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  1. PRS Guy

    Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly ( Video )

    Sounds great. If I am picky I would say to add a touch of high EQ to the lead vocal and pull some lower mid mud out. I am being picky because in reality it is quite well done. I would be quite happy playing in a band that sounds as good. I also appreciate you guys getting the harmonies sounding...
  2. PRS Guy

    AX8 jazz noodle in 7/8 recording

    Excellent chops! Sounds great...
  3. PRS Guy

    How much memory does the AX8 have?

    I forget...
  4. PRS Guy

    AX8 in a mall???

    What? Wait!? This is a guitar-ish forum...the build up to the lead break and...rock block...sigh. Otherwise, very cool. :)
  5. PRS Guy

    Some audio from our last show

    If you didn't know it was a tribute you'd think it was a bootleg from a live Ozzy show. Guitar sounds excellent!
  6. PRS Guy

    AX8 V3.52 Release

    Sales are already through the roof...no doubt, although I am sure they will take your marketing advice under consideration :) There will never be enough power...the more things you can add in a signal chain the more you will. It is like disk space for your computer or memory for your phone, the...
  7. PRS Guy

    "Simple Man" Preset & Video

    FREEBIRD! Sounds great...that church has quite the setup...moving head lights, fog etc...
  8. PRS Guy

    Your best tip for a new Fractal user (AX8)?

    Kiss your loved ones before you start using it...assure them you are not running away and you are not growing a beard...
  9. PRS Guy

    New Music Room

    Maybe more simple then what you are looking for...I use a beat buddy pedal...it allows real time control of the drum patterns with your foot. You can also load full songs etc. I have been gigging with it with my acoustic duo and it works great. Food for thought. http://mybeatbuddy.com/
  10. PRS Guy

    Just ordered my AX8

    No need to be so excited...it is only the best pedal board out there. ;)
  11. PRS Guy

    auto wah with modifier

    Great! Thank you very much!
  12. PRS Guy

    auto wah with modifier

    Oh yeah the preset sounds great too :) If you could share it that would be great...
  13. PRS Guy

    auto wah with modifier

    @calleballe11 Wow sounds fantastic...great group...you all look like you are having a good time. I like when you take the solo out and back in around 4:22 - 4:26 really excellent...tasteful.
  14. PRS Guy

    Squealing/feedback problem..

    I notice a banjo in your picture...that might be the squeal :p
  15. PRS Guy

    Loose Metal Chassis Bar

    I think at Fractal their official title is "Tech Dude". Glad it all worked out...
  16. PRS Guy

    Mr. Crowley form last nights gig

    sounds great! Excellent chops...
  17. PRS Guy

    Non Waiting List?

    @Sonnyducks I use my variax for a duo with my wife. It is a cool guitar because it sounds decent and plays like an electric. Some sound samples...all variax. I am in the process of integrating the Variax with the AX8. BTW all the samples are played and recorded live (looper and harmonizer...
  18. PRS Guy

    Pimped my ride (now with video)

    Ha Ha...I can make them just about any color...and fade / flash etc between colors.. @ghost219 It is powered by that big wall wart to the left. It is a 12VDC LED setup with a remote control for changing colors etc. I thought about getting a DC power block but it would have been overkill... It...
  19. PRS Guy

    Pimped my ride (now with video)

    Changes colors...etc...fun little project...
  20. PRS Guy

    Is Ax8 capable to mimic that (Ehx Mel5)?

    Wow, that is a nice sounding pedal...I hope the AX8 can do some of that...very useful...
  21. PRS Guy

    after importing preset AX8 loses all sound

    import menu option...at all times
  22. PRS Guy

    after importing preset AX8 loses all sound

    It appeared to load and work correctly the first load...meaning the sound was present and I could change blocks via scenes etc. The hiccup was after reloading the same preset to the same bank / preset location all went quiet. I imported via AX8 edit to a blank bank and preset location initially...
  23. PRS Guy

    after importing preset AX8 loses all sound

    I am seeing a weird problem...this is the first it has happened (I have imported several presets, multiple times)...I loaded the preset: "Tucana Lead 3" from the presets http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fremen-ax8-presets-teaser.112759/ by @fremen into a blank preset bank. I clicked through...
  24. PRS Guy

    newb question re: expression pedal

    Plus the line6 pedal will add artifacts to the sound :p
  25. PRS Guy

    Adjusting the level does not cause ax8 edit to see the change...

    @philipacamaniac thanks...I guess I was getting balled up because some changes seem to sync fine...
  26. PRS Guy

    Adjusting the level does not cause ax8 edit to see the change...

    I am running the latest firmware...when running, attached to AX8-Edit, if I adjust the level via the level knob on the AX8 the AX8 indicates the patch is edited...AX8-Edit does not...shouldn't they both report edited???? Thanks, Rick
  27. PRS Guy

    Wish: Bigger preset name please!

    Excellent Joe!!! Thanks!
  28. PRS Guy

    Solo boosting volume

    I use a filter block...end of the chain...only bumps the dbs...works well.
  29. PRS Guy

    AX8 - First gig report.

    Nice to hear...sounds like it is a win! Do you use the AX8 with the looper or is all your in duo music live? Out of curiosity as a duo what do you use for a PA? Sorry for the slightly off topic questions...I am in a similar situation moving from an active pop/dance band to a duo.
  30. PRS Guy

    Few questions before my first gig

    @scottp approaches it the same as me (I think)...start low and bring it up until the signal looks reasonable at the board...plan for the extra headroom for leads etc...
  31. PRS Guy

    SOLD OUT! AX8 Labels - very last few KickTags sets left - nearly sold out!!

    I believe the chassis acts as a Faraday cage so it should be no issue...The only thing I thing they could affect would be the display if they were real close but that is a guess...I think that was more a LCD display thing anyway. Again no expert here...check with the authorities if you are...
  32. PRS Guy

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Yeah, I play in a cover band and my problem is rarely the technical task of playing a part it is most ALWAYS will my brain make the connection between the song title and patch and how the tune goes etc...sometimes, it doesn't. :) Regarding your pedal board, do you have any issue with the DC...
  33. PRS Guy

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    @bishop5150 did you remove the rubber feet on the AX8 and use velcro to attach to the pedal train board? I bought a pedaltrain novo24 but am a little reluctant to put velcro on the bottom.
  34. PRS Guy

    USB/Mac problem, too much power

    I wonder if your USB connection on the AX8 has a short...so whenever you plug a cable into it, it thinks it is drawing all sorts of current...bear-in-mind I know squat about USB. I hope you get this sorted out soon...
  35. PRS Guy

    Help With Preset

    sorry 47 secs....lol
  36. PRS Guy

    Help With Preset

    I was hoping someone could check out this preset for me. I am a big Steve Lukather fan and tried to copy this sound around the 47 second mark ( This is his later sounding stuff Bogner etc): Here is my preset. It sounds very close on my reference speakers but through the PA completely...
  37. PRS Guy

    What are these ?

    Exploding bolts...the AX8 constantly samples your guitar playing and if you go out of key on a solo...well, let's just say bad things can happen...
  38. PRS Guy

    Newbie saying hello an what are dual amps

    I would add you can have dual cabs though panned and such which adds some nice tonal variety. With that said, I came from a dual amp setup in my pod HD500 and I thought I was really going to miss it and well...I don't. The amps sound so fantastic in the AX...no disappointment without dual amps.
  39. PRS Guy

    Boot up sound

    Here is the sound mine makes when it boots:
  40. PRS Guy

    Beat Buddy MIDI sync to AX8 looper anyone

    Same here...I own a Boomeramg as well...I am very impressed with the looper in the AX8 and hoped to use it in place of the Boomerang.
  41. PRS Guy

    Beat Buddy MIDI sync to AX8 looper anyone

    No workie...although the AX8 has MIDI CC messages for the looper it can receive which allows a loop to play, record etc...the beatbuddy only receives MIDI CC messages and cannot transmit them. So starting and stopping the beat buddy has no affect on the looper in the AX8. I have tried...
  42. PRS Guy

    Organ Donor

    @NeoSound thanks for posting all these great presets...a great learning tool...I certainly appreciate it...
  43. PRS Guy

    UPS delivery!

    5 - 7 weeks. Page 73 of the manual...look under cold operation guidelines. :p
  44. PRS Guy

    AX8 Firmware V1.01 Release

    Yeah Chris...sorry dude...mass email went out saying it would have been phenomenal if it was only done with Quantum 2. Maybe next time.
  45. PRS Guy

    Invite Received, Paid, and Shipped! And RECEIVED!

    I find it so hard to believe that my AX8 is going to go through some sonic metamorphosis with the Quantum 2 update...the difference between 1 and 2 is really that dramatic?????
  46. PRS Guy

    Organ Patch

    Hi Looking for anyone that has a convincing organ patch they would be willing to share! I am not opposed to building my own either, but I need a place to start. I have read about using a pitch block and having one voice an octave down and another voice two octaves down...I would think there...
  47. PRS Guy

    Best AX8 video to sell someone

    Thanks Chris...excellent video stream...learned some neat stuff! BTW the stream ran excellent the whole time.
  48. PRS Guy

    DAW won't recognize

    It is not an audio interface....USB is only for connection to AX-edit, Fractal-Bot etc...
  49. PRS Guy

    Modular Pedalboard for AX8

    Because I have had batteries die on my wireless during gigs...what I do as part of my ritual when setting up is put my guitar cable velcro'd in a loop around my guitar stand. When my wireless goes I hit the tuner, grab the cord and plug in...I am up in running in seconds. I am a little anal...
  50. PRS Guy

    Carrying case?

    Looking on the TT site I cannot find the case....did they provide a link in the email ????
  51. PRS Guy

    AX8 Wishes

    As far as I can tell, the Ax8 looper doesn't seem to support start and stop MIDI sync commands. I use an external beat buddy as the MIDI master and the AX8 tempo syncs fine, however, when using the looper it would be nice if the external start and stop sync commands would control the AX8 looper.
  52. PRS Guy

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    @Molekiller HA HA if you know the episode it is great...funny post
  53. PRS Guy

    AX8 Firmware V1.01 Release

    Did the update...my first update with a Fractal product...piece of cake...thank you!
  54. PRS Guy


    Ah...well there you go...I was connected AX8 edit at the time...I will try it without being connected...thanks!
  55. PRS Guy


    So I am really trying to rely on the looper in the AX8 versus bringing my Boomerang. Honestly the looper in the AX8 is pretty nice...I have been pleasantly surprised. When I assign the looper to a foot switch why when I press the looper switch it does it only show the looper controls for a...
  56. PRS Guy

    Buy that new guitar or the AX8?

    Sorry to hear that the guitar isn't cutting it for you so far. I have sold a few guitars that as much as I wanted them to work for me they didn't. I think you can tell from the get go whether it is a setup preference versus a connection with the guitar. I have played some expensive stuff that I...
  57. PRS Guy

    Anyone tried one of those Boss FV30H/L as exp pedal?

    I bought a Moog EP-3 works great and is surprisingly well made, as well as, affordable. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EP3
  58. PRS Guy

    Peter Thorn and the Line 6 Helix

    As mentioned, Pete Thorn is monster player...and Fractal Artist ;)
  59. PRS Guy

    AX8 - Using the XLR vs. the 1/4" Outputs

    Am I the only one on this forum that doesn't own 50+ guitars....sheesh...I feel inadequate. :) ..and some of you not only have several guitars but several nice ones...oh the humanity... @DavidE best wishes on the health!
  60. PRS Guy

    AX8 on TV

    Sounds great! That has to be quite intimidating...it makes me nervous to consider playing under those conditions...then again you are a pro and I am not! :)
  61. PRS Guy

    Can I do this?

    @iaresee thank you very much, I appreciate it!!!
  62. PRS Guy

    Can I do this?

    Any of you brave souls care to post a patch for the AX8 that does what is being discussed?
  63. PRS Guy

    Too little CPU power for my needs .....??!!

    Kind of an interesting thread for me...I am a 1st time fractal owner with the AX8 and I am blown away by the capability. It totally fits the bill for me...I suppose if I had the flagship I may think otherwise, or at least think I am sacrificing some capability. Anyway best wishes to @Anand Mahangoe
  64. PRS Guy

    AX8 vs Helix: Amp Tone and Effects

    Pete Thorn could play a tissue box with rubber bands and it would rock...the guy is super talented...he has a knack for writing and playing compelling music. When / if he does an AX8 video that will be exceptional too.
  65. PRS Guy

    AX8 Edit

    If you load a preset with its own CAB IR it is stored in the AX8 scratch pad by default when you initially load the preset. When you go to save the preset the cab IR is allowed to be saved as part of the AX8 Edit save process. You would select a user location for the cab and once saved it would...
  66. PRS Guy

    Anybody popped the hood on an AX8?

    The presets are probably stored in flash memory or something along that line.
  67. PRS Guy

    Is there a list of Presets available?

    I think this is it: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/preset-list.107979/
  68. PRS Guy

    One Question for FAS

    After we fix Fractal I think we should move on to Apple and maybe Walmart...from what I understand a great deal of their growth and such is based completely on forum comments.
  69. PRS Guy

    AX8 vs Helix: Amp Tone and Effects

    I own an HD500 and just got the AX8...I thought the comment was very funny...:)
  70. PRS Guy

    Can I do this?

    @lwknives very clever, thanks!!!!
  71. PRS Guy

    Can I do this?

    @RoshRoslin Thank you!
  72. PRS Guy

    Can I do this?

    @brianv4 thanks. So does that mean I need to hit the switch to first enable the block (wah or whammy)? I guess I was hoping based on the scene the expression pedal position (movement) would engage the appropriate effect. Am I screwed up on this? o_O
  73. PRS Guy

    Can I do this?

    I would like to have a preset with multiple scenes that has among other things a wah and whammy block. So in one scene the wah is activated when I move the expression pedal (the whammy is off). In another scene of that preset I would like to have the whammy effect active when I move the...
  74. PRS Guy

    Too high demand for FAS products?

    @LostInSpace you assume they are not prepared. Just because people on the forum have not received their AX8 doesn't necessarily mean they are not shipping a boatload of these things. Also, some companies are more conservative in the sense they don't want a ton of inventory hanging around...JIT...
  75. PRS Guy

    MIDI slave support

    @philipacamaniac ugghh...well that is unexpected. Thank you. Not being able to (Pause/Start/Stop/etc) is a problem... :)
  76. PRS Guy

    MIDI slave support

    @atquinn thanks!
  77. PRS Guy

    MIDI slave support

    Can the Ax8 run as a MIDI slave? I am currently running a boomerang looper off of a beatbuddy drum machine for duo gigs. It would be nice if I could use the looper in the AX8 as a slave to the beatbuddy. The boomerang looper supports, start, stop and tempo sync. Can the AX8 do any of that? I...
  78. PRS Guy

    No Global Blocks ?

    For other noobs like me, it is on page 91 in the manual. It seems to be a reasonable way to accomplish adding a dialed in block to another preset or unit. I am not familiar with the AX-FX II so this may not be as eloquent as that but this seems to work fine.
  79. PRS Guy

    Another Preset from a Youtube Tutorial (Post Rock Clean Shimmer)

    Wow I just loaded this...absolutely stunning...just awesome. Thanks!
  80. PRS Guy

    No Global Blocks ?

    So how does one accomplish this with ax8-edit?
  81. PRS Guy

    Scene changes on the AX8 unit not saving

    Yeah this thread makes me realize I need to spend a lot more time with the front panel versus just using the awesome axe-edit program. I certainly don't want to find out at a gig something behaves different or whatever. My plan was to simply do all programming via axe-edit and gig...never use...
  82. PRS Guy

    AX8 Wishes

    I would love a talent button. Something I would select for solo breaks and such. It would be cool if we could have a drop down where we would select the artist we wish to emulate. :p
  83. PRS Guy

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    @NeoSound How well do those M-audio pedals work? They are quite affordable...but are they really gig type pedals?
  84. PRS Guy

    LM Life Pad

    @merlyn4life See Yek's post on page 1...has to do with X/Y cabs
  85. PRS Guy

    My first gig with the AX8

    Cool! You do have to remove the protective plastic cover on the AX8 to make the new setup official though... :) Nice looking board!
  86. PRS Guy

    LM Life Pad

    Hey Larry (Mr. Mitchell)...in your video you play some very tasty legato licks...could you do a lesson on those? It doesn't hurt to ask... :p
  87. PRS Guy

    LM Life Pad

    Wow...really fantastic...thank you so much!
  88. PRS Guy

    The World is ready for the AX8 - XL

    so funny...Fractal just released a real kick a$$ pedal and they are still trying to get it into the hands of the masses...not a single firmware update, very little in the way of YouTube videos showing off the thing and we are already talking "the next big thing". I am not being critical of the...
  89. PRS Guy

    Acoustic Simulation

    @NeoSound that guitar is awesome...you have a pic of it? I am jealous...thanks for the patch!
  90. PRS Guy

    Am I easy to please?

    Yes!!! There are actually times where I feel like I should turn knobs just because I am so used to doing that even though it sounds good already...the AX8 is so crazy easy...
  91. PRS Guy

    block settings document

    Great thanks!
  92. PRS Guy

    block settings document

    Hi Sorry if this has been mentioned before... Is there a document that details all the settings of the available blocks? Right now I am taking an educated and uneducated guess at stuff but it would be nice to know what I am messing with at times. Thanks!
  93. PRS Guy

    AX8 Edit a little buggy?

    I am on a win 7 desktop with no issue...is the USB an older version? Mine is a 2.0 so not even cutting edge with no problem.
  94. PRS Guy

    Acoustic Patch

    Needs to be converted or something for use with AX8??? Sorry Newbie to all this...
  95. PRS Guy

    Acoustic Patch

    Yes, I would love something like this as well!!!!
  96. PRS Guy

    Cool Van Halen Preset from Youtube Tutorials

    Hey thanks...sounds pretty good...my guitar sounds a little different too....nonetheless it is fun to goof with as you mention!
  97. PRS Guy

    Double Fuzz $cenes by M@

    Wow that sounds quite slick!!! Thanks, very cool!
  98. PRS Guy

    Pedalboard wireless units

    I know people knock the G30 because it is low end device...and it does have a couple issues (plastic battery door and belt clip), however, I have been using it for quite a while with no real problems to speak of....and it sounds great. I gig pretty regularly so it has had a ton of use. The only...
  99. PRS Guy

    Curious to hear from the FAS virgins

    Glad you dig the AX8....congrats! I think those hex shaped things are press fit standoffs or something like that to mount the interior circuit boards etc. Mine has the same.
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