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    Monitor Randomly Losing Top End

    So I'm experiencing a strange issue while using the FM3. As I'm playing guitar, or listening to USB audio through the FM3, the high frequencies will randomly fade out and back in. It sounds like turning the hi cut on the cab block down very low. I've tried a new guitar cable, a new guitar, and a...
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    IR Length Question

    So from all the recent IR discussion with the FM3, and Cliff’s recent comments about trimming IR length, I have a question about the Axe Fx 2 when it comes to Ultra Res and Normal Res settings in the cab block. When the last Far Field can pack came out, I was under the impression that we...
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    Tone Match Problems

    So I'm trying to use the tone match feature and have a strange problem. My reference source is coming from my pc via USB and audio is coming through totally fine. But when I have the Reference source set to usb and then turn on Ref solo it sounds muffled, bad, and seems to be running through my...
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    Trouble with Amp/Cab

    I've been using frfr with good results so far, but now I'm trying to run my Axe fx 2 into my Fender Mustang 3 combo amp. I'm going through the effects return with the fx loop position set to pedal so I'm completely bypassing any preamp modeling from the Mustang. On the Axe-fx I have power amp...
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    Quick Pantera Tonage

    Hey guys! This is just a quick shred of a little Pantera! Tweaked this sound for awhile and I'm pretty happy with the results. This is using a pitch block to shift up a step and 25 cents. Hope you like it!
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    Signal/buzzing issue

    Hey guys I've had my axe fx 2 for a couple months and I think this has been happening intermittently, but I've been getting extra noise and hiss. Also, when I go to the tuner its constantly showing a note being played even when I unplug my guitar and my output source. Edit: It just sounds like...
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