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  1. fotozvuk

    Help Creating Children of Bodom/Alexi Laiho Tones

    Hi there, ! I also do not understand much in alchemy. Fractal for creating sounds. But my experience is that it's best to use what works for you, your guitar, your finger technique. I take ready-made blocks and insert them into the tone blank. For example, here's your preset that's reworked and...
  2. fotozvuk

    Gary Moore long sustain with FM3

    Thanks! This is good news as you don't have to spend a lot on experimentation. It remains to figure out what to do with the wire from the speaker - back through the back, strap and to the guitar cable? Or forward to a type of microphone stand. Have you used EQ in front of the speaker amplifier...
  3. fotozvuk

    Gary Moore long sustain with FM3

    What kind of amplifier are you using for this speaker? Where is it located (amplifier), diagram. Is there enough power to pump from the headphone jack in Axe II?
  4. fotozvuk

    Flattening the headrush curve

    Thanks. I have an Ax FX II, so the question is about the Q value for all bands, especially 263 and 904 Hz. 2. Do you think it is possible to correct approximately for this picture on the slider equalizer -Out 2 with its standard frequencies and Q?
  5. fotozvuk

    Whitesnake Cover - Is This Love

    I wish you a complete recovery!
  6. fotozvuk

    Whitesnake Cover - Is This Love

    Excellent! (can you share a preset with your adjustments, my favorite song of this band?)
  7. fotozvuk

    Is there a future in modeling speakers? Any other cab sim pedal users?

    I have a question. Explain your cabling diagram. simulator, stereo, mono. Do you include this speaker simulator in the section of the Ax preset or at the output, input to the FRFR? After all, many blocks for processing the signal-delay, chorus, reverb, are included after the cable simulator. All...
  8. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    I understand the principle of "reasonableness" of business, but it can be more diverse and flexible, taking into account mutual interests. For example, a user likes his old retro car, does not want to buy a new one - no money. It is more profitable for him to buy a new engine for his car now...
  9. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Sadness. (sadly). I understand that the power of the Ax-Fx III processor is not comparable to the Ax-Fx II But I still "hope" that the rules serve to break them by exceptions. For example, to convert an improvement in the new Ax-Fx III firmware into Ax -Fx II, at least partially. :)
  10. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    I remember for a long time on the forum, Cliff said that he had found a way to convert amplifiers from Ax-Fx III to Ax-Fx II. Since he spent all this time improving the Ax-Fx III firmware, he did not have time to implement this idea. For me, the news on the Ax-Fx III forum about the sensational...
  11. fotozvuk

    Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound

    I tested three types of pickups for my LP Standard - originals from the manufacturer 480? (I don't remember the model), 57, BurstBucker 1, 2. I settled on my sound BurstBucker 2 neck, 3 bridge . They say BurstBucker Pro alniko 5, a stronger magnet, a brighter sound, more dynamic on low...
  12. fotozvuk

    Compilation of covers using my AX8

    Thanks, I found it. I am a user of Ax-Fx II, so I have not read this forum before.
  13. fotozvuk

    Compilation of covers using my AX8

    Happy New Year. I liked your many tones. Is it possible to get them?
  14. fotozvuk

    Pipe Organ Presets?

    Вот такая возможность для проведения эксперимента. 5Я взял предустановку B3 со звуком Hammond (сцены 5-8), вставил Ваши поля и блоки реверберации (Сцена 1). Мне больше нравятся сцены с усилителем. (более конкретно звук). Педаль экспрессии, естественно, вниз (регулирует частоту вращения ротора и...
  15. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    It is interesting to know how this amplifier function improves the sound, to justify our jealousy ... :)
  16. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    My opinion is that Fractal specialists have long learned how to get the sound of star guitarists, a cast, a sampler. And now in the latest firmware there is work on the sensory, controllability, responsiveness of the amplifiers during sound extraction, the position of the fingers, the pick, and...
  17. fotozvuk

    Headrush 112

    Thanks for the answer. Today, there was little time for rehearsals again, I quickly adjusted the equalizer within 0.5 dB, like there is an improvement, (or suggestion?) - 31 -0.25db, 63 -0.25db, 125 -0.20db, 250 0db, 500 + 0.10db, 1k 0db, 2k + 0.10db, 4k + 0.15db, 8k + 0.10db, 16 0db. Maybe we...
  18. fotozvuk

    Headrush 112

    I had the same thing at rehearsal for the first time 108. The master equalizer is all at 0, did not have time to compare with the presets made in the headphones at home. I would like to know your equalizer settings to compare. If you can publish ...
  19. fotozvuk

    atomic clr w/ another FRFR

    I do not have atomic clr wedge . I have headrush-frfr-108- quite suits me. At first it seemed to me that there were more low frequencies than with the presets that I set up at home with the ATH M 50 headphones. But after I returned the global equalizer to 0 level (it was - 8 dB), set Ares 2p00...
  20. fotozvuk

    Celestion take my money!

    The characteristics are impressive - the pressure is 140db, a large frequency range but ... a lot of weight, dimensions, probably you need a large area of the horn, you still need a crossover, a second speaker for the low frequency range. I am not an expert, but I think at home this is a more...
  21. fotozvuk

    (VID) Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water (Solo Cover)

    Is very similar. Could you share a preset?
  22. fotozvuk

    CLR crossover frequency?

    Thanks for this post. This topic is interesting to me. For many years, Atomic, in the opinion of guitarists in various forums, has been the best active cabinet for modern processors with simulator booths. Sadly, there were no worthy competitors with a similar product quality. The main thing -...
  23. fotozvuk

    CLR crossover frequency?

    I could be mistaken, but I read somewhere here on the forum - the frequency of the CLR section, 1.7K. I remember I was surprised that the frequency of the crossover is so low.
  24. fotozvuk


    with Ares 1.05 ? - Ares 1.03 !
  25. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Released! Version 3.14.5 - April 1, 2019 - .exe file Axe-Edit 3.14.5 is now live on the website and auto-update. http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-edit-software.php Release 3.14.5 April 1, 2019...
  26. fotozvuk

    Creating a tape saturation effect like the Strymon Deco

    Version 3.14.5 – April 1, 2019 – .exe file.......!!! http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-edit-software.php New Features 1. Added "Dynamic Damping" to AMP block's "Power Amp" page. Bug Fixes 1. Corrected preset export via Axe-Manage.
  27. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Many thanks to Cliff, FAS for "Ares" !. Is Axe-Edit for "Ares" updated?
  28. fotozvuk

    Fixed! I can not save a backup copy of the bank A.

    I would be glad if this helps your problem. More ideas ... If Ax-Edit freezes on this preset, take the following steps. Shut down your Ax-Fx, wait 5 sec., Close Ax-Edit, turn on your Ax-Fx II (XL) processor, set to a broken preset number, turn on Ax-Edit (it is advisable to turn off all foot...
  29. fotozvuk

    Fixed! I can not save a backup copy of the bank A.

    Yes! I did it with an editor. The main thing is to determine which preset needs repair. I figured this out by %% of discarded information when the Fractal - Bot stops. At me 17% corresponded 21, 22 to a preset.
  30. fotozvuk

    Fixed! I can not save a backup copy of the bank A.

    In the top line Ax-Edit> Preset> in the drop-down menu, the first line is Clear Preset. I cleared 2 presets in the editor, saved, then loaded onto empty presets from previously saved copies. The main thing was to determine which preset numbers were broken. I proceeded from this logic (maybe...
  31. fotozvuk

    Fixed! I can not save a backup copy of the bank A.

    Fixed! Thanks for the tip that this was a problem with a “broken” preset. I found a preset (a couple?) That caused the Axis Editor to freeze on certain combinations of a foot controller. How I solved the problem - 1. Defined broken presets. 2. Cleared them using the function in the Editor. 3...
  32. fotozvuk

    Fixed! I can not save a backup copy of the bank A.

    What are the methods of treatment? Problem with preset or bank? How to determine where the damage, preset number? How to clean and replace with a working preset or create a new operational bank?
  33. fotozvuk

    Fixed! I can not save a backup copy of the bank A.

    I downloaded, reinstalled, new drivers, editor, Bot. I can not reset the bank A, my processor freezes, the bot stops working at a 17% reset. Banks B, C and system data reset without problems. It was necessary to reset each of the 128 presets of bank A. through the bot. How to solve the problem...
  34. fotozvuk

    Is there a solution to the problem - an explosive Reverb attack when this tone is turned on?

    Thank you, problem solved! I was afraid to put a filter at the beginning of the chain, as this would change the settings of the multi compressor and the balance between the direct signal and the multi delay. I did it like this - the problem is solved, the moderator can delete this publication.
  35. fotozvuk

    Piano tones?

    Maybe I'm not writing about this topic, but . There are no keyboards in our group. Sometimes you need a soft filling of harmony - chords and arpeggios, like on a piano. I use this tone, but it’s certainly not a piano and a piano, it’s like the soft sound of a piano like Rodez and string stuff...
  36. fotozvuk

    Is there a solution to the problem - an explosive Reverb attack when this tone is turned on?

    Is there asolution to the problem - an explosive reverb attack when this tone is turnedon?I changed this preset to increase a variety of scenes, added some blocksand tuning to my guitar.Many thanks to Fremen for the authorship of this freepreset.This is the only preset that I have a problem with...
  37. fotozvuk

    Effect for sweet emotion intro

    I sometimes fool around in a pause with a preset similar to this effect. 1. Preset multiple scenes with pedal control. 2 Preset with Envelope...
  38. fotozvuk

    Down With Up

    For me it sounds like the sound of K. Santan. Could you publish the insides of this patch?
  39. fotozvuk

    Whitesnake's Here I Go Again Solo | Classic Rock Solos #2 (Guitar Cover)

    Like! Can you share the preset, the model of your pickups?
  40. fotozvuk

    Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover cover

    Very like! Can you post a preset?
  41. fotozvuk

    Whitesnake - "Is this love" - Solo w/preset

    Thank you! It works! I made some changes for my guitar, firmware 9.04. Added a scene for clean sound and for rhythm. The cab.R X downloaded in free access, cable.R Y in the firmware.
  42. fotozvuk

    Merry Christmas! These are my 2 presets, may be useful to someone else and for the New Year

    Congratulations to all the community Fractal Merry Christmas! These are my 2 presets, may be useful to someone else and for the New Year. 1. I play this tone "Condor Flight", arranged by V.Zinchuk. 4 scenes, the introduction scene number 4. Do not forget about the expression pedal - soft attack...
  43. fotozvuk

    Merry Christmas to all of you !

    Merry Christmas everyone
  44. fotozvuk

    How do I get the Axe-FX MTD to sound like orchestral string synth?

    Can my tone suit? But this is not a synthesizer, it's the sound of MultiDly. If you want to decay the strings an octave upward, change Shift 1 to MultiDly +12. Exp1 -String level. Cab -Echoplex PREAMP is freely available on the forum. (I do not remember where I downloaded it). All claims to...
  45. fotozvuk

    Anyone know how to simulate a clean 12 string

    Can you read more about the block example, the patch?
  46. fotozvuk

    Anyone know how to simulate a clean 12 string

    Try my tone 4 scenes. The basis of tone blocks Yeks, Mokes and others from the forum. Cab x-gtrbody (in free publication), Cab-y from paid presets Mokes. Pedal Exp 1 - MultDly level (string sound). All claims to Google translator.
  47. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.02 Firmware Release

    I also became a junkie for new firmware. According to my observations, the firmware usually changes after 20 pages. We wait! All claims to Google translator.
  48. fotozvuk

    80's Tokai Goldstar Sound Playing Little Wing w/ AxeFx 2 Q8.01

    After rebooting my comp. Downloaded, everything works, thanks for the patch!
  49. fotozvuk

    80's Tokai Goldstar Sound Playing Little Wing w/ AxeFx 2 Q8.01

    Link does not work for me ...
  50. fotozvuk

    Some 80s' vibes

    Excellent! Could you post a preset?
  51. fotozvuk


    Excellent! How to get your patch?
  52. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    Thank you! Well, you guys have speed!
  53. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    Мы ждем, когда Рим будет построен ....
  54. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    New editor not yet published
  55. fotozvuk

    Another Brick in the Wall

    Thank you! I will try today.
  56. fotozvuk

    Another Brick in the Wall

    You can preset?
  57. fotozvuk

    Love of my life. Santana cover

    You can publish a preset? I have long been trying to get an amazing Santana sound. (translate Google)
  58. fotozvuk


    Happy New Year! And fulfillment of all your dreams!
  59. fotozvuk

    Axe FX II live with my cover band

    Stefherbuel ! У вас все в балансе, естественный звук. Я хочу сравнить мой патч. Вот это В6.02,
  60. fotozvuk

    Axe FX II live with my cover band

    Excellent! You can publish a preset Many For Nothing ?
  61. fotozvuk

    Met Larry Mitchel in Hamburg getting ready for a gig.

    I also kept Larry guitar. Little spectators also were allowed to touch the guitar, Larry. We had a warm summer! Arhangelsk - Blues - Festival 2015.
  62. fotozvuk

    One of my tracks using my Axe FX II

    I like your tone. Preset can share?
  63. fotozvuk

    Cover of Joe Satriani's Memories

    Спасибо! Сегодня, я постараюсь
  64. fotozvuk

    Cover of Joe Satriani's Memories

    Please preset....
  65. fotozvuk

    EBMM St Vincent and the Brownface

    I love! It's like a silent monologue .I often use your presets (some adjusting for my guitar). You can publish a preset? Where can I find this guitar baskingtrek? All claims...
  66. fotozvuk

    Live Recording from Board! Blues/Fusion groove

    I am interested in the patches of fusion and Rotary
  67. fotozvuk

    John Mayer Tone

    Strange! I wrote in English, but the translator has translated ...
  68. fotozvuk

    John Mayer Tone

    Очень приятные тона! Вы можете поделиться пресет?
  69. fotozvuk

    Some mellow Gary Moore tones with the Plexi Strat combo

    Good sound! You can publish a preset?
  70. fotozvuk

    Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers killer Hammond intro needed.

    Hi ! I have already published this preset. Small fixes. Ekspresii1- pedal adjusts the rotor speed. The tone, volume, choice of guitar pickup affect the attack. Try 4 scenes. Take too much. (1blok, X / Y Cab)
  71. fotozvuk

    Fastlink Adapters?

    I have a spare the ethernet cable. I think it is cheaper and more practical than buying a fastlink adapters .
  72. fotozvuk

    Any new talkboxes?

    Hello! Here are 3 of my preset with formants unit. 1. The main preset. pedal expression of management. 2. If you do not want to pedal control, adjust the envelop block under your guitar. 3. The preset as the first, but with the other formants. English is not my native language. All claims to the...
  73. fotozvuk

    Formant block question.

    Hello! Here are 3 of my preset with formants unit. 1. The main preset. pedal expression of management. 2. If you do not want to pedal control...
  74. fotozvuk

    Organ Donor B3

    . Hello! Here is my preset Hammond B3. It works for me, If you do not have enough CPU-91%, Off X or Y Cab, or turn off the high-resolution reverb. The volume and tone of the guitar effect on the attack. Do not forget the expression on the pedal rotor-frequency and depth of the chorus. The pedal...
  75. fotozvuk

    Guitar Pickups & Axe Fx II XL

    Hello! Maybe my idea of someone useful. I have 3 guitars –Variax JT59, LP Standard, and my favorite universal gitara- Guroff and Smirnoff. These are the names of my friends who have made the body and neck. Electronics mine. For all guitarists have a problem to have the sound on a guitar Fender...
  76. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    +1!!! shower, get ready for bed, read articles about donald trump on ipad in bed, check firmware update sleep (repeat)
  77. fotozvuk

    Blocks Issue

    similar to the one
  78. fotozvuk

    Merry Christmas.

    [Цитата="Ларри Митчелл, должность: 1295892, член: 8399"]привет, с Рождеством и спасибо, что одолжил мне свой Рог в России в этом году. Надеемся увидеть вас снова на будущих шоу. :0)[/Цитата] Thank you ! Hello to all fans of your talent!
  79. fotozvuk

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Here's My Rendition of Silent Night!

    [Цитата="pull75, должность: 1295837, член: 40181"]мой сын-барабанщик. Поэтому я сделал аранжировку Тихая ночь и он играл на барабанах на нем для меня. С Рождеством всех! Же Меса Буги Лоунстар патч как на днях. Вот патч http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3928...
  80. fotozvuk

    Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Larry ! Greetings from the Archangel !
  81. fotozvuk

    A good studio chorus ?

    Hello everybody! I get to load blocks from the folder Simeon Bloks. These blocks have blk file size 1k. I can not upload files published here syx size 3k.How they download and (or) convert… sorry for my english and translate Google.
  82. fotozvuk

    Working on some Gary Moore tones

    Very good! I try to play some solos by Gary Moore. Can I hope for a preset?
  83. fotozvuk

    Axe Fx indestructible, no matter how much airport staff tries

    Rotti -Hello! English is not my native language. I love guitars tion work, Larry, so I want to avoid problems with transport, customs, luggage, Larry. Maybe call the festival organizers (probably I know them) of the rider Larry...
  84. fotozvuk

    Axe Fx indestructible, no matter how much airport staff tries

    Говоря о путешествиях. Кто-нибудь в Архангельске России я могу одолжить и МФЦ 101 из за фестиваль блюза позже в этом месяце :0) 21 мая. Один день. Одно шоу. :0) Да Я в Архангельске Одолжу без проблем Axe Fx & MFC 101 Andrey (для Ларри Митчел)
  85. fotozvuk

    I think I just shot my new favorite IR

    Я хочу это Это мой стиль! Е-ее Спасибо !!!!!!!!!!!
  86. fotozvuk

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.07 Released

  87. fotozvuk

    Totally out fusionish solo, very dynamic tone tho...

    Отличный стиль тон игра. Ищу такой тон. Можно пресет?
  88. fotozvuk

    Samba Pa Ti - FW 17

    Cool! To share - patch?
  89. fotozvuk

    Totally out fusionish solo, very dynamic tone tho...

    That'S Perfect! You can share a thin patch? (I have the Axe = 2 can share my bank)
  90. fotozvuk

    Axe-Edit 3.1.2

    Thanks !
  91. fotozvuk

    EHX B9 organ machine

    !!! :encouragement:
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