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    Backup gear for rehearsal and gig

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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Damn, just got on wait list but normally I would have checked the forum multiple times today. Was busy. Oh well. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long.
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    Any tips for creating an IR for a noob

    There are hundreds in the unit itself. You don't need to create or buy any.
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    Selling Guitars Online - Best Place Nowdays?

    Hey, up to you, but we're just talking about trying to sell stuff here. I've bought and sold hundreds of guitars, amps and pedals there. Never had a bad transaction. Big audience of people interested in gear. No fees (other than pp fees if you use it). No tax. I go to Reverb as a last resort.
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    Selling Guitars Online - Best Place Nowdays?

    The Gearpage is still the best place overall for me and the first place I go.
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    Gary Moore long sustain with FM3

    Should be 121. “Still Blue.”
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    Gary Moore long sustain with FM3

    There’s a Gary Moore preset. At least there is on the III. Used to be called Still Got the Blues.
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    Your best electric guitars, do they sound great acoustically?

    I’ve noticed no real connection.
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    Beard trimmers

    I like this one, for beard and head:
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    Black Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots” Live

    Sounds great. Any chance you’d care to share the patch?
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    Review - Axe FX 3 - After a year of using it.

    On the device hit the arrow a few times to the right and you have a list of all your presets you can easily navigate through.
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    The Cygnus Limelight M@ preset appreciation thread

    It’s one of the new factory presets.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.02 Public Beta

    Not sure I can tell distinctions between firmwares anymore, all I know is I'm extremely happy every time I play through this thing. Thanks.
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    Leon Todds IRs?

    I like Mix 2 better than 7.
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    Thoughts from Cygnus users through tube power amp/cab

    Cliff specifically recommends against a tube power amp.
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    Have you found “your” amp in the FM3?

    I too keep coming back to the SLO.
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    How hard is it to “shoot an IR”?

    I love the sound of my cab and speaker. But to do a decent job of this do I need special mics? A treated room? Should I bother?
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    Carol Ann Appreciation Thread

    I find the CA's (in my Axe III) to be incredibly dark and muddy. Yes, I know I can just make adjustments to brighten them but I always wonder why they are set that way. Even new CA Cygnus presets on III. Just so muffled I can't believe anyone would use them that way out of the box. And yes I had...
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    FAS Wreck love

    Been looking for a good G12-H75. Did you buy them or make them yourself?
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    Wish Ibanez Mostortion and Nobels ODR-1

    Just got the Wampler version of the ODR-1 and I have to say this is a great drive (and I've tried well over a hundred). Would love to see it in the Axe.
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    Best Vox Amp & Cab Combo?

    Was just playing last night and thinking how much I'm loving the Vox sound I'm getting. AC-20 12AX7 Treble. Cab is Legacy 119 1x12 AC-20 DLX MIX.
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    Best patches

    The Pete Thorn and Steve Stevens patches are really good too.
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    iMac M1 24" yes or no?

    Can’t see going down from 27” to 24”
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    CLR owners, please help!

    First adjustment I make on every preset is the “cut” switch in the amp block.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Oh man, I screwed up. I saw this thread bumped recently and I thought it was the final Cygnus software. I see now it's an older version that was being bumped. My bad!
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    Updated to this from previous beta. All my user made presets are empty! First problem I've ever had with an update. Edit: And it's not loading presets from the backup I made with the beta. This is a disaster!! Edit: OK, user made presets are still there except for any presets I ever modified...
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    Synergy Syn2 or Revv G20 (D20)

    I’ve got a Syn 2 sitting right next to my Axe III and it sounds great. Dare I say a little better to my ears than the Axe for a given amp tone, although not as convenient and flexible.
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    Unchained - Van Halen Cover (+ preset)

    That's awesome. Tones are spot on. Thought it was the original at first. Love the band and the vid.
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 8 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #5

    Me too! Guitar tuned to Open G and couldn't stop playing it last night.
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 6 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #3

    Thanks for the Supro! My next request would be the Bludotone.
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    What is your favorite single cut?

    Took me a long time and lots of money to realize this.
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 5 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #2

    Consider this a request for the Supro/Supremo Trem to get the full treatment.
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    The Cygnus amps

    Soldano 100 Lead sounds amazing to me. Think it's my favorite.
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    I'll never understand what makes it so difficult...

    If people start with the presets I do find them overall way too dark. Easily fixed. To me, the first thing I do on any amp is flick the "cut" switch. Much better.
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    Axe-Fx III - First Impressions

    Start with a blank preset. Create an amp block. Pick an amp. Create a cab block. Pick an appropriate cab. Set normal amp controls to taste. It will sound great.
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    FM3 for live use

    14 lbs. Really? I’ve had guitars that weigh more than that.
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    @FractalAudio Cliff with the new firmware do you still like turning up the Output Compression with Gain Enhancer to around .7?
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    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    Never liked their music but respect is due.
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    Worst Thing About Axe-Fx III is Location Confinement

    It's 14 pounds. I've had guitars heavier than that. Slip it under one arm and go.
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    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Cliff said “weeks.” https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/you-guys-gals-are-in-for-another-treat.169535/page-30#post-2042068
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    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    Now get to work on “chime.”
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    Anyone have a preset for BTO's Takin' Care of Business?

    Hey, but it’s also got two identical breakdowns!
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    Very odd problem

    I feel bad for Kevin though!
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    Wish Global Virtual Capo

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    Do you actually wait 5 seconds for firmware reboot?

    The only time I’ve ever had trouble with a firmware download is when I didn’t wait 5 seconds. Lesson learned!
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    "Can't You Hear Me Knocking?" Tone

    I’ve used Deluxe Tweed for it.
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    Axe-Fx disengaging in Logic Pro

    Have you tried unplugging and reattaching USB? That always works for me.
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    Where can I find an in-depth Cab block guide? (IRs)

    I usually just use Leon's free ones.
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    MP3 to WAV

    My ignorance, but why would you want to convert lossy to lossless? You’re not gaining any information and just getting a bigger file.
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    Anyone using the Morningstar MC-6 with the FM3?

    Used to use it with the Axe-FX III before the FC's were released. Worked great.
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    Giving Logic Pro X A Try - Issue With Waves Plugin Licenses

    You trying to run old versions with Catalina?
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    Ghost Presets

    Thought "ghost presets" was going to be a bug report.
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    Who are Robert Plant's predecessors?

    This was the guy Jimmy asked to be in LZ before Plant:
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    Who are Robert Plant's predecessors?

    He was emulating blues singers.
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    Wanna set up to FOH, but have dumb questions...

    Set up a "performance page" with most commonly adjusted parameters.
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    "SS Pwr Amp + Cab" vs "FRFR" Setting: which do you prefer?

    Can’t tell a difference personally.
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    Wanna set up to FOH, but have dumb questions...

    For the FOH side a powered FRFR PA speaker is best, after that headphones and/or studio monitors. But at the end of the day, it’s not going to be the same as what the FOH is so you will be dependent on the Sound guy to some extent.
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    Your preferred way to add boost to lead?

    Holy crap, your band mates must love it when you step on that 10db boost.
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    Your preferred way to add boost to lead?

    Filter blocks.
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    macOS Catalina

    I've been delaying upgrading to Catalina for just this reason. Which brands of plugins are you having problems with?
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    macOS Catalina

    Go to “About This Mac” and check if you have any 32 bit apps.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    I too have been digging the Compulsory Drive. Engaged it into a Double Drive amp and it sounds glorious.
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    Best practice with locking tuners

    Pull it taut and lock it. That’s all you need.
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    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    USB issues. Been reported extensively in the III as well.
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    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    Fixed on the III as well?
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    USB disconnecting

    Not using hub. Have this problem almost every time I go to record. Unplug and replug works. Bit of a nuisance.
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    Can you do this?

    Maybe I missed it all these years (I've been using either presets or my own templates forever). Would like to be able to "insert blank column" just to be able to add a new type of block without having to move everything over manually.
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    Black Crowes cover band preset

    My band plays a few Crowes songs. I use the Tweed Twin with a TS.
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    Interface to work along Axe-Fx III?

    So many good cheap interfaces from Presonus, Motu, Steinberg, Audient and others.
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    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    Yeah, it was offensive. Like, we're doing you a favor by raising fees.
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    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

  73. B

    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

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    How to connect Axe-Fx III to interface

    You don’t need an interface. Just go directly to computer with USB. If you're going into interface with XLR outs, should be Output 1.
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    Interface to work along Axe-Fx III?

    Just got a Motu M2 and very happy with it. It won a very detailed shootout for the best headphone out.
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    "Shine" - Iso Mix

    OMG, the double guitar and the parrot!
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    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    "Freedom to be racist" is not a very sympathetic rallying cry to me. Yeah, people can be racist, but other people, or businesses, have the freedom to not want to associate with them. That's a different kind of freedom.
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    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    Still waiting to hear how it was Etsy's takeover that ruined Reverb.
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    NuX Bumblebee Pedalboard for our Fractal gear - Review

    She was motivated by a desire to see me clean up my pedals!
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    Pink Floyd Presets

    I don't have an FM3 but does it not have the Mr. Floyd and Mr. Gilmour presets?
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    Guitars: how many and brands?

    I've got about 30 (too many). Multiple Gibson, Fender, PRS, Hamer, and Suhr, plus Corsa, 48th Street Custom, Nash, Gretsch.
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    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    I know they took it over, but what changes have they made that result in less used items for sale?
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    You Knew Etsy Would Ruin Reverb

    It seems like there are less and less used listings on Reverb. But educate me--how is that Etsy's fault?
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    NuX Bumblebee Pedalboard for our Fractal gear - Review

    My wife bought me one of these. Assembly was a bit of a pain but I really like it. Use it for pedals, not Axe.
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    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

  86. B

    Cliff's Reviews: Ad Astra

    Absolutely terrible pretentious, boring movie.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    With FractalBot.
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    Steven Stevens Artist Preset pack is up

    These sound awesome.
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    Why I already love FM3 in 30 short minutes

    Wut now? Why?
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    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

    Great product for those still using Axe II. $195 shipped and pp'd. CONUS ONLY. Thanks for looking.
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    Overwhelmed by cabs to be honest....

    I second Leon’s free Marshall cabs. They sound great.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    I just reamped with it last night.
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