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  1. Narzugon

    Show your partscaster!

    My nod to Jimmy's Dragon tele. Warmoth neck and body. I did 100% Tung Oil on the body and fine layer of Tru-Oil on the neck. My first attempt at relic'n hardware and got carried a way on a few spots but it looks cool to me. A buddy did the phenomenal art work. Sounds and plays great.
  2. Narzugon

    PAF Style Pickups and Optimal AXE Settings

    Another suggestion is try leaving the Bright Switch on and roll back the tone on your guitar. If your guitar has quality pots, sometimes a very small amount can work wonders w/o sounding muddy or dull. Or try rolling back the guitar's volume just a touch, see how that sounds. Or a combo of...
  3. Narzugon

    Home Skoolin... Anyone Familiar with it? I am...

    A buddy turned me onto him back around mid year last year(2020). What a talent. Super informative channel.
  4. Narzugon

    Joke Thread

    A man boarded an aircraft at LAX heading to NY. After taking his seat, he noticed a very beautiful woman boarding the plane. He realised she was heading straight toward his seat and bingo - she took the seat right beside him. "Hello", he blurted out, "Business trip or vacation?" She turned...
  5. Narzugon

    Recomendations wanted for wired or wireless earbuds

    Good call on the KZ's! Thanks! Just what I needed. Nothing bad to say about them at that price and a huge upgrade from the stock buds. Can't wait to mow the lawn! :eek:
  6. Narzugon

    Recomendations wanted for wired or wireless earbuds

    Hey guys-n-gals, I'm in the market for a pair of earbuds. I've been reading reviews and watching videos. Ultimately I'd love to be able to try before I buy but my area is limited. Not to mention the current state of things in the US. So I turn to the only forum I frequent for opinions. In...
  7. Narzugon


    My favorite reply to tech issues is "Oh the dreaded 1D10T error!".
  8. Narzugon

    Are pickups a big difference maker with a FM3?

    I wouldn't worry about it. Any of the Fractal modelers react to guitars/pickups just like any amp would.
  9. Narzugon

    Happy Birthday Matt!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Narzugon

    Cab Pack Bundle 1: Produced by FAS (1,2,4,5,6)

    I bought them when they were first released. Call it placebo or what you will, but they definitely had that Aerosmith vibe. I need to go revisit these now that you mentioned them.
  11. Narzugon

    Callibrating Expression Pedals?

    I once had issues with my expression pedals and the MFC Mk3 (calibration only). Long story short it was the latest firmware. If I recall correctly I had just updated the firmware to the latest revision which had an issue with my setup. Rolled back one firmware and everything was fine. So that...
  12. Narzugon

    FC 6 - broken screen

    If it were mine I'd assume I dropped my guitar cable on it after unplugging. While I normally dont drop the plug end on my pedal board I can see it accidentally happening. Thanks for reminding me to make a conscious effort to not let this happen. \m/
  13. Narzugon

    Momentary switch questions

    You got it. A mono jack for a single switch is fine. A single stereo jack for a two button box.
  14. Narzugon

    Switch HOLD visual when activated

    Not every Hold Function scenario is a candidate for the ring to be lit bright. As the matter of fact I can think of many scenarios where there would be no need. But there are also a lot of scenarios where a Hold Function indicator would be just as useful as a Toggle indicator. Why not give the...
  15. Narzugon

    Switch HOLD visual when activated

    I think some visual clue that a switch is in it's hold state is an excellent idea. What about this? Toggle - user defined color = ex: Red Hold - user defined color = ex: White Toggle On = Red Toggle Off = Ring off. Hold On = Ring pulsating or alternating Red and White. Possibly at current...
  16. Narzugon

    Temple Audio Boards

    For those who have been using the Temple Audio boards for a bit, how are they holding up? Is there anything you don't like about them? I'm considering the DUO 34 for the FC-12 and two Mission pedals. I'm considering screwing everything directly to the board instead of velcro. Has anyone else...
  17. Narzugon

    Probably the most interesting guitarist today

    Yeah these two guys are phenomenal. I've been a fan for a while now. Not to knock the guy in the OP cause he is technically amazing but it sounded like a programed or sequenced piece of music to me. Again, an amazing tactician in that clip.
  18. Narzugon

    RG550MXX 20th Anniversary resale value

    A friend is selling a mint condition RG550MXX 20th Anniversary with OHSC and candy. At first I was excited about it as I owned one of the original ones back in the day. I attempted to research the value of these guitars but am coming up fairly dry. Reverb has very few listed and history on...
  19. Narzugon


    Gotcha. Thanks for the reply!
  20. Narzugon


    I can't get the Multiplexer's Modifier page to work with the Multiplexer's Channels. What am I missing? Example: MP Channel A: Input Select - Modifier - Min Row 2 and Max Row 3 - Channel A MP Channel B: Input Select - Modifier - Min Row 2 and Max Row 4 - Channel B Two odd things are happening...
  21. Narzugon

    What hypothetical/non-existent FAS product would you actually buy?

    Wish List: iOS/Android support More powerful floor unit Cablab with virtual mic placement
  22. Narzugon

    Your favorite concerts you saw in 2019?

    Big Wreck, Primus, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals doing Pantera - Going to see Clutch in Dec.
  23. Narzugon

    1978 early Van Halen Live video clip

  24. Narzugon

    Dweezil talks AXEFX III with Warren Huart

    I was curious about this museum/school. https://emeapp.org/about/
  25. Narzugon

    Software "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    I assumed there had to be a bit of "magic" for the inbetween positions. But I'm glad to hear that you shot a huge amount of IR's to keep the "magic" to a minimum. So hypothetically speaking could I shoot my own set of IR's with the AxeFx and import that library into Mikko? There's no way in...
  26. Narzugon

    Software "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Hey Mikko. Awesome looking software! How does the movement of the mics work under the hood? How many IR's does it take for a single mic on a cab to be able to move the mic into all those positions? How does the software fill in the gaps? I'm assuming one cannot import just any cab pack and...
  27. Narzugon

    Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas HH FR Pickups

    One fundamental piece of info is that the JB is a higher output pickup which by default has those characteristics. A lower output pickup such as a PAF is clearer and more dynamic (generally speaking). There are different schools of thought as well as varying applications but I prefer the PAF...
  28. Narzugon

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Btw, Will there be an Axe Edit update for Ares 1.0/1.1?
  29. Narzugon

    Ancient Aliens - History channel

    Here's a cool perspective from Professor Brian Cox. It really gave me a different perspective. Btw, he's an English physicist and Professor of Particle Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester in the UK...
  30. Narzugon

    Rotary issue

    Did you happen to notice the CPU usage? I know you've been around long enough to catch the simple things but I've been combining some presets and in doing so I have been dancing all over that 90% limit. The sound you described reminds me over stepping that line.
  31. Narzugon

    Alice In Chains tribute (more videos)

    That just means the sound guy was doing his job! \m/:smilingimp:\m/
  32. Narzugon

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Sorry if this has been mentioned, but does this update require an updated Axe Edit?
  33. Narzugon

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks Cliff & Co. !
  34. Narzugon

    Suhr vs PRS vs ??

    I completely agree about the Edge trems. I am of the same opinion. FYI, I was floored to discover that this Gotoh felt like an Edge. At least better than the 80's-90's ones as I had a dated Ibanez GR550 (or was it the 450? It had binding) to compare it to.
  35. Narzugon

    Suhr vs PRS vs ??

    Unix-guy: I was in the same boat as you years ago. I've always had descent guitars but I wanted a boutique instrument. I was looking for a floyd, strat style, HSS and a flat thin neck (is my age showing?). I had just sold a Fender Customer Shop set neck strat because I never bonded with it. I...
  36. Narzugon

    [solved] Need help; amps don't work but effects do after "Reset System Params"

    FYI: Any changes you've made to I/O and MIDI control assignments will be lost with a Sys Param reset.
  37. Narzugon

    High output pickups

    Master volume, drive or input trim I'd say. I'd lean more towards Input Trim first personally. If I recall it's controllable as well so you could assign a controller to it and hit an IA to change it's value when you change to that guitar.
  38. Narzugon

    Paul Gilbert Cover - "Blues for Rabbit"

    For Paul's school he has a video course that lays the ground work for everything (chords, harmony, scales, technique etc). Beginner to intermediate although more advanced players could still pull some nuggets from those videos. I really enjoyed the one on one video exchanges. You submit a video...
  39. Narzugon

    Paul Gilbert Cover - "Blues for Rabbit"

    I first met him at GIT. I later signed up for some lessons at Artistworks. He's one of those guys that is a true music fan. Those are the players I dig. No matter the level of success of fame, a true music fan for life is where it's at.
  40. Narzugon

    Big Wreck War Baby lead tone

    Sorry, I forgot to link the video I mentioned. I added it to my original post.
  41. Narzugon

    Big Wreck War Baby lead tone

    I love anything Ian Thornley does (musically) but have never tried recreating his tones. I did a little digging and came up with this which basically shows a Suhr Head with a CAE 4x12. At 6:47 he solos over the War Baby progression. I also found an interview from last year where he talks...
  42. Narzugon

    Premier Guitar published a nice review of the Axe-Fx III

    Agreed. With that long of a video they could have covered a lot more ground with minimal prep time.
  43. Narzugon

    Premier Guitar published a nice review of the Axe-Fx III

    Thats a great way of putting it. Although I'd rather see Spicoli do it. There can be only 1!
  44. Narzugon

    Premier Guitar published a nice review of the Axe-Fx III

    I'm sure Bolinger is a great guy and a great player but it's painful for me to watch him review gear or do Rig Rundowns. I'm not even a quarter of the way into the video and he's making the comparison between plug-n-play people and tweakers. A few quotes that I think that put the wrong spin on...
  45. Narzugon

    More "Dave Friedman's thoughts on Modelling"

    I'm guessing in some cases amp builders are just not educated on the latest modeling tech (AxeFX). They're in their own little world and just bawk at the latest thing to come down the pike as if it were a cheap 80's processor. In Dave's case, at times he does sound like he's just uneducated on...
  46. Narzugon

    D'Addario NYXL strings

    I couldn't live with the mid range bump they added. Other than that, I love D'adarrio strings anyway.
  47. Narzugon

    Artist Video: Synyster Gates of A7X Makes the Switch to the III

    This video nails a lot of details that were never said in other endorsement vids. Great job!
  48. Narzugon

    Suhr Modern Satin or Jackson PC1

    Suhr's build quality and setup is top notch. I haven't touched a modern Jackson so I can't speak on those.
  49. Narzugon

    NGD - Warmoth VIP and 2 videos

    Excellent song and recording! \m/
  50. Narzugon

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    I agree M@. Something about them. I owned a Nailbomb that while it wasn't for everything I do, it was an awesome pickup that that something special about it. I want to try some of their PAF style offerings. Vintage or Vintage/Hot.
  51. Narzugon

    Choosing a digital mixer

    In this case I think we've ruled out a router issue. As I said above, we've tried two different routers. Each latest firmware, high channel, hidden, and pw protected. Exact same results. To answer TG3K we never tried 5ghz. Both routers were set to 2.4ghz. Happens in really rural areas as well as...
  52. Narzugon

    Choosing a digital mixer

    I've been working with some guys that run an X-Air 18 with an Ipad II and an external router. The iPad would continuously drop connection no matter how close I was to the router (always line of sight). The touch interface just wasn't ideal for me but made it work. We tried different routers...
  53. Narzugon

    Firmware version found where?

    I don't have a FX8 but on the Axe II Firmware version is found under the Utility menu or in Axe Edit under the tool bar. I assume the FX8 would be similar. Firmware: https://www.fractalaudio.com/fx8-downloads/ Hope that helps \m/
  54. Narzugon

    Speaker Repair

    I agree. In this case it's been sidelined for some time and he was hoping to get it back into the lineup on the cheap. So down time for this cab isn't an issue. Honestly, $80 isn't bad to get what appears to be a relatively new looking cab back into action. But I told him I'd look into it. I...
  55. Narzugon

    Is MFC IA's obsolete with scenes?How do u configure your MFC IA's

    I can't do without IA's. I'm not a preset guy. I have one main preset that I play a wide variety of things with. So I have 6 scenes for various things and about 15 IA's. I'm running 4 extra external IA switches plus the two on my Mission Expression pedals. The IA's allow me to change things on...
  56. Narzugon

    Speaker Repair

    A buddy of mine needs a speaker repair/replacement. After some troubleshooting I found that one of the leads coming from the voicecoil/cone broke at the terminal. To me it appears that it was to short and didn't have enough slack to move freely with the cone. I believe there to be a short at he...
  57. Narzugon

    How many of you just upgrade and play?

    I typically upgrade and play. And for the record, that's not from laziness. That's from confidence in the firmware's. There are other devices that I certainly do backups before updating. I know, anything can happen. Like you I've had an Axe so long that I have my go to presets and don't stray...
  58. Narzugon

    Can the vets lessen the learning curve for noobs?

    That's how I've approached it since day 1. Treat the blocks as you would their real world counterparts. If you've been playing 30+ years you probably have your fav "go-to" amp and pedal board setup in mind. Start with that. Put an amp and cab block down on an empty grid, tweak the basic amp...
  59. Narzugon

    Input Impedance question. What happens when using wireless?

    The why: The how (at least the best we have IMO):
  60. Narzugon

    Yngwie at Sweetwater

    I agree. I've continued to follow and enjoy a lot of bands after they had key personnel changes. But I will say that in most cases the music didn't change much which is usually favorable for the fans. The bands for the most part continued on their musical trajectories. Van Hagar to me was a...
  61. Narzugon

    Yngwie at Sweetwater

    Very well put and you nailed it. Similar thing with me. I discovered Kiss first and was hooked. I was 12 in 77. My uncle kept telling me to listen to Zeppelin, The Beatles, Yes, Floyd etc. He would say "Kiss is ok, but these guys are making real music!". He couldn't understand why I would put...
  62. Narzugon

    Selling the amps?

    I've always been a Chevelle fan. I've owned a 70 and a 71 "Heavy Chevy". Both were junkyard DIY jobs. My fav is the 69 SS's but never owned one. As for amps, I had 3 early 70's Marshall half stacks against the wall in my bedroom that I would see every morning when I woke. One day I realized it...
  63. Narzugon

    iPhoto picture issues

    My point was that since it seems to be a "permissions" issue I was suggesting logging out and back in. When your battery went dead and you were able to turn it back on, if it required your password to get back in, then that would accomplish what I was suggesting. Permissions has to do with...
  64. Narzugon

    iPhoto picture issues

    Try rebooting and logging back into your user account.
  65. Narzugon

    Randy Rhoads Cab

    I can't believe that one slipped by this group! lol I was hoping Cliff would incorporate one of those!
  66. Narzugon

    EVH announces 3 new Eruption 78' replica guitars

    I'll one up you. How about a reunion with Dave and Michael but with the understanding that Dave will actually TRY to do the Roth era vocals and melodies. I understand not being able to recreate something you did in your youth later in life. But it's like he's currently taken on a whole new...
  67. Narzugon

    EVH announces 3 new Eruption 78' replica guitars

    lol - Meet and Greet with some Coke and a Smile? (Just because it's late and I can't sleep - not related to the above statement) I noticed there are a few Fender/EVH Franekstrat replicas up for grabs now (reverb/ebay). They're priced at $25k (original MSRP) and less - obo. I guess some people...
  68. Narzugon

    EVH announces 3 new Eruption 78' replica guitars

    I'd be ecstatic if they'd just release a photo album or *gasp* some concert footage!
  69. Narzugon

    EVH announces 3 new Eruption 78' replica guitars

    No kidding. I noticed there was a tour relic'd Wolfgang (not played on tour nor owned by ed) that has an anvil case, case candy and an autographed COA.. It was $14k. So I'm guessing the Super 78 will be what, $20k+? *Edit* Damn, found the prices in the Spec Sheet. '78 Eruption MSRP: $7878.78...
  70. Narzugon

    EVH announces 3 new Eruption 78' replica guitars

    Looks like the Super 78 is the same as the Reilic'd. The difference seems to be each Super was played by Ed (Filmed playing Eruption and put on a thumb drive) and signed on the back of the head stock. If I only had money. \m/ http://www.evhgear.com/gear/guitars/eruption/78-eruption/...
  71. Narzugon

    Strangest things you’ve seen at your gigs

    A friend's rock band hired me for the weekend to do lights or sound (can't remember) for an out of town gig. A male strip act was to open then the band plays out the night. So we're in the dressing room which opens onto the stage right wing. The dance music is freaking loud in the dressing room...
  72. Narzugon

    Strangest things you’ve seen at your gigs

    Being the optimistic person that I am...…...
  73. Narzugon

    Strangest things you’ve seen at your gigs

    I couldn't wait so I looked it up. Lol, yeah we have those here in the South as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogan
  74. Narzugon

    Strangest things you’ve seen at your gigs

    A few weeks ago at the local Jam Night, I'm talking to this new guy who was asking me how he got signed up to play. He had to be mid to late 20's, skinny, sparse tats on his arms and a few on his face. Kinda normal personality. No flags thrown until he says as he pulls out his acoustic "I know...
  75. Narzugon

    Strangest things you’ve seen at your gigs

    We did a week gig at this bar that was located on a strip of bars and strip joints. It was the hangout for the strippers on break or after their shifts. After a day or two we got to know a few of them. Long story short, our other guitarists birthday was coming up. As a surprise gift, we decided...
  76. Narzugon

    Strangest things you’ve seen at your gigs

    I'm laughing my ass off here. "Hair Farmers", that's a new one and the mic! Can you imagine that torpedo flying through the crowd at head level?!?! Normally the wig alone would be funny.
  77. Narzugon

    Jackson USA vs USA

    Is it like lifting a blanket off of your speakers? Depends on what you were playing previously. :) But no, I wouldn't describe them like that. But I think the craftsmanship and components are worth the price. From there you need to decide which pickup sounds the best for your needs. They have...
  78. Narzugon

    Jackson USA vs USA

    I have an 80's Jackson strat that I'm the original owner of and was my main guitar for a decade or more. I haven't kept track of Jackson or their line of guitars other than seeing them online here or there. So I don't know the quality of them over the years. Based on purely aesthetics, both...
  79. Narzugon

    Ever seen one of these?

    I've never heard of these but I did find another piece to the puzzle (the body). http://www.edroman.com/featured/roberts_roto.htm https://www.tuneyoursound.com/collection/roberts-roto-neck-12-1992-mark-slaughter
  80. Narzugon

    FW 1.10 with MFC-101 MkIII preset -1

    You said you tried Midi Offset. You may have meant "Axe-Fx DisplayOfst" in the MFC's setup menu. If you didn't, that should resolve your issue. In the Axe II under I/O > Display Offset as well. I don't have a III. I assume it has a similar setting.
  81. Narzugon

    Oh...Rock Star

    I remember seeing a post movie interview with Aniston and Wahlberg (I can't find it now). For whatever reason this was way after the movie so they had already finished with press in support of the movie. They were acting like they were embarrassed to have done that movie. I'm sure that genre...
  82. Narzugon

    A very interesting rig rundown containing an Axe-Fx II XL+ as an afterthought

    There have been many rigs using the Axe just as an fx processor. Karl is actually from my area. That guy is a trooper. He's been playing live as long as I can remember. I was floored when he said those were the same cabs he's used all these years. I've seen him use them on some pretty small...
  83. Narzugon

    Pete Thorn II album

    Awesome track. Thanks for letting us know it's now available. Those three should do a "P3" tour. \m/
  84. Narzugon

    Your Favourite VHS Instructionals

    Was the dbl timed scratchy intro part to Atomic Punk done with a delay? I've been trying to do it the hard way all these years.
  85. Narzugon

    Your Favourite VHS Instructionals

    Your reaction to the first Paul Gilbert instructional reminded me of my reaction to the first time seeing him. Exact same look as you only I was sitting face to face with him one on one in a small rehearsal room. I literally had that look on my face and could not speak.
  86. Narzugon

    New psychedelic fusion track (bass and guitar)

    I always enjoy your recordings Bodde! A nice break from the norm. \m/
  87. Narzugon

    PSA: RiffStation currently free for Mac and Windows

    Agreed. I just pipe Apple Music/iTunes into my DAW and record a track that I want to import into Riffstation. It's another hoop to jump through but it's fairly painless. I'm not trying to preserve every ounce of fidelity so I can keep the ripped track. I just want to learn the parts and be done...
  88. Narzugon

    Help needed - serious issues!

    At any time has liquid come in contact with the unit? The fact that the $$$$ issue only occurs when performing makes me think there is a short somewhere. Maybe a bad solder joint? Has the unit ever been dropped or taken a hit of some sort? I'd be interested in hearing the problem once it's...
  89. Narzugon

    PSA: RiffStation currently free for Mac and Windows

    Yeah, they did. They're wanting to do a web based service around it. Actually I think the original company done something along those lines near the end.
  90. Narzugon

    PSA: RiffStation currently free for Mac and Windows

    Worth mentioning a second time for sure. I bought Riffstation Pro years ago. I can't live without it.
  91. Narzugon

    What are you using for sustain?

    Same here. I've never had mechanical issues nor experienced a change in tone when it's in the loop. I'm running about 15' of cable from the axe to it and then about another 15' from it to the guitar. The only thing I would change is the AC connector on the unit. It appears to be surface mounted...
  92. Narzugon

    What are you using for sustain?

    I've used similar ideas to do this before and it's a great inexpensive way to get feedback at low vols. I prefer it not mounted to the guitar (although that's a cool effect as well) so I can move the guitar around the speaker to get different feedback types. Which is why I like the Resonator so...
  93. Narzugon

    What are you using for sustain?

    I've one of these for several years now. Really cool device in that you can get feedback/sustain on more than one string at a time as well as you can move your guitar around to find different tones. IMO it's the closest thing to vol/amp feedback there is. I used it on the intro to Van Halen's...
  94. Narzugon

    I'm clueless!

    Is FRFR easier? Probably a subjective topic. But to me it is easier. Yup, if you were to use a power amp you could use your recto cab. Generally speaking, you'd turn off the speaker cab modeling on the Axe. There is another benefit to running a power amp and that is it gives you the option to...
  95. Narzugon

    I'm clueless!

    1: You did specify the Axe Fx II. Just in case you're not aware, there is also a floorboard version called the Axe 8 and the new Axe Fx model called the Axe Fx III. Check out the product page on the main site for more info. 2: How do you want to run the Axe FX II? a: Axe into your Recto Head...
  96. Narzugon

    Is it just something different or do cobalt strings sound GREAT?

    I haven't tried the Cobalts but much like you I went in to buy my regular set - D'Addario EXL120's - but they were out. So I tried the NYXL's. Those are the longest lasting string I have ever owned. The thing I don't like about them is what most probably do like. They have a mid range honk about...
  97. Narzugon

    Anyone who likes to grill - SHARE your tips , tools and techniques !

    I went from the cheap charcoal grills in my younger days to gas, to gas with a flat surface as well as grill and finally back to charcoal. For me, a cast iron grill over lump charcoal can't be beat for direct, indirect or smoking. The flavor is so much better. But I'm no grill snob, if someone...
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