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  1. Sacha

    Chuggnus Quick Mix Test

  2. Sacha

    Cygnus vs. FW15 chuggz

  3. Sacha

    Why do EQ'd IRs sound bad?

    I remember @FractalAudio made a post at some point about the theory behind this, but I can't find it for the life of me. Does anyone remember? Basically it was around that 'mix-ready' and otherwise processed IRs are a terrible idea; an IR should sound like the cab and be captured as neutrally as...
  4. Sacha

    Metal DEATHMATCH - Fractal vs. Neural

    Just for fun! Both tones are going into the same IR (Ownhammer Mesa Recto) and processing chain (just some light EQ and compression + widening). What do you think? I'll wait until we get some opinions hopefully and then post the answers / my thoughts.
  5. Sacha

    Is noise important?

    Whenever the real amp vs modeler comparisons are posted, it makes it easier to tell (with high gain at least) the real amp since it will have more noise. My question is does this noise have an affect on the tone when playing? Does it make an improvement? Should it be included (at least...
  6. Sacha

    Made a Metal thing - Q7 + New OH Mesa IR = Hott Sexx

    Had some fun layering tones in this one! SO easy to dial in these days.
  7. Sacha

    Metal Instrumental featuring Andy James - Q6, ML IRs, GGD Drums

    Hi fellas I made a new track and my buddy Andy James was nice enough to lay down a solo: Checkitout!
  8. Sacha

    For those wishing for an Archon in your Axe

    I (mostly accidentally) managed to match my Archon gain channel about 95%, just dialing by ear. I'm sure you could get it closer if you tweaked or tone matched. Here's a clip, 1 part is the Axe, the other is the Archon DI'd through a Suhr Reactive Load, both into the same impulse and chain in...
  9. Sacha

    I gone went and made a Deathcore...FW3, Cab Pack 13, Amp Blending

    Listen here: Or watch here: Also made an instrumental version here:
  10. Sacha

    New Joey Sturgis IR pack

    Is MUCH better than the last one IMO: http://joeysturgistones.com/products/conquer-all I made a clip: They sit in the mix real nice! They offer raw versions this time not only that pre-mixed jazz
  11. Sacha

    How about a threesome? Metal IR comparison clip that is!

  12. Sacha

    Every Hour Kills EP Stream!!1

    Whatchyaall think! :pride:
  13. Sacha

    MOAR METAL: Every Hour Kills new track on Revolver

    Every Hour Kills Premiere New Song, “Saviours” - Hard Rock & Heavy Metal News | Music Videos |Golden Gods Awards | revolvermag.com Check it out, tell me what you think! Metally Cheers Friends. :)
  14. Sacha

    Hey Guyth! My Metal band did a video thing

    All guitars are Axe-FX (duh) and you might even spot some gear pr0nz in there!
  15. Sacha

    New single from my band Every Hour Kills - Metal, Ownhammer, FW17

    EH guyth checkitout let me know what ya think! Recorded with my Strandberg with EMGs, FW17 and the new Ownhammer Mix IRs.
  16. Sacha

    Little Metal clip with new Ownhammer V3 Mix IRs

    These IRs have quickly ascended to my favourite and current go-to, especially the 'phase EQ' ones, loving how those massage all the right frequencies. Amazing work as always from Kevin! This clip uses the 'OG' english Mesa V30.
  17. Sacha

    New METAL track with Fractal 4x12 IRs and FW15

    Track I've been working on for my band Every Hour Kills using the new collection and some other fun toys. Some great IRs in there and the new FW is tits!
  18. Sacha

    First UR clip and review + SICK new METAL IR pack coming SOOOOON

    First recording since the Ultra-Res came out, it's been a BIG step for me personally, just gets the low end feel and overall tone way better and more akin to a mic'd cab in a room IMO! Regular IRs had the right frequency response but felt / sounded more flat and now that has been mitigated. I...
  19. Sacha

    METAL? Every Hour Kills new single - Produced by Joey Sturgis

    Recorded, mixed and mastered by yours truly! All Fractal for guitars of course. Let me know what ya think. Finished this before Ultra-Res but next one for sure!
  20. Sacha

    Back in the Cult...erm...I mean Club!

    Some clippage for my band Every Hour Kills: And a less than ideal pic of the current rig: Loving the tones both recorded and live!
  21. Sacha

    New Walk As Chaos single

    Hopefully you won't mind me posting this here, the cleans and leads are Axe-FXII although I did end up having the rhythms re-amped (Fortin NATAS)! Ironic that this song is about relationships and communicating, and was completed just as my 8+ year relationship and friendship came...
  22. Sacha

    Covering myself (V3, ViK content)

    To commemorate the 10th anniversary of my first serious band, theR.A.C.E. (the Revolt Against Cultural Extinction), I decided to re-visit one of the songs from that album. Using the original vocal / keyboard tracks, I re-recorded and re-programmed the rest of the instruments and updated the mix...
  23. Sacha

    NGD - Vik Duality 7 - with V3 clip

    Quick rhythm clip: Pics: Specs: * • 24 frets, 652mm, 25 2/3" * • Honduran mahogany with Canadian curly maple top * • 5 pieces carpathian flame maple/purplewood neck * • ViK reversed “split-design” 7 head plate * • Ebony fingerboard with...
  24. Sacha

    First Axe-II recording - Walk As Chaos new song

    Impasse: Walk As Chaos - Impasse Demo by walkaschaos on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Tracked with my Vik 8 string with EMG 808X into Axe-FXII - Diezel model primarily. How are the tones?
  25. Sacha

    Belated NGD - Vik 8 string w/ fretless w/ clips

    Clips: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2183128/Vik_SL8_Clip1_July9.mp3 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2183128/Vik_SL8_Clip2_July9.mp3 Specs: 22 frets, 682mm, 26,85" Honduran mahogany and ash body ISNC Set-in bubinga/rosewood/bird's eye maple neck with “traditional” headstock 8 Rosewood/ fretless...
  26. Sacha

    New Project! Walk As Chaos

    First post back to the new forum! Check out an instrumental demo track 'Aberrant' here: Walk As Chaos | Calgary, AB, CA | Metal / Extreme / Progressive Metal | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation If you dig it spread the word and sign up for updates so I can spam you later! There...
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