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  1. BBN

    How to make a Fender style relic.

    Oh yes, this is what I needed!!
  2. BBN

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    Ok, which product???? QC?
  3. BBN

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 16.04

    Very late to the party, but a couple days ago I downloaded these preset banks and loaded them to my Axe3. WOW they are excellent. Some amps in here I've never been able to dial in, sound amazing in these presets. Plexi 50, Big Hair & Spandex, FAS Lead 1&2.... thanks to all those who...
  4. BBN

    Wish ADA MP-1

    Oh yes, that was my jam back in the day!!
  5. BBN

    AITR Terminology

    Chuck's post isn't about 'can it be done'....it's more about what people mean when talking about amp in the room.
  6. BBN

    AITR Terminology

    I agree Chuck P. - I have always regarded threads about amp in the room as a way to replicate (to the best of our ability) the feel/sound of a guitar cab being in the room with you. The new AITR conversations (in my brain) are more of Amp in 'a' room...and not Amp in 'the' room (that has been...
  7. BBN

    Sweet Child O” Mine - Slash Solo Cover

    Very smooth, great job!
  8. BBN

    Gojira - Magma sound

    Sounds excellent, and I agree with this comment. That bit of mid range spank, and slightly less gain, during the chorus - really makes that part of the song for me.
  9. BBN

    ZenRigs FM3 screen protector

    Do you have a website? When I click on your link for zenrigs.com I get an 'under construction' page....??
  10. BBN

    Wish Mesa boogie V twin pedal

    Same here - I liked the rack version. Would be cool to have this in the Axe (I bet Cliff or Matt replies with a - "it's already in the Axe, use Mesa XYZ with a certain tone stack")
  11. BBN

    La tempesta di sale, Modern Metal Tone

    Cool riffs and tones. Very well done!!
  12. BBN

    5150 build.

    These look excellent!! I have tried quite a bit in the past, and my results always look like garbage (in my opinion). So would love some insight!! Specifically, your paint checking/cracking looks awesome.....as well as the fret board wear.
  13. BBN

    5150 build.

    Outstanding work. Would love to see how you do a Fender style relic (like MJT does)!
  14. BBN

    Axe Fx 3 Rental

    If it's a one time rental - would not do it. Too much risk, for small reward. If it was for a periodic rental, then I'd buy a second Axe3 specifically for rental. I remember letting a guitarist borrow my Axe2 rig....and then watching the show, and the band putting beers on top of my rack...
  15. BBN


    By adjusting the Distance in the 'align' page (while using multiple IRs) ?
  16. BBN

    I just needed to make something.

    @York Audio - i can't see this question anywhere in the thread (unless I'm blind) - but what amp is that. Awesome combination of crunchy and warm with clarity.
  17. BBN

    Getting my cabinet "moving"

    One thing that confuses me is step 3. Why does it say to 'enable the Cab' (I read that is - turn the cab block back on)...but this is supposed to be getting low end through a guitar cabinet (so why would we have a Cab block in the chain)? How do I get that low end thump from my traditional...
  18. BBN

    AliExpress floral neck, scalloped from 12th to 24th fret

    check out my profile pic - i used a mirror guard on my orange parts caster. I love the look of it.
  19. BBN

    OGD - 1980 Strat

    Jealous - I love natural strats
  20. BBN

    NGD: partscaster

    If it came from MJT, then you'll likely love it. I have (at least 4) bodies from them....and 2 necks. They're some of my favorite guitars. (my full MJT tele is my go-to gig guitar...out of my 40+)
  21. BBN

    Anyone else dig the bona fide Marshall amp models more than.....

    I decided to try some 'new' (to me) amp models today. The Cameron 2b/c - holy perfect! These are the Marshall sound I've been looking for!!! I remember @2112 mentioning them at one point as well, and I always had it on my to-do list, to check them out. Damn these are awesome!!
  22. BBN

    Favorite Coffee

    I'm in the same boat...trying to find something that is consistently good, with minimal effort. Looking at the Oxo and Technivorm machines. Not doubting that pour over wouldn't yield better results, but definitely a bit less convenient.
  23. BBN

    Favorite Coffee

    A good coffee can make or break your morning. Cool to read all the suggestions above. My biggest question back to you all - what have you found as the best device to make your coffee?? If someone says Keurig, so help me..... I've tried a few different average brand coffee makers (mr. coffee...
  24. BBN

    Recto Red-1 Goodnesss…

    Excellent tone! Care to share the preset?
  25. BBN

    FS HPR122i x 2 ( Canada)

    These are some great speakers for someone in Canada. IMO these are the best 12" boxes that QSC has made (in the prosumer market).
  26. BBN

    decomposing foam in ATA case

    My 'anywhere' was meant as - you can do the work anywhere in the house (don't need a heavily vented area)
  27. BBN

    decomposing foam in ATA case

    If you get spray goo-gone, it's fine to use almost anywhere. The last case I did was an oversized briefcase style, and I did all the spray and scraping in my home office. Just put it on a piece of cardboard and wear rubber gloves. Have something to drop the chunks of foam in (like a cardboard...
  28. BBN

    decomposing foam in ATA case

    I tried that and it started to also melt the ABS glued to the backside (and made that glue separate as well). Stopped quickly and went back to putty knife and goo gone. Oh, I also tried a palm sander. It got gummed up too fast to be worthwhile.
  29. BBN

    decomposing foam in ATA case

    I've been through this, and have not found a simple/easy way. I'd rip out as much as possible with your hands and a putty knife. Then spray with goo-gone, let it sit for a few....then scrap again with putty knife. Repeat the sequence. I did it multiple days in a row. Took a while, but it will...
  30. BBN

    Douglas guitar "renovation"....

    Renovated? HAHAHA "who would like to buy my experiments from covid boredom?"
  31. BBN

    Wish Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI

    Same here dude - getting back into gigging mode, trying to keep some sanity.
  32. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    Thanks, i've been knee deep in videos, but more importantly (to me), I've read the manual. I want one. Seems like an awesome solution (or at least fun to try).
  33. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    Great, thank you. Going to take a serious look at this today.
  34. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    I did a small amount of youtube watching on the beat buddy, it seemed decent (and similar product to the Boss RC-10R). Does it allow tap tempo (with a pedal) to set a tempo?
  35. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    It's funny how some of those corporate gigs turn into crazy parties. I've had some of those with the band. Starts out awkward....and then the booze kicks in, and people are out of their minds. I agree, you have to be prepared to pivot and adapt to the event. Again, with a band that's easier...
  36. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    Thanks @solo-act, appreciate the time spent replying with your experiences. Pre-covid, I hadn't played an acoustic gig in years. I've been in 'full band' mode for a long long time. It has some 'ease' to it that I never realized until now. The bars/clubs I have been playing are crowded, I bring...
  37. BBN

    Wish Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI

    I've done a tone match of the T21 BDDI and it sounded great. (and it was in an Axe 2) I agree with others above though, I'd rather not have to tone match it...would love to see it just be in the Axe III. Ironically enough (looking at the people posting in this thread) - I purchased my BDDI from...
  38. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    I was also thinking if something similar would work. Shaker/Brush instead if full drum beat. Something to fill space and create a rhythmic pattern. The Boss RC-10R seems like it may be cool for stuff like that. 5-6 patterns that don't take over the song, but add something. Use a tap tempo to...
  39. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    Bars mostly. Lots of acoustic solo/duo work at the moment because not all bars are back to full bands. Seems like people still want to dance though, so trying to find a way to liven it up a bit. This work is just to hold me over until more full band gigs are filling my calendar, so I'm likely...
  40. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    Maybe I'll practice more with creating loops via hitting the body of my guitar. I do remember seeing a solo performer who had 2 pedals, and they triggered a kick and snare on a sampler. He never ever changed his beat and it drove me crazy. Boom Boom Crack...Boom Boom Crack.... I hated it. On...
  41. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    Better or worse than no percussion at all?
  42. BBN

    Acoustic Players Using Drum Loops Live

    What do you use? I've been doing more acoustic shows and miss having some drums behind it. I'm trying to avoid triggering loops in a laptop as I don't want to bring that much gear. I think I could live with 4-5 different patterns if I am able to tap tempo the beat before I start each song. I...
  43. BBN

    Need advice on my new song.. any issues?

    Doesn't look like there is a track?
  44. BBN

    Rituals before you play live?

    I don't think anybody has mentioned 'do-dads' yet. I have a necklace from my daughters that I wear to every gig. My drive to the gig is sacred time for me (for vocal warm ups). I do the same recording every time (20 min). If it's a far drive, I'll do a second one (another 20 min). My...
  45. BBN

    Cygnus Dizzy amps BUG ?

    Holy! What a crushing player!
  46. BBN

    Soldano SLO + YA orange Cab

    Sounds excellent.
  47. BBN

    How do I monitor a microphone plugged into Input 2?

    Because you're not using a preamp. The signal is too weak.
  48. BBN

    A nice list of riffs

    I can't argue with you on the Greta van Fleet comment....I mean, they are an insanely blatant rip off. We've all certainly had our share of - "oh, I have a new riff"...only to realize you had an old song/riff stuck in your subconscious that came out. But that Killing Joke rip off....I mean, the...
  49. BBN

    A nice list of riffs

    I had no idea that Nirvana riff was a rip off of Killing Joke. (don't flame me for calling it a rip off....it is what it is)
  50. BBN

    What´s with the Wizard W800 - is it just a super Marshall? Can we get close with Axefx3?

    I agree that the Wizard is unique and amazing. One of the only real amps I've played that left me really wanting one. Since you built a clone, what can you tell us about the MCII that would help us replicate in Axe? I know you mentioned MC is Jubilee with a different tone stack, is that he...
  51. BBN

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    In the studio, all bets are off. I've blown my voice out just to get the right amount of raspy growl for a song I'm tracking, but I'd play it much safer live. So Cornell certainly could have blown his voice (and mics) in the studio, but you simply can't do that every night on the road. The...
  52. BBN

    AxeFxlll through Allen & Heath Qu16

    Sounds like you're getting the same advice from others, which is - it's likely the PA itself (whether it's a 'main output' eq, or a mid range gap in the speakers themselves). Again, test the Axe through them directly, and if it is the speakers, then your solution is - channel eq on the A&H...
  53. BBN

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    Being physically fit doesn't hurt, but you are controlling air more than pushing it. So not 100% necessary.
  54. BBN

    Wish Hand size Axe?

    Then you're not spending enough time dialing in on good monitors. I haven't spent time learning the UI on the AX8, mainly because I don't need to. Even with Axe Ultra, Axe 2 and Axe III, I have never had to adjust my presets at a gig. If they sound bright through the PA....then that is a result...
  55. BBN

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    My coach describes it a lot like playing guitar - guys like Via are super animated, but from a technique perspective, they're not picking or fretting hard. Emotion doesn't mean force. I will admit that some of my most emotional singing moments, it's really hard to not 'push'....but when you get...
  56. BBN

    Wish Hand size Axe?

    From a hardware savings perspective, what if the FM0 had no editing capability....could that make the unit much smaller (with today's tech)? Meaning, you do all editing on a computer, and upload your preset to your FM0..... Yes, you're stuck with your presets when at a gig....but even in a...
  57. BBN

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

  58. BBN

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    Been singing lead vocals for 20+ years. Some bands, I'm just the singer. My recommendation to anyone (wish I did this earlier) - get a coach. My coach for the past 10+ years has been Mark Baxter. He's absolutely amazing.
  59. BBN

    AxeFxlll through Allen & Heath Qu16

    What are JBL Pro800? Do you mean PRX800 Series? If so, it's likely the 15" box....kills the mid range (where the guitar lives). Best thing to do would be, plug your Axe directly into the top speaker. If it sounds thin....then you have found the problem. Another thing that would be fun for...
  60. BBN

    How do I monitor a microphone plugged into Input 2?

    You will need a small microphone preamp. Something like Behringer Ultragain or ART Tube MP would work. You could probably find one used for ~30 bucks.
  61. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    Certainly. But overall I was fishing in the wrong place :) (that's the value of the forum :) )
  62. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    I'm trying them all now too, and getting better results with a combo of the Sound Hole and the ES2 folders
  63. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    Thanks Ian. Maybe I'm using the wrong IRs....I see you're using the 'soundhole' IRs. I tried the 'piezo' IRs (as my Godin A6 has a piezo system). I thought the instructions with the IRs said to find the folder based on your input source. Maybe I'm reading it wrong.
  64. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    Can you post your preset? I have the Taylor 614 package from Sigma3. My results sound like garbage, and I'm trying to troubleshoot why.
  65. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    Sounds much better than the results I'm getting. I have to be doing somethin wrong. I'll post some clips later. @iaresee - is there anything else in your chain other than the Cab block? (like a 'tube pre' Amp block?)
  66. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    I did some forum searching and found some IRs that somebody shared of a Carvin Cobalt. I tried them for fun and they're MUCH better than the 3sigma ones I just purchased. The phasey sound is very minimal. Overall just sounds more natural. I guess I should just searched harder for free ones...
  67. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    Is that in the 'package' when you buy it? I'm not seeing anything specific in the folders for the Taylor 614 that note the Godin A6? *edit - I checked all the folders...nothing. Went to 3sigma's site....nothing. Did some google searches on 3sigma IRs for Godin A6....nothing. If these...
  68. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    Ok, maybe I'll try that in my AxeIII. I've been using these IRs in my AX8 (as that's my gig rig), which does not have the same IR controls as the Axe III. I may have to tweak them in the AxeIII and export an edited IR. (if the AxeIII exports the edited IR and not the original IR?)
  69. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    So am I the only one that hears a phasey fake sound when using acoustic IRs? I'm using with a piezo (Godin A6 ultra). Tell me what I'm doing wrong. Single chain....just a cab block.
  70. BBN

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    Ok, somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong (or maybe what I'm realizing is I agree with @steadystate here) I purchased the Taylor 614 IRs. Loaded them to my AX8....put one of into a preset with nothing else other than Eq. They sound 'phasey' and/or 'hollow'. Every acoustic IR i've ever tried...
  71. BBN

    Teddy plays the guitar better than me😅

    Man, you're a crazy good and super creative player! (hearing a bit of the 12 foot ninja influence there!)
  72. BBN

    Happy Father's Day fellas!

    I received a #1 dad shirt this year. So all you other dads....sorry, looks like I ranked in at the top. Happy Father's Day fellas.
  73. BBN

    I want to play ,What’s the JVM,What the Fm3

    I'm going with first clip is FM3 because the tone has a bit of V30 nasal. The tones are different, but both very acceptable.
  74. BBN

    Avengers Endgame

    Every Marvel release since End Game (Falcon and WS, now Loki), all I keep hoping is that they find a way to bring Stark back.
  75. BBN

    Drop G and D Standard Metal (My SD3 Death and Darkness Mix)

    This is excellent! Guitar tones are great and the drums are killer. You're a great drummer (and guitar player).
  76. BBN

    AXE FX for the WIN on my new single. =]

    I agree, great song! Lots I like about it. Music, vocals, lyrics, character, moodiness....very very cool.
  77. BBN

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Looking at the unboxing, I believe there must be intention to sell this. Why make 'packaging' that has a picture of the unit on the cover of it, as well as a 'certificate of authenticity' if it was only for you?
  78. BBN

    Only For AXE FX3 .... Guitar Solo

    That is some song and emotion! Beautiful Macro!
  79. BBN

    Gibson "demo" shop?

    Seems to be the exact same thing as their 'factory seconds' from the old days. Nothing wrong with it, if the discount is decent. Trust me, I have my dislike of many new Gibson...but you can also find a good one. Good way to get a guitar at a discount that is going to get bumped anyway (at least...
  80. BBN

    AFIII Presets 707 Audio Masterthread

    Thank Pantera clip is dead on!
  81. BBN

    FRFR cabinet material

  82. BBN

    FRFR cabinet material

    Yes, totally agree. That's the point I was making in regards to components and design are more impactful than the cabinet material. You can get good/bad versions of speakers in either wood or plastic if they are designed properly and high quality components are used. That being said - when you...
  83. BBN

    FRFR cabinet material

    I believe the same physical cabinet structure, plastic vs. wood - yes, they will sound different. Which is better may depend on if the components were tuned to the plastic or wood enclosure. The point I'm getting at is - plastic vs. wood are factors, but you can find great solutions in either...
  84. BBN

    FRFR cabinet material

    They will definitely have sonic differences. But better design and components are more impactful. Here are simple examples: JBL PRX512 - wood box with a 12" speaker RCF ART732 - plastic box with a 12" speaker. Plastic RCF will walk all over the JBL. But.... Yamaha DSR112 - wood box with a 12"...
  85. BBN

    Looking to buy Axe fx3 BUT!!!!!

    Fractal values never plummet. Go look at the value of a use Axe Ultra. I dare you to find another piece of digital gear that holds it's value as well as the Fractal line up.
  86. BBN

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    My Use Case for the Kemper was different (which I think is the biggest point I'm trying to make) - it does one thing very well. It clones an amp I have in front of me. I surfed lots of commercial profiles and found some awesome stuff. But what I really wanted it for, was capturing some amps I...
  87. BBN

    Improvised Solo i recorded over a backing track i found using the Fractal FM3 Dirty Shirley Amp model.

    Great tone and playing! Love that white Strat! What amp model was that?
  88. BBN

    Axe III via Studio Monitor v.s. Tube Combo at the Same Volume

    You're not alone. I have Tone Matched (Axe III) and Profiled (Kemper) my Marshall JMP-1 / 9200 rig, and they're super close.....but I prefer my Marshall rig. I mean they're crazy close in sound...but the feel is just a little different. My Marshall has a sparkle/sizzle/bounce to it, that is not...
  89. BBN

    Ever give up playing?

    Covid had a weird impact on me as well. It was my first break from gigging in almost 30 years. At first, I really liked not being out until 3am (and then kids waking me up at 8am). But I do miss gigging (and am about to start again). I did not find myself playing much guitar while trapped in...
  90. BBN

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the QC when you get it. The effects won't touch Fractal, but curious if the Amp capture process is as good as people are claiming. I mean, the Kemper technology is 10 years old - surely there could/should be improvements by Neural.
  91. BBN

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    A profile is a capture of an amp at it's current settings. Whether or not you like that way that amp was set when it was profiled, is another question and topic. This is why all the commercial profile makers sell profiles of the amp with the knobs in all 'knob configurations'. Profile with...
  92. BBN

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    Again - profiles are made without the guitar in the signal chain. That's how the Kemper works. If you have a profile of Slash's amp and your guitar doesn't sound like Slash's....then yeah, it's not going to sound like his tone. Same exact thing happens if you had his actual amp and your...
  93. BBN

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    I think you mean Tone Match, not profile. Profiling does not include a guitar in the process.
  94. BBN

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    I remember Go Bots.
  95. BBN

    Thanks for not profiling !!

    Have you owned a Kemper? Curious how you feel about the QC vs. Kemper (yes, there are plenty of youtube vids on the topic, but would like to hear from someone who is also a Fractal owner). Off topic question - do you need a DI/Load Box to capture an amp? (like the Kemper) I have the Kemper...
  96. BBN

    ROD: The All Analog Studio Amplifier of the future...

    This. And the clips sound like the Peavy Backstage Plus combo amp I had when I was 12. If that's what you're leading with.....yikes.
  97. BBN

    Show your motorcycles!

    I'm addicted to bikes - and COVID didn't help because I wasn't gigging and needed to focus on some other hobbies. My 2019 Street Glide: 2011 Wide Glide (put new V&H Big Radius pipes on since this pic, and it looks even better now....man I love this paint) 2002 Night Train I bought in...
  98. BBN

    Black Sabbath’s “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” Live

    damn i love that riff....great job as usual Bishop! (putting your singer to the test with those high notes in the verses)
  99. BBN

    Drinking alcohol while creating a preset?

    You mean Vinny taking the bottle of Listerine and filling it with whiskey? :)
  100. BBN

    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    FAS Class A is my go-to for clean tones. I mess with others, and then go back to FAS Class A and think - that was a waste of time, this sounds outstanding. I should explore the high gain amps more, I'm sure they're killer.
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