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  1. ertan

    A question about dual amp presets

    Hi, I'm about to start to record my first album :) I have a simple and non-critical question that will determine the number of amp blocks in my preset(s) during the recording process. To be more practical, I plan to use one guitar and one bass amp on one preset for recording. My question is...
  2. ertan

    For M.K.A. (Firmware Q9.02)

    For our leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in memory of his death anniversary... Guitar: Schecter C-1 Blackjack SLS w. Seymour Duncan Blackouts Amp sims: DC-30, Dirty Shirley, EVH 5153 (All direct to amp, except the optical compressor for cleans). Cab sims: York Audio Mesa + Vox Any type of...
  3. ertan

    Axe Edit Cab Loading Times

    Hi, Recently, I realised that uploading a .syx to the Axe has slowed down quite a bit. It is approximately about 8-10 sec. per cab. Is this normal? Please not that this is not about Q4, it was the same when I tried a few days ago with Q3.
  4. ertan

    Multiband compression

    Hi, I'm toying with the multiband compression, and getting a little better tones than before. If you are using it after the amp and have some useful settings, please share it: My settings: Band 2 and 3 neutral, band 1 limited at 180Hz, +3db boost, -36db threshold, ratio: 3
  5. ertan

    A small recording of Fenders...

    hope you like it... fender mexica 50s strat reissue -> *90 phaser block (i don't remember the *) -> twin reverb model -> ml fender cab sm57 - m160 alloy (yeah, with the 12db cut, 80/16000, it really creates difference) -> %10 reverb...
  6. ertan

    ML Cab Pack 18 SC Dirty Preset

    Guitar: PRS Custom 24 with BKP Nailbombs, rhythm: bridge single (coil tapped), lead: neck single (coil tapped) Bass: Ibanez micro bass, preset only contains a compressor and tube pre. Drums: EZDrummer 2. I really enjoyed the pack 18's presets. Played for hours today without tweaking one damn...
  7. ertan

    Anyone else thinks that my di track has some serious problems?

    Hi, I decided to investigate why I can't get a good tone while using some excellent presets like ML Sound Lab's or HyperPlanet's. A few days ago, I recorded a di track, found it boomy. Because I don't have any other guitar yet, I found some nice di track from sneap's forums. I played the same...
  8. ertan

    IIC+ Brt Dp. + Cab Pack 10 V30 vs Greenback Comparison

    Comments would be very helpful. This is the first time that I mixed several mics via Cab Lab 3 (using None instead of MPT or auto trim 4 mics each for V30 and GB), so I may have done something wrong. But I liked the result.
  9. ertan

    Lonestar, 1987x, Mark IIC+, Friedman HBE Inside!!!

    Hi, Below are two recordings which consists of two recordings inside. First half of the first record is the Lonestar Clean channel, second half is the 1987x. First half of the second one is the IIC+, and the rest is the HBE. Any comments are welcome.
  10. ertan

    Output 1 and 2 Clipping Leds [FIXED]

    Hi, This is possibly (and hopefully, so that there is no physical damage in my Axe) a bug. After installing 15.05, my output clipping leds do not work. I intentionally increased the preset volume by 20 db and heard the digital clipping myself, but the leds did not turn on. As I said...
  11. ertan

    Channel Volume On Multi-Channel Amps

    Hi, As far as I know, different channel volume/master volume settings on the amps with channel volume (for example the big Rectos) yield to result in different tone. Is there anything about this in the Axe FX 2? I don't mean that it is necessary, I just wondered about it. I can never get a...
  12. ertan

    Completely Clean OD808

    Hi friends, From time to time I like the thing that the tube screamer does eq wise, especially with high gain amps. But I don't want to get any overdrive form this pedal, because I plan to use it with both clean and overdriven amps. Do you have any drive or eq block that will do this? Do...
  13. ertan

    A little bit improvement in tone finally, but not totally there

    Hi, I think mine is the unluckiest Axe FX 2 in the whole planet. I really get perfect tones for playing along, but I feel something lacking when I record. I know this is totally because of me, or maybe because I'm comparing it to Metallica's guitars just after recording although i like darker...
  14. ertan

    A little blues improvisation...

    Clean and drive both recorded with the Lonestar sim. Yes I'm a freak about that amp. Dynamic presence helps to achieve very nice clean tones with that one. https://soundcloud.com/ertan-ertang-n/bluesumsu Hope you like it, comments appreciated.
  15. ertan

    Controlling Axe FX 2 using USB Midi Controller

    Hi, I have a Icon G-Board midi controller which is connected via USB. It has 8 switches, if I succeed to be able to send midi signals to the Axe, I want to use 4 for scene selection, and 4 for turning blocks on or off. It would be very nice to do this. I don't want to buy another...
  16. ertan

    Returning to Mark IIC+ from Mark IV

    Hi, HF resonance 7, LF resonance 7 (1100 Hz, 125 Hz respectively) Mesa Mark IIC+, pre gain 8, post gain 8.50, bass 3.07, mid, treble and presence 6.06, master at 6.06 (I didn't get past 5 with the old firmwares) Stock cab (marshall ax mix), room at 20%, motor drive at 2.00. Schecter C-1...
  17. ertan

    My First Tone Match (Petrucci inside)

    Hi, Since this is my first try, your comments will be appreciated. thanks. Demo: https://soundcloud.com/ertan-ertang-n/jp-tonematch (i played like s**t, sorry about that. no i'm not tired or drunk, i guess i just don't have enough talent and i didn't use metronome Preset: :))
  18. ertan

    Discovering the Mark IIC+

    hi, this is a short, two channel recording in which the mark IIC+ sim and ownhammer modern marshall impulse responses are used. i used the mark and a multiband compressor the first time. please share your comments. https://soundcloud.com/ertan-ertang-n/2013-12-11 thanks.
  19. ertan

    The Amp Block Speaker Tab

    Hi, As I understand from the Axe FX II manual, the values of the parameters at the speaker tab is directly related to the cab (both the cab itself and the speaker) sim that is being used at the moment. To achieve accuracy here, I think that we need the resonant frequency values of the cabs...
  20. ertan

    Metallica - That Was Just Your Life riffs

    Hi, Please share your comments. I used a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser (EMG 81TWX bridge) -> Fryette Deliverance 'More' (this is the best high gain amp on Axe II IMO) -> Ownhammer Modern Pack Scumback M75 IR. https://soundcloud.com/ertan-ertang-n/twjyl
  21. ertan

    Silent Underground Studio IR's

    I feel myself like that i HAVE to inform every single AXE FX 2 owner about that they have to try the Silent Underground impulses. These are definitely the best impulses for AXE FX 2. No, i'm definitely not affiliated with that studio. I don't know a thing about them except that their impulses...
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