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  1. trancegodz

    Suhr Reactive Load IR | Live Demo w/Dave Weiner

    Are any of you guys using a Suhr Reactive Load / IR? If so what do you think of it?
  2. trancegodz

    Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

    How many of you guys are using the Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander, and how do you like it, or recommend something else? In particular how well does it work as an attenuator? Can you use it for IR capture like you can the x-load, and if so how well does it work for this? Are any of you using an...
  3. trancegodz

    Picking Sensitivity

    I’d like to be able to set the Axe FXIII so it does not breakup as much as it does when I pick harder. Are there any advanced parameters that control the picking sensitivity when it comes to this? I usually use vintage Stratocasters or a Les Paul with stock pickups, and in general I pick pretty...
  4. trancegodz


    I just tried reamping for the first time with the Axe FXIII and Digital Performer 11. It worked great and was pretty easy to do following the instructions in the current manual. I have a question for you guys who use this all the time. If you record a song and change scenes in the Axe FXIII...
  5. trancegodz

    What drive pedal do you prefer in front of a Marshall in the Axe FXIII?

    Marshalls have been used by most of the legends of rock. Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton in the Bluesbreakers and Cream, Led Zeppelin, Richie Blackmore, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and many others too numerous to mention. Most guitarists using old Marshalls used some sort of...
  6. trancegodz

    Implemented Jump the Bright and Normal channels of the 59 Bassman

    I'm still wishing for the ability to jump the bright and normal channels of the 59 Bassman like I do on my real ones. My real 59 Bassmans sound great on the Normal channel, and sound great on the Bright channel, but these channels sound quite different from each other. Jumping both channels is...
  7. trancegodz

    Wish Magnatone Super 59 M80

    This amp would be a great addition to the Axe FXIII.
  8. trancegodz

    What is an inexpensive power amp to use just for making irs?

    All I want is something that I can make decent Ir's with. What is the least expensive power amp that would work for that? I tried using the mic + DI method using the line out of a THD Hotplate with my Marshall plexi and it sounded terrible. Totally unusable. So I am looking to buy a slide state...
  9. trancegodz

    Klon Centaur

    I have never tried one or heard one before, but I just watched these two videos that gave me a real good idea of what they do. One is a direct comparison between the gold and silver versions, and the other is a comparison between the silver version and the Soul Food pedal. Pretty good comparison...
  10. trancegodz

    Need some help with IR Capture

    Will a THD Hotplate line out work with a Marshall Plexi (with no fx loop) for the mic+DI method, or do I need to buy a DI box. If I need a DI box, what kind of DI box do you suggest? I tried both methods and I can't get the mic method or mic + DI method to work right. The ir captures are way...
  11. trancegodz

    Dweezil Zappa and Reward Music

    I just saw this from Dweezil Zappa about Reward Music. https://www.rewardmusic.com/?mc_cid=a3db3c0061&mc_eid=368e95d6bf Dweezil Zappa has been working hard to address the difficulties musicians have faced both before and during Covid-19. “The global pandemic has turned the touring industry...
  12. trancegodz

    Axe FXIII with Mesa Boogie 50/50 and 2x12 stereo Mesa Boogie Cab

    I used to use a Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp with a Mesa Boogie 50/50 stereo power amp and a stereo 2x12 Mesa Boogie cabinet. I pulled it out tonight and tried it and it still sounded good. I then decided to try the Axe FXIII with the 50/50 power amp and stereo 2x12 Mesa cab for the first time...
  13. trancegodz

    Beyerdynamic DT770, DT880, DT990 Headphones with the Axe FXIII

    I’ve read here on the forum some good reviews on Beyerdynamic headphones. I just bought three pairs of Beyerdynamic headphones to test out with my Axe FXIII. They should be here tomorrow. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, 250 ohm, closed back Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro, 250 ohm, half open back Beyerdynamic...
  14. trancegodz

    Wish: I wish that the LED was dimmed when a channel was off and bright when it was on.

    I just posted this wish in the Axe FXIII wish section: I wish that the LED was dimmed when a channel was off and bright when it was on. Right now if you have a channel (of say a drive block) assigned to a foot switch on the FC-12 the LED around the footswitch is not lit at all until you step...
  15. trancegodz

    FC-12: I wish that the LED was dimmed when a channel was off and bright when it was on.

    I wish that the LED was dimmed when a channel was off and bright when it was on. Right now if you have a channel (of say a drive block) assigned to a foot switch on the FC-12 the LED around the footswitch is not lit at all until you step on the footswitch. It’s hard to see where the foot...
  16. trancegodz

    First preset gets deleted when switching to it from another preset

    Two nights in a row when switching from another preset with the FC-12 to the first preset in the Axe FXIII (001) with the footswitch on the lower left of the FC-12, the preset just deleted itself. I recreated another preset for preset #001 and saved it last night and it worked fine the rest of...
  17. trancegodz

    Do you need different sets of presets for studio and live work?

    I used to think that if I dialed in a preset on my “flat” studio monitors, or “flat” headphones, that sounded great on recordings, that it would sound great on my “flat” FRFR Powered PA speakers. It seems this is not always the case. In the last few months I created a lot of new presets that...
  18. trancegodz

    Playing iTunes and your guitar through the Axe-Fx III at the same time

    I have the Axe FXIII hooked up by usb to an iMac 10.13.3. I have two powered PA speakers hooked up to the Axe FXIII L+R balanced output #1. Everything is set for 48k. The Axe FXIII usb is set for audio input and audio output in system preferences. I was trying to listen to iTunes while playing...
  19. trancegodz

    Using Control Switches with the FC-12

    I need some help with the control switches set up on the FC-12. I set up: CS1 to Input Trim CS2 to Input Boost CS3 to Cut CS4 to Fat CS5 to Saturation They all work fine for turning on or off these functions, but now I can’t save any of the on/off states for these functions in the different...
  20. trancegodz

    Input Impedance

    I read about input impedance in the Wiki and have been experimenting with the various options. https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Input_impedance The default for the Input Impedance block is “Auto” for the Axe FXIII. It is fixed at 1 Megaohm on the FM3. Do you guys prefer it...
  21. trancegodz

    Adrian Belew's "Impossible Pedal"

    Adrian Belew uses a Harmony Man pedal or his Impossible pedal. Here are some videos of him on his Impossible pedal. How would you do this with the Axe FXIII?
  22. trancegodz

    Jimi Hendrix's Marshalls

    Jimi had his Marshall JTM45/100 amps modified by changing the tone stack to a 33k/500pf resistor and capacitor. He changed the 56k resistor to a 33k resistor, and changed the 250pf capacitor to a 500pf capacitor. He also preferred KT66 tubes, but had 6550 tubes installed in some of his...
  23. trancegodz

    Tone Caps, Bright Caps, Input Impedance

    Some interesting info on tone caps, bright caps, and input impedance and how it affects your sound.
  24. trancegodz

    Thomas Nordegg

    I'm really enjoying watching Thomas Nordegg videos on YouTube. What a genius! Thomas Nordegg -Steve Vai's Guitar Tech- on His Super Les Paul & Sonica System Part 1 Thomas Nordegg - Ibanez Steve Vai EVO Replica- With Antaris Autotune Demo & Sonica Part 2 Thomas Nordegg On Steve Vai, Frank...
  25. trancegodz

    Easter Traditions

    Her's a very interesting video from Rick Steves on different Easter Traditions. Go to 8:25 min into this video to see what they do on Easter in Slovenia where my wife is from. You won't believe it.
  26. trancegodz

    Steve Vai Q&A's

    Steve Vai Presents "Alien Guitar Secrets Live - Episode 1: Being The Best You”
  27. trancegodz

    Using an amp block as a drive pedal

    I was experimenting with using an amp block as a drive pedal into a real amp. In this case a clean 1959 Bassman. The only thing in the preset so far is the input and output blocks and an amp block. Nothing else. Scene one had the amp block on (using it as a drive pedal) into a real 59 Bassman...
  28. trancegodz

    Freq Out pedal

    Is this effect something that can be re-produced with the Axe FXIII?
  29. trancegodz

    Commercial preset packs, factory presets, and user presets

    For those of you selling commercial preset packs, what guitar and pickup combination did you dial in the presets with? On this subject, I always wondered what guitar and pickup combination was used to create the Axe FXIII factory pickups. Presets dialed in on one guitar and pickup choice will...
  30. trancegodz

    Wish Four Voice Synth block

    I'd like a four voice synth block so we'd be able to do 4 note chords with one block, (Major and minor sevenths, sevenths, etc.) Im using the synth blocks to create drone chords for each key. I used one synth block's channels A, B, C, D for chords I-IV, and the second synth blocks channels A...
  31. trancegodz

    Implemented Boss DS-1

    I'd love to have a Boss DS-1 in the Axe FXIII. Steve Vai and Joe Satriani both used them. Fripp used one in King Crimson in the 80's.
  32. trancegodz

    Implemented 59 Bassman Jumped

    My real 50 Bassman has four inputs. Two normal and two bright. In real life I always jump the two channels. The 59 Bassguy in the Axe FXIII only has one channel represented. You can't jump channels. So that is my wish. Update the 59 Bassman so we can jump the channels like in real life. Also...
  33. trancegodz

    4 second delay on FC-12 for lights to switch

    There is a 4 second delay from the time I switch from one preset to another on the FC-12 for the led on the FC-12 to change to the new switch I stepped on. About half the time both lights stay on (the preset I was on, and the new one I stepped on) for 4 seconds then the old light goes off. The...
  34. trancegodz

    How do you make single strings sound thicker on clean sounds?

    I think the Axe FXIII is the best sounding it has ever been, and I am not trying to bash it. There is still one missing link though that I have been unable to dial in so far. I recently broke out my real 66 Super Reverb, Vox AC 30, and Hiwatt 100 and compared them with the presets I'd made for...
  35. trancegodz

    Vaideology: Basic Music Theory for Guitar Players

    Steve Vai has a new book out on music theory. Looks good.
  36. trancegodz

    Master template and using parallel effects

    A while back I created a Master Template with everything I would normally use. I use it as a starting point when I create a new preset and usually just change the amp and cab, and if needed maybe the settings on a few of the effects. It makes it much faster when creating new presets. How many...
  37. trancegodz

    Setting up switches on FC-12

    I have everything working on the FC-12 and three expression pedals working fine, but I can not figure out how to set up the other 4 switches on the back of the FC-12. How do you set up a switch on the back of the FC-12? Specifically, in the Axe FXIII, how would you set up switch #1 on the...
  38. trancegodz

    Steve Vai Interview at Winter NAMM 2019

  39. trancegodz

    FC Channels Layout

    I tried the channels layout page tonight and found once you select one of the four Drive buttons you can not turn off the effect nor will the light won't go off by pressing the same button a second time. I am using the factory settings on the FC-12. Is this the way the channels layout is...
  40. trancegodz

    Phil Keaggy

    Phil Keaggy is such a great singer, writer, and guitarist. Amazing Christian musician. http://www.philkeaggy.com
  41. trancegodz

    Implemented 1/2 speed function for Looper

    Please add the Half Speed function to the Looper that's on all the other Fractal Audio products.
  42. trancegodz

    Re-naming Ownhammer cabs

    I loaded Cab pack 3 with the Ownhammer cabs into my Axe FX and noticed that the ends of the names of the cabs are all cut off. The names are too long because they all start with Ownhammer spelled out fully for example: OwnHammer_412_MAR-CB_417-H_SS_Live-Modern_XL.syx So I decided to change it...
  43. trancegodz

    Loading User Cabs in Axe FXIII

    Today I loaded up 141 user cabs with the Mini Utility. When I turn the Axe FXIII on there is a quick white flash of the screen then it loads up which takes about 5 seconds or so. Very quick. I then hit layout, then zoom, then scroll over to cab, then hit edit, then scroll down to the # beside...
  44. trancegodz

    User cab formats

    I noticed in FracTool that you have the choices to convert the CAB format to any of the following: Raw, FX8 mk2, AX8, AxeFX II XL+, Axe FX II XL, Axe FX II, Axe FXIII. Do all of these different Fractal Audio products require different cab formats? I bought a lot of Cab Packs and they mostly...
  45. trancegodz

    Axe FXIII Mini Utility problems

    I used the Axe FXIII Mini Utility for the first time with the Axe FXIII tonight. It seemed like it worked right and it loaded the 100 cabs I'd chosen into my User 1 cab area. I selected cab, then hit edit, then selected User 1 and hi-lighted Number, then hit enter. All the cabs showed up. I...
  46. trancegodz

    Amp Dynamics

    I want to be able to get a very clean sound even if I pick fairly hard. What parameters for the amp block control this, and how would you suggest setting them so a clean sound doesn't distort when you pick hard? It looks like these features below found in the Dynamics section of the amp block...
  47. trancegodz

    Getting Audio through USB to iMac

    I am on Axe FXIII Firmware 1.08 and can't get any sound through USB. The Axe FXIII is showing up in my system preferences and I've selected Axe FXIII for both input and output, but still nothing. I looked at the manual but can't figure it out. Need some help. I used the usb of the Axe FXIII to...
  48. trancegodz

    Noise gate block, and input noise gate

    What are you doing to eliminate (or tame down) the noise from Drive blocks, and from hi-gain amps in the Axe FXIII? What have you found to be the best settings for the input noise gate, that won't affect your sustain negatively? If you use a noise gate block, what have you found to be the...
  49. trancegodz

    Implemented Looper

    I wish the half speed function that we had in the Axe FXII be added to the Axe FXIII. I also wish there was a way to easily erase all the sound in the looper block. Maybe hold the record button for 2 seconds to completely clear the audio out of the looper. +1 for the half speed function and a...
  50. trancegodz

    Using the Looper across different presets

    How do you get the looper to keep playing across any preset you switch to? I re-created some of my main presets all with a looper block in each preset, and tried using the looper while changing presets. The looper stops when I change to another preset that also has a looper block. Update: I...
  51. trancegodz

    [Not bugs] Bug: Multiplexer 1 and Plex Delay 1

    I was trying out the different effects blocks in a preset and when I selected the Multiplexer 1 and hit enter there was no sound at all with the effect on. I tried it several times with the same result. Changing the volume in the block made no difference at all. Seems to be a problem with Plex...
  52. trancegodz

    Using Cab Packs with Axe FXIII

    I've bought quite a few of the Cab Packs from Fractal Audio and several of Ownhammer's packs. The Cab Packs from Fractal Audio only have SysEXII and SysEXIIXL, and IRs. Can these be used with Axe FXIII without having to convert them? Will we be able to load Ownhammer wav files directly into...
  53. trancegodz

    2 way communication

    I would like to understand more about the lack of 2 way communication issue between the Axe FXIII and MFC-101. Could someone explain it to me? Is it because of something missing in the MFC-101 or because of something changed or missing in the Axe FXIII? Is this something that can be fixed in...
  54. trancegodz

    Axe-Fx III and MFC-101 Review

    I've had the Axe FXIII for three days now. I have an MFC-101 and one of Roadrunner's 4 switch external pedals he made to go with the MFC-101, and three Roland EV-5 pedals, all in a nice road case. I was worried about not being able to use the MFC-101 in the way I am used to. I shouldn't have...
  55. trancegodz

    Looper in the Axe FXIII

    I thought I'd read that in the Axe FXIII that you didn't have to add a Looper block for the Looper to work, and that it would be automatically available in all presets. I tried it today and nothing worked. Was that something they were thinking about and decided not to do? I had to add a Looper...
  56. trancegodz

    Implemented "Looper Half" missing in Axe FXIII

    I just got my Axe FXIII today and was setting up the cc numbers and found that "Looper Half" has been removed. Would it be possible to add that back in a new firmware update? I like being able to go to half speed or double speed.
  57. trancegodz

    Preset Names

    I made a text file of all my preset names in Axe Edit and saved it to my commuter. How do I get these names to show up as the preset names in MFC-Edit? I tried the "Import Axe FX Presets" and selected the text file I’d made with Axe Edit and imported it into MFC-Edit. The name of the file...
  58. trancegodz

    Invalid File Type Message

    I need help learning to use MFC-Edit. I can’t get it to work. I did an MFC-101 backup using Fractal Bot. Output file size recorded in Fractal Bot was 71400. When I tried to open the syx backup in MFC-Edit I got this message: Invalid File Type: "The File you are trying to open is not from...
  59. trancegodz

    User assignable cc#s

    It seems that the CC#s are user assignable for all the effects in the Axe FXIII. Is this per preset or globally? I would hate to have to set up CC#s for 512 presets. If I have to choose which cc#s I want for all the effects I will use, I only want to have to do it once. Looking at the CC#s...
  60. trancegodz

    Cab Pack compatibility with Axe FXIII?

    I know the Axe FXIII will have more cabs than most of us will ever need, but for those of us who have bought most of the Fractal Cab Packs, I noticed they only have SysEX II and SysEx II_XL cabs. Will we be able to use these in the Axe FXIII or will there be a new SysEX_III for cabs in the Axe...
  61. trancegodz

    MFC-Edit with OS High Sierra Version10.13.3

    Will MFC-Edit currently work with OS High Sierra Version10.13.3? Will MFC-Edit work with the MFC-101 and the Axe FXIII, or will it need to be updated? Are you planning any updates for the MFC-Edit in the near future?
  62. trancegodz

    MFC-101 as a general midi controller with Axe-Fx II or Axe-Fx III

    Since the FC-6 and FC-12 are “probably a month or two behind” the release of the Axe FXIII it would be great to have a video showing how to set up and use the MFC-101 as a general midi controller with the Axe FXIII until the FX-12 comes out. I’d love to see someone hook up the Axe FXIII with...
  63. trancegodz

    Plans to update the MFC-101?

    Q1: Is it even possible for the software in the MFC-101 to be updated so it works in the manner we are all accustomed to with the Axe FXII, but with the Axe FXIII? Q2: Does Fractal Audio have any plans to update the MFC-101 so it works with the AXE FXIII in the manner we are all use to? Q3...
  64. trancegodz

    Bug? Possible bugs in 20 beta

    Since updating to 20 beta I am unable to audition cabs in Axe Edit manage cabs section. All cabs I try to audition sound exactly the same. The same thing is happening in Cab Lab 2. Sending both to scratchpad 1. Neither working at all. I tried both half a dozen times throughout the night. I was...
  65. trancegodz

    Amps Not G3’d Yet

    Amps Not G3’d Yet according to the Wiki. Is this current? 16 6G12 CONCERT (based on Fender Concert 6G12) [NOT G3'd YET] 28 BLUDOJAI CLEAN (based on Bludotone Ojai) [NOT G3'd YET] 29 BLUDOJAI LEAD [NOT G3'd YET] 48 BRIT SILVER (based on Marshall Silver Jubilee) [NOT G3'd...
  66. trancegodz

    MFC-101 w/ effects gizmo

    Are any of you using an effects gizmo in the loop of you Axe FX? How are you setting it up with your MFC-101 and how do you like it? I want something that will be able to select from any combination of 4 Eventide pedals, what ever combination of presets I choose, with what ever combination of...
  67. trancegodz

    FX Loop Basics

    What is the proper way to use the FX Loop for adding an external pedal like an Eventide pedal? I just tried putting an Eventide pedal in the FX Loop in stereo and the right two meters on the front of the Axe FXII were way in the red. (The left two were fine). I'd set the Eventide's in and out to...
  68. trancegodz

    Do some factory cabs take way more CPU than others?

    Do some factory cabs take way more CPU than others in Stereo UltraRes mode? I have a Vox AC30 preset at 87 CPU that uses Stereo UltraRes cabs F094 and F093. I tried changing the bottom one (F093) to F122 and the CPU jumped to 94 and totally overloaded the CPU. I tried it several times to...
  69. trancegodz

    Making Presets with a Tone Match block instead of a cab block

    If you make a tone match of your real amp and cab, and create a preset with that tone match block, do you need a cab block in the preset also, or does the tone match block replace the cab block? In other words you wouldn't use a cab block at all in the process, and wouldn't need one when you're...
  70. trancegodz

    Proximity and low and high cut settings in cab block

    What is the factory default setting for proximity in the cab block? How do you guys prefer to set the level and frequency settings for proximity in the cab block? How do you guys prefer to set the low and high cut in the cab block?
  71. trancegodz

    Using the MFC-101 and Axe FX with Eventide pedals in the FX Loop

    Setting up the MFC-101 to use with just he Axe FXII was very quick and easy. I’m ready to try using several of the Eventide pedals in the FX Loop of the Axe FXII and try to control their program changes and on/off states with the MFC-101. Any tips from those of you who are doing this...
  72. trancegodz

    EQ Choices

    I have a question about the extra EQ choices available within the amp block. Are they before the preamp, between the preamp and the power amp, or after the power amp? Do you prefer using the extra EQs available within the amp block, or adding a graphic EQ block, or a parametric EQ block to...
  73. trancegodz

    Color Sound Wah block low oscillating feedback

    At band rehearsal yesterday I was getting a low oscillating feedback when using the color tone wah block. Happened when the wah was on the lower half of it’s range. Whether I was playing or not. I was using an Eric Johnson Strat into the Axe FXII into Powered PA cabs on poles in the back corners...
  74. trancegodz

    Neil Young's Pono

    Looks like professional musicians who have heard it are blown away with Neil Young's Pono. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH8I0LUjrqw https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1003614822/ponomusic-where-your-soul-rediscovers-music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oTtylYR76o...
  75. trancegodz

    Bug? Bright Switch doesn't work on 65 Deluxe Reverb 17.04 [NOT A BUG]

    The bright switch doesn't work on the 65 Deluxe Reverb 17.04. Does nothing at all. Sounds exactly the same on or off.
  76. trancegodz

    Axe FXII CPU Chart - firmware 17.03

    Axe FXII CPU Chart firmware 17.03 I just made this chart for myself and thought you guys might enjoy having it also. Remember to keep your presets under 90 CPU if you don’t want them to crackle or overload. I made this chart by using the bypass preset with no blocks, then adding one at...
  77. trancegodz

    Using Send and Return Blocks to extend effects blocks chain

    I just noticed some things about using the send and return I’d never noticed before. I started from a totally blank preset, and added an amp and a cab, with shunts all the way across. I dialed in the x and y amps and cabs to my liking, and set the volumes to 0 on the new utility VU meters...
  78. trancegodz

    Using an expression pedal to change between two different exact delay times

    In Axe Edit you can't click on the min and max settings for the modifier and type in exact delay times. You have to move the knob with your cursor to change the min and max delay time, but then the min jumps straight from 0 to 64. I can't enter exact delay times on the min or max. I wanted to...
  79. trancegodz

    Scene Controllers

    I finally got around to checking out the scene controllers. Great idea! Lots of useful possibilities here. It raised the CPU from 88 to 91. I set it up to control Input Trim on Amp X first to try it out. It worked great. Then I tried adding the second controller to Master Volume Trim. That...
  80. trancegodz

    Adding External Controllers to New Flanger Block

    I had a preset at 80 CPU and tried to add an external controller to the mono flange and the sound stops completely and it says CPU overload on the Axe FX screen. It happened when I tried it for rate, depth, delay time, and feedback. No matter which one I tried. Does it really take over 10 CPU...
  81. trancegodz

    Looper turns off when switching presets now

    I set up every preset with a looper and had spillover turned on so when I switched presets, the looper would continue to play. I’d found this tutorial on setting up the MFC-101 so you could have the looper functions, scenes, fx, and presets all on the same page without having to hold reveal to...
  82. trancegodz

    Bug? Input Noise Gate _ Block Library Bug 14.02

    I set up the Input Noise Gate to -80.0 db__2.00__1.00 ms__100.0 ms__1.0db. I then saved the preset. Then I saved the Input Noise Gate settings to the Blocks Library. Then I saved the preset again. When I go to another preset and select that same saved Input Noise Gate setting, the attack...
  83. trancegodz

    Bug? 2290 not working in 13.02 (NOT A BUG)

    Any preset that I have a 2290 delay in, the 2290 delay doesn't work at all. I tried switching to several other delay types and they all worked fine. Any presets I have that use other types of delays are working. Just not the 2290. Everything else in general seems to be working fine so far with...
  84. trancegodz

    IR mic positions and mic distances

    I recently bought the Modern and Vintage IRs from Ownhammer. I found all the mixes to be a bit bright and lacking in mids, so I used Cab Lab to create mixes that I prefered and I am happy with. I like many of the stock Redwirez IRs in the Axe FXII so I also downloaded the free RedWirez...
  85. trancegodz

    James Santiago IRs and video

    James Santiago - Capturing CAB IRs with the Axe-Fx II - Full presentation 43:44 James Santiago - Capturing CAB IRs with the Axe-Fx II - Full presentation - YouTube At the end of this video James mentions there will be a second series of IRs from him of his 4x12 1970 Marshall stack. Anyone...
  86. trancegodz

    Axe FXII Factory Cabs Question

    Is there a way to save the stock factory AXE FXII cab IRs to a folder on your desktop separately? If so, how do you do it?
  87. trancegodz

    Deleting Global Blocks

    How do you delete Global blocks so everything shows "empty" again?
  88. trancegodz

    Bug? Global Block Problems in 12.02

    Global block problems in 12.02 Just had my first major problem with the Axe FXII, I’m using an iMac 10.6.8 with the latest version of Axe Edit. I had my MFC-101 connected to the Axe FXII, but I was not using it at all while I was using Axe Edit. My Axe FXII has firmware 12.02. Last night I...
  89. trancegodz

    Own Hammer Free Software

    Own Hammer Free Software Scott’s posts about OwnHammer made me check out what they have to offer. So far I have just used what comes with the Axe FXII, and I haven’t bought CabLab yet since I don’t have any third party IR’s to mix. I was checking out their Studio Mix Libraries and saw they...
  90. trancegodz

    Compression Tips

    A while back Radley posted this very informative great post on Compression Tips. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-discussion/25398-afx-compression-tips-including-new-9-02-features.html It helped me a lot, but just gave generalities on how to set attack and release times. I'd love...
  91. trancegodz

    Input Gate and Gate/Expander Block

    I'd love to hear how you guys prefer to set your Input Gate, and/or your Gate/Expander block for different styles of music. I was wondering about the proper way to set all parameters for the input gate. How is the best way to set it so it doesn't kill your sustain, or add noises when you...
  92. trancegodz

    Wish Wish for Two Independent Pages of IA’s

    I wish for two Independent Pages of IA’s I’d like the reveal mode to have the ability to have completely different IAs from the Preset Mode. As it is right now if you set Preset Mode to 0 and use all 17 IAs for effects and scenes, then you hit the reveal mode nothing changes. It is...
  93. trancegodz

    Wish Looper Mode with Scenes and better layout

    7 buttons are not currently being used for anything in the looper mode. I wish the looper mode in the MFC-101 had buttons 11 through 15 assigned to scenes 1 through 5. I’d also like to see the layout of the looper mode changed to: 16 = 17 = Tuner 11 = Scene 1 12 =...
  94. trancegodz

    EurekaProm version 2.0 (with FA mode for Axe FXII users)

    EurekaProm 2.0 Goods news for those of you with a Behringer FCB1010. EurekaProm has a version 2.0 with an FA mode for Fractal Audio Axe FXII users. The new version does scenes. It is set up perfectly for the Axe FXII as shown on the website FA: Fractal Audio Systems - EurekaSound...
  95. trancegodz

    How many amps does the Axe FXII and MFC-01 draw?

    How many amps does the Axe FXII and MFC-101 draw. Most wall sockets in the USA are on 15 amp breakers and are recommended for 80% use (12amps). My JBLPRX612M's are 5 amps each. That's 10 amps just for my powered monitors if I use those with my Axe FXII. I checked with Marshall and my...
  96. trancegodz

    Bug? Fat switch and bright switch not working

    The fat switch on all the 50 and 100 watt Plexi and 1987x amps doesn't seem to be doing anything at all since upgrading to 11.05 and the new Axe Edit. I tried upgrading both again but got the same result. The fat switch still works on several of the Fender amps I've tried so far since updating...
  97. trancegodz

    Bug? blocks showing they are off when they are on

    When changing presets using Axe Edit 3.02 all the blocks show they are turned off for scene 1, but they aren't. The preset sounds right. I have to select another scene and then go back to scene 1 then everything shows up as it is suppose to.
  98. trancegodz

    Fat switch

    The fat switch on all the 50 and 100 watt Plexi amps doesn't seem to be doing anything at all since upgrading to 11.05 and the new Axe Edit. I tried upgrading both again but got the same result. The fat switch still works on several of the Fender amps I've tried so far since updating. Any one...
  99. trancegodz

    Jeff Beck Playing Rockabilly

    I love Jeff Beck. Here he is playing some great rockabilly. Jeff Beck - Rockabilly set - BDRip 720p [MP4-AAC] - YouTube Jeff Beck - Rock n Roll Party Honoring Les Paul 2010 - YouTube
  100. trancegodz

    One more piece of the puzzle to be solved, thinness of individual notes

    I’m thrilled about the new firmware and new Axe Edit. Best to date. So I am not slamming the Axe FX. I love it. However, there is still one missing link that still needs to be solved. When playing separate strings and notes on the Axe FXII the sound is much thinner than on the real amp...
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