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  1. BORNintoMUSIC

    Been an ear player all my life. What's the best way to start learning guitar?

    Hey everyone - Like the title says I've been mostly an ear player, though I am familiar with basic Music Theory. I'd like to take my guitar playing to the next level. I'm sure learning the scales, modes, and other types of theory is a good idea, but what's going to be the best way to start down...
  2. BORNintoMUSIC

    What is a VCA master in mixing?

    As far as I understand it, it's where a group of tracks are sent to one bus, effectively acting as a group channel. Am I way off base here or can someone help me better understand this concept? Also it appears this concept pertains more to pro tools? (I think they developed it?) If it matters...
  3. BORNintoMUSIC

    One of the great blues man!

    Just want to share this with you all. Such a great piece by a great man!!!
  4. BORNintoMUSIC

    Hi everyone

    I'm presently dealing with an eye condition called Choroideremia. Basically its causing me to go blind. I have about a year left before I lose my vision. My post is not to feel sorry for myself. I want to find a way to be able to program the Axe FX II without vision. Do you guys have any ideas...
  5. BORNintoMUSIC

    5FDP - Bad Company Tone / Gear Suggestions

    I've always played music from the likes of Pink Floyd, Beatles, Coldplay, etc. (I've always enjoyed listening to heavier music though.) So the other day I hear 5FDP covering Bad Company! That has motivated me to start learning about heavier tones in music. Anyways, where would you guys...
  6. BORNintoMUSIC

    Cubase Output through Axe to monitors barely audible..?

    It's been awhile since I've used the axe II as an output and recording device. I've tracked a single mp3 file into cubase, running to my main outs (1 & 2 via axe), to my monitors. If I switch the input mode to USB it reamps the mp3 which I don't want obviously, but setting it to output 1 drops...
  7. BORNintoMUSIC

    Need help with this track. FW4 (LOL!)

    Aside from the drums it's all axe fx II. I've been struggling with this track. Everything I do to continue this piece it doesn't feel as epic as I've started. Do you guys have any ideas?
  8. BORNintoMUSIC

    Recommendation for a Cable Snake for my situation?

    Hey everyone, My band is in the works to start recording our second album. The situation I'm in is: I'm renting a house with a decent sized garage. (20ft high) My studio and garage are separated by a brick wall There is a crawl space underneath my studio which runs to my garage (probably...
  9. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe FX II w/ Atomic CLR in Denver?

    Like the post above, I'm interested in purchasing some CLRs. Currently I use two Bose L1 M1's and find them to be amazing since the last few firmwares. I'd like to do a comparison. I'll drive and do the manual labor. (but can host as well) PM me if interested.
  10. BORNintoMUSIC

    Main Outputs not feeding sound to audio interface....

    Hey guys, I was playing the axe last night no problems with the following setup. Here's the chain: Axe FX (Balanced or Unbalanced) -> Steinberg MR816 (Audio interface) -> Focal 6be Solo Monitors. The Steinberg's signal lights are not picking up anything. I rerouted the outputs to my smaller...
  11. BORNintoMUSIC

    Best Hearing Protection for the buck / fidelity bang.

    Anyone know some good, decently priced hearing protection that reserves the fidelity of sound? Thanks, Brandon
  12. BORNintoMUSIC

    Have you guys seen the Fender Vaporizer?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_C93yxkLNA&feature=youtu.be Do you think the Axe would do this justice without Cliff having to model it?
  13. BORNintoMUSIC

    Oculus Rift - Hilarious Horror Game Video

    Not sure if a lot of you all have heard of this thing called the Oculus. It's a headset you put on and it takes video games to the next level. It makes everything seem more real. This guy got a developer kit and is playing the game Amnesia.... you can see he's legitimately scared lol...
  14. BORNintoMUSIC

    Mistakes in band practice....

    My friend got too drunk and went home to his pregnant wife, whom already have a child. He was just there to watch us play but it ended up too much. The wife text me on facebook and I greatly respect her and more so my friend. Do you guys have any advice? Thanks...
  15. BORNintoMUSIC

    Your mind will be blown! A mind reader... This is some SCARY STUFF!

    Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' - YouTube At first I was like here we go again... some sort of fake mind reader BS. Watch and find out why this will scare you!!!
  16. BORNintoMUSIC

    Electronic Cigarettes. Are they bad for you?

    There's probably a few "traditional" smokers on this forum, so I'd like to hear from your experience. My Dad has been a long time smoker, and I bought an electronic cigarette in hopes that he might be able benefit from one of these. So far in my brief time researching these things, no one can...
  17. BORNintoMUSIC

    Jury-rig: Connecting Audio Output from Interface to Axe FX II

    Hey everyone, We're trying to record some audio on a laptop, but it doesn't have a firewire port, only a USB port. Since you can use the AXE FX as an audio device in your DAW, would it be possible to route the audio output of the audio interface into the Axe FX II via quarter inch cable...
  18. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe Edit 3.0 (It really needs a cooler name)

    But that's beside the point. As much as I've appreciated the lack of Axe Edit to learn the front interface, the new version makes life a breeze with the new version. Thank you Cliff for making this happen, first and foremost. But a special thanks to M@ for giving the framework necessary to...
  19. BORNintoMUSIC

    NOT Finished Yet!: Though it's fun to listen to!

    Hey everyone, I've been following FA for awhile now and it's truly changed my life! (for the better) What you're about to hear is a work in progress. There are many clams (unlike some people who share their work on this forum who say they have their clams but really don't, you know what i...
  20. BORNintoMUSIC

    Dealing with Band Drama...

    Hey everyone, As a lot of people here are apart of bands, I'm interested to see how you deal with band drama. I've been with my current band for 6 years now. We are a band that play mostly original music for our own enjoyment. We generally have a show once a month at local festivals, pubs...
  21. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe FX II Outdoors

    I've gotta hand it to Cliff & Fractal Audio: This thing is a BEAST!! I posted a review of the Axe FX II going through a Bose L1(M1) a year or so ago. At that point the latest firmware was 5. Before 5 I was completely unhappy with the sound and blamed it on the Bose L1. Now it's playing at...
  22. BORNintoMUSIC

    New PIckups for a Strat??

    Hey everyone, I've got a 2008 American Strat Deluxe - HSS W/ S1 Switching. I'm not sure what the pickups are, though it's not the noiseless as most models had. I'm in the market to upgrade the pickups in this thing. I mainly play rock / blues / and pop. The cleans in this thing sound...
  23. BORNintoMUSIC


    I wanted to share this again. It's been awhile since i've made my own music as an individual. As a band I continue to play but this shit inspires me.
  24. BORNintoMUSIC

    Automatic Guitar Tuner!?!?!?!?

    Guys, I know there have been automatic guitar tuning guitars, but this company from Europe allows you to install a device on your guitar head that will do it for you! Troncal Store International Thoughts??
  25. BORNintoMUSIC

    Stuck at Crossroads: Focal 6be Monitors or Apollo Quad?

    Hello everyone, Over the past couple months I've been trying to balance my options: Do I buy Focal 6be SOLO monitors? OR Do I buy the Apollo Quad Audio Interface? At the moment I've got a pair of Blu Sky Monitors. When I bought them originally they cost $400 bucks, and they have...
  26. BORNintoMUSIC

    Nuclear v10 Explosion IMMINENT!!!!

    Clif, I've not posted a V10 thread yet...
  27. BORNintoMUSIC

    Lost all my presets

    Hey everyone, Details aside (because it's not important anymore), I lost all of my presets yesterday, and of course, the day before my gig. Unfortunately without Axe Edit, I was lazy and didn't make backups (my fault, could have used MIDIOX). I've got about 3 hours tonight to rebuild the...
  28. BORNintoMUSIC

    Best Studio Monitors Under $1K for the Axe FX II

    Hey everyone, I know there was a thread started a while ago about the best studio monitors for the AXE FX II, but I wanted to see what the forum thought about studio monitors under $1K. I'm in the market for new studio monitors, specifically for being able to listen to all the critical details...
  29. BORNintoMUSIC

    Inspire - 7.0

    Can't get enough of this new verb. The amps sound stellar as well. 7.0 is such an improvement! Fantastic job Cliff & Everyone @ FAS!!! P.S - Thanks to M@ for solving my multi-delay issue!!
  30. BORNintoMUSIC

    V7 tone opinion: What do you think?

    V7 is an awesome addition no doubt. I love how it responds to your touch on the guitar neck. Anyways, I seem to be struggling getting a tone I feel satisfied with. What are you guys' thoughts about this (very short clip) Thanks, 'don Tone Opinions by BORNintoMUSIC on SoundCloud - Create...
  31. BORNintoMUSIC

    How many Axe FX's do you have Cliff?

    Just curious, lol! :)
  32. BORNintoMUSIC

    What gig ready precautions do you take before going live?

    Hey guys, I've got a huge show coming up at a local festival in Colorado - The Dragon Boat Festival. We made a good impression last year so they are giving us our own slot - this Saturday @ 1PM!! I wanted to start this thread to see what you veterans do to make sure you're gig ready...
  33. BORNintoMUSIC

    Multi-Delay: Seems to cut out randomly while playing?

    I've got a very lush multidelay going on and sometimes while playing, it disappears and disrupts the atmosphere I've created. All of my pedals bypass modes are set to "thru", and I've tried rebuilding the patch from scratch. Any thoughts here? 4.0DB of duck going on -80 threshhold 10ms...
  34. BORNintoMUSIC

    Route Computer Audio to Output 2?

    Hi everyone, I did a quick search and nothing came up. Is there a way to route audio from my MAC to output 2 and reserve my guitar for output 1? Thanks, Brandon
  35. BORNintoMUSIC

    Opinions / Thoughts about EMG pickups?

    Hey everyone, I purchased my first American Strat Deluxe about 4 years ago.... freaking love this guitar. I took it in for a tune up yesterday. I've got to get some fret work done. So I pulled out my backup strat which has 3 EMG pickups in it. Honestly I never used it too much since I...
  36. BORNintoMUSIC

    Sure you can jam with my band!!

  37. BORNintoMUSIC

    Strat Position 5 Noise

    Good evening everyone, I've got an Strat making a lot of electricial feedback noise when on position 5 (neck) and position 3 (middle). I'm not great with guitar maintenance aside from changing strings and cleaning it. Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks!
  38. BORNintoMUSIC

    Brainworx BX Rock Rack - Video

    Sounds decent to me! What do you guys think? https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/videos.html
  39. BORNintoMUSIC

    One Sun One Moon Gig! (Video)

    Hey everyone, Another gig with my band One Sun One Moon. We had a blast! A few technical difficulties arose, IE: BREAKING AN A STRING, ffs... I was expecting anything G and above but, wtf? A?? Anyways, lol... here's a video of one of our better performances that night. Brandon's band 2 |...
  40. BORNintoMUSIC

    Wireless Microphone Suggestions?

    Hey everyone, My lead singer wants to be able to move around while she sings. Do you have any recommendations on a decent wireless microphone? I know the old saying 'you get what you pay for'. We wanted to stay in the $200, or less range. Thanks!
  41. BORNintoMUSIC

    Picture from a gig saturday night! :)

    My band One Sun One Moon played a great gig Saturday night! The crowd was dancing and having a great time. The bar tender sold a ridiculous amount of alcohol and was tipped well: Now it's back to Mondays... *sigh* Ahh well at least it was a good gig to keep me moving through the week! :)...
  42. BORNintoMUSIC

    Lift Off - New Sweet Swell FX added! OMG I love this swell....

    Having way too much fun with this....
  43. BORNintoMUSIC

    Acoustic Cover: Led Zeppelin - All of My Love - FW: 5.01

    Washburn Acoustic w/ compression and large cathedral verb from Axe FX II The rest done within Cubase 5 w/ Izotope's mastering suite. I hope you enjoy it! :) Youtube music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sI4p9xWB4tU#!
  44. BORNintoMUSIC

    Steampunk Guitars!!!!!

    Hell yes I want one! Steampunk-style guitars with macabre pasts | Crave - CNET I wonder how they sound?
  45. BORNintoMUSIC

    Earbud Monitors - Mixing on the road??

    Good evening everyone, I've been traveling at my job as of late and wanted to do some mixing on the road for my band. Since I won't have real monitors is there a decent replacement for some in ear bud form? ...or is this just a waste of my time, since I've heard mixing in 'cans' gives you...
  46. BORNintoMUSIC

    Bose L1 w/ 5.0 - Thoughts & A Picture!!

    When I first received the Axe II w/ V1.0 - I was dissapointed. Not so much with any clean sounds, but I could walk over to a cheap ass $100 pair of PA speakers, get waaaay better sounding crunch / heavy rhythm tones, than I could on the Bose L1. F**K!! Here I spent my life's savings on a sound...
  47. BORNintoMUSIC

    Ableton Live 8 - Mono Output

    Hey guys, I'm running the axe fx and vocals through ableton, and then outputting it to one Bose L1. Even though my inputs are set to mono on the audio tracks, the master bus outputs them to stereo. I do see the master track has the option to output just channel 1 or 2, but I want to be able...
  48. BORNintoMUSIC

    Pulled the Mission Trigger!

    Got an EP-1 and an SP-1!!!!!!! Can't wait! :)
  49. BORNintoMUSIC

    SON OF A B@#$H!! (Picture Attached)

    Was at a gig. Damn drunk ass crowd member HAD to check out the Axe II without my permission. His dumb ass fell into my guitar, which consequently slammed into the value knob of my Axe II, and knocked it clear off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F##K!!!!!!!!!! I found the knob. Any suggestions on how...
  50. BORNintoMUSIC

    Lift Off - Rock Idea I'm fleshing out. Added a bit more and redid tones - 3.04

    Some of you may have heard this before but check out the tone redesign. What do you think?
  51. BORNintoMUSIC

    Black into Silver - 3.03

    Hey everyone, This is still a scratch track - please excuse the clams. However can you all offer some feedback on the guitar tone? I'm using a Cameron Ch. 2 amp, Basketweave RW Touch of meduim reverb a mono delay on the main tone Guitar = Stratocaster I hope you enjoy it... thanks for...
  52. BORNintoMUSIC

    Good to Meet You

    Hey everyone, I'm back with some pop rock! :) All guitars and bass were done through Axe FX II Drums Superior 2.0 Some compression on the final buss to glue it all together. The rest is in my fingers. Hope you enjoy it!!
  53. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe II - Sound Randomly Cuts Out?

    Hey everyone, I've been recording with the Axe II for a month or so and as of a couple weeks ago, my axe has suddenly stopped outputting sound. I was playing a gig last night and it cut out during our opening song... like 30 seconds into it. When this happens I turn the Axe off for a few...
  54. BORNintoMUSIC

    www.heyreverb.com - One Sun One Moon

    Just wanted to throw out that my band hit the front page of www.heyreverb.com. It's basically the Denver Posts' (newspaper) online music section. We are thrilled we are getting some press finally! :) Unfortunately the song they have up on the site was recorded without the Axe II. I was using...
  55. BORNintoMUSIC

    Thank you Cliff Thread!

    Thank you so much for the Axe FX II Cliff, period.
  56. BORNintoMUSIC

    Uh-oh... Axe II not detecting instrument input!!??!!

    So came home tonight, plugged in the guitar, turned on the Axe II and raised Out 1 to about half way. No sound out of my monitors. Looked at Input Activity LED's, no signal detection seen. Hopped over to I/O checked the audio tab, verified Input source is set to Analog (In 1), Input left select...
  57. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe FX II & Fender Cyber Twin SE - FX Return / FX Send

    Hey guys I'm wondering if those FX Send / Return are just for delay / reverb / chorus type of FX? Both of these amps have FX Send / Return Inputs, but I was hoping I would be able to use the amp, power amp, and FX modeling of the AXE FX and strictly use the Fender's cab. I've been working...
  58. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe Edit Doens't display Triode Hardness?

    I see when I use the Axe's interface, but not with edit. I just downloaded the latest version of Axe edit as well... Am I missing something here?
  59. BORNintoMUSIC

    Preset Number Does not Correlate to AXE Edit nor MFC

    Good evening everyone, I apologize if this thread already exists but I can't find anything relating to my queries. As the title states, when I select a preset on my Axe edit and then look down to the Axe LCD screen, the preset numbers do not match eachother. This holds true when speaking...
  60. BORNintoMUSIC

    Lift Off - First track recorded with the AXE FX II!

    Right now it's more of an idea than a track but I'm digging the vibe. I'm still leagues away from some of you guys on here so please excuse my clams. I'm totally digging the AXE FX II. There's so much potential in this thing and SO MUCH to learn. I'm still very far away from writing a fair...
  61. BORNintoMUSIC

    USB Noise

    Hey guys, I know there are a lot of noise threads out there, but I didn't see any specifically describing this problem when searching for it. After I'm done recording the 'reamp' signal via Cubase I access the I/O menu, and flip the audio signal to USB. Intermittently, a high pitch ringing...
  62. BORNintoMUSIC

    Live - Matchless Amp

    Do you know what that would be equivilent to in the Axe II? Or something close to it?
  63. BORNintoMUSIC

    New Axe II arrived last night!!! Having problems with tone.

    Hey guys, I've only had 2 hours to spend with the unit since receiving it. I should be able to spend a lot more time with it tonight. I run the axe through my computer monitors, and through bose L1 Model 1's (two of them for stereo). The cleans sounds ok and for some reason the chrunchy dirty...
  64. BORNintoMUSIC

    Just ordered my MFC + 30 FT Best Tronics Ethernet Cable! :)

    Can't wait!!! Axe 2 gets here tomorrow and the MFC should be on my door step come Friday! :) Had to share my excitement. Thanks :)
  65. BORNintoMUSIC

    Axe 2 w/ Wireless System + Best Tronics Audio Cables?

    Top of the mornin' to you all :) How many of you here use a wireless system with the Axe II? Additionally, do you notice any difference in sound wether positive or negative? Next, I see that Best Tronics offers cables specifically made for the popular wireless lines. Has anyone tried them...
  66. BORNintoMUSIC

    UPS - I've had stuff delivered on Saturdays in the past...

    But this time around it's telling me business days... therefore I wont see my AXE II until Monday. I was really hoping to spend time with it over the weekend. :( Is that the type of shipping?
  67. BORNintoMUSIC

    Guitar Discipline - How do you manage to stay away from distractions?

    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! As I wait for my Axe II - I pondered the topic of discipline, specifically practicing the guitar. My guess is that most of you here probably have that burning desire to be better and practice, practice, practice. On the other hand, I struggle with this...
  68. BORNintoMUSIC

    Ana Popovic - Nothing like a dame who can play the guitar!!!

    Gotta say she is FAAANTASTIC! Was at a blues festival in Denver, CO about 2 weeks ago. This is the second time I've seen her and she never ceases to impress! Beautiful, amazing chops, and astounding feeling! Her recorded CD's are TAME compared to her live show, so take it from me when I say -...
  69. BORNintoMUSIC

    New Firmware: Sending Midi Signals independently of the Axe

    Hi Folks, I read in the manual you could send midi signals independent of the Axe 2. The idea I have is will this allow me to configure my DAW (Cubase 5) to accept midi signals fromt he axe foot controller. Do you guys know if this works? Does anyone have experience in this arena? Thanks!
  70. BORNintoMUSIC

    Where to get backing tracks?

    Good evening everyone, I'm working on several cover songs for upcoming gigs with a friend. We are both playing guitar and switch between lead / backing vocals. Preferably I'm looking to be able to pick and choose what instrument(s) are in the mix. In other words no guitars / vocals in the...
  71. BORNintoMUSIC

    AXE FX II -> (2) Bose L1 Model 1's.

    Hello everyone, I run 2 Bose L1 towers for stereo sound for my current amp (Fender Cyber Twin SE). For those of you that don't know - Fender Cyber Twin SE was supposed to be the Axe FX back in the day (2003) but it never took off. Running this direct XLR out into the bose sounds AWESOME...
  72. BORNintoMUSIC

    Had a dream last night...

    I received an email from fractal audio saying my axe fx II was ready and had the coupon code in hand!!! I was positively ECSTATIC!! Then I awoke and reallized it was all a dream. Man it seriously felt the same way as those 'winning the lottery dreams' and waking up to find out you're still just...
  73. BORNintoMUSIC

    DaveP - AXE FX 2 Ebay Thread

    Sorry dude. It was the heat of the moment. I was on a break at my stressful job. Went to browse the lounge and it was one of the first things I saw and became fixated on the fact someone was selling it for profit. In the end, when it's sold, it will be in the hands of someone who does...
  74. BORNintoMUSIC

    My post was deleted last time (not moved)....

    Cliff! Thank you man. I owe you gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I'm grateful to instill opportunity and change the music industry with your product. Your product selling in under 1 minute, not only records guiness world records (which you should apply for btw), but hope in a nation of...
  75. BORNintoMUSIC

    Thanks but....

    This GAS is driving me up the wall!!! Partying, girlfriends, work, and all of life's other activities pale in comparison to the wait for AXE FX II. Like many others here, and for my own sanity, I hope I'm able to jump on the first batch. Cliff & team, thank you so much for your amazing...
  76. BORNintoMUSIC

    PETITION!! Mark Day is returning to Canada without Axe FX II! Not on our watch!

    Mark Day has to return to Canada without an Axe 2!! A tragedy I tell you! Lets change this and have him return with one!!!
  77. BORNintoMUSIC

    Fender Cyber Foot Controller - AXE FX II??

    Do you guys know if that midi foot controller will work with the AXE FX II while I save for the MFC 101?? Thanks in advanced!
  78. BORNintoMUSIC

    Will you buy an Axe FX II?

    Cliff said he placed a large order for an AXE FX II and a very large one to follow as long as sales go the way he's expecting. This poll is to give Cliff a rough idea about what he should expect for people buying within 1-2 weeks, 1-2 months, within the year, or more then that? Please vote...
  79. BORNintoMUSIC

    Led Zeppelin - All My Love

    Anyone know how to play this song? My band is doing this cover and I'm having a hard time figuring it out. I've purchased 'The Mothership' official guitar tab book... but it doesn't seem to match up with the song itself. You guys find this happens a lot? I thought the official tab books were...
  80. BORNintoMUSIC

    HELP!!!!!!!!! My hopes and dreams of owning an AXE have ended..........

    After 2 YEARS of saving for this thing I was OVERJOYED that one was in stock today!!!!!!!!! I put my credit card info in, clicked purchase and it said credit card declined. I called my bank and there is a $1,500 dollar maximum on my debit card!!!!! I tried to increase the purchase limit but it...
  81. BORNintoMUSIC

    ...and after 2 years of saving to buy this mofo...

    The ultra was OUT OF STOCK! Talk about a tragedy!! I'll never consider buying anything else but damn there's no more patience to give, lol! Had to vent... sorry guys Brandon
  82. BORNintoMUSIC

    What FX do you guys use in the studio?

    Hey guys, Do you use the AXEFX compression, delay, and/or reverb on other tracks besides the guitar? Do you find these useful for vocals, drums or other instruments? Just curious. Thanks, Brandon
  83. BORNintoMUSIC

    Line 6 G30 Wireless Guitar Transmitter

    Not really an amp or a cab, but it is a sound reproduction device! What are your guys' thoughts about the Line 6 G30 with the axe fx? Or perhaps just in general? Apparently it's an excellent device, but I'd like to hear it from you tone snobs out there! :) Thanks, Brandon
  84. BORNintoMUSIC

    Using Venues House PA system.

    What is your experience using the AXEFX with the house PA system? Obviously each venue will differ slightly in the quality of system. At this point I may be only able to afford the AXEFX and then continue saving for the Atomic amp setup. Until then do you guys find the house PA to be an...
  85. BORNintoMUSIC

    Bose L1 w/ Pat Metheny

    Pat Metheny was recently interviewed because he decided to switch to the Bose L1 system. Granted he has a super extreme budget and doesn't play rock, but he does have a lot of respect in the community. He's done over 80 concerts with 12 of these bad boys on stage and claims 'It's like standing...
  86. BORNintoMUSIC

    AXE FX's - Do I need two Pedals? (Wah & Volume)

    Hey guys, Been playing guitar for a little while and I'm wondering if it's necessary to have a volume pedal and and wah pedal? Can you get one pedal for both? Or is there specific reasons why you need both? Here's what I'm interested in getting: Budda Wah Pedal...
  87. BORNintoMUSIC

    AXE FX with Moog Guitar

    Does anyone have a moog guitar out there that can demo it with a moog guitar. Infinite sustain from the guitar plus the axe fx has to be insane!!! Thanks!
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