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    Sell me on MFC-Edit!

    I'm been using the AFX + MFC for a couple of years now - great combo! My setup as far as the MFC goes is fairly simple. I only use a few Scenes and then the rest of the buttons assigned as various effect block on/off buttons. I've been looking into MFC Edit as in the back of my mind I feel like...
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    Palmer PDI-09 - .ir files?

    Hey guys, Does anyone own a Palmer PDI-09 and can shoot some IRs? I have the .syx files from the other thread, but really want the raw .ir file for mixing in Cab Lab. Thanks!
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    Why is De-Phase necessary?

    I've been trying to find some more info on De-Phase, but I'm curious as to why it makes a difference. If an IR is simply a capture of a cab mic'd up, what is going 'wrong' with the process that De-Phase becomes necessary? I'm sure one of the threads had some info around this, but I'm...
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    Assign IA as modifier?

    I'm currently using Scene Controllers to vary the amount of amp drive across three scenes: - Scene 1 - base tone - Scene 2 - more drive - Scene 3 - lead tone I basically pick set the minimum amount of drive I want (Scene 1) and the maximum for lead work (Scene 3) and then Scene 2 is...
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    Can't manually enter values on some parameters?

    Why is it that on some parameters you can't manually enter in values? What I mean is that on some parameters you can click on the number value and type in your new setting, whereas on others you have to turn the dial with the mouse. I find this annoying and I'm not sure what the logic behind...
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    Possible to assign IA to save preset?

    Just wondering if it is possible to assign an IA to save a preset? The reason is I'll often setup my scenes with various effects on and off, but sometimes during rehearsal I'll decide I may want a different drive engaged, or a compressor engaged for my clean tone etc, so I'll make the changes...
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    Guitar cable lengths?

    Just wondering what guitar cable lengths you guys use back to your AFX? I'm currently using 25ft, but hoping to get longer MIDI cables so I can tuck the rack further away on stage. This would then mean I need longer cables, which potentially means some tone loss. If you are running your...
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    Reveal button change to X/Y states

    This has probably been mentioned before, but I would love the ability for the Reveal button to change to X/Y mode for the IAs. Rather than programming a "Drive 1" IA and then having to use another IA for "Drive 1 X/Y"
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    Stick with MIDI or fix Axe Fx to use Ethercon?

    Ever since I got my Axe Fx and MFC (second hand, from different sources) I've never been able to get the Ethercon setup to work - I always get "Axe Fx Name Timeout". Fractal Support have said it's the Axe Fx that needs repair. I've just been using 7-pin MIDI with phantom power and haven't...
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    Scene Controller - CPU Usage?

    Just wondering how much CPU Scene Controllers use? I have a patch that is 85% CPU. I tried adding in another Scene Controller to control my reverb time parameter but the Axe Fx flashed up a warning along the lines of "CPU Limits Exceeded" (may not be exact wording). I know it increases CPU...
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    Confused about "Save Preset" and "Save Template"

    I'm wondering what the difference is between the "Save Preset" and "Save Template" functions in Axe Edit? They seem to save the same thing i.e. a file in the same format. To me they seem to do the exact same thing. I've even saved a preset as a template and then imported it back in via the...
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    Switching scenes question - turning on/off effects

    I have my presets setup so that Scene 1=Intro, Scene 2=Chorus, Scene 3=Lead etc. I've noticed that if I load say Scene 1 and then turn on an additional drive or effect block etc, if I then go to Scene 2 and back to Scene 1, it doesn't load Scene 1 as it was saved, but rather the last state it...
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    X/Y state question - displaying IA function on screen

    I've been working through getting my MFC101 setup and it's great! I've noticed though that if you have an effect bypassed, the LED is RED. When you engage the effect, the LED turns GREEN and the function is displayed e.g. "DRIVE 1" When you turn OFF the effect, nothing is displayed, only...
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    Axe Fx Name Timeout Issue

    Hi guys, I just received my MFC MKII today and hooked it all up via Ethercon and I'm receiving the dreaded "Axe-Fx Timeout" error. I've read everything, checked all settings and now I'm convinced it's a hardware fault. I've tried several cables too. I'm in Melbourne, Australia, so...
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    If I boost by 'x'dB, should I see 'x'dB change on the VU meters?

    Just wondering if a clean boost of say 3dB will show directly as a 3dB increase on the VU meters? I was playing around with using a GEQ at the end of my chain as a clean volume boost, but noticed that adjusting the level to +3dB didn't necessarily show as 3dB increase when I level check on...
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    Anyone use factory presets as building blocks?

    I started out building patches from scratch, but just yesterday took some time to go through the factory presets. I've found a couple that really nail the tone I've been going for, so pinched those as building blocks for my presets. In particular the "Hot Kitty" and one of the presets based...
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    If all I need to do is mix IRs, is Cab-Lab good enough?

    I'm a bit confused with the pending release of Cab-Lab Live. I have no need for running IRs in a DAW etc, which I know is one of the big points of the upcoming Cab-Lab Live. If all I want to do is mix IRs together for my Axe Fx II, is the current Cab-Lab all I need? I've also read about...
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    Mono output - Pan Hard Left, or Centre?

    I've just gotten my Axe Fx II and did my first gig with it.....amazing. The Matchless + Vox dual amp patch I setup just had chime, grind and the signature "crushed glass" tone. I was able to run both outputs to the desk as we normally dual mic the amps, so I just plugged both XLR feeds into...
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    Do I need a patch bay?

    Hi guys, I'm waiting to receive my Axe Fx II (can't wait!). I've been trying to plan out how I will run my setup. I really want it to be as compact as possible, so ideally just the Axe Fx in a 2RU case. However, I'm not sure if I should go for a 3RU case with a patch bay to reduce wear...
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