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  1. Igor Paspalj

    J.S. Bach: Tocatta - d minor

    Hi guys, Here's one quickie take on J. S. Bach Tocatta using Axe Fx II and Digitech "Drop" in octave mode. Fun stuff to play around with :)
  2. Igor Paspalj

    JTC - Jam Of The Month - January 2020

    Hi everybody, Here's my take on JTC - Jam of The Month - January 2020. YJM Fender Stratocaster and Axe Fx 2 straight into Logic X Pro. Hope you gonna like it. Cheers!
  3. Igor Paspalj


    Hi everybody, I came up with this little theme while jamming over some Elevated Jam BT's. I really tried to keep this one "civilized", and not to overplay it...kind of :) Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and YJM Stratocaster into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  4. Igor Paspalj

    JTC - Jam of the Month Dec 2019

    Hi everybody, Here's my take on "JTC Guitar - Jam of the Month" for December. Axe Fx 2 and Digitech Drop here and there. Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  5. Igor Paspalj

    Full Throttle :)

    Hi Everybody, Is there a better way to spend my only day off from playing guitar every night on stage? Yes, there is - playing guitars at home!😂 Here's a few "subtle" notes on a beautiful Sunday morning!😎😅 GG Charvel and Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro. Backing track is from N&M creation. Hope...
  6. Igor Paspalj

    Breakdown - Jam

    Hi everybody, Here's one little jam over one of the awesome Elevated Jam backing tracks. Used my Fender Stratocaster YJM and Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 straight to Logic X Pro.
  7. Igor Paspalj

    Kiesel Solo Contest 2019

    Hi Everybody, Here's a Sunday Quickie :) Guthrie Govan Charvel and Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro. Btw, this is my entry to Kiesel Solo Contest 2019, Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  8. Igor Paspalj

    "Uncle Satch"

    Hi Everybody, I've came up with this little theme today while jamming, and it reminded me on some early Satriani stuff, therefore, I am gonna call it "Uncle Satch" :) Ibanez Premium "Custom" and Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro, Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  9. Igor Paspalj

    Full Metal "JackAss"

    Hi everyone! Here's a little tune I came up with today while watching "Full Metal Jacket" for the xxx time :) My Ibanez Premium "Custom" and Axe Fx 2 straight into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  10. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Monster Medley

    Hi everybody, Shreddelicious Sunday it is! :) I've made this little medley from some of my favourites Yngwie's tunes and excerpts, and to make things more challenging, I've bumped up certain parts bpm sky high :) P. S. - EXTREME Shred content! :) YJM Fender Stratocaster mark I and Axe Fx 2...
  11. Igor Paspalj

    "Into The Blue"

    Hi Guys, I just recorded this little tune from a theme that's been playing in my head for the last few days :) Charvel Guthrie Govan into Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 straight into Logic. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers! :)
  12. Igor Paspalj

    First time with Les Paul :)

    Hi everybody! I was never big Gibson Les Paul fan, but I took this one from a fellow band member for a spin, and I love it! Jam improvisation over awesome backing track from '' Elevated Jam Tracks" Gibson Les Paul Standard into Axe Fx 2 straight into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it :)...
  13. Igor Paspalj

    Alla Turca - W. A. Mozart

    Hi Everybody, Here's the "cheesy" one :) Stumbled on this backing track from my friend this morning, so decided to give it a run. As usual, Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2, Charvel Guthrie Govan signature guitar straight into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna enjoy it! Cheers!
  14. Igor Paspalj

    ‘Halleluja’ - Jeff Buckley guitar and vocal cover

    Hi everybody! In Christmas spirit, my singer and me decided to make cover of this beautiful song :) All recorded trough Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 straight to Logic X Pro. Guitar is going trough Axe FX 2. I Hope You gonna like it, and Merry Christmas everybody :)
  15. Igor Paspalj

    Hendrix/Vaughan style Jam

    Hi everybody! Here's one little tune I came up with today, inspired by some Hendrix/Vaughan moves, and some of my own stuff as well. Axe Fx 2, real Cry Baby wah, and YJM signature Fender Stratocaster straight into Logic X pro. Amp model is Super Verb via with slight Ruckus drive boost in...
  16. Igor Paspalj

    'Cause We've Ended as lovers' - Jeff Beck cover

    Hi everybody! Here's my take on this masterpiece. I also improvised middle part that's usually improvised on bass by amazing Tal Winkelfeld on Jeff's live performances. YJM Fender Stratocaster, Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro. P.S. - Had to slow myself down with a few beers so I don't get tempted...
  17. Igor Paspalj

    Guthrie Govan "Sevens" cover

    Hi everybody! I've been working on this one for past few days, and had to record it now, before weekend kicks in, and I dive into some adult beverages! :) Very tough one, but hey - it's Guthrie Govan! Axe FX 2 and Guthrie's signature Charvel into Logic. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  18. Igor Paspalj

    Blitzkrieg - original tune

    Here's some "progressive"-ish stuff of mine. Blend of a Dream Theater/Paul Gilbert/Yngwie Malmsteen styles, kind of...TOO MANY NOTES, anyway! Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it :)
  19. Igor Paspalj

    Original Tune - "Stuck in a Loop"

    Hi everybody! Here's one original little tune I came up with last night during my Insomnia episodes. No distortion this time! And hopefully, it's gonna turn in proper full length instrumental one day :) Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel straight into Logic.
  20. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - 'Vivace'

    HI everybody, Here's my take on Yngwie's Orchestral Suite -Vivace. Although I am not listening to him that much lately, every time I run into his stuff puts a big smile on my face Axe Fx2 as usual, with my YJM Stratocaster straight into Logic X Pro.
  21. Igor Paspalj

    Guthrie Govan - "Waves"

    Hi all, Here's my take on Guthrie Govan's Waves. Middle parts are improvised at the spot, so few f**k-ups here and there, I guess :) Axe fx 2 and GG Charvel signature straight into Logic.
  22. Igor Paspalj

    DT - “Erotomania” solo cover - ML cab pack

    Hi all, Here's my take on one of the coolest John Petrucci solo's imho :) Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 as usual, this time with my custom scalloped Ibanez premium and very cool ML sound lab USA traditional 4x12 ir. Hope you gonna like it, Cheers!
  23. Igor Paspalj

    Country Style Chicken Picking

    Hi guys, Here's something completely different. Came up with this silly little tune while working on some Greg Koch style chicken picking stuff. And just like that - The Chicken is Born! Just to be clear, this doesn't even comes close to Greg's monstrous playing, but it's a start, I guess :)...
  24. Igor Paspalj

    Paganini - 24th Caprice

    Hi guys, Here's my version of Paganini's 24th Caprice. I mixed my own variations with some of the original violin ones. Axe Fx 2 and YJM Fender Stratocaster into Logic - Lot of fun!
  25. Igor Paspalj

    240bpm Flight of The Bumble Bee

    Hi guys, Here's one challenge I took, trying to execute Flight of The Bumble Bee on 240bpm :) It's not 100% perfect, and my right hand is gone, but it's a lot of fun, lol Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and my YJM Fender Stratocaster straight into Logic X Pro. Awesome backing track is from Luis...
  26. Igor Paspalj

    Late Night Jam

    Hi guys, Here's one late late night fusion-is improvisation over one cool ''elevated'' backing track i run into. It's 100% improvisation, so few hiccups here and there, but came up with some interesting Themes I think. Anyway, Axe Fx2 and Charvel Guthrie Govan signature straight into Logic X...
  27. Igor Paspalj

    Steve Vai - Eugene's Trick Bag

    Hi guys, Here's a morning quickie warm up after watching "Crossroad" with Steve Vai for like xxxx times :) I messed up few notes, but not too bad, hopefully. Axe Fx 2 and Charvel GG signature straight into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it. Cheers!
  28. Igor Paspalj

    "Eruption" - EVH - beta testing new 4x12 EVH cab from CabIr.eu

    Hi all, Few days ago I got a great opportunity to beta test new 4x12 EVH cab pack from CabIr.eu which is gonna be released soon - Thanks Markus! :) Now, I am perfectly aware that Eruption is not recorded on this new signature EVH amp and cab, but still, it was perfect excuse to record the...
  29. Igor Paspalj

    Chick Corea - Spain

    Hi all, Here's something a bit different from my usual stuff. Beautiful latino jazz - fusion tune by amazing Chick Corea. As always, I am using Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and Charvel Custom USA Guthrie Govan model. My takes on improvisation parts. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  30. Igor Paspalj

    Van Halen Vibes

    Hi All! Here's a little funny riff I came up with last night jamming, it's obviously highly inspired by EVH, so I also tried to improvise more - less in that manner :) Using my Axe Fx 2 and Charvel USA custom Guthrie Govan guitar, as usual :) Now, I am not sure I can share this preset if...
  31. Igor Paspalj

    Racer X - Scarified cover

    Hi all, Here's my performance of one of my favorite "more is more" instrumentals :) As always, using my Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan signature Charvel into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it! Cheers!
  32. Igor Paspalj

    DT - Under The Glass Moon solo cover

    Hi Everyone! Here's my take on this super awesome solo! Using Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2, with "ML Sound Lab" factory cabs in stereo: (4x12 USA TRAD 57-121 left) (4x12 USA TRAD 906-421 right) BTW, entering ML Sound Lab competition as well, for a chance to win some awesome cab packs :) Guthrie...
  33. Igor Paspalj

    Help needed!

    Help needed with MFC Mark III :) Last night in the middle of the gig, switches 1 2 3 just stopped working. Already tried: - Full MFC reset - Opening MFC and checked all ribbon cables, all very firm and seated properly. Now, weird thing is when I opened MFC and reached with my finger for white...
  34. Igor Paspalj

    John Petrucci - "Glasgow Kiss" Cover

    Hi everybody, Here's my take on this great tune by amazing John Petrucci. Using my Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  35. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover cover

    Hi Guys, Here's my attempt to recreate essence of EJ sound in this cover. It's not perfect, but to my ears sounds pretty close. I covered only the main themes, couldn't bother to learn whole song at this point, since later when performing live, I would improvise anyway :) Using Axe Fx 2 with...
  36. Igor Paspalj

    Get The Funk Out Solo Cover

    Hi Guys, Here's my take on one of the best guitar solos ever written, imho. Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel signature guitar. Amp model is Spawn Nitro. Such a fun solo to play! :) Cheers!
  37. Igor Paspalj

    Jason Becker - Serrana Arpeggios

    Hi guys, Here's arpeggios section of Serrana tune from Jason Becker. Using my Axe Fx 2 and Charvel Guthrie Govan signature guitar direct to Logic X Pro. Hope you gonna like it :) Cheers!
  38. Igor Paspalj

    Small request for Guthrie Govan Charvel owners

    Hi folks, I hope someone who owns Guthrie Govan Charvel MK2 can help me with something I have MKI version without coil split, and I would like to install mini switch like on mk2. Thing is, i know how to wire it as normal coil split, but as I heard, Charvel guys use some resistor or capacitor...
  39. Igor Paspalj

    Rakya Groove :)

    Hi Guys, Here's short one I came up with today. Using Axe Fx2 and GG Charvel direct to Logic X Pro. Amp is Fox ODS Deep. Btw, Rakya (Rakija) is my national drink from Balkan for those who are not familiar with it :) Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  40. Igor Paspalj

    Monster Arpeggio Sequence

    Hi all, Here's one shorty I came up recently, which is gonna be included in my guitar instructional video I need to shoot for one company. Used my trusty Charvel GG and Axe Fx2, of course :) Every feedback is highly appreciated. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  41. Igor Paspalj

    Fw 9.03 factory patch Cameron High Improvisation

    Hi Guys, Finally got to install Fw 9.03 on my Axe and revisited some of the latest batch of Factory presets ( I believe 8.02 was the latest). Anyway, they never sounded better imho, and "Cameron High" is pretty awesome straight out of the box. I just engaged compressor block without tweaking...
  42. Igor Paspalj

    The Aristocrats Sweaty Knockers Guitar Cover

    Hi Guys, Here's my take on this one. Recorded with my GG Charvel guitar, which is awesome btw :) and Axe Fx II directly to Logic X Pro. Middle part is improvised by Guthrie so I also improvised my stuff there with few outlines of original improvisation. Also, I decided to end it on the...
  43. Igor Paspalj

    Problem with MFC port

    Hope somebody can help :) Just got my new MFC mark III and ethernet/ethercon cable from G66. Now, I have Axe Fx 2 mark I which I bought used a while ago. Issue is when conecting MFC with the Axe over ethernet/ethercon cable, MFC power up, boot but doesnt see Axe (I set the propet expansion...
  44. Igor Paspalj

    Here's one original instrumental for a change :)

    Hi Folks! Since I always share here some covers, here's, for a change, one of my original instrumental songs I wrote some 5 years ago, and just found some video shots for it, shooted also while ago, so I decided to compile quick video for it :) It's recorded with Axe Fx of course, so, hope You...
  45. Igor Paspalj

    Tremol - no users, I need assistance :)

    Hi guys, So, just received a Gutrie Govan's Charvel signature guitar, and it comes with tremol no installed. Now, it came with perfect setup all together but with 10-46 string gauges. Since I want to changed it to 9-42, i wonder anybody knows is there any procedure involving tremol no before...
  46. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios from Hell cover

    Just lost 5 kg playing this stuff :) Anyway, since I've recently obtained YJM signature Stratocaster, it was perfect excuse to cover something from master :) Using Axe Fx II, of course :) Hope You gonna like it. Cheers!
  47. Igor Paspalj

    Jeff Beck Vibes :)

    Here's one bluesy improvisation I came up today inspired with a bit of a Jeff Beck influence. I am NOT trying to play as Jeff, which is pretty much impossible of course, neither suggesting this is his style :) Just a few Jeff moves, rest is pretty much my own stuff. Anyway, recorded with my Axe...
  48. Igor Paspalj

    It's Fusion time!

    Hi everybody, Here's one improvisation over very simple Dorian backing track by amazing Rick Graham. Axe FX II, of course, as always :) I've had a lot of fun with this one Hope You gonna like it! Cheers!
  49. Igor Paspalj

    Scuttle Buttin - SRV cover

    Hi guys! Here's my take on this SRV classic. Recorded with my Axe Fx II as usual. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  50. Igor Paspalj

    Andy Timmons - Groove or Die Theme

    Hi guys, Here's one theme, not whole song, from amazing Andy Timmons, but what a theme! :) This one's really hard to execute, so pardon me for few minor glitches here and there. Anyway, recorded with my Axe Fx II and my custom Ibanez with scalloped neck. Hope you gonna like it! Cheers!
  51. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen early era sound - Quantum 4.0

    Hi Guys! Here's my attempt to recreate Yngwie's sound from his early era. It's Quantum 4.0. Preset is using 3 scenes - main lead, his ''echo etude'' delay, and his ''slap back'' delay as he calls it. I am just playing some random Yngwie's licks and excerpts. Everything is recorded with Axe Fx...
  52. Igor Paspalj

    Check out this guitar :)

    Here's one short video just to show my new baby :) It's was Ibanez Premium RG263676@$&@...not quite sure which one. Now with my custom design graphics, DiMarzio pickups and scalloped neck. Playing is just some noodling around (Axe Fx II of course), the focus is on guitar. I think it looks...
  53. Igor Paspalj

    Live guitar - vocal ''duel''

    Hi Guys, Here's one guitar - vocal duel from my band rehearsal in Dubai (thing we do at the end of AC/DC ''Highway to Hell'' song) Axe Fx II direct to PA.
  54. Igor Paspalj

    "Hangover" Blues

    Well, the title explains everything :) Recorded with Axe Fx II, as always. Using Tucana lead amp this time, only one preset. It has such a great dynamic response, from gently blues to screaming lead :) Hope You guys gonna like it. Cheers :)
  55. Igor Paspalj

    Legato Etude from Hell :)

    Hi Guys, Here's one thing that I came up with today while improving over some backing tracks. I call this Etude from Hell, because it was really hard to pull off this thing, lol. It's played completely with the left hand, with a little help of Gruv Gear string wrap for muting excessive string...
  56. Igor Paspalj

    Van Halen - Eruption with FAS Reverb

    Just started playing with FAS Reverb, and here's a quick try of Eruption. Few mistakes here and there, though... :) I recorded dry guitar with Axe FX II and then applied FAS Reverb in Logic. Btw, Reverb is AWESOME (that's why I cranked MIX more, compared to original recording, lol), too many...
  57. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson - Manhattan cover - video (Quantum 3.2)

    Hi Guys! Here's my take on this amazing tune. Quantum 3.2, of course, and my custom scalloped strat in action. Yes, we all know how Eric's tone is incredibly hard to achive, but I'm good with this one. Again it's my weird combination of Tone Match block along with the Cab, but it works for me...
  58. Igor Paspalj

    Dream Theater - The Best of Times solo Q 3.2 (video)

    Hi Guys! Here's my take on, In my opinion, one of the best John solos. Started with a tone match, and then started tweaking it, so at the end it's probably not the same, but I really digg this sound - It's so effortless under the fingers :) Latest Quantum 3.02 firmware, of course :) All...
  59. Igor Paspalj

    FAS Hot Rod (Quantum 3.0) - Awesome!

    Anybody uses this amp? I just discovered how beautifully this amp cleans out from tons of gain to nice bluesy singing sound. At least for me :) I just recorded quick preview, so let me know guys what you think about it. <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no"...
  60. Igor Paspalj

    Igor Paspalj - Chillaxe with FAS lead

    Hi Folks! Here's one more improvisation over one of Guthrie's amazing backing track - Chillaxe. I think I just found my new favourite amp - FAS LEAD. Haven't fiddled with it before, but it's really amazing. I am probably gonna use it for my main lead patch live, it's very responsive, and...
  61. Igor Paspalj

    Having fun with "Slapback" delay :)

    Here's one funny tune, my cover of Nuno Bettencourt - Flight of The Wounded Bumblee Bee :) Everybody probably know this one :) Lot of fun with this slapback delay coming from Axe Fx II, of course :)
  62. Igor Paspalj

    Guthrie's Vibes - Igor Paspalj

    Hey folks! Here's one video I recorded today, improvising in style of Guthrie Govan, or at least, I think it's in his style, lol :) Anyway, guitars are Axe Fx II, of course, so here it is, maybe someone will like it :) <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  63. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Far Beyond the Sun

    Hi guys, Here's one short take on this YJM classic. I used Axe Fx II, Quantum 2.0 firmware, with new modeled Marshall 50w HI, it's really great amp, which I think it can amazingly recreate YJM early sound (which sounds much better to me then new one, btw). Anyway, recorded a whole song a while...
  64. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson Clean

    Here's one attempt on EJ clean sound. This is really though one, I know, and I really needs your opinion guys. I am ''kind off a'' satisified with this one, but there's always much more place for improvement. Anyway, I used Super Verb vib amp and cab from ''Cabs from the Attic" - 2x12 3 Monkeys...
  65. Igor Paspalj

    Need help identifying these IRs

    Hi Everybody! Haven't been here for a long time. Was a Ultra user for 4 years, and bought Axe Fx II yesterday. Very happy and excited, btw! :) I have quick question - Apparently, previous user left some IR's in user slots, so I would appreciate if somebody can tell me something about them...
  66. Igor Paspalj

    One more song with my Ultra

    Here's another song recoreded trough this great box :) Igor Paspalj - When The Lights Go Down - YouTube
  67. Igor Paspalj

    New song with Axe Fx Ultra

    Here's the new song I recorded using Axe Fx Ultra, maybe someone will digg it :) Cheers! :) Igor Paspalj - A Heartbeat Away From You - YouTube
  68. Igor Paspalj

    Right Output of Axe Fx Ultra is louder than left

    Like the title says. My Axe Fx right unbalanced output is louder than left. On Axe Fx Utiliity menu everything looks normal, showing same levels, but when I go trough DAW, in Cubase for example, you can see in audio activity it's louder. And it's pretty audible to. Is there any way to fix this, or?
  69. Igor Paspalj

    New Song with Axe Fx Ultra

    Hi Guys, This is my new song, well...at least preview of my new song, recorded on my custom ZS guitar, trough Axe Fx Ultra, directly to computer. Hope you gonna like it :) Cheers! Igor Paspalj - I'm Still Standing - YouTube
  70. Igor Paspalj

    Axe Fx Ultra - Dynamic Response - DEMO Part II

    Ok, this one is mostly for haters :) :) Every day I'm listening about how no digital device is able to reproduce Tube Amp dynamic reponse, including Axe Fx, bla, bla, bla....So, this is demonstration IT CAN, perfectly, and even better then some tube amps I tried, IMHO. Everything you hear...
  71. Igor Paspalj

    Axe Fx Ultra - Famous guitar tones DEMO

    I just recorded one demo of my Ultra, trying to recreate some famous guitar tones, from Yngwie, EJ, EVH, Gary Moore, etc...Played trough my custom made ZS guitar with scalloped neck and prewired DiMarzio pups (Pro/Fast Track). No external preamps, cabs, etc...everything is coming only from the...
  72. Igor Paspalj

    Eric Johnson Clean sound attempt

    Here's my attempt on Eric Johnson clean sound. It sounds pretty close to me on my equipment, altough I know there's something missing, but I'm working on that In my opinion, Eric's cleans are most beautiful ones I ever came across, so here it is, any feedbacks, advices or something is much...
  73. Igor Paspalj

    Tap Tempo led contact issue

    It's really anoying for me...Tap tempo button works perfectly, but it's little losse, so blinking led is not working until i press button little harder, and find a sweet spot, than it's working again. I'm curious, I presume it's a easy fix, it's just a contact, but should I remove front panel...
  74. Igor Paspalj

    My ''JoyRide'' Axe Fx Ultra

    Here's the first one since I've got my Ultra (arround 2 weeks ago) I called it ''JoyRide'', simply because it's such a jooooy playing trouh this box :) Hope you're gonna like it :) Igor Paspalj - JoyRide - YouTube
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