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  1. voes

    Wish: Cab Selection like the QC

    The only thing I really envy about the QC is the graphical interface they use to select a Cab. As I understand this, hundreds of different IR's are underneath the interface. By moving the position, you just select another IR. Workflow is a lot easier this way than going thru all the different...
  2. voes

    New FM ???

    Read this message from Cliff on TGP about the QC thread: "Actually the Axe-Fx III is the most powerful modeler on the planet. By quite a margin. The QC is currently the most powerful floor modeler. That could change very soon."...
  3. voes

    Wish IR Player

    I was surprised to see that the IR Player is not included in the FM3. It would be a nice tool to save some CPU. Especially those who have both an Axe-Fx III and FM3. Beside the CPU limit of the FM3, those users could use the Tone match to mix 4 CABs (the FM3 has a limit of 2) into a custom...
  4. voes

    Wish Option to make a block scene-independent

    Since there's a good chance that the III will include 3 AMP blocks, I wish there was an option on each block to select if it was Scene independent I would like to make one big Preset which would contain 3-4 AMPS (using different blocks or channels) and 8 scenes to change between FX settings...
  5. voes

    New Midicontroller Voes MC-series

    I'm proud to announce my brand new midi controller MC-series: MC-5jr, MC-5 and MC-10. Compact, Intelligent & User-Friendly. Compact: A small footprint in 3 sizes: MC-5jr: 40cm x 5,5cm MC-5: 18cm x 11,5cm MC-10: 25cm x 15cm Sharing the same code, data-files are compatible and...
  6. voes

    FX8 review on Guitar Interactive Magazine

    Great review on Guitar Interactive Magazine http://www.iguitarmag.com/magazine-editions/guitar-interactive-issue-38/edition-videos/tq_fractal_audio_fx8_review/
  7. voes

    The Drive block is being "G3'd" for the next firmware release

    In case you would have missed this: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/99922-my-two-favorite-tricks-ive-found.html#post1198651
  8. voes

    Boss SY-300

    Looks interesting
  9. voes

    A summary of the new upcoming FW18/G3 firmware recordings

    A summary of the new upcoming FW18/G3 firmware recordings: Tyler Grund: (A Few FW18 (G3) Axe Fx Preview Clips - The Gear Page) Tyler Grund: (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-recordings/95655-fw18-plexi-strat-preview.html) VegaBaby...
  10. voes

    New Liquid-Foot X-series?

    Apparently there's a new midi footcontroller from Liquid-Foot in the pipeline: www.FAMCmusic.com • View topic - So when is the big anouncement? IIRC, totally wireless (power, commands) is one of the features.
  11. voes

    10 UltraRes CAB IRs converted to Axe-Fx Standard/Ultra

    I recently bought a second hand Axe-Fx Standard for my B-rig. Man I didn't believe my ears when I compared it with my Axe-Fx II. Lot has changed since AF1 FW11 and AF2 FW15! That said, the AF1 is still a very good amp simulator. And as we all know, the CAB IR's have a big influence on the...
  12. voes

    Kids play Tool cover! Wow

    Just incredible!
  13. voes

    Pushing the Cleans

    I'm very satisfied with the Vibratro Verb as my main clean AMP. But I can't find a satisfying DRIVE type and settings to go along with it. So here's my question: which DRIVE (type and settings) works well with the Vibrato Verb? AND/OR which clean AMP and DRIVE work well?
  14. voes

    Tone Matching Acoustic Guitar

    Hi all, We rarely play an acoustic song in our band, so I don't find it usefull at all to bring an extra acoustic guitar (lazy 8)) So I thought, why not Tone Match my acoustic guitar. But then I thought, why not first look for an excellent review on Youtube of a great acoustic. Then I found...
  15. voes

    sheet reading app for android using airturn. what to buy?

    Hi all, I am looking for an app to read my tab sheet on a samsung android galaxy tab which can work with the airturn BT-105. just plain text, no notes. What are you guys using?
  16. voes

    tips for taming the CPU

    For those out there who want to get the most out of their Axe-FX II, here are some tips to tame the CPU. Some are obvious, some not. disconnect the USB-cable (0.6%) use X/Y instead of implementing 2 blocks reduce the shunts (0.1%) reduce the controllers (0.5%) set the input gate to OFF (2%)...
  17. voes

    Tone Matching the Internal Cab

    Suppose you have that magic User Cab (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/news/59194-announcing-james-santiago-collection-series-1-axe-fx-ii-cabs-presets.html), and you're afraid to overwrite that User Cab. In that case you could Tone Match the User Cab. Just split the signal after the AMP to CAB...
  18. voes

    Axe-Fx II too expensive? I don't thinkso

    I just had too much time this sunday afternoon, so I compared my virtual board with a real one this is my virtual board: this is an equivalent of the real one guess what. above (axe-fx II + MFC101) is $2950. I admit a lot of money. but the real one costs $3780, go figure! and that's...
  19. voes

    V7 preview by Zentman

    On TGP there's a wonderful demo by zentman using V7 (beta) and demonstrating the improved amp modeling enjoy: So I did a gig today with just one amp model and (Ver 7 clips) - The Gear Page
  20. voes

    New firmware for LF+ with lots of goodies

    new firmware for the LF+ series is out. some great features where added: EXPR connection can now control 2 Buttons, Page swapping, Status #1 LED color can be programmed, ... v1.66 ------------------- - new: (beta) Expression pedals: New Type "2 Page buttons" -- 1 expression pedal can now...
  21. voes

    The New LF+ Midicontrollers are just awesome!

    I’m waiting for the LF+ 24+ to hit the street to replace my beloved LF Pro. In the meanwhile my good friend Rik got his two LF+ 12+ midi-controllers. He was kind enough to let me try them for a couple of days. I’m so impressed that I had to write this little review. For those who don’t know...
  22. voes

    New firmware for LF+ shows Tap Tempo in main LCD

    New firmware 1.58 for LF+ shows Tap Tempo in main LCD LF+ TAP-Tempo Display for IA-Slots - YouTube
  23. voes

    Request for MFC Firmware < 1.00

    I have a request. could somebody send me please a MFC Firmware before 1.00 Thanks!
  24. voes

    Which advanced parameters do you use in the AMP block and why?

    Just wondering, which advanced parameters do you use in the AMP block and why? Mostly I don't touch them at all, but if I use them, then these are the ones: Damp (Power Page) to make the sound tighter Bright Cap (Tone Page) and Hi Resonance (Speaker Page) to make it less harsch (sometimes...
  25. voes

    Suhr S3 Axe Fx II video

    I saw this link on TGP, and wanted to share to you all! Man what a sound, feeling, dynamics! I bet it's the TX Star Lead AMP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB-1-0BbHGw&feature=player_embedded
  26. voes

    Nice tutotials for the Axe-Fx II on G66

    G66 - Tutorials
  27. voes

    New Liquid-Foot Controllers

    LF+ Extender Features and ease-of-use - YouTube LF+ AXE-FX (New Tuner Screen, Autoload, Direct Control) - YouTube LF+ Size compared to JR. and Pro - YouTube LF+ quick overview - YouTube
  28. voes

    Connecting 2x Axe-Fx Digital

    I'm trying to connect my both Ultra's digital. Ultra A is set to analog in front, Ultra B is set to digital in. Connecting them with SPDIF gives me only digital noise coming out of Ultra B. Tried one cable A out -> B in and 2 cables connecting A <-> B Anyone have an idea what I'm...
  29. voes

    Tried a half hour and can't get a decent sound out of it...

    My Ultra is on the road for a week, so I used my old Pod XT to practice this morning. Man, I tried a half hour to get a some sort of decent sound out of it. Just gave up! :)
  30. voes

    My main presets

    thought I should share my 6 main patches with which I play 99% of my gigs. they go from clean to lead, no metal stuff, that's not my thing. I deleted a whole lot of stuff and most of the controllers, so it will probably work on a standard too. To give you an idea how complex my patches are, I...
  31. voes

    Liquid-Foot step by step guide

    I made a Liquid-Foot (Pro & Jr.) step by step guide hope you like it. 8-) http://voes.be/liquidfoot/
  32. voes

    (R)evolution of Rock Guitar part II

    (R)evolution of Rock Guitar part II is out. amazing!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ1-rF_rG7I&feature=player_embedded#
  33. voes

    Little features you like about the Axe-Fx

    Well we all know how good the Axe-fx sounds and feels, but I was wondering what little features there are that you like the most. for me, on 2nd place: global tempo: In a live situation where you constantly change presets it's something that just obvious and it's so weird to me that this is not...
  34. voes

    7.12 Compressor bypass mode

    in the compressor block you can't change the bypass mode Can somebody confirm this?
  35. voes

    Liquid-Foot Advanced Programming

    Hi, I always wanted my Axe-Fx to be controlled as a big pedalboard. I need at least ;) wah, compressor, 3 drives, amp, cab, tremolo, chorus (or better detune), octaver, phaser, slap delay, normal delay, multidelay, reverb, boost, tuner and tap-tempo. I know it's a bit absurd, but...
  36. voes

    More controls for new DRIVE block

    I really love the new advanced parameters in the DRIVE block. Thanks Cliff!!! Wouldn't it be nice to have more controls of the new parameters. especially the clip type parameter is really interesting. If I could change that, I could create a totally different drive-sound with one IA. Of...
  37. voes

    Bug in 6.08

    if I have a excisting patch with AMP-CAB in it and I remove the link between AMP and CAB, my ultra gets a real low or high sound. this occurs on every patch. also if you create from scratch AMP-CAB and the rest SHUNTS and then remove the link between AMP and CAB I get the EXCESS CPU USAGE error...
  38. voes

    Youtube - Duplicating some famous drive pedals

    The Axe-FX Ultra - Duplicating some famous drive pedals Part I: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGJvcs8Gfog Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVuDsDfrlPk More info on: http://fractalaudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2863&start=0
  39. voes

    Bug when using 2 cabs

    I've noticed a minor bug when using 2 cabs. If you use 2 cabs and you bypass one (to hear only one cab) it will bypass both cabs, not visually but sonically. can anybody confirm this?
  40. voes

    Reverb Spillover [DONE]

    The Axe-Fx has the nice ability to do delay-spillover. I think it would be nice if there was also a reverb-spillover in a similar way.
  41. voes

    Ultra Looper Undo/Redo function

    Most modern loopers have this function.
  42. voes

    Looper fadeout (Ultra)

    I watched a video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf-K50n7mLM) with the Boss RC-20XL Loop Station and there is this cool feature where you can fade out the loop (on the video 2:30) Wouldn't this be a cool feature for the ultra?
  43. voes


    For all those who want to use the behringer fcb1010 with the axe-fx I gathered some usefull information: http://www.voes.be/fcb1010 A direct link for an example using the axe-fx with the fcb1010 http://www.voes.be/fcb1010/software/fcb1010_axe-fx.zip
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