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  1. Sashman

    Crazy Lixx

    I just love this band and they dethroned Steefl Panther for this 80‘s sound for me. I know they are using Fractal Audio exclusive for live and recording. Has anyone a clue which amps and cabs they are using in the Axe? I can only guess it’s a Atomica, FAS Hot Rodded etc. I would love to see...
  2. Sashman

    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    Hi folks, this is my review of the new Elis8 Speakers by Red Sound. Since I'm a Axe Fx user, I started with the I and I had nearly ever unit and on Facebook and here, allwas FRFR speakers came up and everyone is on the search to what could fit best, so maybe this is intersting for everyone who...
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