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    FS For Sale: AXE-FX III

    For Sale: AXE-FX III Asking $2,200.00 + Shipping (Price is Firm) Open to offers within USA only. You Pay Shipping. Purchased in late June 2020. Dead mint condition. Barely used in my smoke-free studio (4hrs max) Open to offers within USA only. ‘PREFER’ local offers (Cleveland, Ohio area)...

    EHX Superego.. Need some routing help!

    I now have an EHX Superego on the way and was wondering how to route it to my AXE-FX (Ultra).... I want to avoid routing the EHX Superego directly through the front of my AXE-FX if possible because the SUPEREGO does not have 'True Bypass' and I want to avoid having any 'colored' sound or...

    EHX Superego.. Need some routing help!


    Help!! External inputs 1&2 no longer functioning/recognized.

    Please help. I'm at the end of my rope. Pedals/switches suddenly are no longer responding using external 1 & 2 inputs on my Ultra. When I try to calibrate my pedal (attached to Ext 1) there is no response or recognition at all. The whole problem began when I started loosing all output when...

    Steel Mushrooms... Live jam/clip with my ULtra

    I haven't posted a clip in a while, in fact, this is my 2nd one. There was no post processing except for the fades. This is a clip (song idea) from a (just me/just for fun) jam that was recorded in the wee hours of the morning, all done in real time in one take on a Boss Micro-BR live in the...


    This is my first posted recording. I've been frequenting this most excellent forum for about three years now and thought it was time to post something for your listening pleasure. I'm sure it's not for everyone but it was a blast making it on the fly none the less. This is an...
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