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  1. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Wow! I was on 1.03 and thought for sure the updates were done. Downloaded 2.0 and loving it. Thanks Cliff from an original wait-lister Axe FX II MK1!!!
  2. BORNintoMUSIC

    Eleanor Rigby & Cliff's "Amp In The Room" Preset

    One of my favorite beatles songs. Your playing is inspiring. I see you have the old Axe II sitting on top. In a few words what would be the best way you could describe the jump?
  3. BORNintoMUSIC

    Saint Benjamin - "Diana" (AxeFX III FX and AxeFX II Guitars)

    Sounds really good! The vocals are a bit dry for my taste and seem to get muffled when the song gets busy. Guitars sound awesome. Just curious - why not reamp through AXFX3?
  4. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    This is most likely the last firmware update the II will see (minus anymore bug fixes). As an Axe FX II Owner from day 1 of its release, I appreciate all of your hard work Cliff and team. Maybe a couple years down the line I'll get the III. Until then thank you so much for making my gigging /...
  5. BORNintoMUSIC

    Canadians playing Separate Ways using the AxeFx III

    Top notch all around. Awesome work! :)
  6. BORNintoMUSIC

    HBE v2, Ownhammer IRs, Skervesen, Dingwall, Superior Drummer 3.. fw9.03

    Sounds awesome. Of course the axe sounds sweet, but Superior Drummer has come quite a ways and sounds fantastic as well!
  7. BORNintoMUSIC

    Second video. Some New Country (Welsh style).

    Love your sound here! Great stuff.
  8. BORNintoMUSIC

    Live (in the studio) recording

    Awesome work!
  9. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 8.02 presets

    Thank you Matt!!!!!!
  10. BORNintoMUSIC

    New Factory Presets - Axe-Fx II XL/XL+

    That would be much appreciated. Thank you :)
  11. BORNintoMUSIC

    New full band prog-rock mix with Q8.02 and the OH Recto PP

    Love the song! The vocals are spot on and really bring the track to life. Also, I was now just introduced to the Slate VMS. Now I need that, ffs, lol. Thanks for sharing!
  12. BORNintoMUSIC

    Been an ear player all my life. What's the best way to start learning guitar?

    Awesome! Yeah thanks everyone for your input. I have been trying to learn online and found it to be a mixed bag. Some of it can be helpful but I think it's more of a reinforcement to learning from an in person lesson. I appreciate it!
  13. BORNintoMUSIC

    Been an ear player all my life. What's the best way to start learning guitar?

    Hey everyone - Like the title says I've been mostly an ear player, though I am familiar with basic Music Theory. I'd like to take my guitar playing to the next level. I'm sure learning the scales, modes, and other types of theory is a good idea, but what's going to be the best way to start down...
  14. BORNintoMUSIC

    Blue Ella Headphones

    I'd also like to know if anyone else here has used the Blue Ella headphones and can compare them to the Blue Mofi.
  15. BORNintoMUSIC

    80's Tokai Goldstar Sound Playing Little Wing w/ AxeFx 2 Q8.01

    This sounds amazing! Great playing as always. What is your youtube gaming channel?
  16. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Firmware Release

    Can someone convert this into a Mark I / II preset? Or how would you do that? Thanks!
  17. BORNintoMUSIC

    What is a VCA master in mixing?

    That makes sense. I'm used to using group tracks and applying FX and other changes as necessary, so it looks like VCA is not going to be a huge help for me. Thanks!
  18. BORNintoMUSIC

    What is a VCA master in mixing?

    As far as I understand it, it's where a group of tracks are sent to one bus, effectively acting as a group channel. Am I way off base here or can someone help me better understand this concept? Also it appears this concept pertains more to pro tools? (I think they developed it?) If it matters...
  19. BORNintoMUSIC

    Jimmy Eat World switched to Fractal

    Glad to see they are touring. They are an awesome band to see live.
  20. BORNintoMUSIC

    Hans Zimmer: Interstellar Main Theme - Guitar Cover

    Agreed on getting those tones out of an Ultra. I never owned one but read it requires a lot more editing than the 2. Regardless, excellent work on this piece.
  21. BORNintoMUSIC

    Looper demo

    Very cool! :)
  22. BORNintoMUSIC

    'Time' Hans Zimmer - Inception - Guitar Cover Axe Fx & Toontrack

    Awesome work dude. Hans Zimmer is my favorite composer.
  23. BORNintoMUSIC

    FAS-FX Reverb demo recording (Large Cathedral)

    This was an absolute pleasure to listen to! Thank you so much for sharing!
  24. BORNintoMUSIC

    Q5.03 Recto riff hugeness playthrough video! (OH 212 ORNG)

    Awesome sound and tone dude! Big fan of Deftones myself and you've really nailed your own tone in that type of atmosphere.
  25. BORNintoMUSIC

    Yngwie Malmsteen early era sound - Quantum 4.0

    Fantastic work my friend!!
  26. BORNintoMUSIC

    One of the great blues man!

    Just want to share this with you all. Such a great piece by a great man!!!
  27. BORNintoMUSIC

    Dear FAS Beta Team

    Awesome work brother!
  28. BORNintoMUSIC

    QUANTUM 1-Octavarium Razor's Edge solo- Mark IIC+ N Cab-Pack 7

    SO awesome!!!! Good job my friend.
  29. BORNintoMUSIC

    Quantum REV1 Mesa IIC+ #MLSOUNDLAB

    Cool riff... your distorted guitar tone sounds very dark. Was this intentional? Digging your sound though!
  30. BORNintoMUSIC

    My official Axe FX II demo video

    Outstanding! This really displays how dedicated you are to the art.
  31. BORNintoMUSIC

    Soul With a Capital S (TOP) - by Wanna Funk

    I have to first bow my head to the woman in the band. Amazing voice. Amazing moves. She's definitely the spotlight! However the guitar and bass work bring it together so nice job gentleman! Just a fantastic song.
  32. BORNintoMUSIC

    Original song - Axe FX II - Deizel VH4 and Peavery 6150!!

    And I wish it didn't end with your solo fading out. SO AWESOME!!!!
  33. BORNintoMUSIC

    Original song - Axe FX II - Deizel VH4 and Peavery 6150!!

    First off excellent guitar work! It's something I look up to. The vocals are fantastic as well! Where it really shines is when she harmonizes with herself. But when she sings alone it sounds hollow. However this is excellent work nonetheless. Awesome job!
  34. BORNintoMUSIC

    New One with AxefxIIXL

    Good freaking lord! Nice job. Well it looks like I'm back to the drawing board.
  35. BORNintoMUSIC

    Hi everyone

    It's an idea I've never thought of! I'm sure it will help. Thank you Rotti.
  36. BORNintoMUSIC

    Hi everyone

    I appreciate everyone's reply. VERY MUCH! Thank you Sleestak. If I can demo something or be of use let me know. I'm ready to be of use before my disease gets worse!
  37. BORNintoMUSIC

    Hi everyone

    I'm presently dealing with an eye condition called Choroideremia. Basically its causing me to go blind. I have about a year left before I lose my vision. My post is not to feel sorry for myself. I want to find a way to be able to program the Axe FX II without vision. Do you guys have any ideas...
  38. BORNintoMUSIC

    Quick Demo "TheAmpFactory" Teaser.

    Seriously! Don't put yourself down. I enjoyed your playing very much!
  39. BORNintoMUSIC

    5FDP - Bad Company Tone / Gear Suggestions

    Duly noted. Of course I'm having a battery problem with the strat emg's. It's located underneath the pick guard and it's been a pain in the ass to put back together lol...
  40. BORNintoMUSIC

    5FDP - Bad Company Tone / Gear Suggestions

    Guitarcenter had the Ernie ball 52's. The skinny top heavy bottom. I primarily will be doing the rhythm while the other guitarist will be doing mostly solos. Hopefully 52s will suffice. Thanks a lot!
  41. BORNintoMUSIC

    5FDP - Bad Company Tone / Gear Suggestions

    Hey thanks Rocco! What gauge strings would you suggest?
  42. BORNintoMUSIC

    5FDP - Bad Company Tone / Gear Suggestions

    I've always played music from the likes of Pink Floyd, Beatles, Coldplay, etc. (I've always enjoyed listening to heavier music though.) So the other day I hear 5FDP covering Bad Company! That has motivated me to start learning about heavier tones in music. Anyways, where would you guys...
  43. BORNintoMUSIC

    Cubase Output through Axe to monitors barely audible..?

    It's been awhile since I've used the axe II as an output and recording device. I've tracked a single mp3 file into cubase, running to my main outs (1 & 2 via axe), to my monitors. If I switch the input mode to USB it reamps the mp3 which I don't want obviously, but setting it to output 1 drops...
  44. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    I love this combo! The HBE SOUNDS MASSIVE!. Thanks Cliff and Fractal Team. This is a great release. :)
  45. BORNintoMUSIC

    Fun With Reverb

    This is unlike any demo of a reverb I've ever heard. Everyone always talks about how this new pedal sounds awesome, but THIS demo I can actually hear a significant difference. Everything sounds so lush but controlled, the second you think it's going to get out of control, it just puts itself...
  46. BORNintoMUSIC

    My band playing at an ancient Roman amphiteatre. Guitar and Bass AxeFx

    BTW Is that the official David Gillmour black strat?
  47. BORNintoMUSIC

    My band playing at an ancient Roman amphiteatre. Guitar and Bass AxeFx

    Fantastic! Top notch pro performance. Awesome job!
  48. BORNintoMUSIC

    Is "Themady" a Bot?

    Being such a gear noob.... WHAT IS IT!?
  49. BORNintoMUSIC

    Need help with this track. FW4 (LOL!)

    Aside from the drums it's all axe fx II. I've been struggling with this track. Everything I do to continue this piece it doesn't feel as epic as I've started. Do you guys have any ideas?
  50. BORNintoMUSIC

    Recommendation for a Cable Snake for my situation?

    Hey everyone, My band is in the works to start recording our second album. The situation I'm in is: I'm renting a house with a decent sized garage. (20ft high) My studio and garage are separated by a brick wall There is a crawl space underneath my studio which runs to my garage (probably...
  51. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe FX II w/ Atomic CLR in Denver?

    Like the post above, I'm interested in purchasing some CLRs. Currently I use two Bose L1 M1's and find them to be amazing since the last few firmwares. I'd like to do a comparison. I'll drive and do the manual labor. (but can host as well) PM me if interested.
  52. BORNintoMUSIC

    How to Use Scenes, Presets and XY Live Stream workshop - anyone interested?

    Me too! I'd definitely be willing to pay 10 bucks! (My vote is Saturday)
  53. BORNintoMUSIC

    My submission for EZDrummer songwriting competition

    Great work man. Mix sounds fantastic! What monitors are you using?
  54. BORNintoMUSIC

    It Never Fails

    Thanks Stratoblaster. This makes me think of a passive eq as a compressor compared to an active eq?
  55. BORNintoMUSIC

    Updating to firmware 15 is very hard...

    It's videos like this that inspire and demoralize at the same time. Fantastic playing man!
  56. BORNintoMUSIC

    Beautiful Apocalypse with Axe Fx II

    Great stuff! Who played the keys? That added a lot of atmosphere.
  57. BORNintoMUSIC

    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    This is exciting! I'd love to see a bit on IR's that will sound good live and in the studio. Which IR's you use with which amp, how mixing certain IR's together compliment each other, etc. Thanks in advance!
  58. BORNintoMUSIC

    New Axe-Fx II Driver for Windows (Public Beta)

    I understand what your saying here. How would this look like through a DAW? My current understanding still tells me that Cubase can only select one audio device at a time. Or is there another way?
  59. BORNintoMUSIC

    Coming Soon

    You don't model. You create new ideas.
  60. BORNintoMUSIC

    Clark Kent - Zorly (FREE TEH IR's)

    Great stuff as usual Clark!
  61. BORNintoMUSIC

    New Band Dreamjack, first recording (using axefx ultra w real poweramp and Zinky Cab)

    I really dig this! The ultra sounds fantastic! :)
  62. BORNintoMUSIC

    Slow moody groove, the next evolution. V14/CABLAB'd/UltraRes/Skervesen

    Great stuff!! Your heavy sound is top notch really clear but with tons of bite! That clean sound is really cool! Would you mind posting both patches? Thanks!
  63. BORNintoMUSIC

    Fun with the Vocoder. Patch included.

    Curious. Your first post is vulgar and this pierce is beautiful. Why?
  64. BORNintoMUSIC

    lady gaga-applause(metal)

    Cool shit dude!
  65. BORNintoMUSIC

    Quick and heavy...Teh Brootalz

    Reminds me of the intro song to the movie Resident Evil 1
  66. BORNintoMUSIC

    Taylor Mini EQ+COMP+ToneMach (NEUMANN U48+K&K)

    Sounds fantastic man! Great acoustic tone and playing! :)
  67. BORNintoMUSIC

    Good FW14 Cleans

    Sounds great to me!
  68. BORNintoMUSIC

    Marz - Secret Garden (Live Performance Video)

    This music is right up my alley man. If you guys are ever in central Colorado shoot me a PM. I'll definitely attend.
  69. BORNintoMUSIC

    Main Outputs not feeding sound to audio interface....

    Sounds good. Thanks for your help Chris!
  70. BORNintoMUSIC

    Main Outputs not feeding sound to audio interface....

    Thanks Chris. My volume knob is turned up about 40% of the way. Even if I turn it all the way up, I still cann't hear anything out of my 1/4" out 1 outputs. As soon as I use the XLR Out 1 outputs sound comes through no problem.
  71. BORNintoMUSIC

    Main Outputs not feeding sound to audio interface....

    Ok so unbalanced outputs direct to monitors.... no signal. New information: XLR out from Axe to audio interface and I can hear sound. Why won't the unbalanced outputs give me sound? I am using mogami cables.
  72. BORNintoMUSIC

    Main Outputs not feeding sound to audio interface....

    Hey Cliff, thanks for the reply. Yes, I can hear it with head phones. However, when I plug my guitar directly into my interface there's no sound.
  73. BORNintoMUSIC

    Main Outputs not feeding sound to audio interface....

    Hey guys, I was playing the axe last night no problems with the following setup. Here's the chain: Axe FX (Balanced or Unbalanced) -> Steinberg MR816 (Audio interface) -> Focal 6be Solo Monitors. The Steinberg's signal lights are not picking up anything. I rerouted the outputs to my smaller...
  74. BORNintoMUSIC

    Enchancer - Couple of questions about it

    Does it sound like a true double track?
  75. BORNintoMUSIC

    Enchancer - Couple of questions about it

    How is that achieved?
  76. BORNintoMUSIC

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    So from the youtube comments I read, he was apparently kicked out of the band?
  77. BORNintoMUSIC

    Best Hearing Protection for the buck / fidelity bang.

    Anyone know some good, decently priced hearing protection that reserves the fidelity of sound? Thanks, Brandon
  78. BORNintoMUSIC

    FW 13 - Hiwatt Clean(ish) with OH UltraRes 4x12 Fane IR

    Ear freaking Candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  79. BORNintoMUSIC

    UltraRes vs NormalRes

    The first half is standard the second half is Ultra. There is less bass in the second, but the high's seem to have more depth.
  80. BORNintoMUSIC

    Marz - Secret Garden (Live Performance Video)

    Wow! Sounds fantastic man. Great work. This is a Live performance?? Sounds like a studio recording!
  81. BORNintoMUSIC

    Chef's Narrow Way Part III

    Wow! That was fantastic. Great work! :)
  82. BORNintoMUSIC

    For You Metal Guys

    Dude, your signature proves Cliff's point. This sounds excellent!
  83. BORNintoMUSIC

    For You Metal Guys

    Anyone who said the POD was better in this thread, has just been shutdown by the clip Cliff posted!!! http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-recordings/44006-reamp-song-killswitch-engage-dis.html
  84. BORNintoMUSIC

    With the annoucment of the Axe-FX LX....

    What do the faslink adapters do for you?
  85. BORNintoMUSIC

    New Funk

    Good stuff. Always have enjoyed your mixes. They sound great!
  86. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe-Fx II XL

    That would suck, lol.
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