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    Wish Can we PLEASE get back the old Looper control behavior?

    I can’t express the amount of frustration I’m having with trying to automate the III’s is looper from my DAW. It literally forced me to break a couple of things. I can’t remember when was the last time I was so frustrated with software. Seriously. The thing is, as far as I see it, the III’s...
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    Wish Ability to route MIDI to/from USB

    Basically, my request is for a reincarnation of the II’s USB Adapter mode, plus interaction with the Scene MIDI block and the Control Switch MIDI functionality. Since a lot of outboard gear these days may be software, I desperately need my footswitch to control Ableton and some other stuff...
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    USB Adapter mode is gone, so what are the MIDI over USB capabilities now?

    It seems there’s no USB Adapter mode in the III. So I’m curious what this means. 1. My understanding is that I can still send MIDI messages from my DAW to change presets, scenes etc. Right? 2. The opposite is also true - the Scene MIDI block can send messages over USB, right? 3. What about a...
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    The new foot controllers for switching outboard gear - is it possible?

    So the new foot controllers aren't MIDI controllers. Okay. The MIDI block in Axe FX only sends messages on Scene/Preset change. So does this mean it's not possible to set up switches to send arbitrary MIDI messages through USB or MIDI Out? Half of my MFC switches are currently used for...
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    Two Axe FXs, one PC with Axe Edit makes everything lag

    So I’ve read about the new feature in Axe Edit about selecting which Axe to manage and thought, great, I can have to devices connected. But when I did connect two Axes, everything became extremely sluggish. Switching between them in Edit takes forever. Every time Edit begins to “Download...
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    Controlling lighting

    So, I’ve been into automating the heck everything I can lately, playing the last gig without using any foot controllers whatsoever, which brought me to the issue of controlling lights. However, I don’t want to use a hardware controller or carry any new hardware apart from a MIDI/DMX converter...
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    Antenna combiners - are they a necessity?

    Now we’re using two Shure PSM300s for IEMs, and plan to expand to four of those mounted in a rack. Does anybody use more than two transmitters in a rack without a combiner? Or if you added one, does it make a meaningful difference? Thanks!
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    Lighting up the fretboard on dark stages.

    Hi all, I had a gig yesterday where, even though there was a lot of light, it was somewhat weird, and I totally couldn’t see the fretboard at times, especially playing on a Strat with light brown fretboard with darkish brown dots. That was very uncomfortable. Which makes me wonder if anyone...
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    Please make the window resizable

    On high res screens, it looks really tiny. I don't know if cursed Java even allows this, but if yes, please make it possible! Thanks!
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    Matrix GT for bass and PA, plus some PA advice needed

    We're currently evaluating moving to our own rehearsal space and trying to figure out whether the added convenience is worth the added costs. The greatest expense in terms of equipment would be a PA system, and I'm thinking about getting something that'll work well in a small space (40-60 square...
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    MIDI setup question: how does Axe FX detect presence of MFC?

    So I have this pretty complex MIDI setup which in its totality isn't very important for this topic, but one part of it is that at home, my Axe FX is connected to my PC via MIDI, and a third party controller (BJ Devices TB-12, which knows how to pretend to be MFC) is connected to MIDI ports on my...
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    Axe 3, you say? TigerSHARCs are phased out without replacement, it seems

    http://www.analog.com/en/products/processors-dsp/tigersharc-processors/adsp-ts201s.html#product-samplebuy The current TigerSHARC family is listed as Last Time Buy, it won't be produced any longer. There's a new DSP announced by Analog Devices, but it's nowhere near the TigerSHARC in terms of...
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    Getting a set of DiMarzio Illuminator 7s in Edinburgh or London

    So, I have some unusual situation here. I live in Moscow, Russia, and while usually there's no problem getting guitar related things here, currently my Carvin is disassembled at a luthier's shop for some maintenance, and for whatever reason I decided to put a set of DiMarzio Illuminator 7s...
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    Resetting amps, again, can't make sense of it

    I know there have been several threads about it already, and there's information on the wiki, but some of it is outdated, and I haven't seen any piece of information that would be comprehensive. Or maybe I'm just being stupid. So, in a nutshell, double-clicking the Bypass button on the AFX...
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    Suddenly can't figure out FXL block

    I swear it worked for me before, and now it doesn't. I'm puzzled. I use my AFX for guitar and some vocal processing. My mic is connected to an external preamp, and then the signal goes to Input 2. Input 2 is set to "Left Only". So far so good. But I also connect my Axe FX to an amp and a cab on...
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    Compact S/PDIF (AES) to ADAT converter - do such exist?

    I need to connect two AFXs via S/PDIF (preferably) or AES/EBU to one digital ADAT input, and do it with a device as compact and lightweight as possible. I've seen cheap sub-$100 converters, but they take one S/PDIF Coax RCA input. I've also seen multi-channel devices from RME and such that are...
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    MIDI message to show text on the MFC screen - could it be possible?

    Since I could never make my MFC show song names in Song Mode even for a fraction of a second, I've been thinking about numerous workarounds and then realized that AFX does send arbitrary text to the controller as the preset name. This means that possibly there's a SysEx message that can be...
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    A question to people using their own monitor mixers

    I see lots of people using X32 for making their own monitor mixes for IEMs here, and praising the ability for every musician to use their phones to adjust mixes. My question is - why do you do it? It's not teasing or trolling, I'm seriously curious and think that maybe I'm missing something...
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    Is there a way to paste hex values into the Custom Message field?

    I need to have custom MIDI messages for all my MFC presets (I set tempo for songs this way), but entering them with dropdown menus is rather tiresome and causes errors. Maybe I'm missing something obvious here?
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    Wish Display song name instead of preset name in song mode

    I know the manual says I can do it now, but it never worked for me, and even if it did, my understanding is that the song name shows only briefly, which isn't awfully helpful. In fact, I never ever need to see preset name in song mode on my MFC. Like absolutely never.
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    Not enough intelligence here to setup intelligent pitch shifter - please help!

    Nothing in this life makes me feel stupid like intelligent pitch shifters, and Axe FX isn't an exception - I'm staring into it, totally clueless and helpless, unable to figure out even how to start approaching it. So maybe somebody more intelligent than I can help? Here's my problem: I need to...
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    Digitech Vocalist Live Pro - anyone used this?

    I'm using my Axe FX as a vocal processor currently, with TC Helicon Mic Mechanic as a preamp in my pedalboard and a Palmer pro DI box between Output 2 of AFX and FOH. This sort of works, but is kind of clumsy, and I really want to remove as much as possible from my pedalboard and move things...
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    Need help troubleshooting a dual-amp preset

    Hi all, hope this is the correct forum section for this. I've been struggling for quite a while with the attached preset. I'm trying to create a live preset with two high gain amps. For whatever reason I'm not getting a full-bodied heavy sound when combining two amps (I tried different...
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    Uh, where's the 32-step sequencer?

    I've seen in various descriptions and specs that II XL+ has a 32-step sequencer, but I only see 16. What am I missing? Thanks!
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    Cannot upload dump file to computer - operation aborts

    Been trying to get the dump file from MFC Mark III to my computer to play with in recently purchased MFC-Edit. I'm connecting the MFC via a MIDI cable (5-pin) to Axe-FX II XL+. No other cables are connected to the MFC apart from the power adapter. On the Axe, USB Adapter mode is On and...
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    Humbuster to XLR, short and long cable runs - what's the best approach?

    I plan use Output 2 on II XL+ for vocals, and curious as to how to best approach connecting it to mixers. Obviously, I can use a DI box, but good ones are expensive, heavy and bulky. Not a showstopper, but still. For short cable runs during rehearsals, for unbalanced connections I use a...
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