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    High and Low cut: My Latest Experiment

    I cut in the cab block - lows usually around 120 - highs usually around 7k I'll usually then play around with the proximity effect to add back in some of the low mids
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    Cab last thing in signal?

    I set my chain up almost the same as if it was a 'real' pedals->amp setup - the only thing I do different is I place the reverb at the very end of the chain after the cab as I found it sounded a bit cleaner that way.
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    Sound guy asked if AX8 had any tubes in it!

    Geez - if that "issue" causes a sound guy to fall flat on his face then I dare say he shouldn't be behind the desk at all.
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    AX8 Tweaker Product Idea (Poll)

    I thought AX8-Edit paused automatically once it sensed that your were using the buttons on the AX8 itself?
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    How do you power your AX8 boards?

    The only option there is the courtesy AC outlet on the PP2+ - the MXR ISO Brick doesn't have such an output I believe. Unless you are planning on powering additional pedals, then I wouldn't bother with the PP2+.
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    AX8 Tweaker Product Idea (Poll)

    It looks like a good concept, but at the same time I see it as being cumbersome to use on the fly live. It seems like a lot of tap dancing to change a parameter all for the sake of not having to stop playing. I would think most people have their tones dialled in and sound check is usually where...
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    (Solved) noise artifacts changing scenes

    This is why I use the copy and paste function to copy Scene 1 and paste it "to all scenes" so that way I know every scene is a replica of Scene 1 and then adjust from there. This way I know that all blocks will be the same state as Scene 1 to start off with.
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    Next stable release?

    Personally, I always load the stable release as it nearly always has another feature addition, tweak or minor bug fix.
  9. D

    Next stable release?

    They are different products. Yes, there may be some correlation from time to time but that is really a coincidence; it was in no way confirmed to be the official roll-out plan. Given that the Axe Fx rack is what the development is done on, which then flows down to the other products, I would...
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    I think Cliff was drunk when he designed the AX8 UI.

    I don't have a problem with the UI itself, it's more the buttons and knobs available to interact with the UI that don't feel intuitive, IMO.
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    I think Cliff was drunk when he designed the AX8 UI.

    Yeah - I find the amp knobs to be fairly redundant as I have my 'go to' settings for amp blocks now and once set I rarely touch them. I would have more use for a Nav Pad. I'm usually editing other parameters such as drives and delays during soundcheck and I would be able to get to them much...
  12. D

    AX8 V8.02 Public Beta

    I would say that it is similar because this FW corrects an error in the previous beta that attenuated the top end.
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    Shut Up and Dance Delay Setting

    Yep, was coming here to say the same thing!
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    BRAND NEW! - KickTags glow labelling system updates, EV-1 GloRiser, pedalboard lights and more!

    Looking forward to when the new site is up and running - I'd jumped on to try and get some kicktags only to see the "coming soon" page :p
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    Do you use amp knobs on your AX8?

    It would have been good if the knobs could have been assigned to parameters. E.g. I would have much more use for the knobs if I could have assigned them to say delay mix and delay feedback, drive block gain and level etc. It doesn't bother me that much as I came from an Axe Fx II so I'm used...
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    Using a reverb pedal to save CPU?

    I think the whole "CPU issue" is a bit of a mountain out of a mole hill situation - it really is not a big deal for the majority of people out there. Yes, I understand that for some users they can't recreate their Axe Fx II/XL presets without the use of an external reverb pedal and it is a...
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    What's the advantage of the MFC over other controllers?

    Ease of use is the main advantage. The MFC is made for the Axe Fx so it is really easy to setup without having to know anything about MIDI commands and looking up MIDI tables to work out what command is associated with which function. You can just go in and assign Switch 1 to "Drive 1", Switch...
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    Scenes and Delay time settings.

    Just pre-set the BPM and save the preset. Set the delay to the note value you want and then go to the tempo screen to change the BPM - this may be where the confusion is, the BPM is not set inside the delay block. If you use AX8-Edit then the tempo is up near the right corner, which you can...
  19. D

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    Fractal always say in the release notes whether or not it needs to be done for the new changes to take effect. However, it is basically a computer, so if any odd behaviour is noticed then the user should try a reset to see if it resolves it. I've always followed the guidance from Fractal as...
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    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    What is the CPU load when playing? An idle CPU of 84% can jump to around 90% whilst playing depending on what effects are in the chain etc. It is also worth re-flashing if you get any odd behaviour.
  21. D

    Why use Control Switches vs. Scenes

    You could have your lead scene setup to engage the control switch along with whatever effects you need to turn on/off for your lead tone. It may or may not be practical in which case using a scene as you've described could be the easiest way to do it, nothing wrong with that - a control switch...
  22. D

    FXLoop for Big Sky...

    Given that your post contained no mention of introducing the Big Sky to save on CPU, this is a bit rich.
  23. D

    Why use Control Switches vs. Scenes

    Depending on how you achieve your lead boost tone, one advantage is that the lead boost is available across all scenes and thus gives more options compared to a single dedicated lead scene. E.g. if you have a clean, crunch and driven tone available via scenes you can get a lead boost on each...
  24. D

    EBOW how to create a patch to simulate this effect

    I agree. I wasted a lot of time trying to recreate the same effect, but you really can't get close - the EBOW has its own thing going on and what it does cannot be replicated with effects, IMO. Once you have it you will find ways of incorporating it more into your music, so it's a worthwhile...
  25. D

    my first steps (and obstacles) with motor drive

    Do you have "go to" settings for the other motor drive parameters? Or do you leave everything at default?
  26. D

    AX8 - Screen Dimming...(with video)

    Contact FAS directly, they should be able to sort something out.
  27. D

    AX8 V7.02 Public Beta

    Multi-Delay block can achieve pretty much the same thing with the Input Diffusion Good demo here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/multi-delay-input-diffusion-demo.126222/
  28. D

    Do you touch adv parameters in the amp block? Which and what for?

    I don't touch anything. I only fiddle with the standard amp controls. Motor Drive will probably be the only parameter I touch as it was the only parameter I missed from the Axe Fx - I always used it and liked what it did to the tone and feel.
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    Will fractal consider using nutube technology in the future?

    Why bother? AFX already sounds and feels like a tube amp to me
  30. D

    About to buy...audio gap question?

    It's not a "quirk"
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    Patches sound weak after upgrade to 7.01

    No - everything is sounding much better. I only use the Vox based amps though. I did have to reset the amp block - before that things were a bit 'off', but once resetting everything was much better. I just had to redial in my EQ and gain knobs and I was back to the tone I had before, just better.
  32. D

    State of the Union for FAS - what's next for Axe Fx and more

    Pretty sure Cliff said somewhere that they have enough stock of processors for many years if production. Yes, the chip is end of life, but capability wise there is still processing overhead available.
  33. D

    First Use At Church

    Exactly the same. I too used to play an AC15 and Hayseed 30 (AC30 clone) and the Axe Fx was the first modeler I used that accurately replicated both the feel and tone of the amp. Through my IEMs I hear the exact same tone as I did with my old amps and the feel is the same too. We have isolation...
  34. D

    Preset vs Scene

    Will have to try it out. I only use Scene Controllers - no X/Y switching - to get various gain levels in a preset, so scenes are 100% seamless with no drop out at all. I can see the appeal if you are wanting/needing to change amps as X/Y switching is what causes the gap.
  35. D

    First Use At Church

    I play at church at visit many others and majority of the time the electrics (along with Ableton/Synth/Mainstage) are buried in the mix. Doesn't help when the sound guys mixing are the same guys from 15-20 years ago and they have never adapted to the newer songs and what instruments are...
  36. D

    First Use At Church

    Sounds like a typical church mix then :p
  37. D

    Non-Flubby Drive Pedals

    Those type of amps generally like to be run on the edge of break up and pushed into overdrive. Therefore I use PEQ blocks to push the amp harder, or if I use a drive block run the drive very low and the level high to boost the amp. The bass settings in the drive block should get rid of any flub...
  38. D

    Will the AX8 eventually get the advanced cab parameters?

    Nope. You can send it panned signals.
  39. D

    Will the AX8 eventually get the advanced cab parameters?

    Possibly we may only get it in one of the blocks - in the AFX I see that the parameter now exists under the Amp Block and the Cab Block with the recommendation of which one to use depending on how you are running the Axe Fx. Will wait and see what happens! Glad that it is being worked on...
  40. D

    Preferred way to mount ax8 on pedalboard?

    I did the same as I needed to raise the AX8 up to maintain access to the ports. With the feet removed it sat a fraction too low and I couldn't get to the ports.
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    Patches sound weak after upgrade to 7.01

    You can always update, try it out and revert back if you feel it wasn't worth it. There are some good improvements and additions that are usually worth checking out.
  42. D

    Patches sound weak after upgrade to 7.01

    Really struggling to see anything wrong in any of the replies, even taking into account the fact that text on a forum can often translate incorrectly and be taken the wrong way.
  43. D

    The Shimmer Drive

    I've found this is what makes it punch through the mix really well.
  44. D

    Phantom power

    No. the outputs are protected against phantom power.
  45. D

    Beta Tester

    What do you want to beta test? Hardware? Software? Fractal already release public beta software, so anyone can test the software and report back on bugs if they wish.
  46. D

    Trouble cutting through the mix

    I have this in all my presets. I will either use the GEQ or the EQ found in the Amp Block (set to post). Concept is the same though - nice boost in the mid range and everything sits nicely in the mix. On it's own (playing at home through monitors) it can sound a bit grating, but that's what...
  47. D

    Ax8 latency

    Other modelers don't have such intensive algorithms, so they don't have to dump and load as much data.
  48. D

    Ax8 latency

    I use scenes all the time and have no issues - zero lag
  49. D

    Sorry L6, but a POD is a POD is a POD...

    We get it - you hate Line 6. Plenty of good tone in the Helix without much tweaking. I understand that not everyone has the "knack". Geez - two vintage AC30s won't even sound the same with the knobs at the same spot, so I'm not sure why people think two modelers are any different. It is...
  50. D

    Sorry L6, but a POD is a POD is a POD...

    No - the Helix can sound fine with minimal tweaking. The biggest issue is the factory IRs that come with the Line 6 - load up some good third party ones (that come with the Fractal gear as standard) and it is much easier to get a good tone. The IRs are what let the unit down out of the box.
  51. D

    Sorry L6, but a POD is a POD is a POD...

    The Helix in good hands can sound fantastic - this clip doesn't really do it justice. In a mix it can sound great.
  52. D

    Microphone type parameter....

    As above, it is not a feature in the AX8. Having said that I never used it in the AFXII - the IRs have the mics baked in.
  53. D

    Best ways to get equal volume levels

    So you're saying the VU meter isn't working for you? This is what I use and it is pretty good. Of course depending on the overall EQ of the patches you may have to tweak slightly as some patches may cut through the mix better than others and thus appear louder. I basically build all my batches...
  54. D

    Just updated my AX8 and now my screen is scrambling. Help!

    Have you tried reflashing the FW?
  55. D

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Timothy (based on Paul Cochrane's Timmy)

    Had a Timmy on my pedal board for years - such a versatile pedal. I've used it as an always on tone enhancer, 1st stage over drive, 2nd stage overdrive or lead boost depending on the setup at the time. Really glad it's found its way into the Fractal world!
  56. D

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    How do you find the Mono bag for protection?
  57. D

    Somebody please convince me to NOT buy an Axe FX with my tax return.

    Don't do it - just get a POD instead
  58. D

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Is that a Temple Audio board? What model?
  59. D

    Thinking about taking the plunge

    The AX8 sounds perfect. Really, there is minimal tweaking required to get a good tone. You literally can just pull up an amp and cab and tweak the standard amp knobs to taste. I know what you mean about previous modellers requiring extensive tweaking and even some odd workarounds to try and...
  60. D

    "Crappy mode"

    When the sound goes bad does the edit light on the AX8 light up? This will highlight if something has changed within the preset.
  61. D

    Switching to AX8 from Kemper ...

    The AX8 can easily cover that in a single preset. I use scenes to ramp up the delay mix, delay feedback, reverb level and reverb time and it works very well for swells and ambient washy tones. Don't worry about running the reverb on Normal quality - it still sounds amazing in the live mix.
  62. D

    Switching to AX8 from Kemper ...

    It really depends on how ambient you want to get. It may be hard to cover it all in one preset , but you can easily build a dedicated preset that can get very washy and fill out underneath a band. The AFX could easily do it all in one preset.
  63. D

    Need answer about firmware size for Mark I/II users

    Isn't there already a thread on this?
  64. D

    AX8 CPU Power limitations?

    Define "full effect chain"
  65. D

    Cab Thoughts...

    Haven't tried 12db yet, but I do use Proximity as I like how it rounds out the low end
  66. D

    Name Time Out.....

    ^ This is why I went to 7-pin Midi. Much more robust than Ethernet. The only thing that puzzles me is Aviom use Ethernet for their stage mixers and they seem to keep working despite being abused and roughly handled week in week out. If you've plugged in the MFC whilst the AFX is powered on...
  67. D

    Effect Preset Blocks to download?

    +1 This is a really good tip. I went through and picked out all the effects I liked from the presets and used them as starting blocks for my own presets.
  68. D

    Tips for gig with unknown sound engineer

    True - there's always one! I find the bad stigma of modelers is due to the old gen gear that just didn't really sound that great. These days the engineers that have come across Fractal or Kemper gear are almost relieved as they know they are going to get a great sound direct to the board that...
  69. D

    Tips for gig with unknown sound engineer

    I find this irrelevant as they should treat it the same as a mic'd up amp as this is what they are essentially being fed. If they know how to mix guitar properly then they should be able to mix the AX8. If they can't, then they shouldn't be behind the desk.
  70. D

    6.02 for ax8

    Keen for the Timmy too!
  71. D

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Are you serious? You are trying to imply that if the unit ships with one FW revision behind that they then have poor QC? Give me a break. That is not a QC issue at all. Checking for latest updates is user responsibility and part of the initial setup for any product that contains user...
  72. D

    Instrument Input Pad

    Probably should be 0.5
  73. D

    Carrying case?

    Been toying with this idea, but I like being able to just pop the lid off the board and plug in without have to cable up the expression pedals etc. More importantly though, I also like the perimeter that the pedal board provides around the AX8 that overhangs past the connectors which means they...
  74. D

    Volume Up/Down plus Save with footswitch

    Yep, as above it's just a MIDI assignment
  75. D

    Impressions of AX8

    I thought I would be limited because I have all switches on the MFC assigned, but since you can X/Y switch and dynamically assign the IAs I haven't had an issue. Really like this feature and the AX8 as a package.
  76. D

    Instrument Input Pad

    The higher the number the more you are padding the signal, so you can't go from zero to 6dB and start clipping as you are padding the input signal, not boosting.
  77. D

    Currently have an Ultra...

    Your issue has nothing to do with the Ultra not having enough headroom - you could have all the headroom in the world and still have the same issues if your gain staging and preset structure is not right. Your presets sound like they are far too hot if you are clipping when adjusting amp...
  78. D

    Currently have an Ultra...

    It doesn't work like that - it is digital processing, if you are clipping then your signal is too hot and you simply turn the level down. It doesn't alter the tone or feel at all
  79. D

    Currently have an Ultra...

    Clipping issues are related to the gain levels within your preset, not a "fault" with how the device works. The AX8 has VU meters so you can monitor things like this
  80. D

    Currently have an Ultra...

    I would definitely be going for the AX8. You will get the latest modelling algorithms that are simply outstanding. The Ultra is still good, but it is old generation modelling. There are no fans in the AX8, so dead quite operation. If you have an interface then the AX8 will be just as easy to...
  81. D

    Cab Block, can this be done ? Please prove me wrong

    Good to hear. That's what I felt too with the AFX and Motor Drive - good to know that the improved Speaker Drive brings in some of that compression
  82. D

    Cab Block, can this be done ? Please prove me wrong

    I haven't missed anything since switching. The only parameter I dabbled with was Motor Drive, which did add a little something, but I haven't missed it. The new FW release for Axe Fx looks interesting as there has been some improvement in Speaker Drive - not sure if this parameter is on the...
  83. D

    Tap Tempo....

    Since going Fractal I haven't had to use Tap Tempo. Just program each song with a preset tempo and bank up through the set. So easy! Love being able to bank up and have tempo and any required effects already engaged We play to a click though so the tempo is locked in
  84. D

    Axe II XL Cabs V's Ax8 Cabs

    Yep, never touched it. I'd rather find an IR that has the tone or EQ profile I'm after.
  85. D

    What are you finding limitations with patches and CPU?

    None - it did force me to remove some "just because I can" blocks, but I have not lost any functionality or tone compared to my AFX. What I mean is on my AFXII patches I would have two drive blocks simply because I could when realistically I never actually used or needed two drive blocks. I've...
  86. D

    Would you ever go direct to PA with out a sound guy?

    Is the cable long enough to get out and hear FOH? Does bass and keys run to FOH?
  87. D

    Would you ever go direct to PA with out a sound guy?

    Are you on wireless? If you can walk out and get an idea on the mix, then the same should apply for FOH
  88. D

    Fractal API Available for AX8 Development?

    Somehow I don't think this is the future..... Do you really want Cliff and the team to be bogged down testing and reviewing half-baked attempts at coding effects, or focused on developing new products and improving the algorithms that make FAS gear light years ahead?
  89. D

    Fractal API Available for AX8 Development?

    It has to be supported though. The very fact that the FW would have to be re-written to allow third party add ons, the fact that API kits would have to developed and maintained etc etc will all require back-end support.
  90. D

    Fractal API Available for AX8 Development?

    It would just be a world of pain as it would then require support and the like which would consume resources on Fractals part. I simply cannot see it being feasible. It's fine for platforms like Android and iOS to have API kits as the Google and Apple derive income from their respective App...
  91. D

    AX8 Additional Effects

  92. D

    GLOBAL button in AX8-Edit

    Yep, as above. It's handy for things like reverb or delay where you may want to quickly boost or cut the mix level depending on the room you are playing in for example.
  93. D

    AX8 V6.01 Released

    It's the same process
  94. D

    AX8 Drives

    The drive block will load the settings that match the real world counterpart. The beauty is we now have control to dial it in more if required.
  95. D

    Switch XY while editing on front panel

    Maybe we can run a sticky thread where people post what front panel button options they use and it can be compiled into the OP for quick reference?
  96. D

    AX8 V6.01 Public Beta

    Your point?
  97. D

    Tube Tone from a Tube Pedal into the Axe FX II

    Really don't think it will make a difference
  98. D

    AX8 V6.01 Public Beta

    Why do people keep comparing it back to the Axe Fx? They are different products and logically won't follow exactly the same FW release pattern. Incremental releases will be necessary to address bugs in each respective product, hence why a .01 release came out to mainly address AX8 specific bugs.
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