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  1. MetalSlab

    FAS Reverb/Big Sur Compatibility

    Oh man, I was looking to buy this reverb plugin but I've been burned before pretty hard by dropped software support. Can anyone confirm that this has genuinely been updated for the latest OSX?
  2. MetalSlab

    Welcome back old friend

    G'day fellow Aussie. May I ask; How do you config presets and upload cabs? Do you run an old Windows XP system for it?
  3. MetalSlab

    axe edit for axe fx ultra / mac OS Catalina update impossible

    Anyone have an answer to this yet?
  4. MetalSlab

    Axe-edit suddenly doesn't work...

    Please let me know if you worked this problem out. Sorry I can't help. I've been in a similar boat since 2013.
  5. MetalSlab

    New To forum hello

    business model success..
  6. MetalSlab

    Axe-Edit problem - all advices tried, MIDI still doesn´t communicate

    Sounds like far too much admin. Glad you got it resolved though. What OS are you on? I'm on Catalina so I'm assuming my prospects of connecting to the gear are close to nil.
  7. MetalSlab

    New plugin - anyone tried it?

    Anyone tried this one yet?
  8. MetalSlab

    Software to view guitar impulses?

    Grab a Neural DSP plugin and use the cab section. You can easily navigate any of the inbuilt IRs or bring up all of your own custom ones.
  9. MetalSlab

    Axe-Edit problem - all advices tried, MIDI still doesn´t communicate

    I am sorry I can't provide much assistance, other than to reassure you that this is what some of us have been experiencing since purchasing the product many years ago. Imagine buying an Ultra only to have software support dropped thereafter..
  10. MetalSlab

    Digital Modeling of Amps and Speakers VS Analog (Survey)

    Be aware of the impacts of bias in your responses. This forum is not an ideal baseplate as it is, to an extent, subject to significant corporate/organisational bias.
  11. MetalSlab

    Move over Tomas Haake

    Cool clip, but I think you called out the wrong drummer - This is not relevant to Tomas. Try George Kollias (not that I think he would have to qualify his technical proficiency to us mere mortals).
  12. MetalSlab

    Home Studio's - Basement Studio In Progress - Ceiling Question

    Please consider ventilation.. It sounds like superfluous admin but will seriously mitigate health risks.
  13. MetalSlab

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    scale-length is a significant factor here
  14. MetalSlab

    FX8 -Discontinued?

    That's great to hear. Your example may be an exception to the rule. I had both an Ultra and MFC support dropped within months of purchase. Just providing an objective answer from my experiences - in the interests of the community.
  15. MetalSlab

    FX8 -Discontinued?

    They tend not to provide software support or updates once they drop a product.
  16. MetalSlab

    AX8-Edit - How Long Will It Be Supported?

    Thanks for the info, that’s intriguing. I wonder whether Fractal commissioned the developer to create a software solution or if this was simply a result of it being left up to the community to sort out. To the point of the original question here, I can’t say it really inspires me with confidence...
  17. MetalSlab

    AX8-Edit - How Long Will It Be Supported?

    ... and I note that software support for the MFC has just been dropped. Feels like I just purchased the thing.
  18. MetalSlab

    AX8-Edit - How Long Will It Be Supported?

    It could be hit or miss. There are undoubtably different experiences out there but I wouldn't bet on any sort of enduring support. I bought an Ultra about 2 months prior to Fractal surprise-releasing the next model. From my perspective it felt as though support for the Ultra was dropped...
  19. MetalSlab

    Axe Edit Issues

    Yes - they have effectively dropped support for the Ultra. Buyer's remorse?.. Agreed. I experienced that when they released the AxeFxII.... cold... within a month of my Ultra purchase. Great equipment but brutal business strategy.
  20. MetalSlab

    8 String with BKP Aftermaths

    Hi, yes it's SD2 with a custom preset. Based on the Metal Foundry or Metal Machine packs from memory. There is quite a bit of post-processing on them but I'll upload the patch shortly.
  21. MetalSlab

    8 String with BKP Aftermaths

    Here: L & R presets and cabinet attached. Cheers Pics:
  22. MetalSlab

    8 String with BKP Aftermaths

    New 8 string from Strictly 7 (ironic name I know).. great guitar Really happy with the Aftermath pickups - this is using the middle position (neck + bridge). I still find actives better for tone shaping using AxeFx or post-processing, but these pickups keep the sound nice and focused without...
  23. MetalSlab

    Tone Matches for Standand/Ultra

    It was all good - thanks again. Nice one. Also, in case he visits the thread again one day - many thanks to Mr Songtan for the work.
  24. MetalSlab

    Tone Matches for Standand/Ultra

    Any chance of a re-upload of the most recent pack? THanks
  25. MetalSlab

    Mix test - Duality

    Hey thanks very much. I am still working on the mix - trying to get it sorted for further use, so any advice is appreciated. Not happy with the drums yet personally.. Cheers
  26. MetalSlab

    Mix test - Duality

    My first all-AxeFx (except drums & keys) recording for the year... More of a test of a new mix template.
  27. MetalSlab

    New Hand Of Taurus Song - Nightmare (Das Metal/Recto 2 Cab)

    oooooh, that snare... nice mix
  28. MetalSlab

    Arch Enemy - No Gods No Masters [girlfriend on vocals]

    Nice! Vocals are great, but I would perhaps drop some of the reverb / delay to give them more bite / dynamics. The mix is good overall, but the rhythm sounds a bit "Metal-Zone' through my monitors. Probably can be amended easily using DAW post-processing or even a different AxeFx patch...
  29. MetalSlab

    Nick Cave cover - AxeFx bass & lead

    Hello, Here is another quick cover - used the AxeFx for the bass and the lead during the chorus. Pretty basic stuff, but not a bad sound. Still fiddling with the mix a bit. Cheers
  30. MetalSlab

    Diezel + 5150 = Bawls!

    That is killer!
  31. MetalSlab

    Indie Pop Song With Vocals, Could Use Some Feedback!

    I hate Indie Pop, but to be objective... It was very good. Well mixed and well written.
  32. MetalSlab

    Axe ultra Experiment

    After owning the axefx for a while, I have gone back to some of my pedals and modded them to hell, trying to get the same level of flexibility!... haha no chance
  33. MetalSlab

    Levi Stubbs' Tears (Billy Bragg cover)

    Something lighter - I recently remastered an older cover that I recorded using the Axe and a nice vintage strat. Fairly basic Fender sim with slight post production EQ and comp. As my drummer was away, this was my first drumming effort as well.. haha
  34. MetalSlab

    FAS Modern & 5150 tones, completed songs

    First track was killer
  35. MetalSlab

    Bank of Fender

    Thanks mate. Will check it out
  36. MetalSlab

    I want to run FOH vocal effects using the Axe Fx.

    Wow, thanks for the super kind words. I am no rig expert; I just tried to come up with the most compact and efficient design possible for how I employ the unit, but I am really humbled by your compliment.
  37. MetalSlab

    I want to run FOH vocal effects using the Axe Fx.

    Hi mate! That's a killer rig you have there. You will probably have a few more options available that I do - as you haven't skimped on overall rack size like I have. To be honest, if what you are doing in practice is working for you, try it out on a FOH to see how you and the sound tech...
  38. MetalSlab

    FRFR for Axe FX, vocals, and keys?

    You can always run the keys / vox through the Axe. This allows for some pretty versatile routing / fx options if you set your patches up accordingly. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-discussion/38291-custom-rack-panel.html
  39. MetalSlab

    Cab Vs. FRFR - a probably unpopular viewpoint...

    What is the story behind this?
  40. MetalSlab

    CLOCK NOISE on D/A Conversion

    Not sure whether or not this is related, but since the last Lion OSX update I have been experiencing the same issue with my Ultra (running through SPDIF). 2011 MBP
  41. MetalSlab

    Custom rack panel

    I am not keen on pulling it apart right now, but next time I open it up I'll try and get some shots of it disassembled. Best-tronics made the 9V cable for me using mini-coax cut to length. Ask for mini-coax - its super durable.
  42. MetalSlab

    Custom rack panel

    Thanks mate - cutting down setup time to a minimum and keeping things tidy was the main idea here! Same here! That thing was a pain to solder together. I prefab 7-pin feedthru would really come in handy for a lot of people. Not too sure off the top of my head. You would be better going...
  43. MetalSlab

    Custom rack panel

    Hi, Really sorry - I missed your queries because I sort of lost track of this thread.... looks like it has been cast away into the realm of Ultra/Standard 'discussion' rather than rigs & routing for some reason. Maybe it closes the gap too much with the Axe2 in terms of I/O connectivity. I...
  44. MetalSlab

    Perpetual Burn - Jason Becker [clip]

    sweep-fest! Nice playing mate! The tone on the lead actually sounds really good and would work nicely in a mix
  45. MetalSlab

    Brutal Meat Riffing

    eheh yeah, it gave me an idea for a creepy music video - involving slabs of meat of course
  46. MetalSlab

    Brutal Meat Riffing

  47. MetalSlab

    ENERGY! - Metal Track

    Mate, that is crazy. Can you write me some lyrics?..... haha
  48. MetalSlab

    5150 sim in finished mix

    I actually really like the mix generally speaking. At least it has character. If we all compiled to the 'textbook' ideals, especially when it comes to mixing metal, we would all sound equally as dull and familiar. It has some classic black metal nuances, which some people here may not 'get' -...
  49. MetalSlab

    ENERGY! - Metal Track

    Death groove? haha reminds me of early Blood Duster.. awesome mate!
  50. MetalSlab

    Brutal Meat Riffing

    Just a quick test of my new Logic template and drum mix...for the metalz
  51. MetalSlab

    $400.00 What do I get?

    A nitrovane fret job on one of your studio guitars?
  52. MetalSlab

    Active Pickups - My Theory

    I don't think impedance is that significant here. I have a guitar with passives wired direct to jack - this means nothing with regard to the fact that you are still hearing the colour of that pickup. I won't get into all the semantics about what the correct technical explanations are as it...
  53. MetalSlab

    Active Pickups - My Theory

    Just checking back to see whether anyone else 'gets' this idea yet? (i.e. the range and response of active pups are better suited to high-end rack gear / advanced EQ & IR systems - such as the Fractal, mixing plugins, etc...)
  54. MetalSlab

    King Diamond cover!!! triple green screen

    That was killer. You sound so much like KD it's insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannneee! I always liked Hank Shermann's playing style as well - from the Mercyful Fate days.
  55. MetalSlab

    Heavy metal sound advice...

    Good riffs! Not a Type O Negative fan at all? Their early riffs are like a brutal version of Black Sabbath.
  56. MetalSlab

    My First Gig Using the Axe-FX Ultra - Video

    You killed it mate! Very nice, well done.
  57. MetalSlab

    MURDER THERAPY (if you like GOJIRA, ULCERATE, ISIS, GORGUTS) EP recorded with Axe-Fx

    The drum mix on the bandcamp tracks is amazing...
  58. MetalSlab

    XERCES (Deftones cover)

    Yeah, I am usually a fan of the C4 amongst others. Have heard good things about the Stilwell plugs, but haven't got around to getting them. I mixed it again....maybe a little better?
  59. MetalSlab

    XERCES (Deftones cover)

    Hey, thanks a lot for the tip. I was hoping for some constructive feedback. I normally use a fairly standard set of Waves plugins, but I'm trialling one of those 'all in one' mastering solutions on the output bus (Ozone by Izotope). I am leaning towards the mix not sounding ideal as well...
  60. MetalSlab

    XERCES (Deftones cover)

    My second Deftones cover - used the AxeFx for all guitars, bass and even ran a piano synth through it...
  61. MetalSlab

    Shred is not dead :twisted

    well played!
  62. MetalSlab

    Super rough preproduction track. For fans of Refused, Helmet, Melvins, heavy stuffs

    looking forward to the master. I like it so far.
  63. MetalSlab

    FRFR speakers of choice for live application

    I have been very happy with my QSC KW122's
  64. MetalSlab

    Death Metal Track 2

    Yeah, the Sneap presets are killer. That was a good track. Looking forward to hearing more.
  65. MetalSlab

    Digital Bath (Deftones cover)

    THanks for the feedback and I agree with you about the vox. Unfortunately, I was straining a bit as this was about the limit of my vocal range! I just remastered it and added a bit more punch to the vocal track to compensate. When I get home (working away at the moment), I may re-record them.
  66. MetalSlab

    Digital Bath (Deftones cover)

    Thanks all for the kind words. I recorded everything from scratch - no backing tracks I'm afraid. Here's a bit more detail about the recording process: Bass & guitars - AxeFx (of course!!) Drums - My mate, Alex, on my Roland TD-12 e-kit into Superior Drummer 2 - we modified one of the...
  67. MetalSlab

    Digital Bath (Deftones cover)

    Thanks mate. Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff also.
  68. MetalSlab

    Digital Bath (Deftones cover)

    Added a touch of Omisphere and finished the vox. WIll probably re-record them at some stage. . ..
  69. MetalSlab

    Shadowmind - Infected (Metal, Standard, Marsha sim)

    Great mix! Not my preferred style of metal usually, but I thought it sounded absolutely killer.
  70. MetalSlab

    Heavy F test clip

    The rhythm guitars sound nice. I agree that the lead really needs EQ and presence to cut more. Killer track though!
  71. MetalSlab

    Digital Bath (Deftones cover)

    Pretty basic Diezel and Uberschall panned L/R for the chorus with a very dark tap delay for the cleans. ...going to finish off / redo the vox (when I no am no longer experiencing nasal congestion) [updated - below]
  72. MetalSlab

    Teh Brootz Tonage Going on here guys

    The drum mix is really good. Love that snare! Are you using one of your own SD presets?
  73. MetalSlab

    Neo-classical intro idea

    Hank Shermann
  74. MetalSlab

    /M\etal with the Ultra

  75. MetalSlab

    Nine Iron!!

    mental... how is the intonation on it?
  76. MetalSlab

    Axe-Fx II Death Metal Recording #2

    That was killer
  77. MetalSlab

    Recording with Axe-fx?

    Check out the Presonus Firestudio Mobile. You probably want something similar to that with Midi, SPDIF and line inputs all in one unit. It also has mic inputs on the front with pretty good preamps in case you ever need to mic anything. I'm sure there are other similar units around but this...
  78. MetalSlab

    Clean Strat + Maz + multiband compressor

    Sounds really nice.
  79. MetalSlab

    Effects and the MFC-101

    This is off topic a bit, but if you want to switch between rhythm and lead, have you considered using the global preset feature to switch from any patch over to your predesignated lead patch (with delay, od, etc) and back again using the same IA?
  80. MetalSlab

    Custom rack panel

    Yeah, I had to use standard D series blank plates and just screw the connector into that. I also recall having to drill out the threads on two corners of the Neutrik chassis to get it to fit. Shame no one makes a 7-pin feedthrough like the 5-pin one.
  81. MetalSlab

    String Gauge difference

    The best: IBANEZ RULES!! tech - setup Not a massive fan of Ibanez or anything, but this guide is quite good.
  82. MetalSlab

    IR-LAB application for IR Sorting, Mixing and Auditioning... is now available

    Great piece of software. I have found this to be very useful. Thanks
  83. MetalSlab

    String Gauge difference

    Traditionally speaking, as highlighted above, it is a balance between playability and tone. I have my lead guitars generally setup with super lights (.009 to .042). Strictly rhythms are lights (.010 to .046) - and even heavier bottoms for metal. I also have a couple of gigging / general...
  84. MetalSlab

    Custom rack panel

    Not more than about an inch. Great pedalboard -haven't had a problem with the height. Bear in mind that you will probably want to remove the rubber feet from the Mfc and pedals as well to attach them which brings them down a bit.
  85. MetalSlab

    Anyone here who tried the new Redwirez Bogner 2X12 and Mesa 2X12?

    SM57: R121: You're welcome.... :D
  86. MetalSlab

    Ownhammer Minimum Phase Update

    Hi, I just received this email from Ownhammer: "Now available on the site and a free update for existing customers are minimum phase aligned AX1 IR libraries! What does this mean? You can now coherently mix OwnHammer AX1 IR's with stock Axe-Fx I cabs and any other commercial or...
  87. MetalSlab

    AXE II Rack Interface?

    You can make one yourself with the Neutrik D-series panels and connectors. All you need is a screwdriver and patch cables for basic feedthrough connections like XLR, etc. Panels: Redco Audio - Custom Audio Cables - Recording Studio Supplies - Custom A/V Panels - 1U Pre-punched XLR Rack...
  88. MetalSlab

    Custom rack panel

    I did consider it, but the AxeFx doesn't really have cooling vents so I am presuming that it can manage without free ambient air flow. Also, I suppose it is designed to operate within enclosed racks amongst other hot units, so this should be fine. That's my style! lol - not really, I just...
  89. MetalSlab

    Custom rack panel

    Thanks for the kind words.
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