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  1. J

    Bug? FIXED (FW 2.04) Different SAT(Cab block) value in X and Y cause popping

    Mark I Axe FX, FW Quantum 2.00 No computer or MFC connected When switching between X/Y in a Cab Block with different SAT values(Pre tab) causes popping. The bigger the difference between the Sat values the louder the pops. If I would like to set pre amp type to none in the X version and have...
  2. J

    Comp vs multicomp? (Solo Dallas Schaffer Replica)

    How should I set the multi comp block to be equal to the comp block if the comp block is set to: Type: Dynamics Auto: On Look ahead: 0 ms Mix: 100% Dynamics: -1.00 Attack: 2.00 ms Release: 100.0 ms Emph: 0.00 Level: 0.5 dB ? Regards Jesper
  3. J


    Press I/O button on front panel and then in the CTRL window both WAHWAH1 and WAHWAH2 use number 119. Fw 18.1 Axe II MK I(original)
  4. J

    Bug? Fw 16.04.1 Retrieve reverb via front panel, hold automatically on [SOLVED]

    When retrieving a reverb block from one preset to another then the new hold parameter almost always is on by default and the reverb time is increased as well. These parameters do no get properly retrieved either: Early diffusion Early diff time Early decay And sometimes Type No Axe...
  5. J

    Axe FX II headphone amp output power?

    What is the output power (in mW) for headphones with impedance at 70 Ohms for the headphone amp in the Axe FX II?
  6. J

    Thunk parameter removed!

    Im afraid I'm starting to sound like a whiner! Do you have any great and easy tips for how to simulate the thunk parameter in FW 15? I thought it was an awesome parameter for using with headphones since I don't have a cab close!?! Quote from Cliff: "Correct. This provides acoustic...
  7. J

    FW14 "Dynamics" parameter removed, ideas?

    This is not suppose to be a crying thread! I used this parameter extensively when "creating" tones that I liked. Never when using the "Stock factory amps"! They have been "good enough" for me for a long time. For example: Taking a very dynamic clean tone and compress it by increasing the...
  8. J

    Motor drive with 2 mono Cab blocks?

    When using two mono Cab blocks in parallell and.both being active(non-bypassed) and there is Motor Drive value of zero in one block and a non-zero value in the other block, it sounds as if the tone gets hollowed out. I have not tried this with two parallell Stereo Cab Blocks. This happends...
  9. J

    Mesa Boogie King Snake Clean and Dirty

    OK! Here is my King Snake! https://soundcloud.com/jesper-kristoffersson/king-snake-clean https://soundcloud.com/jesper-kristoffersson/king-snake-dirty Here is the preset I use the Texas Star for both Clean and Dirty and i looked at the video and tried to match the tone knobs and master...
  10. J

    Axe manager insert?

    Ok Maybe Im just stupid but if I remember correctly in the old Axe manage there was a function called insert. I could drag a preset and insert it between two other presets without any presets getting overwritten. Extremely handy when you would like to move a preset from say preset number 98...
  11. J

    Bug? FW 12.04 beta display Dynamic Damping instead of Dynamic Impedance as in release note

    Extremely minor, yes I know! In the release notes there is talking about "Dynamic Impedance" but what I find in the Advanced pages of the Amp block is "Dynamic Damping"? Regards Jesper
  12. J

    Swedish Chef is back!

    Yes it is true! Welcome back my fellow swede!
  13. J

    strange marks on mew MFC mark III

    "Solved"! strange marks on mew MFC mark III Look at the pic and tell me if you have the same. They are evenly distributed on the top surface only. Question answered, see post by Cliff further down! Thanks!
  14. J

    A "New" AMP for the Axe Stable of Amps!

    Dumble Overdrive 150 Special #121 Ex Todd Sharp | Maverick Music Vintage Guitars A combination of and Overdrive special and Dumbleland and Steel String Singer! Maybe its Non-HRM too!?!? One can always dream, Haha! Some more info...
  15. J

    Bug? SOLVED FW 11.04 Axe chrash if ODS-100 LEAD 2 in AMP1 block is chosen (fixed)

    I updated to FW 11.04 and Everything Went smooth as usual. In my Axe II, if I go to this preset and go to AMP1 and choose the new ODS-100 LEAD 2 my Axe goes silent after a pop through the headphones. The sound does not come back even though I choose a different amp. If i push the recall...
  16. J

    Matt Schofield Two Rock Sig

    HI! This is my version of the Matt Schofield Two Rock Sig amp. Ive made it by listening to various youtube videos of him playing his amps, especially this Matt Schofield Limited Edition Signature Two Rock Guitar Head - YouTube Ive made it through Shure SE110 in ear headphones so when...
  17. J

    Suhr Jim Kelley

    Hi! This is my try to make the Suhr Jim Kelley amp in the Axe II. I have used the existing youtube videos by Pete Thorn and the demo videos from Suhr to try to recreate the Kelley amp. I have used the same pickup settings as in the videos and the same guitar types. SO when a there is a Bright...
  18. J

    Copy to and paste from clipboard! (solved)

    I cant get this feature to work. Does it work for you? Ae fw 3. Axe fw 11. Win 7. Regards Jesper
  19. J

    Reach out to JAVAJUNKIE!

    I've tried to send you a personal message but without luck. Is your inbox full or how should I contact you? Regards Jesper
  20. J

    Bug? Looper bug is back! [solved]

    The bug explained in these two links is back. 1. Set up scenes 1-5 on ia switch 1-5. 2. Long press reveal button to activate the looper. 3. Press tap tempo. First time this(3) changed scenes for me, the rest of the times when trying to repeat the behaviour, pressing the tap tempo button...
  21. J

    Temporal Analogues of Paradise for fun!

    Ok! Hope no one get offended! :lol This is a long ong one. One take impro! Recorded with headphones on and without any speakers(no feedback possible) Me playing along to the great Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg and Jeff Sipe. Amp: Mesa Mark IIc+ (AxeII fw10.02) Cab: Cali lead 80s mix & Rumble EV12L...
  22. J

    Bug? FW 10.04 Blip noise when changing AMPX/Y with MFC101 and playing music through FXloop

    Hi! • AxeFX II FW 10.04 powered with power cable only(no surge protector or Furman similar device). • MFC101 FW 2.16 connected with Cat5/Ethernet cable to the AxeFX II or MIDI 5-pin cable to AxeFX II and Fractal AC adaptor to power the MFC101. • Guitar connected direct to AxeFX II with Evidence...
  23. J

    Auto wha issue!

    I have a preset where I have a auto wah that is on in scene 4. I have the wah set up with the envelope as a controller. The auto engage function is off. When I go from another preset that has a wah block and where the wah is controlled by an external1 controller(I don't have an expression...
  24. J

    Effect/controller help!

    Does anyone know how to set a controller to for example the depth of a tremolo(just an example, could be any assignable parameter) so that when I play short notes in a "rapid" flow there is no effect but when I let a note or chord ring for a longer period of time the effect appears!* Note, I...
  25. J

    Effect help!

    I posted in the wrong subforum. Please remove! Sorry
  26. J

    ADSR1 BUG, LEVEL displays ms!

    As the title says. The adsr1 controller displays Level in ms and not as in Adsr2 where the Level is in %
  27. J


    It makes it fun to rehearse EVEN WITH A BORING BAND! That's all! Thanks again both to the Fractal team and to all you likeminded and helpful people here at the forum. Regards Another Swede!
  28. J

    Mid frequency resonance fw10?

    Since the notes for fw10 says "Removed Mid Freq parameters from Speaker tab of amp block. MIMIC renders these controls irrelevant and better results are obtained by using any of the EQ resources." And it is written by Cliff on the forum that: *"The speaker tab is not an EQ. It allows you...
  29. J

    Possible CAB x/y block BUG!

    updated description! Possible CAB x/y block BUG! When pressing the y button to make a cab-block y-version the size parameter defaults tO MINIMUM VALUE. When doing the same for CAB2 ALL parameters (if i remember correctly) DEFAULT TO MINIMUM VALUE, LEVEL DEFAULT TO (-80dB), completely silent...
  30. J

    9.02 ToneMatch exported to cab

    Hi. I did two Tone Matches yesterday with wonderful results I just had one problem. When the tone match was exported to a user cab and I then A/B:d the cab and the TM block, the level of the cab block now was lower than the tone match block. In fact if I raised the level of the cab block 4.5...
  31. J

    Tip of the day!

    As I am constantly testing new parameters and trying to learn the Axe I yesterday stumbled upon a couple of trix. I only have a rather crappy "frfr" monitor to play through, cheap monitor from Thomann, their own brand. I will probably have to test the Atomic CLR but in the meantime I have to...
  32. J

    Tuner on axe vs mfc101?

    *I have fw 9.01 and mfc fw 2.15 installed and Send Realtime Sysex (I/O > MIDI) to All. When I press the tuner IA switch on the mfc101 the tuner displays in both the axe display and the mfc101 but when I press the tuner button on the axe the tuner only displays on the axe. Not on the mfc101. The...
  33. J

    Scenes not saving properly!

    Maybe I did something wrong but yesterday changes to scenes were done only after I changed preset and back. That is, I made changes to some scenes in a preset and pressed store/enter/enter but if I then went directly to the scenes I had changed there were no changes done. If I instead...
  34. J

    Update firmware!

    I am going to help a friend updating his firmware with my computer(PC Windows 7). My question: Is it ok to update the firmware on his Axe fx II that he has previously used with his Mac and a midi librarian, but now updating with my windows PC? I'm only asking about updating firmware and NOTHING...
  35. J

    Thank you!

    This is my second post here but I have been reading/lurking a lot for a couple of months and learning from all the amazing people here that contribute and share their knowledge. I have been playing guitar for 20 years by now, both electric and flamenco and as I now have a little amazing daughter...
  36. J

    Wha and envelope controller!

    Hi! I'm a new guy both to the forum and the Axe II. What a killer machine! I sold my Mesa Mark V combo to be able to finance the Axe. So far great results with the clean sounds from the Axe. This was little nervous since I bought the Axe without playing it first. Anyway, I tried to add a Wha...
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