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    Bank of Fuzz

    I could write 10 pages about the fuzzes I cloned, created and tweaked here, but in essence it is what it is: Fuzz lot's of it... Bank of Fuzz here's my user cab layout: 01 TwinJensenC12N-SM7-CapEdge-0in + TwinJensenC12N-SM57-CapEdgeOffAxis-1in 50/50 02...
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    Bank of Fender

    one whole bank filled with presets using Fender sims. I made 99% of these presets from scratch, some were posted here already, some were not. This bank includes sounds of 'raw' amp->cab setups, as well as drive pedal emulations and not-so-subtle fx. I'd say it has an overall vintage-y vibe to...
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    can someone enlighten me an far field IRs, please?

    how are far filed IRs captured as opposed to the 'normal' close miking techniques? a quick rundown (if possible) would be much appreciated. thanks!
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    soooooo pretty

    SupaFuzz clone from pigeonfx 1x Supa Fuzz clone PCB etched on new old stock Phenolic 2mm board 1x Philips/Mullard Axial series 16 new old stock Electrolytic Capacitors 47uf 25v Dc. 2x Philips/Mullard series 15 new old stock Electrolytic Capacitors 10uf 25v Dc. 1x Philips/Mullard Mustard...
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    symphx - time to update your avatar!

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    Ultra gone - I never sold anything so quickly on the 'bay

    still, it's a little sad. hope her younger, hotter sister will arrive here soon! :D
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    german Fuzz lovers - a great pedal for < 20EUR shipped

    16,50 EUR to be exact http://www.ebay.de/itm/110809739468?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649#ht_4653wt_1032
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    Multiwave Distortion Normal

    here's the three effect blocks that clone the MWD at it's E15 Normal setting the sequence should of course be 1-2-3 it somehow got messed up in the upload. 1 is a tweaked Full OD 2 is a low-shelving filter 3 is a PEQ enjoy! :)
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    NAMM oddities

    no update for 2012 yet, but this is my fav NAMM coverage :) http://www.otheroom.com/namm/index.html
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    Multiwave Distortion Octave

    Hey. This sound (3 first three blocks) are a clone of the Multiwave Distortion pedal by Source Audio. This is one of the Octave settings.
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    the sound of water

    I was just hired to play 3 sets of improvised music about water. I always loved how a phaser at high rate settings aquires this watery quality. this is what I have come up with so far. the phaser in front of the amp does the basic 'bubbling', then comes the FAS Clean + 1x10 Gold, a terrific...
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    Multiwave Distortion arriving tomorrow

    :mrgreen that one should be a lot of fun!
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    Tonebender MkII Germanuim

    found a nice direct recording of the Tonebender on the net. tweaked the Bender Fuzz accordingly. It's not completely fuzzed out, and has a weird 'All Along The Watchtower' vibe to it, at least for me.
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    Drama Synth

    bridge singlecoil, tone control all the way down, swells were done with volume knob, all notes are hammer-ons
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    Recto New based on schlagdogs Triple Rec

    a recording of his amp can be found here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-recordings/44805-cloning-my-triple-rec-axefx2-ir-capture.html#post587949 Recto New with Recto2 cab+57 is pretty close already, added a little eq and bingo.
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    FuzzHugger (fx) Velcroar

    Si-FuzzFace into Ge-FuzzFace + EQ to get that Velcroar! Amp is a Deluxe, Cab set to User 3, use 1x12 or similar (or not) ;)
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    patch for picked bass, P&J combined

    simple, no-nonsense patch that's great for tracking. The compressor is my 'Axed' version of the UAD 1176 'Gentle Bass Comp' preset, and the EQ is what one of my favourite settings on Waves CLA Bass does to the signal.
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    good info on bright caps

    "The little capacitor that is soldered to the hot lug and wiper lug of your amp’s volume control is called a “bright cap” or treble bypass capacitor. That little capacitor helps your amp retain its bright clear treble response when the amp is played at a lower volume. The human ear is not as...
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    does the Bender Fuzz have more gain than in Gen1 units?

    The Bender Fuzz in Gen1 units is surprisingly tame, even with gain all the way up. Is it dirtier now? Maybe someone could post a quick recording of one in front of a clean (Fender) amp? Thanks!
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    LFF: anybody here has a foxx tone machine?

    if you have one of these foxy little creatures (or even a *gasp* original) please help me out by processing one wav file through the foxx in sustain mode. this will help me in two ways: 1st with the processed file I'll (most likely) be able to clone the foxx by using one of the already present...
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    Desert Wind Atmo Fx [Ultra]

    I was trying to achieve something completely different, when I accidently created this Desert Atmo. dunno if it's useful for anyone, maybe if you're playing in a Stoner Rock band and forgot to bring your intro CD to a gig. If you turn the volume way down, you can also use it as a white noise...
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    API 560 Acoustic Guitar - EQ only

    Lowshelf - GEQ - Highshelf EQ only, add your own preamp, compression etc.
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    Metal in C - Fight Scene in "Zeitreisende Surfer" Episode 2

    this lil ditty is part of the second episode of "Zeitreisende Surfer" - Premiere/CD release party tomorrow here in Hannover! 3 tracks of EMG81 only guitar into a Das Metal sim with German and Metal cabs and the bass went though the SLO100 and the Cali 4x12. the intro is quite low in volume...
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    Soundblox Multiwave Distortion

    What a great pedal. I only heard it in demos so far, but I'm afraid I'll have to buy it. PT did a great demo and was nice enough to play a few parts guitar only, which gave me the chance to copy the tone for the Axe-Fx. It's fuzzy, it's nasty, it's gorgeous. The Axe's Octave Distortion does a...
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    are the Quick Control encoders stepped or smooth?

    just curious. are they stepped, semi-smooth as in Novation products, or really smooth like for exsample Waldorf encoders? thanks.
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    Bass - Precision - Waves Chris Lord Alge default EQ + a bit more

    Heya. Lately I've been very impressed with the Waves offereing of Artists plugins. Here's what the CLA plugin for bass does in it's default setting, with everything (compression, distortion, chorus) disabled, except the EQ. It's an instant improvement for a precision pickup sound. I added a...
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    The Fender Bank - Sneak Peak - Princeton Reverb + Rotary

    Hi guys. I was busy with editing and field recording lately, so i didn't post many patches. While compiling all the patches I've created so far, Axe Edit's excellent 'sort by amp' feature made me realize that I use a LOT of Fender sims. Mostly Double Verb, a good amount of Brownface, some...
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    sorting presets - will release a few banks soon

    I'm going through all my patches and am trying to sort them somewhat. so far I have "The Bank of Fuzz" and "The Bank of Fender", a patch of a Vibroverb with a Fuzz Face for exsample, would appear in both. Next I'll compile a FX-heavy bank and a HiGain one, I guess. These will be released once...
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    Zeitreisende Surfer Episode 2 - Trailer

    Hey guys, here's the brand new (finished mixing this morning) trailer for the second episode of the "Zeitreisende Surfer" ("Timetravelling Surfers") radio drama I'm producing. Bass and guitars are all Axe of course.
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    french native speaker for two short sentences needed! Be part of a radio play!

    Hi. I'm looking for a native speaker to record two very short sentences in french. You will be part of a radio play I'm currently working on, the sequel to "Zeitreisende Surfer" (Timetraveling Surfers). It's a very small part, but you'll have the honour to be the only french speaking character...
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    Piezo EQ treatment

    I recently recorded a acoustic guitar tone I really like. It's my old (30+ years) Cortez acoustic treated with a little bit of UAD Pultec EQ. I re-recorded the same chords with my piezo(Graphtech Ghost)-equipped Framus and used the Ultras EQ (and only EQ) to make the Framus sound like the...
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    Ultra + Novation Nocturn = Great!

    I got a Novation Nocturn recently, and after setting up controller maps for my fav plugins and the mixer I thought I give the Axe a try. Since I'm using MIDI CCs, only eight parameters can be assigned ( External 1 - External 8 ) I want to use this as a quick way to edit, while I'm playing...
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    Cyberdjent Dark - for EMG81 .012-.060 tuned to C

    originally a preset that mimicked the Cyberdrive pedal (basically a distortion with a wah as tone stack). I lowered the gain in the pedal, turned down mix to get some of those nice transients and exchanged the Twin amp for a Recto Orange, Recto2 cab with R121 The sound is 'narrower' than some...
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    Technoid Vocoder - for smilefan

    smilefan requested a re-post of the TechnoidVocoder patch - so here it is. it is a envelope driven self-playing patch that puts out a 808 style beat while you supply it with harmonic material. very low volume results in Hihiats (808 Hihats = white noise), with higher volumes the 4 on the floor...
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    bx_shredspread - interesting plugin for all your 'wall of sound ' needs

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    Santana - according to GP article Oct '92

    I just found this GP article where Carlos sheds some light on his setup - it's so simple it's scary! USA IIC-1 -> 1x12 Open I put it together in AxeEdit, made a few quick tweaks and ended up with something very nice. Keep in mind that this is a very quickly put together preset, but an...
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    Pi Fuzz tone stack question/wish

    the Muffs I heard so far all exhibit scooped mids around 1kHz to some extend Frequency response of the Big Muff while the Pi Fuzz sim is pretty neutral in the mids. was this done on purpose? also, if 2 resistor and 2 cap values would be exposed in an adv. tab, the tonestack could be easily...
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    wordle! AxeFx drive wallpaper inside

    wordle is great! dl: axe wordle 02.jpg - 4shared.com - photo sharing - download image
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    and I thought guitarists were bad...

    I spent some time researching info about a few studio monitors. I have two options right now, have heard both pairs in person and was merely curious what the net 'community' had to say about them and others. good god. whenever a proud owner of new monitors posted a 'new monitors' or 'yay'...
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    FuzzMeasurements *19 stomps so far!*

    hey. here's a link to a small drive pedal database I'm working on: I<3Fuzz &bull; View topic - FuzzMeasurements *19 stomps so far!* pls don't post in here if you'd like to contribute, post here, pm me, or just send me the processed files. :) thank you!
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    New Fuzz Day - Fuzz-O-Mat

    :D Fuzz-O-Mat -> Rat -> Plexi2 -> RW Marshall1960 IR Mix
  42. D

    Ibanez Soundtank 60's Fuzz SF5

    I finally managed to get one of these very underrated Big Muff-clone-clones. And one from the first series (metal enclosure). It sounded fantastic right away, so here is it's Axe-ified version. (settings pictured) http://soundcloud.com/donpetersen/ibanez-soundtank-sf5-60s-fuzz edit: link...
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    2 cab blocks - series vs parallel

    brown is 1x12 Black blue is 1x10 Gold 1x12 Black + 1x10 Gold brown is 1x12 Black + 1x10 Gold parallel blue is 1x12 Black + 1x10 Gold in series while the parallel mix produces a 'softer' average, the in series mix is more 'extreme', but still perfectly useable, at least in this case (try...
  44. D

    Pie Master

    a direct result of the drive curves 'analysis' I wondered what would happen if you'd use two drive blocks in parallel, one taking care of the lower frequencies: Big Muff and one messing with the higher frequencies: Maestro I like the results - a lot! :)
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    tonestack curves

    white noise -> Tube Pre with changing tonestacks Tube Pre in default, except drive, which I set at 5 (no presence, since I'm not sure if the presence frequency is switched when changing the tonestack, or if it is amp dependent) (the spikes at appr. 1.1kHz, 3,1kHz & 6.1kHz are generated by the...
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    drive block curves

    white noise -> drive block (all default) here are the results: the white lines from left to right are 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz (the spikes at appr. 1.1kHz, 3,1kHz & 6.1kHz are generated by the white noise block) BB Bender Blues Face Fat Rat
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    what tonestack is FAS Metal using?

    I'd like to know. Thanks. :)
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    Zoom G3 - this is pretty clever

    I like the concept, the clear layout and for only 179EUR - wow. well done Zoom.
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    Feedback Fuzz Delay

    you probably shouldn't listen to this :evil upper amp/cab is Tube Pre 1x6 Oval + R121 lower (main) amp/cab is Double Verb 1x12 Black + U87 the basic layout is DRV-AMP-CAB (who would've thought?), with the DRV also feeding a feedback send. the feedback return goes into a very short 100% wet...
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    NGD - 1st FR build

    :D swamp ash body from KnE Tru-Oil finish 500XL pickup from WildeUSA Rockinger neck from the 'bay all other hardware from guitarfetish it's my D4 ;)
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    Fire Red Fuzz II

    when I first cloned my Fire Red Fuzz DIY, I made a little mistake. The Q1 (the first germanium transistor) was way too hot (very high hFE value). I exchanged the transistor with a AC128 and it sounds much better now. so I cloned it again. p.s. when A/B-ing the pedal against the...
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    Axe Gen1 Phaser block GUI bug

    low priority ;) if the depth control of the phaser block is automated, the full sweep is reached appr. with min 0% max 50% a sweep range of 0% to 100% results in a GUI knob movement of ~540° and I'm afraid it could wear out the pixels. and replacement pixels are so hard to get...
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    Brownface Clean + Vibrato

    a surfy clean tone. Snap!!! compressor -> very short Delay (1/32nd) -> Brownface -> 1x12 Black cab -> fast (7Hz) Vibrato -> parallel Large Plate reverb, so only the non-vibrato signal gets 'wet' recommended: Strat neck + middle PU
  54. D


    her name is Christine :twisted:twisted:twisted "Christine is a massive, glitchy, sputtering, oscillating, truly insane fuzz, designed by The Tone God. It’s a really simple build, contains no rare or hard-to-find parts, and will fit more craziness in a 1590b than anything else I’ve seen...
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    8-Bit Illbient Nintendo Circuitbending Lo-Fi - NO synth blocks

    the layout is quite a mess: bassman amp -> bassman amp -> fuzz face -> 4x10 -> very hard & fast tremolo (slightly pitch modulated - the higher the note, the slower the trem) I picked the first note, turned up the volume knob and the rest is all legato sliding on the low e-string, the...
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    Freekish Blues Coil Fuzz

    :mrgreen Fuzz - Mr Z 38 Sr - 2x12 G12H + R121 - Sm Plate
  57. D

    Orion Gold Fuzz

    chewy :mrgreen edit: this one is basically a well behaved Fuzz Factory. good 'velcro', nice in the mix & fun to play.
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    [Ultra] Saw Pad - need help with Attack

    Hi. Here's a Saw Pad I made. Sounds nice, works well, BUT there is this annoying 'pop' on every other note I can't get rid of. Please take a look. Thanks.
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    Satriani SWTA-ish DS-1 + JC-120

    DS-1 by prometh Jazz + 2x12 Boutiq + R121 'Mark Day'-style EQ
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    new DIY pedal

    can you tell/guess what it's gonna be?
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    a very simple tweaking 'trick'

    there are two factors that often ruin guitar sounds: 1) too much gain 2) too much bass sometimes when I play presets I made earlier I find them to be too undefined, or washed-out to work in context with other instruments. When I turn down drive (amp and drive blocks), drive block level or bass...
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    compressor praise

    as I said before, I really like the compressor of the Axe - and here one exsample why that is: I have this nicely messed up Tonebender/No Amp/Ringmod patch that does a lot of the things I've been trying to get out of 'normal' fuzz pedals (without success, btw.). It has a certain synthetic...
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    BBPre Bassman Spring - A Surf-ish Lead

    v11 Bassman - wow...
  64. D

    Detune Delay

    I call it Atmo-Surf :)
  65. D

    Fire Red Fuzz

    from here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/35753-kit-axe-effects-setting-fuzz-face-story.html
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    Nice Clean - VB-2 Vibrato + Brownface 1x10

    from a request. a vibrato in front of a Brownface with a 1x10 Gold cab. the speed of the Vibrato is linked to a slow (2 bars) square LFO with a 75% duty cycle. if synced to tempo the vibrato rate will stay high (5Hz) for the first bar and the 1st half of the second bar and then move to a...
  67. D

    Evan Brewer 01 patch

    bright slap sound, use J bridge pickup
  68. D

    JP Mr. Motown patch

    attempting to get that Motown 'compressed-but-not-a-compressor' sound (2 Tape Dist in series) edit: added variation
  69. D

    A. Laboriel SwingSoul patch

    tube pre + PEQ
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    Fuzz for the day - Factory Face

    I had some fun messing with the bias control of the FF sim and decided to 'match' it's sound to some of my fav Fuzz Factory recordings. the result was a FF + PEQ. I added amp and cab blocks and a very nice spring reverb that gives depth without masking anything and a short delay (64ms) in...
  71. D

    From a kit to a Axe effects setting - a Fuzz Face story

    Part I even the envelope is cool good looking components yay! tropical fish! to be continued...
  72. D

    Ibanez Cyberdrive CD5 - Dark Lead

    turns out the Cyberdrive actually uses the same wah circuit as the Ibanez WH-10 (the older black one) - it's a sweet pedal and very misunderstood. Here it is with a neat (I think), darker lead sound in front of the obligatory Twin. + a Floyd-ish Lexicon PCM plate reverb
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    Feedback Fuzz Delay

    you probably shouldn't listen to this :evil upper amp/cab is Tube Pre 1x6 Oval + R121 lower (main) amp/cab is Double Verb 1x12 Black + U87 the basic layout is DRV-AMP-CAB (who would've thought?), with the DRV also feeding a feedback send. the feedback return goes into a very short 100%...
  74. D

    EH Big Muff with Tone Wicker

    the Fuzz for the day :)
  75. D

    Voxey Lady - Pi Fuzz meets Top Boost

    I got my hands (ears) on a good recording of a AC30TB driven by a Big Muff - here's this sound's cloned Axe brother. the drive's gain is pretty high (5), good for cutting leads and single note riffing, but maybe too much for power chords. lower to 2.5 or 0 for a less-is-more sound.
  76. D

    Carbon Copy on the way

    the nice folks at Dunlop just informend me that my Carbon Copy pedal was repaired and is on it's way back to me. Looking forward to get it 'into' the Axe! :) ...and to check out what all that talk about running it at 12V is all about.
  77. D

    London Deluxe - MJM London Fuzz in front of a Deluxe

    gooey :) add your own reverb or delay...
  78. D

    Sequencer - Sequencer rate as modulation target

    can the sequencers rate parameter please get the ability to be modulated? this would yield some very interesting results. thanks.
  79. D

    Fuzz Factory 110415

    once again it's Fuzz Factory time :D Fuzz Factory (tweaked Hard Fuzz + PEQ) -> Double Verb -> 1x12 Black
  80. D

    Excalibur Holy Grail Distortion pedal

    it's complete crap. If, for some reason, you considered getting one, forget it. It sounds terrible - and not in a good way, plus it's completely SMD, so my modding skills (hahaha..., right...) are useless. nice casing and knobs, tho.
  81. D

    Ibanez Cyberdrive + DOD Flashback Fuzz

    in series :D try single note riffs high (12th fret and higher) on the low e string with a few open string notes thrown in Soundgarden-ish
  82. D

    Das meshuggah Metall

    straight forward metal tone based on the sound of a DAR Amp @ 1:34 from this video:
  83. D

    Filter On - Phaser Off

    at the beginning I tap on the body of the guitar near the bridge. lower the 'Damp' parameter of the filter's frequency automation to alter the character of the sweeps.
  84. D

    Filter On - Phaser Off

    sequencer controller filter alternates with a phased tremolo
  85. D

    MT-2 into T75s cab - no amp - Chopped

    once more: chopping up unsuspecting guitar signals. this time with a nasty (<- the good nasty) combination of a MT-2 'powering' :D a 4x12 cab with T75s chopchop
  86. D

    Novation Nocturn

    so, if I set the 8 encoders of the Novation Nocturn to CCs 16 to 23 and program all my patches with this layout: external 1 = drive 1 drive external 2 = drive 1 tone external 3 = drive 1 level external 4 = amp 1 drive external 5 = amp 1 master external 6 = amp 1 level external 7 =...
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    stompbox finish 'distressed copper' - please take a look

    I've been experimenting with metal foil to get a different look. 'distressed copper' consists of two layers of silver metal foil and one layer of copper metal foil on top, which is then 'aged' (ok, mistreated) with a brush and oxalic acid. let me know what you think. thanks :) p.s. it's...
  88. D

    Precision Bass sound - inspired by MM

    here's the first of a few I plan to do. G&L SB-2 precision pickup
  89. D

    Money for Nothing CD to Vinyl EQ setting

    I thought it was fun to see if the CD version of this song could be made to sound more like the vinyl one. this is the resulting EQ it's also useful as a post cab EQ. there will be a big drop in volume, so you need to adjust for that and also you'll most likely have to re-tweak the amps...
  90. D

    category filter

    this is a feature quite often encountered in synths these days. some of the machines (the Blofeld for exsample) hold over 1000 patches - way to many to scroll through. they added 'tags' to each sound (pad, bass, arp, fx etc), so you could set the category filter to let's say 'bass' and now you...
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    vintage reverb pre delay settings

    Bobby Owsinsky's excellent book 'Mixing Engineers Handbook' (a must read/have) mentiones the use of tape machines in the send to a plate reverb or echo chamber to introduce a pre delay. depending on the speed this tape deck is run at the predelay is either 125 ms or 250ms. It's no coincedence...
  92. D

    Fuzz Schematics Galore (Breadboard)

    VERO LAYOUTS already ordered the parts for a Shin-Ei Companion Fuzz! :D
  93. D

    looking for a bridge HB for a FR guitar - suggestions?

    Hi. I already have a EMG81, I don't really need another guitar with one. same with the JB. I don't like DiMarzio stuff so far (PAF Pro & FRED), but the SoCals seem to sound good with the Tone Zone... Anybody with a SD SH-6 that can share his/her experiences? thank you. p.s. it's for this
  94. D

    Standard vs. Ultra - delay block difference - Diffusion

    wow, I wasn't even aware of this one. the Standard doesn't have the Diffusion parameters in the delay block. Even for someone who claims that he doesn't need all the 'fancy' extra-fx the Ultra offers, this could matter. The Diffusion amount/length are quite crucial parameters for how the...
  95. D

    almost Glitch

    trying to get that Glitch Vst sound with the Axe update v2.0 v1 http://illformed.org/plugins/glitch/
  96. D

    Carbon Copy & Scott's EQ idea spin-off: Pi Fuzzed Brownface

    basically it's a Pi Fuzz + Brownface patch with a parallel delay. the three filters (1 PEQ, 2 filters) in the delay chain mimic the behaviour of a Carbon Copy delay pedal with quite a bit of modulation going on at the lowest setting available in the CC (0.2 Hz) Scott Peterson's idea to...
  97. D

    Dirty Trem Dub

    Here's a recording of a patch I've been working on. Basically, it's a crunch sound (Hellbeast) into two Tremolos in series, to get that beat sync'ed, chopped up sound. As an extra feature, I added a dub-style delay (8ths, lots of feedback, drive and quite lofi) into a spring reverb. The tricky...
  98. D

    Syncromatic 3000 XL

    too much fun :) Ultra only, I believe (4 Filters), but you'll probably get a similar version running on the Standard, it's mostly automation
  99. D

    Syncromatic 3000 XL

    somewhere between The Edge and Filter the fx are in time, I however might not be ;) patch is here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/34070-Syncromatic-3000-XL?p=470860#post470860
  100. D

    'no tweak' patches

    I'm astonished again and again how great the Axe sounds even without touching the controls at all. here's my no tweak 'discovery' of today: Instant Cream Face Fuzz -> Brit JM45 -> 4x12 30W add 57 Dyn share yours.
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