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  1. bdrepko

    High and low cut option in the AMP block

    Ever since I have been using Fractal product (Axe FXII, AX8, AXE3, and FM3) I have always used the hi cut and low cut filters in the cab block. I typically use a low cut around 80Hz and a hi cut of around 7300 Hz. I have found this does a good job of getting rid of boom and fizz in the sound...
  2. bdrepko

    Fixed FM3 bug - Freeze with Footswitch Tuner Mode

    I was playing a gig yesterday and ran into a problem with the FM3 becoming unresponsive. I believe it was caused by placing it in tuner mode and leaving it there for a a little while (~30 minutes). When I got back and took it out of tuner mode it would still make sound but not respond to scene...
  3. bdrepko

    Midi Baby with EV2 expression pedal

    I am trying to use the EV2 expression pedal connected to the Disaster Area MIDI baby as a controller for a volume/pan block for my FM3. Can someone point me to any tutorials on how to set this up. I believe I have the Midi Baby configured, I just need to know how to set up in the FM3. I...
  4. bdrepko

    Output mode

    Can we get the output mode to be a global selection. I use my AXE3 sometimes to FOH (FRFR mode) or through a power amp and cab (SS Pwr amp & Cab). I currently have to have to maintain presets for both. A global setting, similar to power amp modeling, would make it much easier.
  5. bdrepko

    Feedback on Wah block

    I am having a problem when I engage the wah block on my preset I get strong feedback even at very low volumes. I imported this preset from my AXE3 which does not exhibit this same behavior. I have included the preset. Scene 7 engages the wah.
  6. bdrepko

    USB jack problem

    My USB jack broke yesterday. I plugged in like I always do and it wasnt connecting to the computer. I just touched the plug and it connected. When I was going to unplug I noticed that the plug was moving around in the socket a lot more than it should. I unplugged and noticed that something...
  7. bdrepko

    How is everyone mounting the FM3 onto their pedalboards?

    Curious how people are securing the FM3.
  8. bdrepko

    PLEX V2 amp preset pack

    Has anyone tried this yet? https://www.silentundergroundstudio.com/product-page/plexi-v2-amp-pack-axe-fx-3
  9. bdrepko

    Metallica 'Master of Puppets' on Howard Stern

    If you look closely you can see the green screens of the Fractals. Not sure if they are using the Axe FX2 or Axe FX3. But it actually sounds pretty good. Guitars are up front and have a lot of power.
  10. bdrepko

    FC6 question

    I have my FC6 set up as 6 scene selects with toggles on all buttons and hold function on SW4(top left). All the button act as change on press with the exception of SW3(bottom right). How can I change this behavior? I want it to change on press not release. Below is how the FC6 is currently...
  11. bdrepko

    Tone of Kings

    I was playing around with the Tone of Kings drive yesterday and noticed that I had to set the drive and the level much higher than most other drive blocks to get the same level of gain. It does sound good but I had to set the drive to about 2 o'clock and the level to about the same. The ts808...
  12. bdrepko

    That was hard. Not.

    I just got the FC6 today. I plugged in the FASLINK (XLR) cable, started AXE-EDIT, programmed 6 scene selects with toggles to scene 8 for leads, and set up the tuner in less than 5 minutes. Amazingly straight forward. Now I just need to update the firmware. Good job FAS for making this easy...
  13. bdrepko

    Paul Gilbert Cover - "Blues for Rabbit"

    Cover of the new song from Paul Gilbert. Notice the AXE3 on the table behind.
  14. bdrepko

    Using Amp Boost instead of Drive block

    Ever since I have owned and used modelers I have always used an overdrive before the amp for dirty to heavy sounds. I had previously tried just using amplifier gain to get my sound and was never happy with the results. It always seemed like the drive blocks would tame the lows and pump the...
  15. bdrepko

    Tuner wierdness

    I was playing a show yesterday. I have a RJM MM LT foot controller with 2 MIDI cables connected to the AXE3. I was trying to tune my guitar and noticed on the AXE3 itself that my g string was showing 'F' while the LT was showing 'G'. It was clearly in tune as I checked it against the fifth...
  16. bdrepko

    Question about meters

    I have the following preset. When I go to the layout screen and then page to the levels screen I see both right and left bars responding to sound with the exception of the return block. In this block I only see the bottom bar active. I checked the balance in the return block and it is at...
  17. bdrepko

    Shaping a clean tone

    Last night I was giging and was noticing my clean sound was a little on the thin sounding side. I am currently using the Double Verb Normal model. I am pushing the gain so that there is a little bit of breakup which helps some. I am also cranking up the mids. But it just doesnt hold up well...
  18. bdrepko

    Having problems with FW1.12

    Here is what is going on. I am upgrading from FW1.10. I have the USB FW1.06. I installed FW1.12 using fractalbot. When I power on the AXE3 I get the following screen. I cannot get any sound with this preset If I increment the preset using the right arrow button and then go back I now get...
  19. bdrepko

    [FIXED] Bug? Possible issue with auto-engage on wah

    I have set up a wah to auto-engage when the pedal is fully in the toe position. I leave it like this after I am done using it. Now when I switch from my rhythm patch to the lead patch, which uses the wah, I get a glitch kind of sound for a moment. It sounds like the wah is temporarily turning...
  20. bdrepko

    MIDI controller problem

    I am using a Decibel 11 switch doctor. I had it working correctly with the previous USB 1.01 and FW 1.06. I am using mapping where I map PC0 to preset0 scene0. PC1 is mapped to preset0 scene1. etc. This worked flawlessly until I updated the USB and FW to 1.06 and 1.08 respectively. Now all...
  21. bdrepko

    Is anyone else having a problem with scene copy

    I am following the steps in the manual to copy scene 1 to scene 5. When complete scene5 is still blank. It does not appear to work correctly or the manual is wrong. I am on Firmware 1.05
  22. bdrepko

    Toggle between Rhythm and Lead

    On my AX8 there was a function where I could assign an external pedal to toggle between scene1 and scene8 using a single button. Is there an equivalent for selecting scenes in AF3?
  23. bdrepko

    What is feedback send and return?

    What is the SND (feedback send) and RTN (feedback return) blocks listed in the manual? I was not able to find any info the manual about them.
  24. bdrepko

    So long AX8 (old friend)

    Hello Axe FX3!!! Signed up 18 minutes after the list went online.
  25. bdrepko

    Q9.0 is out. Now for the wait on AX8.

    Title pretty much says it all.
  26. bdrepko

    Wish Press on already active preset/scene causes control event

    If one of the footswitch buttons is active and pressed again it would issue a control event that we could use. My application would be to use this to turn on a filter and delay for a lead boost. This is different from scene 1/2 toggle and scene 1/8 toggle because it would allow the user to...
  27. bdrepko

    Can we AX8 users get some Q7B2 love

  28. bdrepko

    Q5.0 firmware released for Axe FX2!

    Hopefully AX8 will follow shortly.
  29. bdrepko


    Is this guy munchstellar143 trying to spam the fractal site?
  30. bdrepko

    Has anyone used a USB filter for recording

    I am having a problem with poor sound quality recording on my Windows 7 computer. The sound in the monitors is great when recording. But when I playback the sound is realty distorted like my signal is clipping badly. I am looking at the meters and am well below clip levels. I have read about...
  31. bdrepko

    Fixed External footswitch will not work with FW3.52

    I use an external footswitch for scene select (alt between scene1 and scene8). This works in FW3.51 but does not in FW3.52.
  32. bdrepko

    Wish Scene toggling

    I really like the assignable toggle scene 1/2 feature. It is great for changing between a rhythm and lead scene. The restriction is that the rhythm scene is fixed at 1 and the lead scene is fixed at 2. It would be great if we could get a toggle between the current scene that we are on and a...
  33. bdrepko

    AX8 Edit and Cab Lab

    When I had my AXE FX2 MK2 I could have both the AXE EDIT and Cab lab connected to the AXE FX2 at the same time. I am not able to do this with the AX8. Is this the intended behavior? It makes it very difficult to audition cabs. Any advice?
  34. bdrepko

    Good News/Bad News

    Bad new is I sold my beloved AXE FX2 to a friend of mine. Good news is that I got an AX8 a few weeks back so I can still enjoy the world class modeling and effects. Life is good.
  35. bdrepko

    Possible NAV control issue

    I am new to AX8 so I am not sure how this really works but. If you go to an edit screen say for the amp. I would assume that the NAV rotary should cycle through all of the various parameters. That is not what I am seeing. It will scroll once to a new parameter and then then start to...
  36. bdrepko

    Output 2 level

    I was trying to configure an FS-7 to bypass some blocks and inadvertantly lowered the level on output 2. I am not able to find the option to raise it back. I cant find anything in the manual. Any ideas on how to do this?
  37. bdrepko

    MFC plug question on a Mark II

    I was setting up for a show last night. I plugged everything in and turn on my Axe FX2 and it wouldn't turn on. I checked power and it was getting power. I got to looking at my connections and somehow I had plugged my USB cable into the MFC jack on the back. It was very dark. This makes me...
  38. bdrepko

    Level Modifier Question

    I am trying to set the min and max values in the amp level modifier window. When I select extern1 as the controller these fields become active. The problem I have is that I cannot enter a value in the window for the min and max fields. I get the following message "Min and max cannot be edited...
  39. bdrepko

    Are there any good rack tuners out there?

    I am having a hard time trying to find a quality rack tuner that is durable and accurate. I have looked at reviews for many and it seems there are a lot of complaints about accuracy on the Rocktron Versatune. I have also looked at the Korg Pitchblack Rack tuner and it seems ok. But when I...
  40. bdrepko

    A little disappointed in Matrix Amplification

    I purchased a Matrix GT800FX last week from the US website. I noticed yesterday that I still had not received any shipping info. So I sent an email to support. This morning I get a reply saying that they are out of stock and I will have to wait until they are in stock for it to ship. OK, so...
  41. bdrepko

    IR question

    So I purchased Cab Pack 14. Since each IR is associated with particular microphone do I set the mic to none/null when I use these?
  42. bdrepko

    Cab Pack 14 or Cab Pack 8

    I am contemplating purchasing one of the Cab Packs and was looking at either 14 or 8. My style is classic to heavy rock. The sound I am going for is similar to Steve Stevens Friedman SS100. Any suggestions?
  43. bdrepko

    Does anyone else find they have a new favorite amp in different firmware releases

    For a long time my favorite model was the 5153-red. After FW17 it became the 5153-blue. Now my favorite is the Friedman BE. I do still like the others, I just get the best sound out of whatever is my current favorite. I have definitely noticed that all of the amps just getting better on...
  44. bdrepko

    Original song recorded with FW17

  45. bdrepko

    Intelligent noise gate question

    I tried switching from the classic to intelligent noise gate last night. When I use the classic noise gate the hiss is cut off shortly after the note dies off. When I switched to the intelligent noise gate it seems the hiss continued for a longer time after the note dies off. Has anyone else...
  46. bdrepko

    Anyone using Alto TRUESONIC TS115A speakers with AE2?

    I picked up one at Guitar Center for $275. Not sure how it compares to Atomic CLR or others but is way better than the 5" Tannoy studio monitors I was using previously.
  47. bdrepko

    a question for Cooper Carter

    Cooper, I was watching your video on factory presets. I have notice that my preset patches dont sound good. Way too much bass and sounds muddy. I compared the USA lead to yours and it doesnt even sound close. Could there be something wrong with my Axe. I am including a sample of what my...
  48. bdrepko

    pedal jack question

    There are songs that I play that require really short lead sections. This makes it very difficult for me to switch between two buttons in a live setting. My question is this. Is there a single non-powered switch I can connect to the pedal jack to boost the volume and add delay? This would be...
  49. bdrepko

    Latency in scene change

    OK. I had a show last night. This was the first one using the AE2. This is what I noticed. When changing scenes there was a very noticeable drop in volume. I am using the Behringer FCB1010 foot controller so it is possible that it could be the problem. Any ideas?
  50. bdrepko

    studio monitors vs FRFR

    I have a question. My main patch is a 5153-blue amp and the F038 1960A IR. I have tweaked it to where it sounds good in my Tannoy Reveal 501a studio monitors. When I connect to the board for shows and run through our PA it sounds extremely bass heavy. I made sure that my eq on my channel...
  51. bdrepko

    Axe FX 2 microphones

    A lot of emphasis is put on selecting the speakers when dealing with IR's. Microphone selection makes a huge difference in the sound you get.. Which microphones do you tend to use for your IR's?
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