one...
  84. Vhalen50

    Friedman ASM-12

    Ive heard nothing but great things about Micks work and the Xitone stuff. I was really considering a 2x12 with a rack space for my GT1000 that just lays around, but I was after lightweight as most of our shows im more or less carrying something to move my pants on stage, not sound reinforcement...
  85. Vhalen50

    Friedman ASM-12

    Yeah i just run XLR out to FOH and use a TRS 1/4" to XLR cable to my friedman. I used to have a radial DI do the conversion, but once i realized the outputs were already balanced, I was losing some volume in the radial.
  86. Vhalen50

    Friedman ASM-12

    I think that was confirmed to nothing more than a prototype as Dave wasnt even sure how hed make one yet. It was far from being close to a release, but who knows.
  87. Vhalen50

    Friedman ASM-12

    Ive used an ASM for about a year now. Traveled alot with it. Im making the switch to a Matrix FR12, if Matrix will ship it...., mainly because of the weight and unweildy-ness of the ASM. The handle is in the best spot it can be, but still makes carrying the thing a chore. I do about 200 shows a...
  88. Vhalen50

    What Brand of strings do YOU like best ? ( include guitar type )

    Ive been buying Daddario 10's since I started. I had a phase where I bought the Zakk Wylde by GHS for a guitar when I was like 16 and thought I needed it to play metal. I dont even buy into the NYXL stuff. I buy a 10 pack of 10's every month off amazon for 30 bucks on subscription. I change...
  89. Vhalen50

    Case (hard or soft) for AX8?

    It probably could but be very tight with a pedal that has inputs on the sides. I used to have 2 EB VPJR's and a MFC101 on a board, but those were darn near touching each other to fit. I now only have one mission pedal on the board, and 2 smaller pedals, its still tight, but id rather have the...
  90. Vhalen50

    Case (hard or soft) for AX8?

    I travel and do something like 150 dates a year. I use a pedaltrain classic 2 with the hard case and it hasnt let me down since i got my AX8 about a year ago. Its a snug fit, but I prefer it that way.
  91. Vhalen50

    AX8 to Friedman ASM-12 & FOH

    Like most said already, use a 1/4" x XLR cable on output 2 to the friedman with it echoing output 1 and XLR for out 1 to FOH. I run it this way so that FOH or our sound duder gets the same signal every night. The output 2 is strictly just my own stage volume. The only downside is that, you lose...
  92. Vhalen50

    Going Stereo is just SO COOL!!!

    Most soundmen wont have a clue what to do with a stereo guitar signal. If you run your own sound, its a different ball game...but I run mono just to have one less cable to worry about. I dont use anything that would warrant it aside from delays. I always use a pretty stripped down sound of just...
  93. Vhalen50

    Now that the NAMM dust has settled, what are you getting?

    I really want that Friedman Cab that stands like a traditional 2x12. But apparently its a mockup more than anything substantial. Im getting tired of carrying my ASM around and having to find such a large footprint for it to fit on small stages. The wedge aspect isnt as appealing as space saving.
  94. Vhalen50

    Tweaking Tips for direct to FOH

    for your direct signal, you need to match the Cab IR to whatever you are using (a recto 4x12) cab. The FOH sound having no "balls" is probably because its not a 4x12 screaming at your legs and resonating through the stage. The power section of the triple rec will also color the tone a bit on the...
  95. Vhalen50

    Problems with TC ditto x2 looper into axe FX loop

    you have to insert an FX loop block into the grid and connect to that. You can then connect it back into the grid where youd want it. Ideally youd want it at the end so that you can toggle effects on and off without changing the loop.
  96. Vhalen50

    The G4 Experience 2017

    Would love to go to any of these, including the ones Vai does, but the expense is astronomical for myself being on the east coast just to get to the area, let alone pay for experience itself. Seems cool, but not my cup of tea.
  97. Vhalen50

    Flying on vacation - advice ?

    All of my fly dates I check my guitar in a SKB watertight, airtight case. I carry my AX8 in a laptop/messenger bag and put it overhead.
  98. Vhalen50

    For those who have tried both... Shure PSM 900 or Sennheiser EW 300 G3?

    I have a PSM900 and honestly have tons of issues with it. I constantly get drop outs and its just been a pretty unfavorable experience the entier time ive had it. I try to chalk it up with just crappy power in the venues ive been at and the sound quality being poor because of the buds, but i...
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