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  1. PRS Guy

    Pimped my ride (now with video)

    Changes colors...etc...fun little project...
  2. PRS Guy

    after importing preset AX8 loses all sound

    I am seeing a weird problem...this is the first it has happened (I have imported several presets, multiple times)...I loaded the preset: "Tucana Lead 3" from the presets http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fremen-ax8-presets-teaser.112759/ by @fremen into a blank preset bank. I clicked through...
  3. PRS Guy

    Adjusting the level does not cause ax8 edit to see the change...

    I am running the latest firmware...when running, attached to AX8-Edit, if I adjust the level via the level knob on the AX8 the AX8 indicates the patch is edited...AX8-Edit does not...shouldn't they both report edited???? Thanks, Rick
  4. PRS Guy

    Help With Preset

    I was hoping someone could check out this preset for me. I am a big Steve Lukather fan and tried to copy this sound around the 47 second mark ( This is his later sounding stuff Bogner etc): Here is my preset. It sounds very close on my reference speakers but through the PA completely...
  5. PRS Guy

    Organ Patch

    Hi Looking for anyone that has a convincing organ patch they would be willing to share! I am not opposed to building my own either, but I need a place to start. I have read about using a pitch block and having one voice an octave down and another voice two octaves down...I would think there...
  6. PRS Guy


    So I am really trying to rely on the looper in the AX8 versus bringing my Boomerang. Honestly the looper in the AX8 is pretty nice...I have been pleasantly surprised. When I assign the looper to a foot switch why when I press the looper switch it does it only show the looper controls for a...
  7. PRS Guy

    Can I do this?

    I would like to have a preset with multiple scenes that has among other things a wah and whammy block. So in one scene the wah is activated when I move the expression pedal (the whammy is off). In another scene of that preset I would like to have the whammy effect active when I move the...
  8. PRS Guy

    MIDI slave support

    Can the Ax8 run as a MIDI slave? I am currently running a boomerang looper off of a beatbuddy drum machine for duo gigs. It would be nice if I could use the looper in the AX8 as a slave to the beatbuddy. The boomerang looper supports, start, stop and tempo sync. Can the AX8 do any of that? I...
  9. PRS Guy

    block settings document

    Hi Sorry if this has been mentioned before... Is there a document that details all the settings of the available blocks? Right now I am taking an educated and uneducated guess at stuff but it would be nice to know what I am messing with at times. Thanks!
  10. PRS Guy

    I feel bad...

    Unbelievable...I am so used to having to tweak the crap out of stuff I am not sure I am getting my money's worth. I plop down an amp, cab, delay and reverb...tweak a couple things and BOOM it sounds great! Why did you Fractal people keep this secret from me? I spent countless hours chasing tone...
  11. PRS Guy

    Volume boost

    Instead of using an EQ block for a lead boost....is there a way to globally create a volume boost block using a switch that is available to every preset? Is the EQ the only way to do this?
  12. PRS Guy

    Display Setting?

    So I am trying to learn the front panel of the AX8 and it actually is pretty intuitive. I was wondering though, is there a display mode (setting) where the name of the patch is larger? I think trying to see that from the floor will be a challenge...:confused: Any info is appreciated...
  13. PRS Guy

    Best Road Trip Ever!!!!!!

    My wife and I picked up my AX8 at the Fractal Headquarters today...AWESOME! What a really nice bunch of people that happen to be surrounded by a mad scientist type laboratory!! Holy smoke did they look busy. I met guitar superstar Mark Day too...it doesn't get much better!
  14. PRS Guy

    I got the invite!!! Opted to pick up...ummm just show up?

    So I got and bought...so freaking excited!!!! I opted to pick it up...do I just show up during business hours at Fractal????
  15. PRS Guy

    auto wah with modifier

    So I have been looking at the manual...say for example I wanted to program an auto-wah...would I use a modifier for that? Everything makes good sense to my little brain until I got to the modifier section...any info is appreciated AX8 looks awesome...cannot wait!
  16. PRS Guy

    multiple mics on cab

    Does the AX8 allow multiple mics on a cab? So for example, can I have a SM57 and a ribbon mic and blend or does it work completely differently then that? Or are they impulses only and you get what you get other than EQ capability etc...BTW I have never used an impulse to know the benefits...
  17. PRS Guy

    Newbie X/Y scene switch question

    So looking at the AX8 image it appears switches 1 - 8 can: 1. control which active scene 2. control X versus Y 3. and something else? I guess I am trying to wrap my head around how that works. Do F1,F2, or F3 enable the mode to determine which parameter the switches F1-F8 will affect...
  18. PRS Guy

    Newbie wait list

    Hi..new to the forum...long time Line 6 user...totally excited by the AX8...seems like a game changer for getting gigging guys like me into the Fractal fold. So what is the deal on the wait list? You add your name or whatever and once your name is up you pay? You pay first? I am just curious...
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