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  1. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    Sure - was using it in combination with Channel and/or Scene to allow choosing which line of the preset to process. In that example, was allowing multiple ways to choose the WAH pedal, but I have other presets doing different things (like, you can change an entire rig - Drives, Amps, Cabs...
  2. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta

    Updated to Beta, no prob. But - on my presets it almost immediately pegs Out 1 and 2 (but no output volume). Have to reboot the unit to fix. Seems to work fine on Factory presets, and my presets where I don't have the MultiPlex? I can use new Axe Edit, change presets, delete Multiplex and...
  3. zionplayer

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Did you really remember that post from Jan 2019?!
  4. zionplayer

    Wish FC Button Flash Tempo - not just Tap Tempo button

    Wish - setting to allow Pulse/Flash ring light to Tempo on any FC button (without Tap Tempo assigned) So had a thought and came to see if anyone else had suggested - don't see it in search, means I am prob the only one who would like it so maybe a useless wish... Ex. - I am setting tempo on...
  5. zionplayer

    FC Button Flash Tempo - Not just Tap Tempo Button

    Wish - setting to allow Pulse/Flash ring light to Tempo on any FC button (without Tap Tempo assigned) So had a thought and came to see if anyone else had suggested - don't see it in search, means I am prob the only one who would like it so maybe a useless wish... Ex. - I am setting tempo on...
  6. zionplayer

    Need a "Let's Dance" by Bowie, Delay/Reverb block. Help!

    I always have my EV1 control my (global block) volume block "Volume" so that could also be it... maybe bypass Volume block or remove the controller if you don't have one assigned, see if that gives you output. BTW - for my pedals I still use "External 1" and "External 2" instead of "Pedal 1" or...
  7. zionplayer

    Controllers have Channels!

    How is it I am so many years into Fractal and didn't know this was an option? Just realized that 'Controllers' (or 'Control') has A-D channels... still figuring out what this might mean, but I see right away I could have 4 different tempos per preset, 4 different values for Scene Cntrl 1-4 per...
  8. zionplayer

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    I've mentioned my support for this wish, as I can absolutely see the value in Setlist organization for Gigging (esp. being in two active bands). I've also made my suggestion for alt. solution either instead of or until this is added. Repeating here - I use BandHelper on my iPad (or iPhone, also...
  9. zionplayer

    Wish Utilities>Send MIDI

    Agree it would be useful to send MIDI other than CS... I have all 6 CS switches sending MIDI and would like to use them for other things - feels like using a hammer to drive a thumbtack. Have to wonder if the MIDI block could be upgraded rather than adding another routine - right now it sends up...
  10. zionplayer

    Change two blocks at once without scene?

    As stated above, might not get everything you want but might be a step halfway for now. Have you tried the M-Plex? FXIII has the power, so maybe put Amp1/Cab1 in row 1 and Amp2/Cab2 in row 2, run both to M-plex, then to effects. FC chooses which Channel (ie - which Row) M-Plex uses as input...
  11. zionplayer

    Bug? CS reported in Axe-Edit III doesn't match front panel?

    Just loaded newest firmware and did a refresh to be sure, confirming that Axe Edit 1.08.12 still reports incorrect CS values - functions fine and does send correct CS values from FC, and shows correctly on the FX3 front panel.
  12. zionplayer

    Bug? CS reported in Axe-Edit III doesn't match front panel?

    Was going to change a couple of CS numbers on my FC and brought up Axe-Edit (1.08.07). Hit FC Controllers, CS MIDI, and its like it displays the first one that comes up but won't change the numbers, even when you change to a different CS number? Is stored properly on Axe/Front Panel. Apologies...
  13. zionplayer

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday Cliff... every day on this side of the grass is a great day!
  14. zionplayer

    Need a "Let's Dance" by Bowie, Delay/Reverb block. Help!

    Only way I could get it to my satisfaction was to have two Ten Tap delays in parallel, and I use my second EV_2 pedal to control input to the long delay : 0 input until just before the last downbeat/last chord of each phrase... works like a charm, but is some tap dancing. Would love it if...
  15. zionplayer

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Gotcha - that certainly makes all the difference in setups. My FC has Next Song and Reselect Song (to trigger BH midi send and automations) buttons programmed so I can use only pedal as well. And I have my iPad on stage running FOH and IEM mix, processing changes to Axe patches and scenes and...
  16. zionplayer

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Hi Simon - very helpful for those that don't have another option yet, and a huge thanks for helping out. Do have a quick comment for folks, and question for you. Comment - if using an FC just be aware you can use Control Switches to send PC or CC commands, but otherwise the FC doesn't send...
  17. zionplayer

    Set tempo via MIDI

    So my '90' BPM is this string. Works on my III, no idea why. F0 00 01 74 10 14 5A 00 5B F7
  18. zionplayer

    Set tempo via MIDI

    Hey - Look what I found... Incredible WIKI... https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=MIDI_SysEx#SET_TARGET_BLOCK MIDI SysEx: SysEx Model number per device The numbers below refer to the processors. 0x00 Axe-Fx Standard 0x01 Axe-Fx Ultra 0x02 MFC-101 0x03 Axe-Fx II 0x04 MFC-101 mk3...
  19. zionplayer

    Set tempo via MIDI

    Wish I could - sorry. I just used a source I found a while ago to create those SYSEX lines and they work... I don't know the ins and outs.
  20. zionplayer

    Set tempo via MIDI

    Great point - and I really don't know but seems I did read somewhere the "10" after 74 is the AF3 device... no idea about FM3.
  21. zionplayer

    Set tempo via MIDI

    See, that's the "have no idea what I am really doing" stuff... but when I send my 126, Axe Edit reports 126 tempo. When I send 127, it reports 127 tempo... so I just use it.
  22. zionplayer

    Set tempo via MIDI

    Yes... but as a Midi Novice my explanation will be muddled, I am sure... I use Bandhelper for setlists and schedule, and to send Midi to change my AXE III presets, scenes, blocks on/off and to set tempo bpm. This is how I do it in Bandhelper, but YMMV, and there is probably a much easier way...
  23. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta

    My cover band has starting doing "No One Knows" QOTSA, and it sounds really good and is very useable to drop -4 to a C tuning. Little latency, sure, but whole lot better than the flubby strings I get if I try to tune down.
  24. zionplayer

    Happy Easter to you guys

    Came across this on YouTube just now, hope its OK to share. Hey @York Audio - Phil still plays the Zion! Very cool.
  25. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.06

    Got it - then it is working as designed. I can proceed using POS for Auto, was just a thought. I use my Pedal2 for Delay Mix usually, so when I change to a Scene where the WAH is on Auto-Engage I just have to remember to move it to 0 position before scene change. Thanks for the help!
  26. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.06

    So maybe I am mis-reading the directions: I thought POS was triggered with the OFF setting (manual pg 141). SPD is supposed to engage when pedal is moved, not based on position - correct? Like, if on SPD my WAH does bypass when pedal is down, but remains on when I move pedal to say 50% and then...
  27. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.06

    Can I ask someone to test a setting, see if it is a bug or if I am using it wrong. Want to use Auto-Engage to turn on/off my WAH (Ext 2) and I think a SPEED option will work better for me than POSITION. Seems to only turn on when using SPD, never off. POS works fine... 12.06, using Edit...
  28. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.00 Public Beta

    Aww man! Got a show tomorrow.... do I jump or do I wait... ... and... leaving work early. I'm jumping.
  29. zionplayer

    WISH - FC 6/12 command to send each line from MIDI Block separately

    Loving my FX III and FC 12! Also been thinking about how to get additional function from my FC 12 concerning MIDI to help control my lighting program... currently using CS switches and that does work, but there is only 6 and CS switches can do so much more, is a shame to only have them trigger...
  30. zionplayer

    Is this layout possible with FC-12 and Axe FX III?

    Good point - using mixer and channels is an A/B kind of change, so no tails from the prior block. But - be advised you are never 'bypassing' a block so (for example) if you go from a 1/4 delay to a dotted 1/4, it will start using the new delay from the prior signal immediately on channel...
  31. zionplayer

    Albert Lee at Daryl's House Jan 22 - I wish...

    So for $35 I can enjoy an Albert Lee show up close!! And how much is that Motley Crue ticket? I just gotta add in airfare, hotel, uber... hmmm.. maybe a late Christmas present! What do you think @Admin M@ - he's around your neck of the woods. Hook him up for the show!
  32. zionplayer

    Is this layout possible with FC-12 and Axe FX III?

    Just to say it, I don't think I would approach a setup this way... BUT, part of the elegance of the unit is just how flexible it can be. You have 4 mixer blocks that can each have 4 channels. You probably could have row 1 be your clean (A), row 2 be your drive (B) and row 3 be your lead (combo...
  33. zionplayer

    FC Pedals - Clear way to tell difference between tap and push and hold function selection

    I have similar function but different approach. Assuming you have a layout available, and are using a button tap to get to hold reveal anyway - why not program the tap to recall a different layout instead of using hold on your buttons at all. I then program the same button tap to return to...
  34. zionplayer

    What is the next big modelling nut to crack?

    Maybe a knob that would dial from "Brand New Tubes" to "Microphonic if you even look at it wrong". It could even have a setting that, when dimed, could put out little puffs of gray smoke...
  35. zionplayer

    IRs York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Happy Birthday Justin! Have to pick up this pack when I get home, update my go-to bipolar cab selections. Looking forward to it! As always, Love your work...
  36. zionplayer

    My X32 died!

    Just yesterday bought an M32C as a backup for my 5 year old X32 Rack that has never given me a problem, not once. Was having a bit of buyers' remorse this morning until I saw this thread... so, sorry for your troubles but thanks for making me feel better about my decision...
  37. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.02

    Gordon Ramsay got nutin' on Cliff...
  38. zionplayer

    FC Help Needed

    Chris is correct - it is the Layout that the FC powers up to. If I change presets using the rotary knob or my MIDI control, the FC does not automatically go back to Layout 2 (it actually doesn't change to any other layout at all). That still works for me - I have Layout 1 for my preset and...
  39. zionplayer

    FC Help Needed

    You can also set the default preset - mine comes up on preset 2 by default: I want that for my scenes layout by default.
  40. zionplayer

    FC-12 dedicated switch for increasing/decreasing bpm?

    Probably more than you want to get into, but I use the Bandhelper app on my iPhone or iPad, and a Yamaha Bluetooth Midi to send and receive from the iPhone to my FXIII. Bandhelper sends Midi commands to change preset and scene as defined for each song, and also sends/sets BPM for each song...
  41. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

    There is always hope! https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-firmware-version-10-00.154850/#post-1842270
  42. zionplayer

    So you can't have the switches 1+2 and 3+4 do extra?

    I remember seeing this in the release notes when the feature was added... haven't used it yet tho, so I had to look for the note. STAND IN SWITCHES - This feature broadens the capabilities of external footswitches on the FC-6 or FC-12. Previously, external switches could be used only as...
  43. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.01

    We indeed have a great situation with our volume control compared to what we used to do with Marshall Stacks. But I still have to stand in front of my drummers crash cymbal. I think we know where the real problem lies... as usual.
  44. zionplayer

    Lonely Boy riff (not the pitch bit)

    We cover that song as well - can you help me with what you mean by “second” riff - do you mean the one at the end? If so, I use whammy, 2 octaves up and hit 1st string 12th fret harmonic.
  45. zionplayer

    Layout Back button

    I have a "Preset' layout, a "Scene' layout and a 'Lights' layout. Have 'Layout Links' set on my 'Preset' layout so that once I select a preset it also Automatically switches to 'Scene' layout (my performance home screen if you will). I also have one switch set up as Tap for 'Preset' layout to...
  46. zionplayer

    FC-6 Tuner bug

    Firmware 7.0 also corrects FC Tuner display when using 'Offests Active', to match Axe III tuner. Thanks again @BryantP !
  47. zionplayer

    FC-12 Preset Toggle ('BAK' function)

    I hope we don't lose current function tho - I often will be in a scene, in the heat of battle turning on and off effects as desired, and can just hit the same scene button again to 'reset' back to the current scene defaults. Really handy... so maybe "BAK" could be a config option like on MFC.
  48. zionplayer

    Hmm, not certain about this....

    I used my MFC-101 with my FX III for almost a year, worked great. I did really miss the tuner, and the current state of effects. And when I sold it for around $400, it made the purchase of my FC-12 cost me around $300 - not bad to upgrade to the latest state of the art tech after 4 years.
  49. zionplayer

    Gibson Firebird X and SG

    And all I see at the moment on the internet/facebook is about Gibson. If they had done the right thing and given them to a school or non profit, prob. wouldn't have gotten more than a tweet. But to unnecessarily have a huge construction machine run them over, on video, on youtube... Whole thing...
  50. zionplayer

    FC-6 Tuner bug

    @BryantP Did you catch this question? I think mine is doing the same...
  51. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.04

    I know they are working on it now per M@ previous comments. Just adding another example of how mine is set up - Use BandHelper to Bluetooth connect to my FX III. Each song in BH has preset and scene, along with Tempo and lighting scene midi commands. Setlist is created in BH in whatever order...
  52. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    ... with the potential caveat that if they release a chip tomorrow that triples the CPU power vs. an FXIII using the same coding, generates no heat, fits on the head of a thumbtack and costs $50... I put money that a new fractal product may soon follow. And I will gladly purchase it...
  53. zionplayer

    Increase number of Control Switches

    Needed to +1 this wish, and link in the previous wish for More CS to make sure everyone is represented.
  54. zionplayer

    Andy Wood in downtown Raleigh July 13!

    Really excited to see Andy again... tomorrow night in Raleigh. @hippietim - you going?
  55. zionplayer

    puzzling question Global Volume/Wah/Formant/Controller EXPRESSION PEDAL

    Do you mean Fractal doesn’t explain it well, or are looking for a physical sheet of paper to have in your hand. https://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/manuals/ev-1/EV-1_Product-Guide.PDF
  56. zionplayer

    What Am I Missing...

    Is Control Switch set on “Last”?
  57. zionplayer

    Instantaneously turn on Delay block?

    Scene is usual option, but you said you would rather not use scene. As with all things Fractal, there are several ways to do what you want: Scenes, Control Switch, with same switch # assigned to each block bypass Mixer Block using channels, to mix which grid lines you hear or don't hear (no...
  58. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.01

    Just in case this didn't get noticed yet... Cliff said this about some goodies!
  59. zionplayer

    Closed Vinyl/LoFi Effect

    Is Preset 355 the one you are looking for? W@rped Vinyl
  60. zionplayer

    FC: Possible to execute two functions at the same time with one switch?

    Your post got me curious, so I had to try it. You might want to try this again - works for me as you describe. I set up 3 scenes (1 -clean, 2-dirty, 3-lead) using channels A, B and C of Amp and Cab, respectively. I added Drive and Delay blocks on Channel A for each scene, bypassed by default...
  61. zionplayer

    Hold to scroll

    BandHelper and Bluetooth to FXIII is so handy for these type gigs. Tap the song on iPhone or iPad - goes directly to preset and scene.
  62. zionplayer

    Boston Axe-Fest - Are You Booked?

    You do realize that on the Axe-Fest Facebook Event site, 107 folks say they are going and 629 are 'interested'... you still buying lunch? I'll see you there!
  63. zionplayer

    Boston Axe-Fest - Are You Booked?

    Almost have to keep up with all forms of social media these days... makes my head swim...
  64. zionplayer

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Please understand, I didn't use the feature on MFC, so I am just brainstorming with you guys for a fix or temp fix... On MFC, did you have to program and name set/song list using the MFC buttons? I remember that being a royal pain... and really slow. I never bought the computer based editor...
  65. zionplayer

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Layout Link in FC Configuration. Is a very cool tool - I have my "Preset" layout switches set so when I press a preset switch, it changes Presets AND goes to my "Scenes" layout on the FC.
  66. zionplayer

    Boston Axe-Fest - Are You Booked?

    Emailed. Getting excited to come learn something from you guys!
  67. zionplayer

    FC Setlist and Song modes

    I know its a bit off topic, but thought maybe there was value in sharing my setup as an option, or in case this wish doesn't get implemented and you still desire to work with setlists. I use Bandhelper (BH) on my iPad and/or iPhone to do a lot of other stuff in addition, but one thing it can do...
  68. zionplayer

    Axe-Fest East – Boston Amp Show - April 27-28

    Hey, wait a minute... I’ve already purchased my flight and booked the hotel room, and if I miss the ticket announcement I may not be able to attend? Hmmm....
  69. zionplayer

    Axe-Fest East – Boston Amp Show - April 27-28

    What a great roster of professionals! Would love to see Justin York there if possible! Another wealth of knowledge for the Fractal Community!
  70. zionplayer

    Can somebody double check me - possible bug?

    Don't mind posting here, Attaching the backup files requested. As FW 5.02 is out, I loaded that first, rebooted, did my FC configuration and checked that it worked as desired - on Layout 3, switches 1-5 configured so that Switch HOLD would have Layout Link change my FC to Layout 2. Rebooted...
  71. zionplayer

    Can somebody double check me - possible bug?

    I am programming on Layout3, for Layout Link on HOLD press to go to Layout 2. Works properly when I configure it, but it loses the configured setting each time I reboot my Axe-III. I have it working on Layout Link on TAP and it remembers that configuration between reboots. Tried it from Front...
  72. zionplayer

    Axe-Fest East – Boston Amp Show - April 27-28

    I plan to attend the Axe-Fest event. Will be looking for an agenda so I can book flights. EDIT: Never mind on the agenda, was too excited about the event and went ahead and booked hotel and flights for Friday-Sunday. See you guys there!
  73. zionplayer

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta #2

    I like epic...
  74. zionplayer

    CS for Amp Input Boost carries across presets??? - It's Back in FW 4 and 5

    Agree it looks like CS is getting reset when loading new firmware. I wonder if this might be an Axe-Edit issue as well. I always set my CS to 'All Off' because of how I am using CS system to send midi, and each time I change Axe-Edit to a new preset, then go to controllers, it 'refreshes' all...
  75. zionplayer

    Came Across an Oddity - had me going for a minute

    So I had used a Custom name "Boost" for an effect switch (Filter 4) when I first configured my FC, and in using it live a few times came up with a better idea on which switch I wanted for "Boost" . This morning I configured the new switch to be "Boost" and put a different effect on the old...
  76. zionplayer

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.01

    Michael, great job! Works like a charm, and so intuitive... thank you! I did see something; I am not sure its really a bug - could also be my configuration somehow. On CS Midi it looks like Edit expects 126 to be the top "On", so if on front panel we use 127, in Edit it comes up "--".
  77. zionplayer

    More CS

    With the FC being able to trigger MIDI packages using the CS system I find I can program my foot controller to have one layer just for MIDI functions (in my case, trigger light scene changes). Would be helpful to have access to more CS, up to maybe 10-12 or more, that I could program to my FC...
  78. zionplayer

    [solved] Why does my FC-6 not work? Firmware 1.04?

    Got my FC-12 yesterday, just checked and it has firmware v1.04 on it. I haven't loaded beta 3.02 yet. And yes it is a wonderful beast. Got the 3 layouts I plan to use, 1 of which is sending MIDI to control my light program changes. Now I need more than 6 CS to make the most of my layer and...
  79. zionplayer

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Feeling a bit left out so I decided to post a picture of my my pedalboard so I could still participate. Then I saw Matt's note - tomorrow could be my day! Excited...
  80. zionplayer

    MFC Setlist Mode w/ Axe-Fx III

    Try this one https://midimonkeys.com/
  81. zionplayer

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    I initially signed up on the waitlist for the FC-12 and I think I am still going that route. But the availability of the FC-6 and maybe getting 2 started me thinking...that would be really cool as well - could have one FC-6 for the smallest gigs/spaces, use two when there is room or need. Set...
  82. zionplayer

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    @ChrisAngela They are unreal - I just have to copy below, the response I received this afternoon from Yamaha Support: Hello, It turns out this very issue has become a known issue with Japan, which they are working on a resolution for. Until then, this will not be usable. Feel free to contact us...
  83. zionplayer

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Matt's post was from Nov 20, and he was trying to estimate waitlist service to that point in time, for 2 months in the future. Since then they have had really successful sales that swamped their shipping department and I think some staff out sick, so I have no doubt they are running a little...
  84. zionplayer

    What if I can't see new features in Axe-Edit?

    Don't know if I would call it an Easter egg, but it seems to me the Tuner is even more stable than it used to be. I seem to be able to lock in the spinning wheel better than before... or maybe its my old strings just giving up the finesse ...
  85. zionplayer

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Desperation = Mother of Invention! As I was in the first 1.5 hours of the FC waitlist, was fortunate to go ahead and sell my MFC to another forum member, thinking prob all fine for January FC order. Then of course turns out the waitlist is larger than I thought, and of course this week my band...
  86. zionplayer

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Sure there was - 2 minutes closer! Wish it was more, but I'll take it.
  87. zionplayer

    What to look for when buying a used Axe-Fx II?

    Might take a good look at the CAT5 plug in for the MFC. There is a small possibility of plugging in the wrong cable and shorting that circuit. Not really sure if you could even tell that visually tho...
  88. zionplayer

    Fractal Axe-Fx III Effect Blocks

    This is probably what you are looking for...wiki ...or what he said at the same time...
  89. zionplayer

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Same with mine. I am working with Yamaha support, no resolution yet. Very frustrating.
  90. zionplayer

    Drop Axe-Edit before turning off Axe is good practice

    Windows 10 user - never had this problem and I almost always shutdown Axe before Axe-Edit.
  91. zionplayer

    iPad music player that can also send preset/scene changes?

    Yep - another for BandHelper.
  92. zionplayer

    Compact/Low profile XLR cable?

    True and I thought about that, but I already have power on my board for other reasons so it would be easy to provide power. I think even if I found this solution, I wouldn't give up the speed and connection security FASLINK2 provides. Was just a thought...
  93. zionplayer

    Compact/Low profile XLR cable?

    So how about wireless/bluetooth xlr? I can find them, problem is they would need to both send and receive...not sure about that, or if latency would be an issue. Would be cool tho...
  94. zionplayer

    First gig without IEMs

    Reminds me of a great keyboard player years ago, used 2 big Peavey speakers and 1,000 watts just for his keyboards. I told him many times he was way too loud, but he would respond he could just hear himself at that level. One day I presented some speaker stands that would raise the Peavey's to...
  95. zionplayer

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    What's the over/under on an FC showing up on ebay for an exorbitant amount of money?
  96. zionplayer

    FC Controllers Invite List

    Always have..
  97. zionplayer

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Didn’t think about this until today. So I have 2 expression pedals that were CC 16 and 17, external 1 and 2 with my mfc setup. With FC they become FC Pedals 1 & 2 : so I need to change all my modifiers to FC 1 or 2 I guess?
  98. zionplayer

    Volume Block Axe Edit 1.00.09

    Rob - I just wen thru 20 of my patches where I always use volume block. No issue here in Axe Edit displaying all volume block parameters. Volume Block 1, latest firmware 2.05b. Axe Edit 1.00.09
  99. zionplayer

    Help! Axe-Fx Standard keeps wiping presets on power up

    I would start with replacing the battery unless that has already been done recently.
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