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  1. Fro

    Ted Templeman's new book

    Ha! Now that I know this, I can't un-hear it. I've been wanting to get this book. Doing it now.
  2. Fro

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Maybe someone addressed this already. But why did this site yesterday morning say we had 1300+ cases in the US, and then 1600+ cases last night, and today it says 1200+ cases. Do real numbers just not exist? (no need to answer that)...
  3. Fro

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    I'm in Wisconsin. As of this morning, we had 3 cases, which I believe were near Madison. I'm in Milwaukee. Our show this weekend is in Fond du Lac (St. Patty's Day Sports Bar show downtown Fond du Lac), and I just read that there are now 2 cases in Fond du Lac county. Both have been isolated...
  4. Fro

    Rick Beato on string gauge

  5. Fro

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    I agree that this is a problem too. But this is what I got out of this thread: On YouTube, A few people who had differing opinions on string gauges and the effect on tone made a video recording several different string gauges. One of the people in the first video made a second video and...
  6. Fro

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    I used 11’s and Jazz III picks for a long time. Then I realized it was too hard to play and it wasn’t the tone I was after. I’ve been bouncing between 9’s and 10’s for the past 10 years. It depends on the guitar (Gibson or Fender) and if I’m tuning down a half step or not. I’m super stoked now...
  7. Fro

    DLR content... Sad

    And now that I watched it, I know why you stopped there. Me too.
  8. Fro


  9. Fro

    "Beds Are Burning" - Live Video

    Thanks! Yes, we are running stereo. In this recording though, I did add a second guitar for fun. I mentioned above that the live guitar is in the left speaker, and the one I added is in the right. So that's definitely adding to the stereo effect in this recording. But I do try to take...
  10. Fro

    "Beds Are Burning" - Live Video

    Thanks for the Cars cover compliment. Yeah, I get that same thing too whenever anyone posts a video. It took me awhile to figure out that I can right click on it, copy the video url, and open it in a new tab/window. Not sure if it's a browser thing, but that's the only thing that works for me.
  11. Fro

    "Beds Are Burning" - Live Video

    Our cover of the Midnight Oil classic. The left channel is my live guitar, which is my 70's Tele Custom using the 5F8 Tweed amp model. I doubled my part in the right channel with my 70's Strat using the AC30 Top Boost model just for fun. Everything else is from the show. Enjoy!
  12. Fro

    Jumpin Jack Flash - Live Video

    Small club in the middle of nowhere to a handful of people. But we still had fun. Enjoy!
  13. Fro

    I Don't Care - Power Pop Rock Version

    We have fun doing 3 piece bar band arrangements of pop songs. We got the arrangement of this Ed Sheeran song from a band called Twenty One Two on YouTube. We're not too far off from their arrangement, just unintentionally faster, lol. Enjoy!
  14. Fro

    AXE FX=metal, Kemper=blues/rock?

    FWIW - Danny Elfman has been using one for several years, also not metal. He even talks about it in his new Master Class.
  15. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    I understand that existing presets haven't been changed. And if I create a new preset, or reset the amp block, it will be updated. But if I do want to use the new curve in an existing preset, do I just select the curve I want? Or do I have to reset the block and then select the one I want? I...
  16. Fro

    Let’s see those Super Strats!

    Full disclosure: 25 years ago, my drummer bought me a 1975 Strat. He instated I never play my Ibanez in public ever again. He can't stand the look of it. Although I do still have the Ibanez, it's the '75 Strat the gets played. What can I say?
  17. Fro

    Let’s see those Super Strats!

  18. Fro

    Let’s see those Super Strats!

    This is actually the guitar I've owned the longest. Bought it new in 1989 and still have it.
  19. Fro

    Typical Outdoor Show In Wisconsin

    We played for a Halloween street party on Thursday. It was a nice warm Wisconsin night.
  20. Fro

    Let’s see those guitars

  21. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.0 Public Beta

    I took the JC120 out of my preset, and it's working here as well.
  22. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.0 Public Beta

    Hi @FractalAudio. I also got something similar to @Paulinfl. When I switched from my "Your Love" preset to my "Sandman" preset, it freezes and all of the output lights hit red and stay there. It only happened while playing and switching presets. It didn't seem to happen if I wasn't playing while...
  23. Fro

    Need Help With Acoustic Treatment For Critical Listening In My Basement

    My basement has always been the music room of the house. It’s just a happy mess of fun stuff designed to enjoy music and spark creativity. It’s also the home of an eclectic collection of beer signs, vinyl records, old video games, a pachinko machine, and lots of guitars. But it’s also a sonic...
  24. Fro

    Roger Waters and Nick Mason playing together... again

    I can't click enough "likes" for this! I saw the show in Milwaukee 3 weeks ago. No Roger, of course. But the show was great. It was an amazing experience hearing all of the pre-DSOTM material in a live setting. The songs translated so well for the theater they were playing in. It's even better...
  25. Fro

    Liability Insurance?

    Hey R.D., I didn’t realize that you aren’t too far from me. I actually live right off of the Zoo interchange in Wauwatosa. Thanks for all of the info! I do have an email out to my regular insurance agent. I haven’t heard back yet, but I am guessing that this will be too specialized for any of...
  26. Fro

    Liability Insurance?

    With all of the years I've been playing, I'm finally looking into the need and options for liability insurance. I have coverage for all of my equipment for theft and damage, which I get through Music Pro Insurance. But the only liability they offer is for studios, and not for groups playing in...
  27. Fro

    Blocked videos on YouTube lately?

    Well, the company I work for recorded our own arrangement of a public domain song. We sell the sheet music and backing track for it, and we have a video on YouTube with a clip of it. We just got notice from YouTube that EMI is laying claim to it. We tried the dispute options, which were minimal...
  28. Fro

    Bon Jovi - "It's My Life" Video

    Here is just a quick one minute clip from our show last Saturday doing Bon Jovi's "It's My Life". We're a three piece band, so it's always fun working the keyboard parts into my guitar part. I'm not using the synth block or anything fancy like that. I'm just fitting the parts in when I can. I'm...
  29. Fro

    What is your number one guitar at the moment?

    1976 Telecaster Custom. I've had it for almost 20 years now. It was a very early Ebay purchase in the days before PayPal. It has some serious battle scars, and I've had it refretted it twice, but it's just one of those I can always depend on. When I bring 2 guitars to a gig, this is usually one...
  30. Fro

    Blind Test #1: Axe-Fx III vs. Real Amp

    This is why I don't win the lottery, I always pick the exact opposite of the winner! My guess shows exactly where I'm at with the Axe Fx now. Everything to me sounds good. I can't pick real vs fake. When there is a new update, it doesn't necessarily sound "more real", it just sounds different...
  31. Fro

    Blind Test #1: Axe-Fx III vs. Real Amp

    1, 2 Amp 3, 4, 5 Axe I freely admit that I have bad ears that fatigue easily. But this is fun.
  32. Fro

    Noise Gate Settings Between II and III

    Just thought I would clear something up since there were some questions about my original post. The -55 I mentioned was relative specifically to my Axe Fx II. -55 vs -75. This was meant to be useful information to anyone specifically transferring patches over from n Axe Fx II. Nothing more...
  33. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    I do appreciate that you are trying to understand the thought process on this. Especially since you help a lot of us out with using the Fractal products. Here is one analogy that could be applied. Did you know that fast food restaurants sell more burgers and fries just by having salads on the...
  34. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    It is an amp modeler. Everything about the amp, it's uniqueness, it's mojo, whatever you want to call it, is being modeled. A lot of these amps are unfamiliar to some of us. We've never had access to these amps in real life. I can understand that it's a nice thought to say to us that we should...
  35. Fro

    It’s the Day after Tomorrow in the Midwest

    That's about what it was all day here too, except we use the F. -15F with a wind chill between -40F and -50F. We're going to start seeing some relief tomorrow afternoon, I think. And then Sunday and Monday will be over 40F. So yes, a 60 degree difference in 4 days. Even though we had a foot of...
  36. Fro

    Anyone interested?

    So I do recognize some key guitars in this list. The Black Strat, which is the most iconic. The Goldtop, which I think is the one used on “Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2”. The Red Strat from his live work during the “Delicate Sound of Thunder” and “Pulse” era. His famous White Strat with serial...
  37. Fro

    Anyone interested?

    My bad. And I looked first before I posted. oops.
  38. Fro

    Anyone interested?

    My birthday isn't until July, but I thought I would post my birthday wishlist for those who were looking to get me something. :D https://www.guitarworld.com/news/david-gilmour-to-auction-more-than-120-guitars-through-christies
  39. Fro

    You couldn’t make it up...........

    Yep. We got 12+ inches of snow yesterday. Now we're heading into -20 F below with a wind chill of -50. What kills me is that in 6 months it will be 100+ degrees warmer. I get it though. I have relatives in other states here that don't normally get snow. A light dusting can wipe them out since...
  40. Fro

    [solved] Delay times different even with same settings

    I understand completely. That labelling has always seemed odd to me. I've always thought that the parameter in the Delay Block should be labeled "Note" and not "Tempo". It might make more sense, and would be easier to explain to someone that a note value is related to the tempo. It could be...
  41. Fro

    [solved] Delay times different even with same settings

    But the Tempo isn't just set via "Tap Tempo", you can set it manually to in the Tempo section. I'll use the note divisions all the time and set my Tempo manually in the Tempo section. It's so much easier to do if you already know the tempo of the song. In the OP's case, all he has to do is make...
  42. Fro

    The Main Squeeze - 'Have A Cigar' (Pink Floyd)

    Not at all Axe Fx related. It's just a video that popped up in my recommendations on YouTube. It starts off as a very faithful and really good cover, but then when it gets to the outro solo.... Holy Crap! It's chill and groovy at first, but then gets really intense. Bravo!
  43. Fro

    RIP Roy Clark

    This is the record my folks had growing up. I wore it out. Their hopes were that some day I would play guitar like him. I never had a chance!
  44. Fro

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    This falls in line with how I understood it to work. I just didn't know if things had changed. I know someone mentioned people they knew that were employed by the agencies that would go to bars to notate what was played, but it sounds like that didn't really have any impact on the formula being...
  45. Fro

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    Yeah, I would be curious to see what the per song rate is in a 200 capacity bar. We're all too familiar with how little the money is on an internet stream, so I wonder how it compares. It would be interesting to see if the per song rate multiplied by a 50 song show 2 or 3 nights a week over 52...
  46. Fro

    Some differences in III versus the II.....

    There are a couple threads, I think one of which I started, where we were asking about the noise gate because our threshold settings between the 2 units were off by 20 db. Cliff said there is a 20 db offset between the 2 units. So if your noise gate settings are different between the 2 units by...
  47. Fro

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    This is the part I was wondering about. That's cool that they actually send people out into the field to get a sampling of what is actually being played. I would think with todays technology there would be a more efficient way to do this. But truth be told, if you saw one band in one bar in my...
  48. Fro

    Tuning; tune to attack or sustain/decay?

    You mean instead of picking closer to the bridge, or where you normally would when playing? I totally did not catch that. My bad. That never crossed my mind that picking somewhere else along the string would give a clearer tone for a tuner to interpret. Now I have something fun to try. Thank you...
  49. Fro

    Tuning; tune to attack or sustain/decay?

    I guess my question on intonation was geared toward all of the people who prefer not to use an open string to tune their guitars, those who prefer to tune with the 12th fret. The original question from the OP was asking if you should tune the open string on attack or decay. Some suggested not to...
  50. Fro

    Tuning; tune to attack or sustain/decay?

    Since this has been suggested a few times now, I think I'm going to try this. But it begs the question, how do you set your intonation? I usually compare my open string to the 12 fret, and some other frets as well. Always with a reference to the open string being in tune in the first place. My...
  51. Fro

    If you didn't know about this...

    Thanks for the tip! Looks like the audio book is narrated by Steve himself, so I'm going to check that out.
  52. Fro

    Tuning; tune to attack or sustain/decay?

    Wound strings have a tendency to go sharp on attack more than plain strings do. Ever since I switched to tuning the wound strings on attack, the guitar has been more consistent with tuning. I'm not obnoxious about it, and it is a compromise. It can make playing very quiet open chords just a...
  53. Fro

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    The concept of music being licensed for a live performance makes sense to me. Since live performance seems to be the only place left for a musician to make money, I don’t see why the songwriters shouldn’t benefit as well. Having the venue pay for the licensing also makes sense, at least to me...
  54. Fro

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    At least in a symphony setting, the interpretation is assumed to be a certain way. If you deviate too much, you won't get the job with the symphony. A symphony can actually play without a conductor for the most part since they all have been taught to interpret certain composers, and certain...
  55. Fro

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    I will never understand why there has to be a separation between being a cover band or an original band. I've always done both. There is an endless list of well know original bands that did both as well. Van Halen, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, started by playing covers with only a few originals...
  56. Fro

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    Cover bands has nothing to do with it anyway, or even bands in general. If you have a jukebox, play a radio, pipe in music, etc., the business has to pay. And it's not just bars, or bars that have bands. Any music being played for the public by a business, any business, gets licensed, including...
  57. Fro

    New Greta Van Fleet

    We saw them at Summerfest here in Milwaukee back in July. They did a number of songs that are on the new album. The place was packed, and they sounded great. A LOT of extended jamming which I'm always a fan of at live shows. My favorite song on the new album right now is "Brave New World". I...
  58. Fro

    Calling ML Sound Lab

    Interesting. I never realized there was a dark label version. I have the ones with the all white label that were in the 80's Jubilee cabinets. I'm guessing that's what you are referring to as the silver back speakers? I have the 2x12 Jubilee cabinet. It's the only cabinet I kept. I shot some IRs...
  59. Fro

    Help me quit the band

    Define "make it". That it really is up to each one of us to define for ourselves. In my case, I'm in a band with 2 other guys that I've know for 25 years. We play very regularly, enough that it actually turns out to be a really good paying part time job. It more than covers my hobby expenses...
  60. Fro

    NGD - 2008 Gibson Explorer Faded

    This is my first Explorer. It's a 2008 Gibson Explorer Faded. I threw a set of David Allen Powerage pickups in it for more of a Classic Rock vibe. It's surprisingly comfortable to play both sitting down and standing up. It has great upper fret access. If this is representative of the Faded line...
  61. Fro

    Am I the only one that wants a Marshall Silver Jubilee reissue?

    My Jubilee is the only amp I kept. I have the 50 Watt head. The very early first modeled version that was in the Axe Fx II was actually modeled off of my head. Cliff bought his own since then. The funny thing is, I never use that model in the Axe Fx. I use a Plexi instead. I've never played...
  62. Fro

    ML Sound Lab LEGENDS Cab Pack Demo

    Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedback!!!!! That was awesome!
  63. Fro

    Your favorite music documentaries

    More spoilers: Wasn't there one about him arguing with his producer at some restaurant about what direction to go in with the music, and who was in charge of the recording session. And I guess it was a pretty heated argument. Then they both realized they were totally late for that days session...
  64. Fro

    Your favorite music documentaries

    I remembered another one that was very interesting. Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him)?
  65. Fro


    Didn't Buck Owens mix his songs on car speakers because he knew most of the time people would be listening to his music that way?
  66. Fro

    Your favorite music documentaries

    This is a great thread. So many of my favorites were already mentioned, so I'll just add to the list and try not to repeat any. Foo Fighters: Back And Forth The Smart Studios Story Turn It Up! - A Celebration Of The Electric Guitar U2: From The Sky Down Beach Boys Making Of Pet Sounds Sunset...
  67. Fro

    Dead time between songs ideas???

    We also have chunks of songs we'll bounce through with no gaps. If they are dancing, we don't want to give them any reason to stop. We do have a few spots where we know we will break so we can check our tuning, or I can grab a capo, or we can get some water, etc. That's where we will give the...
  68. Fro


    I couldn't hear a difference, that's what my first listen and instinct told me. I know that my ears, perception, and mind are flawed. I have often listened to one thing over and over and have talked myself into "hearing" something that isn't there. When I'm mixing, and I get to that point, I...
  69. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.18

    Does this mean we may need to adjust our current presets? And, Thanks!!!
  70. Fro

    Anyone makes Effects Packs?

    This is such a brilliant idea! I always forget about the factory presents, and I know there is a lot to learn from them. I had something I wanted to program yesterday with lots of delay, an atmospheric textural sort of thing for an arpeggiated clean tone. I was actually caught off guard with how...
  71. Fro

    Fractal Audio Cab Pack: ML LEGENDS IS OUT NOW!

    Thanks for the answer and the demonstration! I hear exactly what you're describing. The new IR sounds great. Now, excuse me while I go buy some IR's. :)
  72. Fro

    My Atomic CLR Neo is dead

    Mine was used as well and they were still very helpful. Maybe this is a different circumstance, but I would still suggest shooting them an email. It can't hurt.
  73. Fro

    Fractal Audio Cab Pack: ML LEGENDS IS OUT NOW!

    Forgive me if this has been asked and answered already. I have Cab Pack 20 ML-Brit-4x12-Collection. How do the Pre-Rola G12M's in this collection compare to the IR's in Cab Pack 20?
  74. Fro

    My Atomic CLR Neo is dead

    Did you contact Atomic? I had one that I bought used that went bad. I contacted Atomic and they were quick to help me out. Cost was minimal and service was fast. It's been working great ever since.
  75. Fro

    Intonation and which tuner you use?

    I'm using the Axe Fx III now. Prior to that, the Axe Fx II. When neither are up and running, I have an old Korg GT-1 tuner I'll use. It's an analog tuner with a needle. I've just always used a tuner with a needle, so that's what I'm most comfortable using. I've been wanting to try a strobe...
  76. Fro

    NGD - 1969 Gibson SG

    Pleas, hi-jack all you want. I love talking shop. An Explorer is on my list to get at some point too. I'm just playing that game of selling some things and buying more of others, lol. I was a Tele guy for years, and still am. But I'm finally forcing myself into the world of humbuckers. There is...
  77. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Noise

    I did not notice any difference in distortion, other than a slight difference due to the modeling between the two units. At the time I rebuilt my patches, the II hadn't had it's firmware update yet. However, I did have to do some tweaking with the patch that has the envelope in it, so it's...
  78. Fro

    NGD - 1969 Gibson SG

    That would be more mid 70's. Possibly 74-ish. I'm less familiar with the Tarback. They have more bass than a T-Top. The pat. sticker T-Top is 60's to early 70's.
  79. Fro

    NGD - 1969 Gibson SG

    I'm a sucker for player grade guitars, and stumbled across a fun one. This is my first SG, and so far I love it! It's a 1969 SG Standard. The "bad" parts about it when I got it is that it had been refretted, the tuning machines were changed, it did not have the original pickups, it was missing...
  80. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Noise

    Maybe that's a question for Cliff to answer, but I can tell you this: I posted a similar question in another thread. The reason why I asked that question is because I had recreated all of my patches on the III that I had on the II. Every single setting was exactly the same in every single block...
  81. Fro

    Drinking at gigs?

    None at all for me, but I quit drinking 10 years ago, so I'm the wrong person to ask. lol My drummer doesn't have anything until we're done with the gig, if at all. But he can get away with having one at the end of the night because I'm the driver. Our bass player will have a shot when someone...
  82. Fro

    What db boost do you have for solos?

    Either 3db or 4db. 3db is usually for a small lick between vocal lines, that sort of thing. 4db if it's a full on solo. We're a 3 piece band that mixes ourselves from stage.
  83. Fro

    Guitar Pickups Don't Matter?

    For me, it's matching up the right pickup that's closest to the sound you like so that you don't have to work so hard to get to where you want to be with your tone. You can use eq and IR's to get whatever sound you want, and that is a great advantage to having an Axe Fx. Sure, you even have the...
  84. Fro

    Guitar Pickups Don't Matter?

    Do pickups matter? I have a 1989 Les Paul Studio with original Bill Lawrence circuit board pickups. Tried lots of amps, lots of IR's, and not much love for the tone no matter what I tried. Changed them out for Brandonwound T-Tops. I love how it sounds no matter what amp or IR I use. Changing...
  85. Fro

    Axe-Fx III Noise

    I posted a similar question. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/noise-gate-settings-between-ii-and-iii.139842/#post-1658107 Cliff said there is a 20 db offset between the II and the III, so a higher noise gate setting on the III is normal.
  86. Fro

    Need a Source for Guitar Volume Pots

    +1 for Bourns. I've been switching all of mine out to these. Easy and quick to turn, and I love the taper. I was stocking up on the Fender pots, something labeled either Vintage or Pure Vintage, I forget exactly, but I can't find them anymore. I actually like the Bourns better now, for both 500k...
  87. Fro

    New music video for my original band The Pulltops.

    Hi All! I've posted a few live videos of my cover band in the Axe Fx section over the years. This time I finally got around to putting together an actual "music video" for my original band. It does still technically have Axe Fx content since all of my parts were recorded with the Axe Fx II. But...
  88. Fro

    Using One Amp Setting With Different Guitars

    I put this in the lounge because it’s not just an Axe Fx question, but an amp/guitar question in general. It just becomes easier to do with the Axe Fx. How many of you do mild, or even drastic tweaking or amp changing when you use different guitars? I had always been under the assumption that...
  89. Fro

    Hard to watch a pet in pain

    I think I've posted this before, but this is Marco Polo, my $10,000 dog. In addition to being neutered, he also had foot surgery at 1, back surgery at 5, and knee surgery at 9. Plus he also has Addison's disease. He's 10 now and unstoppable. Out of my 5 dogs, he's still the one to catch all of...
  90. Fro

    Everything will be alright ....

    Todays rock music is Cirque du Soleil, Broadway Musicals and singing competitions. I don't see how anyone could be surprised that kids are turned off by their parents guitar music and are adapting music we hate (EDM) for their own voice. Seems like the circle of life to me. Rock music started as...
  91. Fro

    Tom Petty Cover - “American Girl”

    I'm really loving my recent guitar purchase: 1973 Les Paul Custom with T-Top pickups. This thing is surprisingly spanky, which is fine by me since I've been a Tele guy up until now. Sure, it's great though a Marshall like any Les Paul would be. But it also sounds great through the 5F8 Tweed...
  92. Fro

    Collective Soul - Heavy

    Thanks! Good question. We use a Behringer X32 Rack mixer live, and run the effects off of that. But... this was recorded as a multi-track off of the X32 using the Cymatic Audio uTrack24 card direct to a hard drive. It records all the tracks pre-effects. So I had to add the delay back onto the...
  93. Fro

    Collective Soul - Heavy

    Thanks! I attached the patches I use for the song. The "Collective Heavy" patch is for the intro, "More" for the rhythm, and "Lead" for the solo. The stuttering effect is a Volume block near the end of the chain with a Sequencer attached as a modifier. I also have an Envelope Filter attached to...
  94. Fro

    Tweeter Squeal - Potting Pickups

    That helps. Thanks!
  95. Fro

    Tweeter Squeal - Potting Pickups

    That is the dilemma, right? Problem is, I like how they sound. And if I try to buy an aftermarket boutique pickup that sounds like it a T-Top, it's going to cost just as much as what I could sell these for. So why not just use these? I have this same conversation with people when it comes to...
  96. Fro

    Tweeter Squeal - Potting Pickups

    Hi All, I have a 1973 Les Paul I just pickup up with original T-Top pickups. I'm guessing that the pickups are not potted due to what I know about T-Tops, but also because I do get tweeter squeal from my CLR's when I'm at gig volume. I'm guessing that getting them potted could solve the...
  97. Fro

    Torrential rain during outdoor gig. AX8 drenched and...

    "A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have"
  98. Fro

    Torrential rain during outdoor gig. AX8 drenched and...

    I was wrapping my MFC-101 in Ziplock 2 gallon bags. Mostly for fear of beer being spilled, but work for rain too. It works out great. But then I somehow made the bag too tight, and when I stepped on a switch, the plastic was pulling down on the surrounding switches, and I was getting unwanted...
  99. Fro

    NGD - 1973 Les Paul Custom

    I was born in 1971, but my wife was born in 1973. Our 20th anniversary is next week, so I tried to convince her that this was an anniversary related purchase. :D
  100. Fro

    NGD - 1973 Les Paul Custom

    Admittedly, I'm not really a Les Paul guy. I'm more of a Fender guy, specifically Telecasters. But I thought I was overdue to get a proper Les Paul and see what the fuss is all about. This bad boy fit the bill perfectly with what I like to find in vintage guitars, not 100% original, but close...
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